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BFP after Vasectomy Reversal

Cant Believe BFP!

My husband to be in 1 1/2 weeks, have been TTC for 3 months after his vasectomy reversal in November. I was quite discouraged and pessimistic so I was in shock when I got my BFP at 13 dpo. I was definitely feeling weird this month but I didn’t want to get excited. Here were my symptoms: Btw I O'ed late this month and had flat BBT temps a lot! I am usually very regular with a 30 day cycle. 7dpo- minor cramps and a tiny tiny dot of light red blood when I wiped. Thought it was bc I shaved that day lol. 8dpo- huge temp dip below my cover line. Woke up with a terrible UTI and was freezing. Didn’t really think it was an implantation dip bc I woke up early than usually and got up to use the bathroom bf I temped. Also my fiancé was cold that morning too. 9dpo- stuffy runny nose, had a hard time when I went running, really tired 10dpo- went out that night and just couldn’t really drink. Felt strange cramps, not like my usual cramps bf af, felt like a pulling feeling on my left side. 11dpo- at my parents for Easter, couldn’t really drink. Food tasted weird. more of those weird cramps. Lasted all day. Really tired. After sleeping for over 9 hrs the night bf I took a nap 2 hrs after I work up 12dpo- same cramps, tired, food taste off, Took 1 bite of my dinner and tossed it out and had some Cheetos instead lol 13dpo- same cramps but going away. Still with stuffy runny nose and sneezing. Had a hard time doing Pilates. realized I never had my "crazy day" when I am an irrational train wreck about a week bf af. Decide to test bc I was meeting my friend for lunch and knew that we would have a drink. BFP!!! Holy Shmoly I’m still in shock.