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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Vasectomy Reversal

Pregnant After Husband Vasectomy Reversal and Me, Endometriosis!

I am elated to be able to write this, finally have a BFP after my husbands vasectomy reversal. I was beginning to think I was the hold up with my moderate to severe endo. Had Lupron shots to try and treat the endo starting last August 2011, last one was last November 2011. My cycle didn't return until May 2012. This cycle I had relatively no endo pain (odd, I'm usually hurting at least a week before period is due very badly). I didn't have any symptoms that I noticed until closer to 8dpo. After that I felt tender and full breasts and more cm. Tested positive at 10dpo with a faint line. 11dpo digital said pregnant!!!!!! I am feeling fuller in abdomen, cramps off and on.....which have rattled me at times and scared me. But, thinking positive and so grateful!!!!!!

Cant Believe BFP!

My husband to be in 1 1/2 weeks, have been TTC for 3 months after his vasectomy reversal in November. I was quite discouraged and pessimistic so I was in shock when I got my BFP at 13 dpo. I was definitely feeling weird this month but I didn’t want to get excited. Here were my symptoms: Btw I O'ed late this month and had flat BBT temps a lot! I am usually very regular with a 30 day cycle. 7dpo- minor cramps and a tiny tiny dot of light red blood when I wiped. Thought it was bc I shaved that day lol. 8dpo- huge temp dip below my cover line. Woke up with a terrible UTI and was freezing. Didn’t really think it was an implantation dip bc I woke up early than usually and got up to use the bathroom bf I temped. Also my fiancé was cold that morning too. 9dpo- stuffy runny nose, had a hard time when I went running, really tired 10dpo- went out that night and just couldn’t really drink. Felt strange cramps, not like my usual cramps bf af, felt like a pulling feeling on my left side. 11dpo- at my parents for Easter, couldn’t really drink. Food tasted weird. more of those weird cramps. Lasted all day. Really tired. After sleeping for over 9 hrs the night bf I took a nap 2 hrs after I work up 12dpo- same cramps, tired, food taste off, Took 1 bite of my dinner and tossed it out and had some Cheetos instead lol 13dpo- same cramps but going away. Still with stuffy runny nose and sneezing. Had a hard time doing Pilates. realized I never had my "crazy day" when I am an irrational train wreck about a week bf af. Decide to test bc I was meeting my friend for lunch and knew that we would have a drink. BFP!!! Holy Shmoly I’m still in shock.