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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with No Symptoms

BFP at 39 Naturally After Driving Myself Crazy Other Months

Hello ladies. It was so helpful to me to read these stories so today, here is mine! I'm 39 and got off birth control pills in February of this year. Right away, I though I was pregnant, had all the pregnancy symptoms from no AF, cramps, hot flashes, tired, and emotions all over the place. Well, that was just the pill. But, it made me realize how badly I wanted to get pregnant again. I have a 10 yr DD. So, I tried for a few months, nothing happened, by June, I was getting paranoid. 10 years ago, I wanted a baby, I got off pill and was pregnant straight away. So, I just assumed it'd be almost that easy. lol, I'm embarrassed at that thought now. Anyway, I got serious and started trying to track ovulation with a calendar and really pay attention to my body, I'd never noticed ovulation before. So in July, went on a romantic trip with my partner and had sex around ovulation time. I just knew I was pregnant, had all the symptoms, 7 days late, but it was all in my head. This happened again in August, September, and November. Then my my best friend said, maybe my partner couldn't have kids since he is 37 and has never had any children. She didn't know it, but it hurt me to the core, then I just sort of gave up, thought about how much I loved him and how great our life would be with my 10 yr old that he loves too. Then BAM!!!!! Was relaxed in October, not thinking about it, BD'd only 3 times (other months it was every other day the entire month - we love it!) and only once around ovulation. I remember thinking the next morning, hmmmmm, I've got a painful throbbing in my lower right ovary area, I wonder if I'm ovulating. Then, I just forgot about it. But, that was it!!!! I work out 6 days a week and for the last two weeks, my workouts just seemed so hard, I was out of breath, and afterward I'd feel so tired instead of energized. Then my partner says "hey when's AF coming?" I realized I was 10 days late!!!! Took a test and the line appeared, I kid you not, about 1 second after the control line and was just as dark. Couldn't believe it!!! Bought another test, a dollar store cheepie, dropped 4 drops of urine per instructions, BAM!!!! Line came up before I could throw away the dropper, it was so dark and so fast. I just quietly sat on the floor and cried. I am so happy and for all you ladies in late thirties and forties or any lady having some issues, I hope my story is an inspiration. I know it's hard to relax, but hopefully I can help someone else focus on all the other great things in their life. Then maybe, like me, the BFP will come when you least expect it!!! I found out 3 weeks before my 40th birthday. Please pray for my little bean to stick. Unfortunately, I don't remember any symptoms except being tired, that's it. This week (7 weeks from 1st day of LMP) I am getting some nausea, a non-stop disgusting taste in my mouth, and a really defined sense of smell. But, I feel great and God is good! Baby dust to all!!!!!!

BFP at 10 DPO!

This was our third month TTC. The first month, we had no clue what we were doing (timing etc) and I had stopped taking BC like two weeks prior to the witch showing up. The second month, were bought Pre-Seed but didn't have the timing right so the next month we purchase ovulation tests and voila! BFP! Here are the symptoms: 1DPO-9DPO: NOTHING! Not a twitch not a single symptom. 10DPO: Morning started fine then around noon, I got the most intense headache with nausea. CM seemed normal, pre witch, so no indication of pregnancy. I took a PT test around 1 and the BFP line came up VERY quickly and darker than the control line...not having twins though :-) I didn't think this would be my month because I had ZERO symptoms leading up to my BFP but now I'm 8 weeks pregnant and due in July!

BFP Today and Still Can't Believe!

I am posting my story here but to be honest still can't believe I am P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T!! I have no symptoms at all, besides a lot of back pain and very very mild cramps on and off and feeling little nausea but that's all... I did one cheap internet test today when I came home from work and saw a faint line, did another one later on and another positive so I decided to take a FRER and to my surprise, a BFP in seconds.... I still can't believe and am worried because I have no symptoms although I know 10 dpo is too early but I thought I should have more symptoms, should I be worried?? My husband works away and I can't wait for him to get home and tell him the news we have been waiting since MAY!!!I won't relax though until I see my doctor to confirm I am pregnant and everything is ok.... PS: haven't had any spotting, any blood, anything so I guess everything is ok... Good luck to everyone and yes, hang in there... PS2: this time around what I did different was: - didn't tell hubby I was ovulating - BD 3 times on the day I thought I was ovulating - drank and had fun with my girls As many of you, every month I had tons of symptoms and nothing, last month I had sore nipples and still had a negative, this month I was sure I was out because I don't feel any different, last night I was craving a pie so I guess that was a sign.... Good luck girls :)
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Birthday BFP With No BIG Symptoms!

Hey ladies! Super excited to post over here, here's a little background: This is our 4th month TTC our first baby, first two months were more like NTNP, and the last two I used OPKs to detect ovulation which was usually around day 17-19 of a 32-33 day cycle. Last cycle, I got a very early BFP on a blue dye test, followed by early bleeding and BFNs, so I'm not sure if that was a false positive and a wacky cycle or a possible chemical as it was never confirmed by a doctor. This cycle, we got our first REAL BFP on my 29th birthday, and we couldn't be happier! Here is a breakdown of my TWW, although I must say it was pretty uneventful compared to previous cycles, where I had every symptom in the book, so don't be discouraged if you have minimal symptoms! BD'd pretty much every other day after the end of AF til our first + OPK, then BD each day of + OPK CD 16 + OPK, BD CD 17 + OPK, BD (probably O day) CD 18 + OPK, BD 1-4 DPO creamy cm, gas, bloating, nothing too unusual 5-6 DPO creamy cm and that is IT, I'm telling you, pretty uneventful 7 DPO creamy cm, light backaches, start of period like cramps that were way too early for me, increased appetite and cravings (I HAD to have chocolate milk and spicy Doritos which I NEVER eat), start of fatigue 8 DPO creamy cm, still craving chocolate milk and Doritos, and so tired I had to take a nap after work and didn't work out 9 DPO creamy cm, bloating, light period like cramps, and fatigue (took ANOTHER nap!) When I woke up from my nap at 9 dpo, I just had this overwhelming feeling that I should test, and I took an FRER at 6 pm and got a faint BFP! Followed by a digital the next morning at 10 DPO that read PREGNANT--so unreal. The only thing that has stood out and made me test was the extreme fatigue and period like cramps that started so early. I had no implantation signs this cycle (I had what I thought was IB last cycle). I'm currently 14 DPO, confirmed pg at the doctors through a urine test, and awaiting my 8 week U/S to confirm that everything is on track. So I'm still very early at 4 weeks 3 days, and having no real symptoms still. Praying that this little bean sticks, and praying for all of you ladies on this TTC journey. This cycle I just tried to put this decision in God's hands, and prayer for his will to be done, rather than for him to give us a child. I also talked to the little bean pretty much every day, praying for it to stick and be healthy. God is so good, and He knows the desires of our hearts. Keep the faith ladies!
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BFP After 11 months!!!

DH and I started trying for our first in December of last year and have had NO luck. We were starting to think one of us was infertile. Anyways, I'm 26 and DH is 36 and we're both very healthy. As far as symptoms go, I didn't have many... The only thing I did different this month was take mucinex around O, but I've always had plenty of mucus before. I also was convinced we missed it this month because we had so much sex before O that the last time we bd'ed was 2 days before O. Literally couldn't make ourselves do it anymore 1-5 DPO- Nothing 6 DPO- HORRID tummy ache at night. Woke me up 7 DPO- Another horrid tummy ache at night 8 DPO- Nothing 9 DPO- No symptoms. Randomly decide to take a test this evening with really diluted urine. Don't know why, I know it's going to be negative. Well... It's not! BFP!!!!! Super excited and in shock! 10 DPO- To current (17 DPO)-I've just had some bloating, and occasional nausea when I'm hungry (which is all the time). Really not much for symptoms. Had more ghost symptoms the months I wasn't pregnant I hope this helps someone! Praying for you all

TTC For 7 Months, BFP on CD29

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 7 months. I am not sure when I ovulated as we weren't tracking. We BD on Day 13 and 15 of my cycle. I'm usually 28-30 days in a cycle. My biggest day of EWCM was actually CD 17, so I was worried we did it too early. We used Pre-Seed this cycle, because I never have enough CM until too late. We got our first BFP today on CD 29 and are over the moon excited!!! I almost had no symptoms in my TWW. Only symptoms I can think of were 2 separate days of nausea (without vomiting) that went away after eating something, VERY vivid dreams and A LOT of gas! My nipples did not hurt until today when we got the positive result. I never felt any fatigue until the day after the BFP and man is it extreme. I don't remember feeling this tired since I had to work 30 hours shifts. Urination has also now increased. I don't really have cramping just a weird feeling down there. I stalked this website everyday for the last week. Hope I give some hope to other girls with almost no symptoms who are anxious with anticipation in the TWW.

Negative Test... Then a BFP With No Symptoms

I've read this blog for the past two weeks and have been eager to share my story once I actually had one to share. I've been TTC for our 3rd and recently came off of an IUD. My doc said to wait two full cycles before trying. We did, and with two 28 regular cycles behind me we tried every other day for one week hoping to hit my ovulation. My period came due and no show. I took a pregnancy test - NEGATIVE. I had no symptoms and still don't. But still no period, confused. Now one week later a faint BFP!!!! Going to test again but very happy. Note, I was so anxious to test the first time I tested at night after drinking a ton of water the very first day of my missed period. My advice follow the testing directions and wait as long as you can to test. I used FRPT. Also, I think I may have ovulated much later than expected, as my normal cycles pre-mirena were always 35-42 days.
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Easier Said Than Done

I haven't know about this site but for two months. I got pregnant accidentally in May 2012. Had complications and at 8 weeks found out it was in my tube. Didn't have to have surgery just one methotrexate injection and wait a long few months until my level dropped. We decided that after my body was ok, we wanted to try again but our Doctor said wait a few months. We started trying last month. My husband was stressed at work and I was stressed about it being in my tube again. So I thought I had every symptom and so did my husband but we got a BFN. So this month we both were calm. I didn't stress as much about what days I was ovulating. Which by the way I've never tested or charted. I use to work as a nurse many years ago at an infertility clinic so I just counted my days like we do there for the women. Well we made it more fun and romantic the days we tried. I said no matter what symptoms I had I wasn't going to look into them or tell husband of them either to not let him down. So here are my symptoms. If I can remember since I wasn't trying to think into them: (swear when I wasn't pregnant I had more symptoms) 1-3DPO nothing that I can remember 4-DPO was changing and grazed my nipple it felt raw and I brushed it off 5DPO feeling sick if I hadn't eaten but kind of normal for me. And toward late afternoon and all night. Felt heavy pressure like a weight on my lower cervix/ vagina area 6DPO started feeling like I was getting a yeast infection but it would come and go. Heavy pressure as the day before again. Light breast soreness 7-10D heaviness still... Weird cramping on and off not like AF cramps, sharp pinching pains in uterus. Not having a taste for sweets like candy and chocolate like usually before AF. Still some breast soreness. 10DPO woke up tested and got a faint BFP! Woke husband up and showed him! I know it's easier said then done, if you force yourself to not stress and not look into the symptoms or check this site as much and live, have fun and make sure to plan fun things to do in fertile days and after ovulation days It will keep you from thinking about it and your body will relax, and allow your body to do what needs to be done to get pregnant. I stopped working out, had been taking over the counter prenatals and just relaxed altogether! As some one that worked in the field, and had it work for me, I will tell you like I told them, relax PLEASE! Oh if it matters, I tested with First Response. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, I PRAY HE ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS AS HE DID FOR ME AND, JUST HAVE FAITH, KNOW HIS TIMING IS PERFECT AND HE KNOWS WHY HE DOES THINGS AND EVEN PROLONGS US GETTING PREGNANT.

BFP on Month 10 TTC - No Symptoms!

I just got my very first BFP this morning. I was actually testing so I could confirm that I wasn't pregnant, I was so convinced that I wasn't! Here is a breakdown: O -2 and -1: BD 1-5 DPO: No symptoms 6-11 DPO: Tender/sore breasts. They are always sore after I ovulate, so I didn't think anything of it. The only different was that they got sore later than they usually do. 11 DPO: A very clear BFP. It showed up almost immediately. I used wondfo OPKs and Clearblue digital OPKs (as a backup) to predict ovulation. I took baby aspirin 1-5 DPO and claritin for my allergies 6-10 DPO (I have bad allergies and didn't want my immune system attacking the egg before implantation). This is also the first month I took prenatal with DHA. Even if it's taking awhile don't give up hope. I was starting to think we had a problem and I just had my first fertility appointment, and now this!

BFP After a BFN!!

My partner and I were waiting to try from the summer of 2011. In November 2011 I had my implanon removed after almost two years and we began trying to conceive. I began to get really disheartened and down, because I still hadn't had a period and therefore had no cycle to track, so I bought some clear blue digital ovulation tests. I was so excited when I got my first smiley face. It meant that I must be pregnant at the end of this month or have a period and either was fine by me - after all, that meant I could at least start tracking. I got my period at the end of January and after a few months of no success, I began charting my BBT. I never used a clear blue digital ovulation test again, until much later. Months went by and we had no luck conceiving, so we decided that when 12 months came around, we would go for fertility tests. But before we went for tests, I decided to give everything one last try. Charting and ovulation tests, the only time I've used them since January. November 2012, I had my birthday and ovulated soon after. In my two week wait I had my usual symptoms, gassy, tired, moody, etc. On 8dpo I had a small temp dip, I'd read that the dip needs to be at least so many degree for it to be counted as implantation so didn't pay any attention to it. I also had a clump of yellow cm when I wiped, which was the only time I'd seen any cm in my tww. I was dry the entire time. Towards the end, it got sticky. On 11dpo, I did a pregnancy test, negative. On 13dpo, all symptoms ceased and I felt out. On 14do, my fertility friend changed my ovulation date, so I was now 12dpo again. I thought I had completely missed my chance and decided that I should just take a test and if it was negative I could look forward to the next cycle and finding out what issues there were in our fertility. The test came out positive within the first minute. I started shaking and had to face time my sister in law for confirmation that I wasn't seeing things!! She stayed on the phone to me until I managed to do another test, a digital one this time. The pregnant part came up in a minute or so and then the 1-2 symbol popped up underneath. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and looking forward to seeing my midwife in 3 days time :) Throughout my entire tww my temps were up, minus my little dip at 8dpo which I now figure was implantation. They would usually drop at 14dpo if af were coming, but I never got that far :) Good luck to everyone still trying to conceive!!