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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with No Symptoms

12 DPO No Symptoms BFP

I am new to this and just wanted to share my story since I've been stalking this site for my 2WW. I just got my BFP after trying to conceive for the past 6 months. I wanted to let everyone know I really didn't have any symptoms so for you ladies that are symptom checking the only thing I had was a head cold and some back pains. Nothing that I would normally chalk up to being pregnant. So good luck to you out there there's always still hope!

BFP at CD 26

Okay first of all I would always obsessive over this site and constantly over looking my so called symptoms. We didn't really expect this one but a will gladly take on the blessing. Am only familiar by cycle days not dpo since I've never taken any ovulation tests.
**my cycle is 26-28 days
CD 8: I felt nausea and lots of clear discharge most likely ovulation.
CD 9-11: ovulation cramps and lots of discharge.
CD 12: we did the baby dance
CD 13: more baby dancing
CD 14: I think was when I ovulated?
CD 15-17: too soon for symptoms
CD 18: major hot flashes
CD 20: bfn
CD21-23: this is what gave me a hint all of a sudden I got bloated, not even before af do I get that way.
CD 22-24: a lot of cramping
CD 25-26: BFP.. more worried because I had some beers and did do a lot of physical work
CD 27: af is late, another bfp and more cramping and heartburn with sore boobs
***something I noticed of these 3bfp is the speed they showed up in unlike my ghost bfp they would take a day lol
I have a doctors appointment today 11/28 to confirm.
All in all ladies don't freak out over a little symptom cuz I've had more supposed symptoms other months with all resulting in a negative...

BFP in Month 2 of TTC #1

Just wanted to share my BFP symptoms and everything and tell anyone not feeling any symptoms not to get discouraged. My first month TTC I was sure I was pregnant because I had a million symptoms, EWCM, backache, flu symptoms, fatigue, etc. Then got a BFN. Then on month 2, I had almost no symptoms at all and got a BFP on 9DPO. So don't lose hope!

BD 4 days before O
BD 2 days before O

1-4 dpo: no symptoms
5-8 dpo: slightly sore breasts (barely noticeable), slight backache
9 dpo: no more sore breasts. still slight backache. belly twinges here and here (lower abdomen), BFP!
10-12 dpo: full feeling in lower abdomen

Oh, and I should also mention that a bunch of doctors told me I had PCOS (I don't think I do) and wouldn't ovulate on my own and tried to force Provera on me. I didn't take it, and I showed them! So don't get discouraged!

BFP on 10DPO!!! Symptoms?!?

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's stories over the past two months. This is the first official month that I TTC. My cycle is 30 days. I believe I O'd on Nov. 10th which means my AF would have come this coming Sunday. We did the BD on the 7th and 10th of Nov. I honestly haven't had any symptoms other than a few cramps over this past weekend. This story is for all those ladies that don't seem to have any symptoms and are ready to give up.

AF Oct 26th
O'd - Nov. 10th
BD - Nov. 7th & 10th
1-3 DPO - Nothing
3-5 DPO - Nothing other than a few cramps and a very light headache
5-7 DPO - Very Cranky, mild cramps
7-10 DPO - Very Cranky, mild cramps, icky feeling when my pants were resting on my belly
10DPO - BFP!!!! This is #4 so mixed feeling of excitement and what in the world were we thinking!!!! :)

I hope someone finds this posting helpful and encourages you not to give up if you don't have any symptoms!

Baby dust to all!!!!

Positive BFP 10DPO Using an OPK Kit

Hi Girls!!!

My husband and I conceived after one month of using an OPK kit (first response and clearblue digital)! We never used any form of birth control and never conceived until using these products!! I checked my surge 3x a day and we BD the night of and the night after.

Also, I had minimal symptoms so please don't be discouraged if you do not have any! No increase in EWCM either, actually was very dry!

1DPO - Painful ovulation
2-4DPO - Sore but not painful boobs (typical every month before my period, but nipples seemed a little darker).
4DPO - Still somewhat positive OPK (lasted throughout 10 DPO) one positive clearblue digital HPT, all negatives after that
6 DPO - Upper Respiratory Infection
7DPO - Slight Nausea at night (I attributed this to my sinus infection)
8DPO - Nothing
9DPO - Slight Nausea at night
10DPO - BFP!!!! Positive Answer Brand Test, confirmed with clearblue digital!!

Baby dust to all of you--please message me if I can help you in any way!

BFP Without Many Symptoms...

I'm hoping my story will help those of you in your TWW to relax a bit and try not to spot every symptom (I know, I know... easier said than done!)

This was our second month trying and the first month was really stressful. We were trying to do everything right and the whole process felt forced. I was SO disappointed when I didn't get my BFP, but looking back, it makes sense. It's super hard to relax during the TTC process, but I worked really hard to let go this month and it worked!

We used Pre-Seed and tested for our O-date so we knew when to BD. We BD'd 2 days before O, on O day, and 2 days after O.

I really didn't think this was my month because I had fewer symptoms this month than I did last month!

The most noticeable symptom was heartburn, which started around 8 DPO. I also had sensitive nipples, but nothing dramatic, and I've been having cramping since about 7 DPO.

I got my BFP on 10 DPO!!

Even now, at 17 DPO, my boobs aren't sore and I only have very slight waves of nausea.

So, don't worry if you hardly feel any symptoms— you're not out! Baby dust to you all...

5 Cycles Later

Hi ladies,

I have been on this site for about 12 month and have been TTC for 15 months!! I’m so happy to say that I finally got my BFPJ I had to go through 3 cycles of Clomid, 2 cycles of Gonal-F and finally on my third Gonal-F and IUI I got my BFP. During the whole time I was TTC and going through all these cycles I was really sad and always thinking the worst but my sister always told me to have faith in GOD and I did. I prayed everyday asking for a BFP. SO ladies who are TTC please don’t give up and please don’t feel like you’re alone. I wish all the ladies out there a BFP!! With lots of love and baby dust to all!!!

3 Months TTC and We Got a BFP on Hubby's Birthday!

I am 34 and DH is 33 (today!). We have officially been trying for 3 months, but were not preventing about 3 months before that and I suspect I had a chemical which threw my cycle off for a month or two. Honestly, I thought I was completely OUT this month. Totally NOT symptom-crazy like previous cycles. Of all of my symptoms- most were VERY MILD that you read below. Overall gassy (nothing unusual for me) and some acne in random places. Total lack of symptoms from usual cycle. Overall decreased appetite, no sore bb's until 12 dpo (usually really sore and big), no noticeable CM, no IB, no constipation. Even below symptoms were mild except the headache and backache. I was really dumb-said really dumb things and already forgetful. Irritable one second and be all happy the next- really strange and almost felt my reactions were out of my control- mood changed in an instant. Oddly I had my one an only BFP dream the night before dpo 11 which is when I got my first BFP. We used Pre-Seed and charted BBT for the first time this month- and it worked!

1 dpo- nothing
2 dpo- 1 twinge lower right of belly button
3 dpo- quick shooting cramps in lower abs, raging headache all afternoon (lasted about 5 hours)
4 dpo- nothing
5 dpo- up once during night to go to bathroom, high energy during the day, but in bed by 8:30 pm
6 dpo- few twinges on lower right abs,few quick twinges/nerve pain in vagina, shooting pain throughout the day in right hip, high energy during day, but in bed by 8:30 pm
7 dpo- nothing, high energy during the day, but in bed by 8:30 pm
8 dpo- mild sore throat evening, horrible back ache for 2 hours like a uti (kidney area) and then it went away and never returned, bfn, nap at 5 pm, irritable
9 dpo- bfn, few abdominal twinges on left side, mild sore throat in pm
10 dpo- nothing except heartburn at night, temp drop of .3, but still .5 above coverline
12 dpo- BFP on FRER, achy side boobs and lower back ache, but different than before, temp back up a bit

Good luck to you all!

BFP by Prayer, Pre-Seed, Acupuncture, and Lots of Love

Hello all you lovely ladies. Like many of you, I've stalked this website for months looking for clues and finding community. Like many of the BFP posters, this month was one month that I wrote off from almost the very beginning because I had so few symptoms. Then again, there were a few things that had me wondering.

I am 35, my husband is 38. We knew that it would take us a while to conceive at our age, but it's still so hard to go through the TWW every month and hope and hope and hope and still be disappointed. We've been trying since this summer and (again, like many of you) I thought I was pregnant every month only to feel that sinking feeling when AF arrived right on time.

This month we tried to take a relaxed approach to BD--previous months of trying and not succeeding had certainly led to some performance anxiety for my poor DH. So we lit candles and had fun (of course I still used OPKs to pinpoint when exactly ovulation was occurring). We used Pre-Seed each time, mostly because I read on this site how much it helped. :) I took pre-natals and used FertiliTea for the past 4 months. I have a regular 30-day cycle, but my luteal phase is 17 days long--this means that I ovulate around day 12, and then wait...and wait...and wait. The TWW is more like a two and a half week wait for me. Here are my symptoms by DPO:

CD 12: +OPK, BD (we had also BD'd the day before just cause we felt like it). I also had acupuncture on this day, just by coincidence. She did a special treatment right on my ovaries and uterus.
CD 13: -OPK, BD (pretty sure this was O day)
1 dpo: BD, prayed with my husband for our baby to come
2 dpo: nothing out of the ordinary, prayed
3 dpo: gassy (was this a coincidence? It seems to be a trend for BFP stories...) :)
4 dpo: gassy
6-11 dpo: NO SYMPTOMS. This was *very* different from past cycles where I had sore bbs, nausea, the whole nine yards. In fact this is when I began to write off this cycle because "we didn't try hard enough." I still obsessed, don't get me wrong, but I was feeling dismayed to have no symptoms whatsoever. The one thing I noticed was some twinging in my ovaries and uterus. But as you all know, twinges happen all the time if you are looking for them. I still prayed everyday and asked my child to join us when he or she is ready. Because I had no symptoms and had seen so many BFNs in previous months, I didn't test. I was scared to see another BFN.
12 dpo: I felt some unusual achiness in my left ovary. Very different from "cramps"--like a strong burning or pressure feeling in the left ovary and tube. Again, this was odd and different from the "twinges" of previous months of trying.
13-16 dpo: NO SYMPTOMS. In fact I felt like a million bucks, which is not the norm for me when AF is approaching. I felt high energy and happy. One thing that did not make me happy is that my face broke out like crazy--like 3 times worse than it ever does. But I figured it was just PMS and tried to deal with it. I did have a teensy bit of brownish CM once when wiping, but AF was due the next day, so I didn't dare get my hopes up. I stocked up on pads and prepared myself for another month of trying. Continued to pray that our baby would come at the right time. Really tried to find trust in God's timing.
17 dpo: AF due. Usually I start to spot a day before, then bleed heavily right on time. Not a spot.
18 dpo: Not a spot. Felt a little strange. Like a "full" feeling after eating--not nausea, but fullness.
19 dpo: Had to test when I woke up without a spot. Snuck out of bed before my DH and used a CB Digital test (left over from previous month). Pregnant!!! I brought it back to DH in bed and handed it to him. He was so sleepy he didn't know what was going on! We just held each other and prayed.

I wish all of you baby dust, and lots of love for you and your family while you are trying. It's not easy, and it's so wonderful to find communities like this online where people support each other. I encourage you to try acupuncture if you haven't before--it is clinically proven to help with the ever-elusive "relaxation" that can be so hard to find when you are TTC. God bless.

BFP After Only 3 Months of TTC!

I think I'm still in shock! I have been reading everyone's BFP stories on here for the last 3 months and am feeling really blessed it happened so quickly! I honestly think it was the Pre-Seed! I recommend everyone ttc to use it! Here is how the last 3 months went down for me. The previous 2 months I had every symptom in the book in the tww and swore I was pregnant both months with very disappointing bfn results. This cycle we purchased Pre-Seed and used during fertile times. This ttw was different. I had NO symptoms at all.......nothing! I thought there was no way we were successful this month. By 7dpo my boobs got a little sore but that is normal for pms symptoms. I knew it was early but took a test. BFN, so u threw it out and went back to bed. 2 hours later I woke up to pee and looked in the garbage and saw 2 lines. I didn't want to get excited because I was reading the test after you are supposed to. So I took another one. BFN :( but again it turned positive after an hour. Everything I was reading said that this is called an evaporation line so I decided to wait a few days (which was the hardest wait of my life). I also bought a digital because trying to see the second faint line was driving me bonkers!!!! So here I am at 11dpo with my BFP!!!!! It just goes to show that "no symptoms" is a symptom for some women. And those evaporation lines can actually be a positive test.