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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with No Symptoms

Ten Long Months of Trying... Finally Two Pink Lines!

I was beginning to think I would never have the chance to post on this website, but my day has finally come. After ten long months of trying and a whole lot of tears, I finally got my BFP! I waited until I was three days late to test because I couldn't handle anymore disappointment. I cannot even put the feeling into words of seeing those two little pink lines appear. It was a mixture of amazement, bliss, fear, and craziness. I screamed from the bathroom so loud that DH came running! The lines literally showed up in 5 seconds… no three minutes needed. Gotta love First Response! In these past ten months, I really was starting to worry that something was wrong. I even made an appointment with a fertility specialist that I am very happy to cancel. I had a bunch of blood work done and a sonogram and my husband had a sperm analysis. All the results came back fine, so we just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening! But it finally did! As my husband says, we really “got it in” this month. But I prayed every day and I know God answered my prayer. I really had barely any symptoms… but here’s what I did notice… CD 11 - BD CD12 - BD CD 13 - BD (I think this was ovulation day) CD 14 – BD CD 15 – BD CD 18 – boobs started getting sore, but they always do around this time of the month. Thought for sure I was out. CD 19 – 27 - creamy cm CD 28 - I went to buy tampons. CD 29 – late period? Eggwhite cm shows up… very weird… getting suspicious. No cramps? Very constipated. CD 30 – still late… no cramps… too scared to test. Can’t bear the sight of another BFN. Very constipated. CD 31 – still late! Finally get the nerve to test! BFP immediately! I am still in shock! I really had no clue that I even had a shot this month until I missed my period. Here are the things I tried to get pregnant… Drank grapefruit juice Read 50 Shades of Gray lol Used Pre-Seed Made sure my butt was in the air Tried to sleep for a few hours before getting up And the most embarrassing of all…. this month was the only time I actually used a vibrator when DH was done. I swear the orgasms did it! Sorry for the TMI… but I would definitely invest in one! Have faith… all is possible. Sticky baby dust to everyone and I pray that you all get your BFPs soon. :)


Ladies, I got my BFP (actually I got 6 because I tested 6 times because I didn't believe it) after trying for pretty much 1 year to the day! I had a laporoscopy, ovarian drilling, cyst removal, D&C, endo removal from uterus and hysteroscopy done on the 14th August (PCOS) and this was our last month trying before we had to move on from trying naturally (I have a low egg count for my age 30). Anyway we had sex 4-5 days before I ovulated and that's it! I had to go away for work the week I actually ovulated. I got my positive OPK at the airport in transit and was devastated I couldn't take advantage of it... another month down the drain. I was expecting my period yesterday (ish) and for some reason I pee'd on stick last night (it's addictive) just before DH got home and it was flaming positive!! I actually didn't believe it. DH came into the bathroom and I was trying to tell him that I'm pregnant but I couldn't talk. He looked at the test and told me to get in the car. We went and bought 2 different tests and they both came up positive straight away. I tested again this morning with all 3 test and still BFP!! I have a Dr appointment this afternoon and I'm so nervous he's going to tell me it isn't real and that I'm actually not pregnant. Anyway I'm enjoying this for what it is today and hopefully it sticks. I'm so excited I can't even eat!! nervous. I don't feel pregnant at all except for sore boobies but I normally get that before AF anyway!! Every other 12 months we've tried I have felt some kind of silly symptom. NEVER GIVE UP!!
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Praise the Lord

This past Monday night, I'd POAS daily for the last 3 days, and then another that morning. Driving home, I was praying about it, and remembering Sunday's sermon about how Gideon puts out a fleece (test) for God, asking God to "prove you're telling me what to do". So I start pondering, and feel that God is assuring me if I POAS that night it would be positive. Well, that doesn't make any sense - my period isn't due for 3 more days, so FMU is the only way to get a BFP this soon. I go home, POAS and leave it in the bathroom. Run downstairs to start a load of laundry, and think to myself - is asking God to confirm this wrong? Well, Gideon asked God for confirmation, and he had lives at stake. Sure, he should ask, but should I? You would want to know if you were hearing from God if it meant going to battle. So then I think - God, do you really want me to be pregnant? We had a miscarriage in May, maybe this isn't your will? And then I was reminded that Jesus said he came to give us life, and give it to us more abundantly. That must include motherhood in my opinion (it takes all forms - adoption/mentoring, etc). But I'm feeling assured - and then I think - am I just being crazy? Am I putting "words" in God's mouth because it's what I WANT to hear? And I was reminded that we are his sheep, and his sheep hear his voice. If you don't hear, it's because you don't belong to him. So I decided to stand in faith. I spoke scripture over my situation, reminding God that he said in his word, whatever we ask in prayer, believe that you received it. Then I asked him to help me with my unbelief, because although I know that God is the only giver of life, and that He is the only one in control, it's still difficult for me to believe it's not just me wanting this to be true. I went and looked at the test - BFP!!!!!! (Well, actually big "faint" positive).... to which I proceeded to take 3 more tests the next day - finally a nice dark BFP, and then blood draw yesterday, HCG is at 44, and my period isn't even due until tomorrow. How AMAZING is God!!!!!!!!!! So - that's my story - God is the ONLY one who creates life - it amazes me that he would use our bodies to do it! Now, I can't say that just because you pray, God immediately answers your prayer - which is all the more amazing to me that I heard from God, acted on his word, and am blessed with a pregnancy. Here comes the shocker: I had almost NO SYMPTOMS over the last few weeks. The only thing I found strange was increased sense of smell on ONE occasion. Then last night - only 2 days into the BFP, I have been crampy all day, headaches, and VAST nausea. Not that I "want" to be sick, but we had a miscarriage in May at 5 1/2 weeks - I really didn't have many symptoms. So this time I welcome any proof that peanut is burrowed in. I am amazed at God, that I went from having no symptoms, to plenty of them. All things in His time. I couldn't force Him, as much as I asked. I had been praying all along. There's no secret recipe or secret set of prayers. There's no "good behavior" that gets rewarded. It's faith, and an everlasting relationship with him. Look at scripture - we are NOT the first women to be grieved trying to conceive. I don't know how he will answer your prayers, but I know that he is faithful and loving, and is walking with each of us through this most difficult journey of TTC. I hope you don't mind how long this is. Some might think I'm crazy - but I KNOW that God wanted me to give him HIS GLORY for being the ONLY ONE that made this come to pass. I have lots of things I've been doing - but I know that I know that I know that it was GOD ALONE that created life, using us!

Don't Give Up - It WILL Happen to You! 10dpo BFP!

Will keep this short and sweet. Trying for 8 months, thought I was PG every month of course. Took clomid and this was my third cycle (it was upped to 150mg). DH was 8 months post vasectomy reversal (original vasectomy was done before I met him a longgggg time ago!) His sperm did return but his count was not great - but you do only need just one of those little blighters! What I did - PRAYED to God (practically begged him - felt like a whiny child), temped and used opk's (ic's). Drank decaffeinated green tea, took prenatal, baby aspirin and EPO (1000mg) up to O. Stopped temping after FF confirmed O. Used softcups, Pre-Seed and made sure I had orgasm after DH (apparently this helps the cervix suck up sperm - not sure if it is true, but did it anyway). Then GOT ON WITH MY LIFE! I just decided that I had done all I could do for the month. Symptoms - none. Nothing! Only thing I had was itchiness down there, like it was the beginnings of a yeast infection, but it never turned into a full blown one. I did have to use my willpower and not scratch though! It's true - the 2WW pg symptoms are just like 2WW pre AF symptoms - I did not feel any different. Good luck to everyone out there still trying. I know it is hard and hope and pray that you become parents. God Bless.

BFP 15 DPO, 8 Months TTC

I am so happy to announce my bfp! After 8 months ttc!!! Here are my symptoms: 2-4 dpo had a horrible sinus cold, soooo sick. 5-10 dpo sore boobs but that's usual for me before af 10-11 dpo bfn, cramping was sooo bad, shooting down through my legs. 12-13 dpo, brown smearing not enough for a panty liner but usual pms symptoms so I gave up and bought maxi pads, because all my symptoms disappeared. 14 dpo huh? Sore boobs are back? Strange...and no af?? 15 dpo I caved and did a test at 1 pm, it was BFP!!!! My cervix is also high and dry, and my runny nose never went away. Don't give up on bfns at 11 dpo. Thank you to god, my husband, and to all you ladies who post on the tww. Love you all.

BFP After 11 Months With No Symptoms For This Cronic Spotter

I got my BFP after 11 months of TTC! I have somewhat short cycles, I ovulate on CD 16 or 17 then get AF on CD 26-28 (only 10 days some months!) In addition to short LP, I also have spotting each month anywhere from a week to 2 days before AF. We only BD once during my fertile period because of my husband traveling for work. CD 15: BD CD 16 (I didn't use OPKs this month so I am guessing based on ECWM): O Day 9 DPO: Spotting, always brown, never red, but quite a bit of it (it looked the EXACT same as my spotting always looks before my AF). Enough for a pantyliner not a tampon. It continued from 9 DPO until 13 DPO. 11 DPO: Cramping at night, thought AF was coming that evening 12 DPO: Light cramping all day, not as bad as my AF cramps usually are but thought it was definitely coming. (Felt like how my cramping felt when I was taking B50 complex). Husband said I should take a test and I didn't want to at first cause I was sure it would be negative. I took the test waited a minute and looked, it was negative. He looked at it a minute later and thought he saw a faint line which I was shocked! It was a BFP!!! Very faint line on First Response so we went to store and bought a CB digital that said Pregnant! I had really had no symptoms AT ALL except for the two things I get every month: sore BBs and spotting. Each month we tried I had all these phantom symptoms, this was the one month I was positive I wasn't pregnant. I am actually 12 weeks along now and still haven't had many symptoms. So I have been a chronic worrier and this month I decided to give it all up to God. Over the past several months I tried several tactics from taking B50 complex to lengthen my cycles on my own (did it for 2 months and it just made my periods weird), to eating pineapples after O day, I used OPK kits several times and even borrowed my friends fertility monitor for a few months, and BD every day during my fertile period and still nothing! This was going to be my last shot before calling my doctor to get checked out, and I decided to give everything up and just try not to stress about it. The hardest part was figuring out how to actually relax about everything. I decided to start doing yoga for fertility (I just bought a video and did it at home), I got a 60 minute massage at 2 DPO to relax me, but the biggest change I made was I prayed A LOT. For patience and for the ability to accept Gods will for me. I truly think that made a big difference. I still thought about it everyday, just kept reminding myself that it was out of my control and it would happen when it was meant to happen. I am praying for everyone struggling with TTC and wish you all the best.


I wanted to share my experience in getting a BFP. I am 37 and have endometriosis, so you can imagine that I was very concerned as to whether I would manage to get pregnant. After 6 months of trying and religiously following this site, I got my BFP today, the day before I was booked to have a laparoscopy done to check if my tubes were ok! For all the previous attempts I had been using OPKs but nothing was working. Then I read that sometimes you can be too late if you rely on OPKs, so this month we BD for the week leading up to my usual ovulation time rather than waiting for the OPK to show that it was time to BD. This time it worked! So beware, if relying on OPKs you might be too late. The day before the line goes blue on the test is probably the best chance. But how can you know when this is with traditional OPKs Ok symptoms: this is where I have nothing out of the ordinary to report. I was convinced that AF was on her way, the week before AF was due, I had PMT symptoms and nothing else, I was that convinced I had failed that I booked the laparoscopy. So the key thing here is that you can be pregnant without having any unusual symptoms. Not what you want to hear during 2 week wait, but at least my post can give you some hope if you have no unusual symptoms and feel just the same as when AF is due. So, today I took the test, I was 2 days late and I needed to check because I couldn't have the op tomorrow if my period hadn't started and there we go the rest is history. So older mum's out there with complications don't give up hope. A history of endo, polycystic ovaries and the removal of a cyst, not to mention my age and I finally succeeded. Good luck and baby dust to all :-)

My Symptoms to BFP!

I had a little bit of cramping in my lower back around 4dpo. However, I had been out the night before and thought I was just sore from being on my feet for hours on end. It wasn't an unusual cramping in anyway - just felt like a sore back. Maybe it was. Haha. Other than that, I literally had ZERO physical symptoms. I kept waiting and watching, and there was nothing. However, the weird thing is I just KNEW I was pregnant this month. I just knew it. I can't explain it. So.. I had no symptoms other than a "feeling." I am no help if you are having symptoms. However, if you are not having symptoms, don't count yourself out yet. AF was due today and I got a BFP on a digital. WHOO hoo!!

12 Months TTC, Progesterone Suppositories, Zero Symptoms

Hi Ladies,
I just wanted to submit a small note giving those who have been trying for a long time hope.
I am currently 6weeks. DH and I have been TTC for 12 months. The very first month we tried I thought I had a chemical pregnancy (tons of symptoms) but never got a +. Anyways, I ended up getting my period on time and have been TTC since then. After 7 months we went to an RE, tried a couple different things and ended up taking progesterone suppositories for 10 days, 4 days after +OPK. I was beyond shocked to see a + when we tested. I had no symptoms. I still have zero symptoms even convinced by husband that we were about to miscarry. I really hope it sticks!

I thought for sure I would have a ton of symptoms since my mom and sister both knew they were pregnant instantly. Not the case for me.

What I did differently:
1> started progesterone suppositories
2> went to a naturopath. She had me take 250mg of B6, B12 and a prenatal. Got acupuncture twice.

Good luck everyone!

My BFP Finally Arrived!!!

Hello ladies! I'm posting this today with two positive pregnancy tests in front of me and one in my memory box!
I had my frozen embryo transfer last Monday (just had the one on ice so was delighted that it survived the thaw!) I tested this morning 8dpt, first accidentally using a ovulation stick which showed positive then realized I used the wrong one (what a doughnut!) and then tested on a proper pregnancy stick which show positive - yay!! Just have to wait until Friday now for my blood test at the clinic... Not really feeling any symptoms to be honest just some aching in my lower back and uterus area. Praying that this is a sticky bean and that all of you ladies TTC get your BFP soon x