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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with No Symptoms

My BFP Finally Arrived!!!

Hello ladies! I'm posting this today with two positive pregnancy tests in front of me and one in my memory box!
I had my frozen embryo transfer last Monday (just had the one on ice so was delighted that it survived the thaw!) I tested this morning 8dpt, first accidentally using a ovulation stick which showed positive then realized I used the wrong one (what a doughnut!) and then tested on a proper pregnancy stick which show positive - yay!! Just have to wait until Friday now for my blood test at the clinic... Not really feeling any symptoms to be honest just some aching in my lower back and uterus area. Praying that this is a sticky bean and that all of you ladies TTC get your BFP soon x

BFP with Very Few Symptoms

So happy that I can finally add my story. We have been trying for a year and were ready to book a dr's appointment.
This is what we used/did:
Clearblue fertility monitor
Pre-Seed (first month)
dtd every other day on high fertility days and both peak days
Soy isoflavones 200mg on cd's 3-7

My symptoms:
1-6dpo: Nothing major. Bbs tender, but that is normal for me. Cervix high and closed (Again, normal for me)
7-9dpo: Still sore bbs. A bit tired, but with 3 children that is nothing new. Cervix still high and closed.
10dpo: Sorry tmi, DF farted in kitchen and I promptly threw up. Vow to stop giving him veg :). Cervix medium and closed. Test bfn
11dpo: Suddenly become a complete moody cow. Jeans feel really tight, think it must be the dreaded AF bloat. Massive acne attack (normal for me) Cervix up high again. Test bfn
12dpo: Back starts aching, super moody, found fault in everything DF done. Decided to test for the last time this cycle, v v faint line on internet cheapie. decide it's a evap and re test 4 hours later. Another faint line!!!!!!
13dpo: Test using FRER with FMU. BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to put it blunt, I really had no unusual symptoms at all, had more symptoms in months I didn't conceive.
I hope this brings hope to all those who keep testing bfn and have no symptoms. It can happen.
Baby dust to all xxx

For Everyone Who Has NO Symptoms

Where to start only Bd THREE times this month was just too busy… felt perfectly normal nothing odd normal pms signs wasn't really paying attention to anything different or searching for signs and then bam 4 days late. I figured what the heck ill test and BFP... just b/c u have no signs doesn't mean you can't have a bfp. Now I'm 13 wks yay! 

BFP with No Notable Symptoms

This was our 5th month trying. I had no obvious symptoms--I was even convinced that we were
out this month. Then this morning I got a BFP on a clear blue digital and couldn't believe my eyes.
Other months I have had more "symptoms" and have been disappointed, so this month I focused
on not tracking every little symptom and just hoped for the best. So there's hope for those of you
in the 2WW who are having little to no symptoms.

Things we did different this month:

As a heavy coffee drinker, I switched to decaf and limited to one-two cups per day.
Husband took Zinc supplements daily.
Cut alcohol intake back for the past 2 months.
First cycle using an OPK - Since my cycles vary by a few days each month (27-31) I think this really
made sure we timed things right.
Prayer with husband at night.

We BD'd within 2 hours of the first LH surge. We BD'd 2x that night, and once each day for two
more days.

1-9 DPO - Nothing out of the ordinary. Was tired at night, but attributed that to heavy work loads
at my job. Took a test at 9DPO in the a.m., and got a BFN. Definitely was sure I was out this month.
10 DPO - went out with some old girlfriends. Certain I wasn't preggers, I ordered 2 drinks. Normally
I can knock 'em back (haha) but my first sip of the second drink make me gag, so I didn't finish it.
11 DPO - girlfriends left town. Was EXHAUSTED. Attributed this to the fact that I was out late two
nights in a row and hosting girlfriends for the weekend. (I'm sure that still had something to do with
it). Also felt like I had a low-grad fever, but don't have a thermometer to check.
12 DPO - tested with a.m. urine and got a BFP with a Clear Blue Digital. Went to work with my mind
spinning and had to focus on my job all day even though I was going crazy! After work, I picked up a
dollar tree test and took it with late afternoon urine. Got a faint line- but a BFP nonetheless. Now let's
just hope this baby sticks!

So good luck to all you ladies who have gone through the 2WW many times. Your time will come -
perhaps sooner than you think!

No Symptoms But I Am Preggo!

Hello All,

I just got my BFP yesterday on a digital test. We were not going to start trying to conceive
until August, but I got off of BC because I heard it can take up to a year for the hormones to get out
of your body and I did not want that to be an issue! We were trying to use the pull out method, but
during this particular month I thought I was past my ovulation point so we decided not to pull out!

Well I guess I ovulated late that month because here I am. Even though it was a little unexpected we
are over-joyed and so excited to become parents! I have had NO symptoms at all, no sore boobs, no
nausea nothing except a little brown spotting for the past few days (dr. said normal) so fingers
crossed everything goes well, this will be our first! :) There is hope for all who do not experience
any symptoms - I honestly thought I was just getting my period, but I guess not! Good luck to
everyone TTC!! :) 

No Symptoms But I'm Pregnant!

I am 27 years old and today I got my first bfp first on an internet cheapie then had to make sure
with a digital. My husband and I were not exactly trying but not preventing I thought we bd'd after
I ovulated so I did not think this would be the month plus my lack of symptoms really made me
think nothing of it! 

I was not tracking symptoms but I can tell you I have barely any! My boobs are not soar at all and I
even started spotting (normal for me before period) I began spotting the day I was due for AF so I
didn't test for a few days thinking AF was coming. When it never turned into AF I tested and honestly
I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me trying to see that slight pink line on an Internet cheapie
in the morning, I did show dh and he did see a faint pink line but we were straining! I didn't have
time to do anymore since I needed to go to work soon my break I went to the store and bought a
digi it took probably 2 min (longest of my life!) to show pregnant but there was no guessing it was
clear! And I didn’t even need morning pee! So there is hope for those who spot and do not have
strong symptoms! According to my last period I'm about 4.5 to 5 weeks and due Dec 12!

Still in shock!