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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Ectopic

BFP with one Fallopian Tube After Ectopic!

Hello everyone!
I figured since I couldn't stop reading these during my TWW I would share with you all my success after ONE month of trying with an Ovulation Predictor Kit! Plus, I didn't come across too many posts for women TTC with one Fallopian Tube.
After reading reviews on Amazon I ordered the Easy@Home OPK kit that came with 50 LH strips and 20 HCG (for only $20!, like, really?!). So, I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2013, and they removed my right Fallopian tube. For ladies with only one tube, YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN STILL CONCEIVE!
So, my first positive ovulation test was on CD 15. Though I think I ovulated on CD 16. AND I felt the O pain from my RIGHT side/ovary. So those stories about Fallopian Tubes being able to pick up an egg that ovulated from the opposite ovary are TRUE! (Plus I asked my OB/GYN and she said yes it is true.)

Had sex CD15, 16,17 & 18.

1DPO- No symptoms
2-5 DPO- Yeast Infection accompanied by weird smelling urine that ended up going away on it's own.
6-8 DPO- No symptoms.
9 DPO- Cramping in uterus (implantation?) and sore breasts/ armpit area.
10 DPO- FAINTEST of faint lines on HCG strips. Thought I was seeing things. Boyfriend saw something too though. Tried another one that night, negative. Sore breasts/ armpits.
11 DPO- Tested again with FMU, negative. Used same urine and dipped another test, this time another VERY FAINT line appeared. Okay... now I'm confused. Couldn't wait, ran out and got a FRER, tested with mid-day/ afternoon urine and BFP! Faint, but MUCH more noticeable than on the cheaper test strips. Sore breasts/ armpits.
12 DPO- Tested with FMU on both FRER and cheaper tests. Cheap tests still VERY faint line. But the FRER came back quick! and a tad darker than 11DPO!

Symptoms I did NOT have:
Metal taste in mouth

Wishing you all the best of luck and sprinkling baby dust to you all!!
I highly recommend an OPK kit, simply because timing is everything.

A Story of Hope

Like many of you, I had read this blog with the hope of having symptoms that would correspond to a positive pregnancy test. For each cycle, every month, I would be checking my symptoms with the blog posts. Over the years, this site had provided me much encouragement when I needed it the most. I vowed to post my story once I was successful in becoming a momma. In sharing my journey, may you find a story of hope that resonates within you during your personal journey!

My husband and I were married for four years before we started infertility treatment in 2011.  Our case could be classified as unspecified infertility; although, I was diagnosed with PCOS.  We underwent a fresh IVF cycle in 2011, which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy outcome right before Christmas.  I think that first cycle was the hardest one because of all of the medications used for egg retrieval and then transfer.  We were devastated from it and took some time before going back for two frozen transfers in the summer and fall of 2012.  Unfortunately neither of those embryos implanted, but those cycles were less taxing on my body than the original fresh one.  Unsure of why the FET cycles were unsuccessful, my husband and I took a break as to better evaluate our situation.  We even considered surrogacy; however, the investment needed was a little overwhelming financially and emotionally.  By spring of 2013, we were absolutely shocked to learn that we were pregnant naturally.  We were not trying to get pregnant, but it happened and we were thrilled.  We had heard the heartbeat and started to make plans for a baby due in 2014.  At our 12 week appointment, a heartbeat could not be found during ultrasound and the baby measured 9 weeks.  After genetic testing, we learned our baby had Turner's syndrome from paternal chromosome.  This loss was equally as devastating as our first embryo transfer.  It was definitely a low point for us; however, we found that even in the deepest pit, our faith and love grew stronger.  We put our trust in God's plan for us. With hope that a frozen transfer might work after this miscarriage, we transferred two embryos in December 2013.  Again, we were met with the disappointment that neither embryo implanted.  It was shortly after this time that we decided to take another break to try a more integrative and holistic approach to pregnancy.  We started with diet and supplements through a naturopathic practitioner.  Eliminating dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed foods was a start to becoming more healthy.  I lost about 15 pounds through diet and exercise (going from a size 10 to a 6).  Then we started acupuncture and herbs in May 2015 with sessions once a week.  I was temping and tracking my cycle, yet our attempts to get pregnant naturally were not successful.  The acupuncturist was extremely helpful in diagnosing that my uterus needed improvement and my husband had to lower his body heat.  By November 2015, the acupuncturist advised that my uterus was in the best condition possible to try another transfer.  At that same time, I started taking Metformin 500mg once a day, along with Aspirin 81mg daily.  In December 2015, we transferred one embryo and our pregnancy test was scheduled for New Year's Eve.  To be honest, I was nervous about the timing of it all.  Of course, I was hoping that we would be celebrating the best New Year's Eve ever; however, I was also realistic of our history.  It was with great joy that we received a positive phone call on New Year's Eve!  And in August 2016, our daughter was born!  We rejoice in the miracle of her life each and every day.  For anyone who has gone through infertility, miscarriages, and high risk pregnancies, you understand the sweet sorrow that accompanies it.  My husband and I are humbled by friends, family, and strangers that have prayed for us during this journey.  As we get ready to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of three, I want to share our story of hope so that you find encouragement and always believe!

Parents Age: Dad 36, Mom 35 (Embryo age of Dad 30, Mom 31)
FET (Singleton, Day 6 Blast)
Medications: Endometrin, Estrace, Metformin, Aspirin
Notes leading up to transfer date: Baby danced four and six days prior to transfer of embryo, Massage two days prior to transfer, Cold sore developed one day prior to transfer and Valtrex was taken (first cold sore ever).

no symptoms

I just wanted to say to all who are in the horrible two week wait and are symptom checking, I had no symptoms. I just knew i was out this cycle. I have a 25-28 day cycle, type 1 diabetes, had an ectopic pregnancy exactly a year ago, 35 year old. Prior to my ectopic last year (which took 9 months to conceive) the one thing i did that time and then again this time was not get up afterwards and go to the bathroom. We did the deed at bedtime and i would just wait until morning. All the months where i hopped up and went to the bathroom, i didn't get pregnant. Not that everyone needs to do this obviously but for me it worked. My symptoms were none. I have no sore breasts, just some cramping today. I am super early however, I am only on day 23. I predict I ovulated on cycle day 11 or 12. I used clue blue easy ovulation tests and I always have horrible cramping during ovulation. I am a test addict and have been testing everyday. So hoping this one sticks and in the right place :) baby dust to all!

Products used: 

Hope after Ectopics!

I'm 9 weeks today with #2 and I just wanted to share my story to give others some hope if they lost a Fallopian tube. I was on this site from September 2014 through January 2015 and in that time had two ectopics where the last one ruptured my right tube. Both had been misdiagnosed as miscarriages and I almost died from internal bleeding. I fortunately conceived my son only weeks after the surgery (no temping, no tracking, no elevation, nothing) and my dh and I dtd only once. Fast-forward to this summer and my dh and I decided in July to Ntnp and I got pregnant immediately. I even o'ed from my tubeless side as the early sonogram showed the corpus luteal cyst on the right. There is hope!

BFP after trying for years. First IUI with low sperm

Ladies, I have stalked this site so much over the last few years of ttc. And I'm so happy to be able to share my BFP story FINALLY!!

We all have our own stories and what worked for me won't necessarily work for anyone else so I'm so here is just a quick summary of how we got BFP. We were on our first iui cycle with natural ovulation. Docs confirmed ovulation started cd 13 so took ovidrel trigger shot. Had iui cd14 and 15. Hubby had low levels. Cd14 was 6 million and cd15 was 4 million however doc said although levels low his sperm was grade a (4). From 8pm on cd 15 I started taking prometrium and will continue to 12 weeks.

Here are my symptoms

1-6 dpo: nothing

6 dpo: had a weird dizzy episode while at work, i turned my head to talk to a colleague and it was like my eyes took a minute to catch up. Also had a weird implantation dream. Woke up twice in the night and was awake early in the morning and I am not a morning person.

7 dpo: didn't sleep through night again. Felt tired

8dpo: dizzy again and tired

9dpo: really tired awake in night again

10- 13dpo: period like cramps felt just like AF was on way. Feeling down

13dpo: blood test revealed BFP. In total shock!!

I'm now 4 week pregnant and still have on and off cramps had another blood test today and levels are progressing well. Cramps now feel a little less like the pulling cramps of AF and more like zappy cramps. Still having a few dizzy episodes but no sickness and bobs don't really hurt at all. Don't seem to sleep through the night now and waking up before my alarm but also feeling very tired during day. I even went home at lunch one day and had a nap on lunch break.

Thanks for letting me share ladies. I know everyone says it but just try relax and think positive and know it will happen when it's supposed to.

Good luck to all those ttc!! Finger crossed for a h&h 9 months!! :-)

First BFP after having a Ectopic Pregnancy 4 months ago!

Well 4 months ago today I had surgery on my left fallopian tube for a Ectopic pregnancy, I was only 4 weeks along at the time. I was blessed in the fact that the doctors were able to save my tube and ended up doing a D&C. I was deeply heartbroken knowing that I lost my baby. Ever since our lost we decided to try this again this month and here we are I got my BFP this evening on First Response Early Result test, super faint but there, we are hopeful it is a healthy viable pregnancy this time!!

Here are my symptoms:

0DPO/Ovulation Day: Typical ovulation pains and cramps only, nothing more then just that and tons of ewcm, so we bd 3 times today!
1DPO: still ovulation cramps and ewcm bd 1 more time today just in case.
2DPO: sharp quick pinch in right ovary, no cramps and watery cm.
3DPO: started feeling weird, felt like I did 200 sit-ups and let me tell you I did no such thing.
4DPO: hmmm, boobs are tender today not sure why? They only get tender 2 days before af arrives so this is too early for sore bbs. Pregnant hmm???
5DPO: ok I woke up with extreme AF cramps seriously it woke me out of my sleep it heard exactly like AF does. I literally thought I had AF and was having a heavy period, but got up to check and woohoo thank god there's no AF just awful cramps and super tender/sore boobs. Starting to feel really tired took a nap with my 3 year old daughter today. Why am I napping??
6DPO: still feel like I'm on my period, kid you not it literally felt like I had AF but with no bleeding. Hmmm Implantation maybe?? Took 2 naps today weird because I never take naps but lately I'm super tired and thirsty. Weird tugging pulling behind my belly button only lasted like 2 minutes. Hot flashes man I'm on fire literally took temp 99.1, Slight dizzy spell lasted 1 minute only.
7DPO: cramps still, Extremely tender/sore boobs like my bra kills and getting hot flashes bad. I never get hot flashes so I took my temp it was 98.7. Why so high for?? I'm not sick and my normal body temp is 97.6, super tired, thirsty, pee pee like 30 times today, Vivid Dreams
8DPO: no cramps at all, no symptoms today except for extremely sore boobs and now my nips hurt bad I mean REALLY bad. Not tired today either so no naps, high energy and still really thirsty. Vivid Dreams. Weirdness! Took test Dollar tree test today and BFN.
9DPO: cramps are back no so bad though but there, still super sore boobs, extreme thirst, high energy and hot flashes took temp its 98.8. Vivid Dreams. Decided to test today with new Dollar store test and yet another BFN. Guess I'm just over exaggerating??
10DPO: still light cramps, today my stomach feels tight under my ribs, whats going on? Feeling sleepy again today and out of breath. Took 2 hour nap with daughter again today. Vivid Dreams. Hot flashes randomly again . Took temp 98.6. Super hungry and thirsty. Frequent urination. Decided to test today with Clear Blue Digital and I got a ClearBlue BFN. Yup, I must be losing it, definitely...whats happening to me?
11DPO: major AF cramps are back again today AF not due until 14dpo...Ughh check to see if shes here early and no thank god false alarm. Super tender/sore boobs & nips like ouchy. Really hungry and thirsty, hot flashes again took temp 98.9. Decided to test this morning with fmu got BFN. Then got a notion to test again right before bed and yippee I got super faint BFP on First Response Early Result!!! Knew I had to be pregnant!

***The sore boobs, AF cramps, and excessive napping tipped me off that I must be pregnant, but still wasn't 100% sure til todays BFP at 11DPO!

Products used: 

BFP 13DPO..... clomid

Well hello everybody today i got my bfp this morning after tryin for over 4 years, start clomid 2 round got a bfp then it end up being a ectopic, that was in oct/nov now my 2nd round of clomid with a bfp hoping baby made it to the right spot this time doc app on the 17..... me and hubby r so happy, but dont want to tell my family until i know for sure the bean stick. lol


I'm sorry for the long story, but I wanted to give you some back round about me. I'm 29 and DH is 33 and this is our first. when we decided to try I was going on 27 and had been on BC for two years and I thought it was time. So I stopped in Feb and I got my period in FEB and that was the end of that, months go by and no period and we thought we were pregnant come to find out I was low progesterone, not a lot for them to worry but enough to stop my period and the only thing they wanted to do was put me on another BC which I refused because I never in all my life had an issue with my periods, till I got of BC this time. I was scared that if I got on another one and took it how they wanted and when it was time for us to try again I would have the same issue. So I did my research and found vitex which helps boost progesterone naturally so I figured why not. I took it for 1 1/2 months I got my period, a positive opk, and BFP. I was so excited when I got the BFP, but it was not to be. I had spotting the whole time, I found out I was pregnant on the weekend so there was nothing I could do but wait. Mon came and I called and they brought me in the office right away and I found out it was an ectopic and I had to get rid of the baby, it was the hardest thing I had to do.
Now for the "GREAT" news, me and hubby had been trying for months and we had tired everything and I mean everything, pillows, pineapple core, preseed, different positions, drugs everything and nothing worked. so this month I decided to go to the doctor and see what he can do for me. He took my blood and had me planned for an HSG. I was lucky that I was in the beginning of my cycle that I was able to get everything done that I needed. When it came to get the HSG done I wasn't able to get because the stupid nurse scheduled me for the wrong test and forgot to tell me not to have sex, so there want that. Then my clear blue digital monitor started to act up. it wasn't reading sticks and giving me error messages and that never ever happened and I have used for months now, so because of it being stupid I had 19 high days!!! yes I said 19, I figured it was out this month I was like whelp, I guess I didn't ovulate this month and it's ok I have a plan and I'm cool, but like they say everything happens for a reason right. so I knew AF was supposed to happen on the 13th or 14th and I hoped neither cause I had made plans for me and the hubby and she stayed away lol.
So on the 14th I woke up feeling really sick and I decided what the hell i'll take a test and I got a faint line, I was wait a minute so I grabbed another test and used the same cup of urine and tested again and I got another faint line. I was in complete shock so I decided to get an frer and test again in the morning and I got another faint line. I called my doctor to schedule a blood test to confirm and I have that this Friday. Since Sun I have been in such shock and such happiness that I have no idea what to do. I'm so sorry for the long story, but I always told myself that when it was my turn to post on here I would try to be detailed like other stories I read and try to give hope. I cant even tell you ladies how many dpo I am because I didn't track no other way then the monitor. My symptoms so far are nausea, dizziness, and sensitive smells. the nausea and dizziness comes in waves, one minute I would be ok and then oh oh

Good luck to all the ladies out there believe me it will happen when everything is going wrong lol

Happy Day!

DH and I have been TTC since last year. I had to get a poly removed last Christmas. I also have PCOS, mild but definitely effective in preventing me getting pregnant. On our 2nd round of IUI (first with Follistim) got pregnant in May 2015. Unfortunately this turned out to be an eptopic and I had to undergo three rounds of methotrexate to treat it. My first round of IUI after that started in Sept 2015 with IUI on the 24th. I had three follicles. Three days before the IUI they measured 18mm, 15mm and 13mm.

8DPIUI- tender nipples
9DPIUI - tender nipples, tired
10DPiUI- tender nipples, tired, cramping. BFN.
11DPiUI - cramping continues with some pains in both my sides near the ovaries as if I am about to get AF
12DPO to 14DPO - same as above. Also having hot flashes
15DPIUI - BFP with blood test! HCG is 322.
19DPIUI - HCG 868

Still having some cramping, very mild nausea if I smell uncooked meat and my nipples and not as tender as before. My RE will continue to monitor HCG because of my previous ectopic ... Here's hoping this is my one. Best luck to all of you.

BFP 14 months after Ectopic!

Well, I will start with a brief description of previous pregnancies and losses. 2006 had a miscarriage. Not too much information behind this one. 2010 Got pregnant with my now 5 year old son. Had a few problems with this pregnancy (pre-eclampsia) and he was delivered by emergency c-section at 41.3 weeks. Tried for baby number 2 for 3 years without any luck. Nothing but stark whites. In March 2014 I fell pregnant and was ecstatic, only to start bleeding at exactly six weeks. Hcg levels were going up and down and there was no visible pregnancy in my uterus. Suspected ectopic which took 3 months, 2 shots of methotrexate each a month apart and then finally salpingectomy to confirm that i did in fact have an ectopic in my right tube. Fast forward to now. Last menstrual period was June 14th. My recent cycles have been 31 days. (conceived naturally)

O Day- june 30th
1-6 dpo; Normal sore breast from ovulation
7 dpo; Breast pain went away and was replaced with Nipple tingles (The only way I could think to describe it)And light cramping
8dpo; Still cramping and wondering if I might have a 26 day cycle this month.
9dpo; Still cramping and sensitive nips, asked my boyfriend to bring my pads to work because i was so convinced I was getting my period.
10-12 dpo; same symptoms
13 dpo; Crazy vivid dreams and i remembered every second of which is not normal. Took a nap that day and had a dream that i gathered up all of my old negative tests to throw away and they were somehow all positive hahaha. Heartburn was 10x worse than usual. Nauseous in the morning. And started to develop a cold. + sensitive nips
14 dpo; Sensitive nips, heartburn and cold is getting worse.
15 dpo; Period is due today and the cold has worsened, decided to take a test (thinking it'd be negative) just so i could take some sudafed PE. after 3 monutes a faint line pops up and I almost shit my pants right then and there.
16 & 17 dpo; second and third test are a little darker than the first but not by much. Start to develop left sided pain and call the doctor right away to get hcg's.

I am doing repeat hcg tests every 48 hours. First hcg 266, Second hcg 555, Third hcg 1898. Ultrasound within the next week. Doctor says everything looks great so far and more than likey the left sided pain (which eventually went away) was probably due to my bowel problems and a little bit of "all in my head". I was so worried about my chances of conceiving after the ectopic. I can't even begin to explain how happy and thankful I am for this pregnancy.