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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Ectopic

BFP 11DPO for baby #2

Hello, so glad to be able to finally post on here! I have been on this website so much! Little of my history had 2 ectopic pregnancy prior to my pregnancy of my daughter. Since she was born in Oct 2013 just haven't been using protection, figured it would take a while to get pregnant again...which it did. This was our 7 cycle trying since getting my period back (breast feeding) I just felt different I was so positive I was pregnant and so glad I saw BFP!! I have long cycles lasting typically anywhere from 31-34 days, and I ovulate late this cycle I ovulated CD 19 (which was early for me, got positive opk CD 17/CD18) I also typically have short lutheal phase typically 9-10 days and I have hypothyroidism so like I said a bunch of stuff to overcoming. Since we were trying I paid close attention to my symptoms here we go: 1dpo-nothing 2dpo-nothing 3dpo-indigestion, increase appetite, backaches, diarrhea 4dpo-gas,tender boobs,body aches,diarrhea 5dpo-gas,nausea,tired,constipation 6dpo-gas, sore throat, nasal congrestional,tired 7dpo-slight nipple soreness,cold/flu,tired 8dpo-very light spotting (only when I wipe, mixed with mucus-implantation spotting?! Had it with my daughter too), gas,dizziness, cold/flu 9dpo-light spotting this just in AM only then stopped nothing now, stomach ache,cold/flu,backache,cramps (very slight different from AF ones), gas 10dpo-tired,gas,cramps,nasal congrestion, dizziness,constipation 11dpo- gave in and tested this morning, was First morning pee, took a test (cheapie) didn't see anything rig away so went back to bed -- got up later and saw very faint line...was so happy - took digital to make sure it wasn't just a evp line ..nope BFP, soooooo excited and happy Now just super nauseous but so happy going to doctor to confirm it tomorrow, wishing you all luck even if it takes time don't give up hope and pay attention to the signs your body tells you!!

Two week wait - so hard!

Hi Just want to write this as voyering these boards helped me SO MUCH during my two week wait. All of us are so brave. having to undergo IVF is the hardest thing for a woman to go through, it goes against everything us women were made for. I struggled so much during the 2WW that I felt really negative at the end of it. I just wanted to tell you all a few symptoms that I read into and shouldnt have. 1st week: sore boobs and going to the toilet loads 2nd week: squeezing my boobs every day for hope of some tenderness - none. Period pains almost every day I was pretty sure it hadnt worked. I get different period pains like dragging but some sharp pains ad weirdly a pain in my tummy button which always means a period. had all these. I even said to my husband sadly "whats the point in doing a test," but something came over me I thought "Ive been through all this I have to know" so i did the test on the 2nd wee of the day (i was so desperate for the loo when I first got up I forgot?!) and it was a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!!! We just saw the heart beat 2 days ago and now feeling nice and nauseas. Please ladies dont read into any of the signs as one forum said "the cruel thing is early pregnancy symptoms reflect period symptoms." I love the person who wrote " have FAITH have FAITH have FAITH...." when she was writing about her positve result after all the cramps and no symtoms/symptoms there one day gone the next.If this baby is a girl her middle name will be Faith. FYI I have had these cramps pretty much the whole time. Lots of us IVF pople also have scaring and dont forget the effects of stimulating your ovaries to the point of no return and then stopping the hormones. We've been through so much, let's give ourselves a break. I believe in positivity and do loads of hypno. BELIEVE you will have a baby, even go out and buy it something to confirm your belief it will happen. the sub concious mind knows so much more than you think. what's the worst that could happen? you were too positive? I don't think so, it would always be worse to think I wasn't positive enough. All the best to you brave lot.

10yrs no luck and finally...BFP!

Hey all, wanted to share my story so far and to say to all those struggling to get a BFP, to not give up hope!! I was told at 15 that I had PCOS and that I would struggle to conceive when I was ready. Once married, we wanted to try for a family so went to GP. After having initial consultations and being put on an IVF waiting list we decided we needed a break and went away last minute. To my shock when we came home, I found out I was pregnant and naturally, all by myself without any intervention. My miracle baby girl was born and the best thing that's ever happened to us. Fast forward.. When my daughter was coming up for 2 we decided to try again. This was 10yrs ago and I have been on Metformin, clomid, daily injections, had ovarian drilling twice... Nothing was working. The Dr told me to do everything we had did before with my 1st pregnancy... We tried for several more yrs. In Jan 2014, my dr put me on new meds, letrozole with a pregnyl injection. In May '14 we found out we were pregnant but unfortunately it turned out to be ectopic and I had to have methotrexate to terminate. Our hopes and dreams were shattered. We had to wait 3 months before we could try again. I recently had my Feb '15 treatment and have just found out we are pregnant AGAIN!! It's very early but it feels different this time. I had a strong test result the day AF was due. Had a beta hcg drawn on 16dpo which shows I am definitely pregnant!! :-))) I am due for my bloods on Mon 19dpo and am hoping and praying my levels have increased! I just wanted to say that however long and frustrated you may feel, there is light at the end and the best things come to those who wait.
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Bfp 8dp 5dt

Hi this has definitely been a struggle. Me and my husband have been trying for 2 years now. I have done acupuncture, which I feel really helped me . Also I have had reiki and other massages throughout to keep me balanced and relaxed throughout the process. We started with an ivf fresh cycle which didn't work bfn 2nd ivf fresh resulted in an ecoptic pregnancy and this time we did an FET w/ 2 great quality embies, I wasn't taking any chances as this may be our last attempt financially- at least for a while. During the transfer one stuck to the catheter and we had to do it again- is my baby already stubborn? I hope they both stick- twins would be great but we would be happy either way. I will be 34 this month and my husband is 30 and a Cancer survivor ( was diagnosed 6 months after getting married) to say the least we have been through "it" and back. married 2 years this March 1st !!! Good luck and much baby dust to all Keep up the fight it is worth it!

Bfp Month after Ectopic!!

I didn't want to post anything until I knew where my baby was and I finally got to see the little bean in my uterus this morning!!! I'm currently 5w5d and have been ttc since September 2014. I got pregnant right away in September which ended with a dissolved ectopic and got pregnant again in December which was ectopic resulting in my right tube being removed in early January. Both times I didn't get a bfp until after period like bleeding and brown spotting so I knew something was wrong. Apparently all the problems were with my right tube because I got pregnant immediately with my left. My husband and I only b'd once and were not expecting to get pregnant so I think I'm still in shock that it happened!! 1-2 dpo: Cramping/gassy 3-8 dpo: Gassy, itchy breasts (felt like crumbs were in my bra), slight cramps, soapy taste in mouth 9-12 dpo: All above symptoms but even more intense af like cramps which I normally only get on 2nd day of af. My hair was also very, very greasy no matter what I did. 12 dpo- Very faint positive on wondfo, blood test confirmed at 12hcg I never believed the term "it will happen when you least expect it" but now I do. Good luck everyone in their ttc journey.

3 years TTC, 2 failed IUIs, successful on 1st round of IVF!

I promised myself when (and if) I received my (lasting) BFP, I would post my story since I was obsessed with reading all of the BFP stories leading up to it! Hope this helps or gives hope to people... About me: 35 years old, married 6 years, TTC for +3 years. 2 previous pregnancies thanks to Clomid (1 ecoptic, 1 miscarriage @ 7 wks). After a helluva time getting - and staying - pregnant, we decided to move forward with IVF. Honestly, it was an easy decision for the 2 of us. Everyone was right - it was an emotional rollercoaster. Probably one of the most difficult things we have faced in 13 years together, but (as trite as it sounds) it brought us closer; rallying together for our child-to-be! After 1 false start due to overstimulation, my doctor changed my protocol and decided that low & slow was the best since I had a lot of eggs, but very few were mature. My protocol: Days 1-3 - Menapur 75 unitsl Days 4-6 - Menapur 150 units Days 7-10 - Menapur 225 units Days 11-15 - Menapur 225 units + Ganirelix As you can tell, I was stimming for quite a while. Outcome: 11 retrieved / 3 mature / 3 fertilized via ICSI. 3 DPO - Transfer of 2 - 8 cell 'perfect' embryos 1 DPT - Relaxed & watched movies 2-4 DPT - went for a walk, carried on normally, no real symptoms 5-8 DPT - felt...different. Odd dreams, white CM, sore boobs 9 DPT - very faint BFP on First Response 11 DPT - beta day (HCG = 29) 13 DPT - repeat beta (HCG = 52) 15 DPT - repeat beta (HCG =100.4) At this point concerned it could be chemical since it wasn't doubling... 17 DPT - repeat beta (HCG = 207) Went in at 7+2 and saw 1 beautiful sac + yolk + heartbeat of 142! Right now, I'm 17 weeks and everything is looking healthy and as it should! For those symptom watching, I actually had higher betas and more pronounced symptoms with my pregnancies that didn't work out than I did with this little one. Even now, I really feel fantastic! No morning sickness, no spotting, no backache, no headaches - nada. Good luck to everyone!

Bfp at 14dpo ish

Hi there, I had a cp followed by an ectopic, treated with Methotrexate. This is my first month of trying since the ectopic. It could all go wrong again, but never the less, we got our bfp and I swore I would add my symptoms if it came up positive as this website really helped me when I thought I was losing my mind and making up symptoms. Here we go ; I wasn't monitoring temps or anything but I seem to be pretty in tune with what's going on inside so think I can pinpoint ovulation day. Day 0: cramping in ovary and bad back ache most of the day. 1dpo: couple of waves of nausea. Started with a dry throat in the evening which went pretty bad over night. 2dpo: sore, dry throat. Totally wiped. Go to bed really early. 3dpo: so tired, blocked nose, chest infection feeling. . Think i did catch a cold though. 4dpo: energy better, sinus pain all day , very moody in the evening. Stabbing pains. 5dpo: full of snot, sinus pain. 6dpo: sinus pain still, sharp pinching pains in uterus. 7dpo: some sharp cervical pain, sinus problem still, bbs ever so slightly sore. 8dpo: 2 little dizzy spells, slightly sore right boob. Feeling better though. 9dpo: feeling better, boob sore, but not bad. No real symptoms. Test bfn. 10dpo: hungrier. No real symptoms. Going to bed earlier is all. 11dpo: punching pain in uterus area, slightly sore right boob. Still tired but not exhausted. Bfn. 12dpo: very very faint bfp in the fmu. A squinter but there. Feel brighter to know I am not going mad. In bed by 9pm. 13dpo: perhaps a ridiculously faint positive on a test with lower sensitivity. Makes me think it might be another cp. Worried today. Sore right boob. . Not overly. 14dpo: I am not due on till tues but took another test this morning and have a faint, but darker bfp. Feeling better. Will probably test again Monday and then call the doctors. Wish me luck. And luck to all those reading this x x x
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HCG on the fritz

Hi ladies, I'm being spontaneous here, but I wanted to know if anyone is going through similar situation. I had my BFP on 22nd Dec, 2days before missed period and had be testing every few days since as my doctor said I was too early to be booked in possibly just 4weeks, well I retested on 1st Jan and my test was faint, more so then the one on 22nd. I started having bad pains in left groin area on 2nd and went to A&E, they did a HCG level check and it can out at 102miu/ml which was very low for supposedly being 6 weeks, though bearing un mind I have PCOS and ADENOMYOSIS, and my cycles are irregular I averaged my pregnancy to possibly be 5weeks 4days but still, is my HCG too low? I had more blood work done and expect results today, but I'm nervous as the midwife nurses are not ruling out a m/c or ectopic pregnancy. Hcg needs to double. The internal ultrasound showed no gestational sac or embryo which should have been seen if I am infact 6weeks. Has anyone had low hcg and been re-dated in their pregnancy due to bean Making a late appearance,without being ectopic or m/c? I'm praying as I'm feeling empty right now.

BFP 10DPO! (1 tube)

First time posting. I want to start off by saying I only have one Fallopian tube. The right one was removed in July due to an ectopic pregnancy. My right tube burst and couldn't be saved. I am also in remission from thyroid cancer. I finally got my BFP!! I knew it was my month. I know people say it's too early to feel symptoms but I have two children, I just knew!! 1-4DPO-Nothing 5DPO-O cramps on left side 6DPO-urinating a lot, gassy, light cramping, fatigue, and vivid dreams! 7DPO-same as above, except I had some cramping that was a little intense for about an hour 8DPO-same (fatigue, falling asleep at the drop of a hat during the day, insomnia at night, but once I fell asleep, vivid dreams!) a couple pimples and I never break out! Not even pre AF. Took FRER-saw a faint faint line, but wrote it off as indent or evap and bawled Christmas Eve morning (even though I knew it was early and still had hope) 9DPO- fatigue and vivid dreams, still gassy (skipped taking a test, didn't want to cry on Christmas, lol) 10DPO-Woke up from a very vivid dream that I had a positive test. Took a FRER with FMU and got my BFP!! Sending lots of baby dust to all of you! Xoxo

Birthday Baby Bfp

Hi there My Birthday is on Friday! I couldn't have picked a better present! I wanted to share my story with all soon to be mommies, so hopefully you can recognize symptoms to get that early BFP! After 4 mc, and one ectopic that caused a salpingectomy to left tube and salpingostomy (repair) to the other... I can tell you first hand there is hope :-). 1-2 dpo: Nada thing other than the strange dream of a pregnant woman. 3dpo: Ouchie my back hurts like AF has started. 4dpo: Back still hurts, sleeping like crazy, not an ounce of ambition, gush of watery cm (eeeewww)! 5dpo: Pain in the back, woke up stuffy (flu?), notice watery cm. Yep not doing anything today, sharp little pricks off and on in belly?? 6dpo: Back pain still, ouchie got a toothache, thinking that the possible flu is a sinus headache whole face hurts! Still no ambition! Instantly angry with DH for no reason. 7dpo: Back ache pretty much gone (whew!), I turn into a carnivore I literally told DH "I tried to feed the dragon, and only red meat will do"... okay so now I'm pretty sure I'm crazy... must be this sinus infection. 8 dpo: Woke up feeling fantastic ( lasted 20 minutes) Back to feeling terrible, have to move no ambition, dog comes in the house and the smell of cold dog sends me wheeling, gagging to the bathroom, whine the whole time moving. 9 dpo: Feeling pretty good. Fluttery tummy that started 7dpo, feeling rather frisky, talked to Ex husband got a little crazy. Decided I'd better take a test cause I am not myself and at 4:30 pm got a medium light BFP! Hopefully this one goes on without a hitch! Good Luck Ladies! A Bucket Of Baby Dust, from me to you! ♥
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