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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Ectopic

Bfp 6 weeks after Ectopic/tube removal!

Hi all, I want to post to give hope to all woman who are or have gone through an ectopic pregnancy and had to have their tube removed. I was terrified it meant I may no longer be able to get pregnant. I did, however, remain extremely positive and never stopped hoping for a second. I had my right tube completely taken out September 9. AF came Oct 7. We dtd every day this cycle. Covered our bases. Used preseed every time. Made it fun. I usually cut out coffee the last two weeks of the cycle, and I drink a lot of water, and cranberry juice. I wasn't overly confident that this was our month, but i did keep track of symptoms, which included heartburn, backache, tiredness, sore throat, hunger, and lots of sneezing. Got a faint line at 11dpo. darker every day since. I can hardly believe it happened so quickly and I couldn't be more greatful. This is pregnancy 5 and will be baby 3 I hope! My symptoms are already much stronger than they ever were for the ectopic, and so far no sign that it could be occurring again. Keep trying girls, you just never know!

BFP at 8DPO, barely any symptoms!

I promised I’d post my TWW symptoms by DPO to try and help everyone out. Please note that all my symptoms were very mild and barely noticeable. I recorded everything though. Here’s what happened during my TWW that lead to my BFP on Halloween night. Warning: Some info is TMI! Sorry, it's also very lengthy. Some back story: I had an ectopic in February and my left tube was removed. If it wasn't for my husbands quick thinking, I would have died. Since then my body has been so unpredictable. Spotting mid-cycle, pregnancy symptoms when I'm not pregnant, etc. I came on here when we were ready to start trying again and I symptom spotted EVERY cycle. I thought I was out this cycle because of my LACK of symptoms! Anyways, here's the good stuff: AF: Oct. 6th to Oct. 12th +OPK on CD15 and 16 BD on CD 8, 11, 13, 15, 16, and 17 O day was CD18. Now for the symptoms: O Day: BBT 97.9. Felt a bit emotional today, but it has been a very emotional week for us Canadians. My body is eerily quiet. Dull right ovary pinch while walking. Gassy, but that's nothing new. 1DPO: Creamy EWCM, BBT spike (98.1) confirming O day yesterday, calm, happy, feeling positive. Noticed a lot of ladybugs around the house lately… Heard they were an omen of good luck. 2DPO: BBT 98.6, holy cow temp spike! Creamy EWCM, very very mild ‘empty’ feeling in stomach in the afternoon, and a mild lower backache (great, the witch is coming *shakes fist*), stepped outside and a ladybug landed on my leg immediately. Hmm. That was odd. Very dry throat today (think I slept with my mouth open all night and probably swallowed a spider or two, lol). 3DPO: Creamy EWCM, BBT 98.5, Mount Everest is on my forehead (acne) and it’s painful! Crazy allergy attack in the morning that made me have to lay down (looking back now, this may have been the start of implantation). Gurgles. 4DPO: Creamy EWCM, BBT 98.1 (temp dip! Woot!), slight sore/scratchy throat, mild empty feeling in stomach, left side chest pain in the morning, mild twinge in center uterus while walking (hmm… Last time I felt this I was pregnant with my son… GAH! Stop over-analyzing!). Ignore it but record it anyways. Uterus feels slightly achy after going to bed. 5DPO: BBT 98.2, Slight allergies in the morning, clear sticky CM all day, mild twinges in center uterus all day, slight achy uterus all day, yellow CM? Nah. Ignore it. Ew, what is that god-awful mildew stench in our bedroom and bathroom!? 6DPO: BBT 98.3, mild right ovary ache in the morning, on/off uterus ache all day (barely there though), mild lower back pain (really? Or is my brain playing tricks on me again?!), mild center uterus twinge in the afternoon. Feeling out this month. 7DPO: BBT 98.3, BD this evening (light pink spotting immediately after, but gone by the morning), sticky/creamy EWCM (undies are a mess at 8am already and I’m stuck at work!), slight nausea on/off all day (am I really feeling this though? Probably all in my head). Holy chapped lips! I feel like I’ve licked my lips in a wind storm!! Oh they burn. They burn BAD. One poke on my right side ovary at 12:30pm. Feeling out this month. So upset and disappointed because my body has changed so much since my ectopic in February. Cried a bit at my desk. 8DPO: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! BBT 98.2, HPT is BFN. Ugh. So disappointed. Temps going down and I know AF will be riding in on her broomstick soon. My hands or my muffin taste soapy? Hmm. I just washed my hands though. Slight empty feeling again (ok seriously brain, stop screwing with me!). Getting pretty angry now. Left work early to get some Halloween stuff ready for the evening and thought I’d test again for sh!ts and giggles. Wait. Hold up- Is that what I think it is?? A faint BFP?!? Nah…. But if I hold the test in THIS light I can see something. Quick, post it to Baby and Bump forum… I take a Clear Blue digital and the test doesn’t work GAH! WTF!? Toss that one in the trash. Try the Walmart Digital brand: BFN. Hmm. Thought so. *sigh* I hate getting my hopes up! (get teary eyed). Still not convinced with the BFN’s, so I break out my FRER (even though I HATE these ones). Within 10 seconds a faint line. Could it?? Really?? OMG. The line gets darker. Holy poo balls, I’m pregnant! Try to tell hubby through my sobbing and snotty nose. He's very happy! Erotic dream about hubby and BDing in front of people. 9DPO: BBT 98.2, dry CM, HPT BFP on Clearblue digital, reads ‘Pregnant, 1-2wks’. I’m pooing. I’m POOING my pants. Other than the extreme happiness, I am feeling 100% normal. If it wasn’t for that BFP, I wouldn’t think I was pregnant. I’m not tired, crampy, no sore BBs, no diarrhea. Another erotic dream tonight about hubby. 10DPO: 98.6, dry CM, wow I'm a bitch today, light backaches, a few pokes here and there (very light), nausea that only feels better after eating (oh boy, here we go…). Another erotic dream about hubby. Ok, now I KNOW I'm pregnant. I only ever had erotic dreams when I'm pregnant. Weird, I know.

Here we gooooooo!!!

This is kind of a different story. Not your typical 2ww. I'm 38 years old with only 1 fillopian tube. I had an ectopic pregnancy about 4 years ago. I never thought this was possible!!! 1dpo-cranky bad cramps 2dpo-noticed my bobs never stopped hurting after ovulation. Cramps are gone. No cm 3dpo-no cm. headache. Irritated at the whole world. 4dpo-bbs still hurt to the touch. Started getting suspicious when the pain was localized to the outsides of my breasts and not all over. No cm 5dpo-bbs still hurt. Thought of intimacy made my stomach turn. Cm is back 6dpo-ok, had enough of the bb pain. No bloating which would start about now for PMS 7dpo-leg cramps, bbs are killing me. Little cm. way irritated 8dpo-where is my PMS???? No bloating, no headache, sore bbs 9dpo-bought a test without delay simply because I had no PMS sympyoms!! Very faint bfp 10dpo-dizzy. Smells make me gag. Bbs still sore and only getting worse. No cramps, little cm. 11dpo-bbs are driving me nuts. Driving makes me dizzy. And if I see chicken again I may vomit. BFP!!!! 12dpo-restless sleep, sore bbs, still not a lot of cm. darker BFP!!! Before I got pregnant, the dr told me I had a vitamin D deficiency. 2 weeks after taking 50,000 iu/week, here I am!!!!! It was the vitamin d that did it!!! Never got the "abundance of cm", no cramping, no "implantation spotting". Nothing but sore bbs from ovulation on!!!!
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BFP @ 14 dpo

Wow! I still can't believe its my turn :). My BFP came after an IUI with very low post-wash sperm count of 2.4 mill (morphology and motility normal) while awaiting first round of IVF. AND I only have one fallopian tube due to a previous ectopic! I thought I was definitely out because my RE told me my chances were very low this round. Also, my 2ww symptoms were virtually identical to pre af symptoms. So there is hope, ladies!.... 1-5 dpo - bloating, abdominal twinges 6-9 dpo - above plus tired, deep sleep w/ wild dreams, full/non-tender bbs 10dpo - above plus frequent urination, a lot of creamy CM, sore throat 11-12 dpo - above but VERY full/non-tender bbs and moody 13 dpo - above plus single episode of mild nausea 14 dpo - BFP! 14 dpo beta #1 - 202 16 dpo beta #2 - 485! Praying for a sticky little one :)

pregnant after 16yrs of trying

Ahhhhhh cant believe i get to post and share with you guys. Never thought id see the day :) x

a (nervous) YAY BFP!!!

Thought I would post my BFP story as I have been stalking the site for a while and have found it both useful and fascinating!!!! Last year I had one miscarriage and one ectopic so I am soooo excited to have gotten my BFP this month but also super nervous.. anyway here are my symptoms or lack of: (i am not sure when I ovulated so will do from day one of period this month CD 1 - CD 5 period CD 8 BD CD 9 BD CD 10 BD CD 12 BD (had a sex dream on this day) CD 14 (another sex dream and also dreamed i had twins) Egg white CM CD 15 BD egg white CM CD 16-23 Nothing no symptoms CD 24 sharp stabbing pain in lower left abdomen (very short)- nervous this is ectopic???!!! CD 25 two tiny spots of dark brown when wiped (convinced this was spotting before period which has been happening lately) CD 26 -27 Nothing CD 28 one faint positive on a cheap dip type test, ran to the store to get a FRER - stronger still faint P CD 29 another FRER- BFP!!!!!! Soo excited but really worried this little chickpea isn't for keeps again Hope this helps xx Good luck ladies x


I know everyone on this site is looking for hope! as i have been for the last 2 years and finally here is my BFP !! yay!!! im sooooo happy and nervous at the same time. my background i only have one tube due to an ectopic pregnancy in the past. so i knew since thn my chances of getting pregnant were lower but not impossible. after TTC on our own for over a year i dicided to go see a fertility Doctor. im not sure why but for me it was kind of embarassing to go to a " fertility doctor" i felt like i had failed a woman (completely crazy thoughts i know) but we did and he gave us all the options available. he recommended i started with a dye test to check if my only tube was open. Since i was still in denial i told him we would try on our own for 2 more months and wait for after the holidays to start this process. well january was here and no baby bean yet. so i called to schedule my appointmet for a "dye test". 01/2014 dye test results came back good we had one good working tube!! yay 02/14 i had irregular cycles so AF decided not to show this month March-april -first cycle on clomid =BFN April-May cycle= after blood work was diagnosed with PCOS was put on Metmormin 50/100/150mg increasing dosage over 3 weeks. had to be on metoformin for 6 weeks before i can do clomid again= all of this equal a BFN on metformin alone June 2014 now on metforming did my second round of cloind 100mg on CD 5-9. wnt back for sonogram on CD 12 and had 2 follicles one on the right side 20mm and one on left 18mm 06/26/14 trigger shot 06/27/14 IUI 06/28/14 BD 3DPIUI i developed 2 mouth cold sores ( strange) 4-7DPIUI moody/angry 8DPIUI- AF like cramping was starting to feel sad 9DPIUI-sored/heavy boobs 10DPIUI-(TMI alert) foul smell with FMU felt like a yeast infection was coming. tested with dollar tree cheapie BFN 11DPIUI- urine was back to normal on its own. moved on from issue 12DPIUI-i prayed and prayed and asked God for the blessing of being a mother one day. i told him i didnt understand why this was happening but i would try to understand his plan for me. so once i got up i tested with dollar tree cheapie first thing in the morning and got my first very faint Positive! i tested again in the evening same results 13DPIUI- tested in the AM again and the line had a bit more color ( yay) tested at night time with a digital clear blue test and it said " pregnant" im so excited and nervous just praying everything goes good. i have my blood test today to confirm pregnancy. Baby Dust to everyone. i know it gets very hard but dont give up!!!

BFP 10DPO w/ IUI and fertility drugs

I am 34yr and DH is 37yr. We have a DS age 5, who was conceived by IUI and fertility drugs in 2008. Prior to conceiving DS, I had a "Septate Uterus", and irregular menstrual cycles due to hormone imbalance. The Septum in my uterus was surgically removed, and then I followed my fertility doctors' protocol to balance my hormones, which included vitamin supplements, diet, and exercise. In the last 6 years I have had 6 IUI's total, 3 resulting in pregnancy including my DS, another one which miscarried at 9 weeks due to an extra chromosome, and my current BFP!!! I also conceived once naturally, which ended up being an ectopic pregnancy in my left tube. The fetus stopped developing on its own at 5 weeks and my tube remained in tact. An HSG performed later showed the left tube to be blocked as a result of the ectopic pregnancy. A hysteroscopy was performed to flush out the blockage. Medications that were used this round include: Clomid, HMG, FSH, Human Growth Hormone, Heparin, Pregnyl (trigger shot), an IV of Interlipids on CD4, and Crinone Gel (progesterone) starting 4DPIUI. Vitamins included Folic Acid 800mcg 3x day, B-12, Vit D 10k/day, fish oil 3xday. At the time of IUI I had 3 mature follies on right ovary and a 9+mm lining, DH had 70million sperm. After the IUI, I purchased cheapie pregnancy tests so that I could test daily to know when the HCG trigger shot was cleared out of my system. The trigger shot is the pregnancy hormone HCG, and will give a false positive on a pregnancy test if taken too early during the two week wait. Based on my daily tests, I was clear of the HCG hormone around 9/10 days post trigger shot (7/8 DPIUI). It may be difficult to see the lines on the pregnancy tests in the photo I uploaded. I indicated the results below, as well as marked the tests w/ a marker line so you could see which days had positive results. CD12 - Pregnyl Trigger shot 7500iu (HCG) 6pm. CD14 - IUI 11:30am, severe cramps, and sore nips. 1 DPIUI - Cramps, sore nips. +HCG test. 2 DPIUI - Intermittent cramps, very sore nips, afternoon nap, +HCG test. 3 DPIUI - Sore nips, +HCG test. 4 DPIUI - Started Crinone gel progesterone (which can mimic preg symptoms) Sore nips, full/bloated feeling all day, +HCG test. 5 DPIUI - Cramps near right ovary (side I ovulated on), slightly sore nips, faint +HCG test. 6 DPIUI - Stabbing pain in left breast lasting 1-2 hours, sore breasts, very faint +HCG test 7 DPIUI - Sore breasts, first neg HCG test 8 DPIUI - Irritable, snapped at DH, a little teary over a silly argument w/ DH, sore breasts, neg HCG test, trigger shot is eliminated from my system. 9 DPIUI - Irritable, snapped at DH AGAIN!, teary, possibly a very, very, faint +HCG test 10 DPIUI - Sore breasts, sharp abdominal pain on left side when stood up, afternoon nap, faint +HCG test, BFP on Target brand digital, TMI alert, when checking cervix I got brown tinted progesterone/discharge on finger, implantation spotting??? 11 DPIUI - Sore breasts, bloated, a little darker +HCG test, BFP on Target brand digital. 12 DPIUI - Sore breasts, bloated, +HCG test, BFP on Target brand digital, BFP on First Response. I will definitely admit that Im a POS addict :) I enjoyed being able to take a pregnancy test daily to watch the HCG hormone decrease, then zero out, and then slowly start to increase again. It was helpful for me to get through the two week wait instead of depending solely on symptoms. Thats it for now. I get blood work in 2 days on 14 DPIUI to confirm pregnancy. Hoping for a sticky baby, DS has been begging for a sibling, hope our prayers are answered. I hope my information can help some of you, as many of these posts have helped me over the years. Best wishes to all of you ladies.
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The Wicked Witch Coming For You? Maybe not. It could be BFP

First off, I am OVER THE MOON about this BFP!!! Holy guacamole!!! I had such WEIRD symptoms, and felt like even if just a few people see this, and feel better. Then I have paid it forward. I have read countless BFP stories, and I really hope this one makes your TWW a little less excruciating. I didn't know when I ovulated this month. I wasn't using OPKs. I had just had my Mirena IUD out maybe 3 weeks previously! Either way, I used an ovulation calculator. As luck would have it when the day came around I felt like I wasn't ovulating AT ALL!!! I still BD anyway. About a week later I had every single sign of ovulation. So, just in case.... we BD away for a few days. SYMPTOM PATROL: The weirdest thing happened. After that ovulation day... I just knew. It was as if I was doubting myself, but really. I knew!! My first symptom was that I had this tingling sensation where my right ovary would be! It was like I could feel the blood moving. That went on for a few days. Then I was SOOOOO hungry right when I woke up, which never happens. Right after that my sense of smell started getting better. Then a turn for the worse.... I broke out. I really felt uneasy about this, except it was a HORRIBLE break out. Which I also never get. By the next day I started having cramps, and I was SURE af was coming!!! I wrote an entire post about how I knew I was out. I kept going to the bathroom. I just was waiting and waiting for it! After a few more days I got these pains in my back, and I went to the bathroom thinking "this is it! AF is here". When I got there. It was a glob of creamy white lotion type of CM. This was when I started to get excited!! Then I was one day late for my period. Got a BFN. Thought I was out AGAIN. 2 days late, and started to realize if I ovulated late then my period would be late. That night I took two blue dye tests, and they were faintttt. Sense they were blue I figured I was tricking myself. I went to get some $tree tests. Took one, and a big BFN. I threw it on the table and called it good. The next morning with FMU I took another $tree after about 30 secs it looked as if it was a BFN. I was discouraged, and heartbroken. I left the test, and pee out. After awhile I remembered I left my pee out. I went back in, and there was a BLAZING positive!!! I started screaming and jumping. I got another test, and with the same FMU did it. Right away another BLAZING BFP. I ran to get a frer and another BLAZING bfp! That day it was confirmed by a blood test, and has only been getting darker!! Later I realized that BFN $tree test was actually positive! I just didn't see it! I wouldn't say check them after the time limit, but let the test sit for a bit! Don't be impatient like me! You're not out until that witch shows up!!! Sometimes pregnancy symptoms are just like AF but worse!! Keep positive. Try to remember this will come right when it's meant to, and try to focus on the things you DO have! I hope this helps ladies!! One other thing.... I only have ONE FALLOPIAN TUBE!!!! Have hope!!!
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BFP after tubal and ovarian ectopics!!!

I'm so excited to finally post something positive! I have had 2 ectopic pregnancies. The first ruptured and lost my right tube, and the second was on the ovary of the right side (with no tube...weird we know). I just went to my first prenatal and there was a sac in my uterus (yay! finally in the right place)!!! It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I ovulated late on CD 21. Here are my DPO symptoms: 1DPO - vivid dreams, runny nose, sore throat, sore breasts 2DPO - gassy, sore breasts 3DPO - cramps, fatigue, gassy, sore breasts 4DPO - backache, constipation, cramps, sore breasts 5DPO - backache, cramp, gassy, headache, sore breasts and nipples 6DPO - backache, cramps, gassy, headache, sore breasts and nipples 7DPO - 0.8 temp increase!!!! Bad cramping, backache, constipation, gassy, sore throat, sore breasts and nipples 8DPO - backache, cramps, diarrhea, gassy, headache, sore throat, sore breasts and nipples 9DPO - faint BFP with FMU on wondfo strip!!!! backache, cramps, diarrhea, gassy, sore breasts and nipples 10DPO - clear BFP with FMU on wondfo strip!!! cramping continues, gassy, sore breasts and nipples 11DPO -18DPO - constant sore breasts and nipples (getting worse each day), veins start appearing in breasts, gassy, on/off cramping and backache 19 DPO - ultrasound shows sac in uterus! Another scheduled for next week. I never get sore breasts and nipples unless I'm pregnant so this was a big sign for me. I have a tilted uterus so that explains the backaches. The cramping was new for me. Doctor said that was good sign that it was implanting properly. Hope this helps! Good luck to all!