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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Ectopic

BFP: The hardest journey

Married for 8yrs, always hoping for a surprise, but after 3yrs of traveling and living life, we needed to focus on starting our own family. Downloaded tons of apps, OPK's, bbt,read books, and of course the worst of them all, Google! Nothing! Making the call to the RE was hard, but nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen next. 6 rounds of clomid, negative... Onto IVF, because we're candidates... My AMH was 1.4(2011). Transferred (2) 3day embryos, at 7wks ended up in the ER with an ectopic. 5 days later, miscarried my second angel. Had a lap salpingectomy and after a 6month break, onto to round 2. Retrieved 9 eggs, 9 fertilized! 8 made it to 5day blasts! 1 transferred, 7 frozen! Onto the good stuff! 1-3dp5dt no symptoms 4dp5dt, some mild cramping, felt like period was coming. This was by far the strongest of them all, but it wasn't like the pains I had during my ectopic...Very nervous, but no spotting. No trouble falling asleep, but waking up way to early... 6dp5dt more cramping, but it's more gas than anything! Progesterone? 7dp5dt feeling foggy start getting a headache- I never get headaches??? Drinking my coconut and electrolyte water- so strange??? 8dp5dt, more cramping, but it comes and goes... 9dp5dt, headaches again?! Some cramping... Craving pizza... Yeah I like pizza, but I never crave it! 10dp5dt, BFP!!!! Beta is 523!!!! I did 1year of Accupuncture... Prenatals, iron, and recently getting treatment from a chiropractor. Tilted uterus, and had endometriosis which was confirmed after 1st retrieval...

Positive Opk before Positive Hpt

So this month I used opk's and Preseed. We have been trying to conceive #4 for almost 2 years. Turns out I was ovulating a lot earlier then I thought. Here's my cycle this month: CD's 1-5 period CD's 6-8 uneventful CD 9- NEG opk - Bd'd anyway EWCM CD 10 VERY POS opk Bd'd again I woke up with water retention and sore bbs CD 11 -Water retention again, sore bbs, sore throat, kinda stuffy nose, tired, dizzy spell this afternoon (odd) achey abs and my uterus felt almost painful when I flopped down on the couch tonight. I think this was O day!! CD 12 - Super sore bbs, tired and crampy CD 13 - Sore bbs CD 14 - Stuffy nose, sore bbs, woke up with a headache(odd) little bit of a sore throat CD 15 - Stuffy nose, sore bbs, tired CD 16 - Super sore bbs on the sides and tops of them, had a very vivd dream, tired and very moody CD 17 - Super stuffy nose, lower abdomen cramps, tired, sore bbs on sides, big glob of creamy lotion like cm that night, very low odd cramps all day CD 18 - Very twingey and crampy down low, lotion like cm, uterus almost feels like its moving, tired, totally stuffed up nose, really sore bbs on the sides again today, peeing more, another big glob of cm in the early evening, very crampy CD's 19-20 - tired, slightly crampy off and on, moody CD 21- POAS two actually the first was an opk which was very positive and then later that day an Hpt, very faint squinter of a positive. CD 22 - POAS again and got a darker BFP!!! CD 23- in shock!!! LOL!! So happy!!! But stll in shock! CD 24 - take another hpt, BFP again!! HAPPY!!! So I just wanted to take the time to share my cycle this month as is wasn't really that different for me then most. My advice to anyone ttc is buy a good opk kit like First Response (that's what I used) and as soon as you start getting lines on them start Bd'ing. It's important to have sperm up there waiting when the egg is released. Especially in my situation where I was ovulating earlier then I thought. And on a side note my opk that I took the same day as I got my first positive was a very dark opk (positive) and the pregnancy test was a squinter but positive none the less (barely). So for all you people out there that say that you can't use opk's to test for pregnancy, I believe my cycle this month proves you can! :) Baby dust to all ttc! I know your heartache and frustration. Please hang in there, it will be worth the wait. :)

BFP after eptopic in Jan!

We received our BFP yesterday after one month of trying after having an eptopic pregnancy in January. I feel so blessed to be given another chance again so soon as it took us 12 months to conceive the 1st time round. We're not out of the woods tho, Had a doctors visit today and we're booked in for a 6week scan to see if this little one has stuck and made it to it's right destination. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Here's my symptoms 5dpo-pinching feeling on lower left side. 6dpo- go for a drink with friends, feel very sick after which is unusual. After suffering with break outs since last pregnancy skin seems a lot clearer. 7dpo- spotting after sex. Told partner and mum that I had a feeling I was pregnant again. 9-11dpo yellowish cm 12dpo vivid dream, very slight blood tinged cm, BFN! 13dpo vivid dream, blood tinged CM, BFN! 14dpo vivid dream, expecting AF... Nothing! Take online cheapie in Am BFN! Take online cheapie in pm... Very very very faint positive that only I could see. couldn't sleep and kept checking the test like a mad ladie! 15dpo vivid dream, no sign of AF so boyfriend picks up a clear blue digi and a FRER... Take both CB is "negative" FRER is faint "positive" instantly throw up the coffee I just drank lol and Make app at the doctors for a test for today 16dpo and yep... Positive! Still very faint but deffo there! So so happy but terrified now my chances of another eptopic has apparently gone from 1in90 to 1in10 Fingers and toes crossed! ;))))
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BFP after ectopic

Got my BFP this morning with FMU!! I'm really not sure how many DPO I am because I had EWCM really early in this cycle on CD 11 which is very odd for me. It was blood tinged also. So I'm thinking I may have O'd early and I got my BFP today on CD 28. My cycles range from 27 to 34 days. Me and the hubby only had sex twice this cycle so I was thinking I was out. Also this cycle I had a lot less stmptoms than I normally do on others. I really had no noticeable symptoms except a few tinges in my abdomen yesterday. Thought that was odd. And also I have been craving tomatoes (soooo weird I know) like crazy.... And I normally hate tomatoes. Other than that I have had nothing out of the ordinary. Me and the hubby suffered an ectopic pregnancy back in November so I'm absolutely terrified for that to happen again. They had to remove my left tube during the removal surgery... So if any other ladies out there have only one tube, don't worry. There is hope. I pray this little bean has implanted correctly and it's only smooth sailing from here. Baby dust to all and please pray for me.

Bfp cycle day 29

I really didn't think I was pregnant, was so sure my period was coming due to what I thought was pmt but more extreme! My cycles are regular, 28-29 days, no idea when I ovulated but from around cycle day 18 I noticed the mood swings which were a lot worse than usual, I just figured I was having a bad month, my partner was terrified at my behaviour as he had not seen this before, the crying and irritability was particularly bad, just before my period was due it got even worse. Other symptoms I experienced from cycle day 18 was increased urination, dizziness, one small brown spot on cycle day 28 from an implantation bleed I guess and a mild flu like feeling that night I thought I was coming down with a cold, still felt a bit off next day and my period hadn't started so I decided to test and was shocked to see two lines, I was so sure my period was coming due to the mood swings I was so irritable! Came as a shock but my partner and I are so happy about it.
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BFP after 34 months

We had all but given up on this baby happening. 34 months of unexplained infertility followed a very difficult loss. I no longer tracked symptoms and was living my life enjoying the 2 wonderful children that we already have. I was prescribed synthroid 2 months ago for slightly high (3.8) tsh level that they wanted under 2.5. First full cycle on it and bam - BFP. Very dark, very pink line. We are so so happy and praying for a healthy sticky bean!

BFP Naturally with PCOS

Sorry for this being so long! I have come to this site so many times over the years but never posted. Here is my story. I hope it gives hope to anyone in a similar situation. I have PCOS and have struggled with it since I was a teenager. I had a miscarriage in May 2007 after 3 rounds of clomid. I conceived again in August 2007 with injections. I have 5 year old identical twins. I had an ectopic pregnancy in June 2013 after a very long round of injections (30+ days on bravelle) and metformin. I was also told I had low progesterone due to the pcos. My cycles were much more normal after the ectopic. I tried vitex which helped and used opks but with pcos there pretty unreliable. That didn't work. This cycle started on Dec. 21st. I took no herbs or meds. I got a positive opk on Jan. 11th cd 22. I was using the opks more to try to track my cycle. I wasn't expecting to get pregnant. My plan was to find a new fertility clinic in Feb since my insurance would kick in. We bd whenever we wanted and I wasn't careful about staying in bed or all that other crazy stuff I tried. I got a 2nd positive opk on Jan 20th cd 32. I was feeling different but not the classic sore bbs or nausea. I tested on cd 42-45 which I thought was about 11-14 dpo. All bfn. I was out of hpts so I used a cheap opk I had left over. It was extremely positive within seconds. I was curious but dismissed as another pcos issue. That was cd 47. I had a digital test that I was saving for the real thing. On cd 48 feb 6th I woke and used it, still not sure what made me do it. I wasn't even going to look at it since I was certain it would say not pregnant but I was wrong! I went to throw it away and it said Pregnant 1-2 weeks. I noticed more cm this cycle. I've had a headache since the 2nd positive opk. I started having cravings for pickles, olives and bananas. I have a strange taste in my mouth. I'm tired. My bbs are bigger but not sore. I can smell everything. I have mild cramps but different from AF. I have lots of cm to the point I run to the bathroom to see if I'm bleeding. Sorry tmi. I'm very emotional. I had pain in my shoulder but it seems to be gone. I really haven't had an morning sickness. So that's my story so far. I'm praying everything will go well. Lots of baby dust to all of you.

Am I Seeing Things??? I Need an Opinion ASAP! So Confused

Been trying for 2 1/2 years after an ectopic to pregnant. I took this test yesterday evening left it on the back of the toilet and totally forgot until I woke up this morning. This is what I found. Is it a positive or is it because I let it sit too long? Please help me. Thanks

BFP With One Tube

Some background- I'm 36 and my husband is 41. 4 months ago in June we were pregnant after a year of trying only to find out that it was ectopic and I ended up losing my left tube :-( Furthermore while they were operating they said my right tube was "clubbed" and so they tried to unfurl it but basically said to plan for IVF because time was ticking and my eggs were aging. Financially we weren't sure if we could do that so I started charting religiously and using internet cheapie opks to make sure we made each month count. I have lengthened my luteal phase from 9 to 13 days with Vitex, B complex supplement, progesterone cream, and other vitamins. I swear by Vitex and progesterone Cream for those of you with a luteal phase defect. I got a + on Wondfo first then a FRER later today. Yay! Hope it burrowed into the right place this time! Ovulation on CD 16 which is normal although this cycle I had way more EWCM which has usually been a problem for me. I figure my hormones must really be raging this cycle because my BBT is extremely erratic pre-o and all reproductive signs are kicking! Acne and skin issues all month which I never have. 1 DPO- Normal ovulation twinges and pain although the pains from 1-6 dpo were on both sides this month. Kind of weird and occasionally they were quite sharp. Acne still hanging around. Even had a painful one down there (sorry tmi) that surprised me that seemed to be at they're worst the day after ovulation. Lots of hormones this month I guess! 2 DPO- Same as dpo 1. Acne on face just won't seem to go away! Feeling a little more tired today but not abnormal. 3 DPO- Big time jump in BBT this morning of almost half a degree from the previous day and a full degree higher than coverline. Today was also when the first abnormal cycle symptom occurred which was a huge increase in my appetite! I was particularly tired his evening and so DH took pity and ordered cheese steaks from our favorite place. I housed my whole sub and a bag of chips which i've never done and he was sad he didn't get any of my leftovers lol. 4 DPO- BBT dropped half a degree today. Thought maybe implantation but too soon probably just fallback? Also I had copious amounts of creamy cm today-figuring all bodily fluids are go this cycle and try not to get too excited yet. Dull cramping today which usually doesn't happen until 6-8 dpo. Heartburn which is a bit abnormal. Vivid dreams start this evening and continue every evening. 5 DPO- BBT jumped right back up to 3 DPO high temp. Started to feel really hot on this day and this feeling continues. Also today I start to feel a little more emotional than my norm. Got a bout of nausea today. Got gas starting today that has stuck around...this is a symptom that is only amusing in the privacy of home lol. Dull cramping continues with occasional sharp pains on both ovaries. 6 DPO- BBT jumps a couple tenths of a degree-chart looking a bit triphasic perhaps? Today the emotional signs really kicked in. I usually don't get weepy at all so I thought maybe this was a symptom but thought maybe this was a by-product of my abnormally hormonal month I was already having. 7 DPO- BBT same although I have some lovely burping to go along with my gas-yay. My back really started to ache today in the lower area but I've been cleaning because in-laws are coming in a few days so unsure if it was a "sign". More vivid dreams, more stupid acne, more dull cramping and a sharp zing in my left breast that made me say ouch out loud and grab my boob. DH was amused. 8 DPO- BBT Same and all previous signs are still prevalent. Vivid dreams, gas, dull cramping, weepy and can't get enough to eat. Seriously I'm crushing entire plates of food and going back for seconds. Particularly fatigued today and suggest we finish watching our movie in bed. Fall asleep at 8:30 even with DH blaring TV and cat pawing at my head. Kitties seem to be clingier than normal. 9 DPO- Wake up like a lark at 5am! Full of energy and have breakfast cooked and house cleaned before DH's feet hit the floor out of bed at 7am. I felt like that scene in There's Something About Mary when Magda has the couch held up with one hand and is vacuuming under it with the other. I was full of energy ALL DAY and was cleaning until midnight when DH insisted I consider sleep as an option at some point. Got up anyways as I was restless all night and POAS and thought maybe a faint bfp on my Wondfo? Didn't wan't to get too excited as I've had 3 of those and they were all chemical pregnancies :-( Watch an old Disney movie and full on cry-this is what really made me think something was up. Being weepy was one thing but I was blubbering which I haven't done in years.

BFP With First Round Clomid and No Symptoms

Like many others I too have been stalking this site for long during my 2ww and reading so many positive stories made me really optimistic and kept me motivated! I promised that once I get my share of happiness I shall post my story here so that it might give that lift to all the other wonderful ladies who were in the same journey as me! I have been trying to conceive on and off for 2 yrs with 1 miscarriage in Nov 2011 and an ectopic in Apr 2013. Me 29 and DH 30. My doc then diagnosed me with PCOS and put me on metformin. This cycle however she also put me on clomid 50mg day 3-7. I think the clomid did the trick and helped me conceive. I ovulated on 20 sep. Well then began the everlasting 2ww and to my surprise I had no symptoms at all as compared to other cycles!! The only symptom I had was constipation and nothing else. No heartburn, no sore boobs, no nausea, no stuffy nose and sore throat, no nothing!! I thought I was surely out this cycle! My doc had asked me to take a hpt on 7th Oct which also happens to be my DH birthday and to my and his surprise we saw the beautiful two lines :-) went in for an Ultrasound on 22 Oct and saw my little bean and the heartbeat :-) it was the best moment ever!! I wish this baby sticks and I have a healthy 9 months pregnancy :-) My advice to all the ladies is no symptom surely does not mean a negative! I had none and still got a positive! So keep your chin up an keep trying and have faith in god and he shall answer your prayers! May all of you get your BFPs soon :-)