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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Ectopic

Late BFP After Ectopic and One Year TTC #1

I'm so happy that it’s finally my turn to write my BFP story. I am 26 and DH is 36 with no fertility issues. We started ttc in February 2012, the month I have been promoted at a high position at work. Conception was not my priority at that point but it happened that I conceived from first try and it was an ectopic pregnancy. Pregnancy ended at 5 weeks with medication and tube saved. We have been advised to wait 6 months and then try again. With the ectopic, the symptoms were: BFN at 16 DPO with hpt; increased appetite, frequent urination, sore breasts, spotting till bleeding and right side pain, so practically these were what I expected to feel when becoming pregnant again (except the two last ones). August 2012 – we had officially started ttc. I was sure I would get pregnant again from first try but nope, months went by and I kept receiving BFN every month. We had 2 unsuccessful IUIs, we tried the hcg trigger shots because I couldn't ovulate by myself sometimes, I had hsg done which showed tubes were clear - no success. So, due to my husband’s age we agreed that we would go for IVF in August. AF came 10 days earlier than “expected” and we decided just to give one more chance to natural conceiving. Here are the details: Clomid helped me produce follies: 23, 17, 14. CD 13 – hcg trigger shot CD 14 – IUI in the morning CD 15 – No ovulation pains (what???) CD 16 – Doc confirmed I did not ovulate and I had a 30mm cyst and a good follicle of 18 mm; I was so disappointed that we lost our last chance in such a stupid way. Second trigger shot in order to get rid of the “cysts”. I finally felt ovulation pain and DH and I bd that evening, just in case. We were sure it was in vain because it takes more time for the sperm to reach to the egg. 1-5 DPO – Nothing 6-7 DPO – Left side pain 8-9 DPO – Left side pain, heavy and full breasts, sensitive/sore nipples, fatigue, yellow discharge, frequent urination, crazy dreams; tested the trigger with a internet strip and it showed a shadow line (sure it was a hcg trace) 10 DPO - Heavy/sore breasts&nipples, fatigue, crazy dreams, spotting brown (I was TERRIFIED I had an ectopic again and I cried and read all the ectopic forums on the internet, pls DON’T DO THAT!). Ectopic survivors know how hard is not to focus on that. Tested with internet strip: same shadow line BFN. 11 DPO – Heavy/sore breasts&nipples; fatigue, spotting is less and brighter, no more side pain. Tested with internet strip: same shadow line BFN 12 DPO - Heavy/sore breasts&nipples; spotting is definitely less and almost like a very light brown discharge…what??? Tested with an internet strip with diluted urine: wait, does the shadow line has some color in it? 13 DPO – No more spotting; heavy/sore breasts&nipples; fatigue, increased cervical fluid; AF cramps and backache…oh noo!!! 14 DPO – AF due.Tested with FMU: Faint BFP appeared within a minute. I rushed into the bedroom and told DH that I think I’m pregnant. He was happy but when he saw the hpt said: “Hm…so where’s the second line?” I showed it to him and he was very skeptical; he admitted there was a light pink line but he refused to believe it. I thought I look foolish and I took it at work where my colleague said it’s definitely positive. I was very upset about my DH attitude. 15 DPO – Tested again with FMU and got darker BFP. I left the hpt on the washer for DH to see it. He looked at me somehow guilty and said “I think it’s really darker and we should go to a doctor”. Finally!!! 16 DPO – Super early morning: DH left for a 2 week business travel. I was so scared that I might have an ectopic pregnancy again. I felt so alone and cried a lot to DH (hormones). I told him before leaving that I hoped I would be still pregnant when he comes back. Standard BFP few hours later. I kept having AF pains since about 12 DPO so don't get disappointed if you have them too, AF may never appear! What I did different this cycle? I took Evening Primrose Oil (second cycle) and I prayed to God. I highly recommend EPO to those women who have less cm. After the ectopic, I hardly discovered any cm even during ovulation but EPO helped me to release more cm and it eased the PMS symptoms. I must say I was less stressed this cycle because I knew if I don't get pg now I will get in fall, with IVF. I am currently 7 weeks and I felt very relieved to see my first baby ever in the right place and to listen to his/her heartbeat. I attribute all the glory to God! I want to thank everybody who shared their story here and gave me courage when I was so down. I spent HOURS on this site and so many stories made me tear up of joy for you! I'm still reading them! In my country you can see lots of pregnant women on the street, it seemed like everybody gets pregnant so easy but not me. It has been a stressing journey and it took me one year to conceive! It will happen for you too! You might be the next one!
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BFP @ 41, Trying For #2 After 1.5 yr, 1 Ectopic & 1 Miscarriage

We have a lovely soon to be 4 year old who was conceived Jan 2009, a few months after first time pregnancy that turned out to be ectopic. Then had another ectopic pregnancy April 2011. Started to try again Jan 2012 and finally got BFB March 2013, over a year later, but then miscarried a few weeks later. Doctor told me at my age, I could try naturally for another 3-4 months, then I needed to call her for an appt to talk bout IVF. DH meanwhile left for an overseas trip. We BD the day he left, and it was 3-4 days before I ovulated, and thought, I am out again this month, there is no way I will conceive with him gone, and time is ticking, so set up an appointment for to IVF clinic set for tomorrow. Here are my dpi symptoms: Day 1-6: A lot of CM, and breaking out on face and chest! Day 7: Emotional, more CM, Day 8: Insomnia. Cannot get to sleep until 2 am, then so tired in the morning Day 9: Temperature dip a whole degree!, insomnia continues, hungry Day 10: Insomnia, hungry, nipples a bit sore. This is when I first suspected Day 11: Insomnia, same sore nipples, hungry and tired Day 12: Insomnia, sore nipples, hungry and tired. Tested BFN Day 13: Insomnia, sore nipples, hungry and tired. Tested faint positive! Husband returns tomorrow and will test again! After 3 losses, BD only 3-3 days pre-ovulation, turning 42 in 3 months. Can't believe it. Looking back, I think what may have helped was that I took Robutssin (google it) to keep my CM thin (longer sperm survival) an that I had sort of given up o ever naturally conceiving again and was focusing on preparing myself to go the IVF route.

BFP 2 Months After Miscarriage!

I posted on here in May with my bfp but unfortunately I miscarried that little bean :( I waited to have one period then got pregnant that month!! Didn't expect it to happen that soon but we are so excited!! I'm now nearly 5 weeks :) We've been trying for quite awhile now. I have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter, had an ectopic pregnancy in 2011 which resulted in losing a tube :( , then had the heartbreaking miscarriage in May so now I'm just hoping and praying that this little bean sticks!! Good luck to other mummies TTC :D xx
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BFP - A Long Time Coming!

I'm 31 my husband is 34. We have been married for almost 9 years. Now if it were up to me we would have to kids by now but my husband has been very reluctant to try (make that terrified, doesn't take change too well) so I have been on an off the pill thru the years and when off we used other forms of BC inconsistantly but never "planned" so I have hoped and thought many times over the years I might be pregnant so I have stalked this sight on and off and decided to post my symptoms! (Also, I did have a surprise ectopic pregnancy last year which was absolutely devestating. So this BFP is even more precious to me.) So after much worry and debate we just kind of let things happen this month. I paid attention to my symptoms best I could. First day last period July 3rd CD 13 BD'd CD 14-17 had lots of watery CM CD 16 & 17 BD'd CD 1DPO? CM dried up (led me to believe I had O'd and we had good timing!) my cycles can vary so never sure about it and I don't temp. 4DPO very tired, runny nose, baby dream 5DPO Heartburn, slight crampy feeling, thirsty, bloated 6DPO felt sick in evening, nauseous, heartburn, lower back ache 8DPO slight AM cramps, very thirsty 11DPO negative test:( Boobs have not been sore at all but do seem fuller 12DPO negative test, still having random heartburn, slight cramps, lower back aches, taking coma-like naps! Also notice that the spring water I always drink tastes terrible...weird but this did go away! 13DPO very dry, unusal since now I'm expecting AF and usually notice more CM about this time. 14DPO wake up early, have a test left so I have to try it. To my utter shock I see a faint, but clear, second line!!! BFP!!!!!! Screaming, crying, laughing ensues:) 15DPO feeling bloated and alittle tired but good. Boobs still not hurting at all which seems weird but whatever;) I have a Dr's visit scheduled tomorrow hoping all looks good. My husband is nervous but happy and I feel so blessed. EDD might be April 9, 2014. Things that helped, I think... A month ago I quit a very stessful job to switch to a part-time job that I enjoy. I started walking in the mornings with some friends on a regular basis. Ate a healthier diet and got more sleep. Let's just hope my little one landed in a safe place!
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BFP on 13 DPO

We have been trying since we got married a year ago 6.24.2012. We had one ectopic and one miscarriage (I'm 39 next month and DH is 34), and finally this month on 13 DPO I got a faint BFP! I've been having weird dreams, mild cramping, and sore boobs. I was hoping it wasn't all in my head, especially since I've felt similar symptoms before with BFN. I tested on 9 DPO and got a BFN so was especially excited to get a BFP the day after my one year wedding anniversary. Here's to hoping and praying this little one sticks!
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Infertility For 2 1/2 Years - BFP With Decaf Sperm

After an HSG, 5 IUI's, Laproscopy/Hysteroscopy surgery, Femara, Clomid, HCG Trigger shots, Blood tests, Soft cups, Fertilaid, enough reading that I feel like I could be an RE by name it we are finally pregnant NATURALLY!!! We had an ectopic in 2010 that changed us forever and had been TTC with unexplained infertility ever since. Unexplained Infertility: I literally couldn't talk about babies without having break down. In February 2013, we stopped all the hormones, the shots, & IUI's. I just couldn't take it anymore. (When people told me not to worry about getting pregnant, I kindly asked them to shoot themselves in the foot and then try not to think about it. That's what infertility is like. You wake up and look in the mirror and see it first thing in the morning and it's a cloud that follows you the rest of the day. You live your life in 2 week increments. 2 weeks hopeful, 2 weeks wishing time away.) I stalked this site for years and found so much hope in women posting their BFP stories after they spent years TTC. What we did different: I refocused all of that energy (ok some of it) on getting healthy. DH cut out all caffeine except for 1 cup of coffee in the morning. I cut out all caffeine and drank Yogi brand Detox Tea (1 full box), ate whole foods, and walked the dog regularly. Other than that just took 100% natural prenatal vitamin & tried to enjoy the everyday joys in life. I'm 31 years old & know that sounds corny, but it took some of the frustration away. What felt different: at 5-6dpo I had scant spotting light pink and brown (never had it that far away from period & ovulation) I just felt different than all the other months and even first pregnancy. My stomach had weird cramps and felt super full. Even now I feel like I did a million situps. I tested at 10dpo with a very faint positive and confirmed with a blood test on 11dpo. While we are not out of the woods yet (as it is extremely early), it feels so good to finally share our story. To everyone out there struggling with infertility (especially unexplained) I pray that God continues to change our hearts & that we remember He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us. Know that you are not alone and we are some of the strongest women on the planet!

So So Excited to Finally Have Our BFP!!

Took a test last night and got a very very faint BFP on an internet cheapie which seemed to almost fade away so I thought it was just a dud. Got up this morning and decided to POAS again, this time with a Clearblue Digital. It straight away said 'pregnant 1-2' and I was so excited! But have heard people getting false positives with digital tests. So went straight down to the chemist and got FRER and omg it's a BFP!!!! I'm so excited!! O-6dpo Nothing really. Little bit of pressure feeling in my lower belly. Just felt like I'd eaten too much! 7-9dpo Extremely tired. Had hardly any energy. Boobs started to ache a little bit and nipples a little sore. 10dpo Feeling quite nauseous and horrible headache. Still no energy! Decided to POAS. Very very faint BFP. 11dpo Woke up feeling nauseaus. Boobs really hurting. Nipples are so sensitive. Yay BFP on Clearblue digi and FRER!! My partner have been TTC for almost 2 years! We've got a 4yr old and i had an ectopic pregnancy in 2011 and then an early miscarriage in 2012. So I'm really hoping this little bean sticks!!! :) Baby dust to all the other mummies TTC!!
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It's True What They Say...

So, day before yesterday, got my BFP! Yesterday, doctor confirmed and ultrasound showed everything going well. This is #2 for the hubby and I. With my daughter, I had suffered an ectopic 10 months before. Had been trying desperately to get pregnant after the had been a major emotional blow, even though we had just gotten married and not really trying when it happened. So after, we had been doing the clomid and went through all sorts of testing. And the very month I decided to take a break from trying, we got pregnant. This time around, same deal just about. When my daughter turned 2.5, we decided it was time to start trying. After all, I was about to turn 35 and the clock was ticking. I was temping religiously and checked in with my doc to make sure there weren't any problems. As soon as we started trying, I started experiencing mid-cycle spotting every month and the doc said I wasn't shedding my lining completely. Weird, I know, but he didn't seem concerned. Did a couple rounds of clomid...nothing. This past December, I felt like I did everything right! I was using Pregnitude combined with the clomid, temping and using fertility friend, and hitting all the right dates...still nothing. Very disappointed!! In January, found out the hubby was going to have to have back surgery. Decided to put the baby making on the back burner. In the past month, we put our house up for sale, to buy a bigger home with acreage. Completely not thinking about babies, just too busy! Only thing I had been doing the last few months was logging my period start date into fertility friend so I knew when to expect the next cycle to begin. And oddly enough, the mid cycle spotting had stopped in January. only had it during the few months in the fall when we were trying. On Monday, while at work, it hit me like a lightening bolt...I should have started my period! Checked fertility friend and sure enough I was 11 days late!! Still wasn't thinking it could be true. That evening after work, found 1 clear blue easy (blue dye, eek) in my drawer. Immediately, a big fat positive line!! Shock doesn't even describe it! Wasn't till the doctor confirmed it and saw it wasn't another ectopic, did I finally allow myself to get excited. It just seems like a dream. So since I wasn't logging symptoms I can't really tell u specifics on when I felt what. I did have the normal sore breasts and insatiable appetite, but that's normal PMS for me. I also, have had a killer sinus infection for the past week. And some weird heart flutters here and there. The fatigue has set in the last few days as well, but overall I feel pretty good. Unlike with my daughter, I was sick as a dog from day 1. I just want to say to u ladies out there who have been trying month after month, it really can happen when u least expect it. I know that putting it out of ur mind is easier said than done. I've been there! But if u can, it may be the thing u need to help things along! Baby dust to u all!

Mom After a Ruptured Ectopic

My journey towards pregnancy was a long and frustrating one. I sensed it would be challenging but it progressively got more difficult and frustrating month on month. I hung around the two week wait pages so much that I knew many stories by heart. Finally in March 2010 I went in for an HSG and that month I conceived. We were thrilled, of course, and I couldn't wait for the first ultrasound at 8 weeks. On the morning of the scheduled test, I collapsed at home. The pain was excruciating. We called my doctor who asked us to go for a scan anyway to see what was wrong. By the time I reached the front door I had fainted. I was rushed into an emergency surgery for a ruptured ectopic. I lost loads of blood, haemorrhaging from two sites - the rupture and a giant fibroid. Two surgeries were performed and I was lucky to be alive. When I returned home and started getting better, I knew that I had to give pregnancy a shot. But first I had to get better. I quit my job, and when my doctor gave me the green signal, I hired a personal trainer. I asked her for exercises to build stamina, strengthen my abs which had borne the brunt of the surgeries, and to calm my mind. We did a combination of yoga and aerobics three times a week. It took care of my anemia, it made me feel I was looking after myself and I felt good. Three months after my surgery, my doctor gave us the green signal to try once more. The first month came and went and I found myself returning to a familiar place of pain. But the following month, we got our BFP. I don't have my left tube and I think that may have had something to do with the previous month. We found out on a Friday and I was scheduled for an immediate ultrasound. It was the longest weekend of my life and Monday morning, when I was told the pregnancy is not tubal and is implanted in the uterus, I was so so grateful. The 9 months were a breeze. My son was born 2 weeks before my 35th birthday. What worked for me? A good doctor who could help me deal with my emotional state, exercise and diet, being in tune with my body and recognizing that I was ready for a baby. I am actually considering baby 2 now.

BFP After TTC 3+ Years!!

I have read the stories on here for a LONG time, I wanted to share mine in case someone in my situation needed a little hope. I had an ectopic almost 4 years ago and lost my right tube. We have been ttc since then with no luck. Not even a hint of a line. I had an hsg and it showed my left tube was clear last October. My doctor gave me 50mg clomid for 3 months to see if that would help because I was in the unexplained category. Took clomid Nov, Dec and Jan-nothing. Hubby and I decided to risk it all and pay for ivf out of pocket this summer in Cancun. We did nothing special this month other than resign ourselves and our bank account to IVF. No unusual symptoms until around 9 dpo slightly sore bbs. A little weepy here and there. Tested this morning at 11po and saw a VERY faint line on a dollar tree test. Went out and bought clearblue easy digi and First Response both BFP! I can't believe this is finally happening! I hope this pregnancy is healthy. I wish all you ladies lots of baby dust!