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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Ectopic

Strange Positive

Hi there Very briefly I would like to describe my situation: Period: 23 December Ovulation: 4th of January Bedded: only once that month on the 4th of Jan. Very sore boobs 3 days later period: 18th of January (normal to lighter than usual) 22nd of Jan: Started antibiotics to treat Ureaplasma infection 7 day later: 29th of Jan: Bleeding when wipe (3-4 days) and while peeing-29th of January/tested/faint positive 3rd of Feb: once black discharge when wipe 4th of Feb: still positive Is this normal? Am I really pregnant?

BFP at 41+1 Month

My husband and I already have a 12 and 9 year old son and daughter. We have been using the rhythm method for past 9 years. I thought I had already ovulated and so went ahead and did the BD. The following day I started getting more O symptoms and realized my miscalculation. At that point, I knew I was PG:). Two days ago I took a test and saw extremely faint line. I could barely see it. Took another test yesterday and was slightly darker. Still not convinced because of my age. Today, took another test and there was no mistaking the line! My husband and I are in shock. I am worried because of my age. But we can definitely afford a new addition to our family right now. I have not told my 9 year old daughter yet, but she has been praying for a baby sister for over a year now. I pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy! History- one ectopic pregnancy between kids. Ruptured and lost right tube. For all of you trying, don't give up and RELAX:) My symptoms: 1-9 dpo nothing- maybe slight headaches and 1 migraine. (Thought it was my usual menstrual migraine) 10-13 dpo gas, bloating, vivid dreams, headache, ovulation type pain on left ovary

BFP On A Break, After Ectopic!

Hi everyone, My DH and I have been TTC for 19 months. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and had problems with irregular periods. I was on all doses of Clomid (50, 100, 150mg), had an HSG, DH's sperm are great, OPK's every month, and we began seeing a fertility specialist after many frustrating months of trying on our own and Clomid not doing the trick for us either. I had an IUI in August 2012 which resulted in an Ectopic pregnancy. My tube was saved, and needless to say after that, we took a step back from trying so hard for a bit. I was on no medication last cycle (December) and we got through the holidays like normal. We were on vacation the last 2 weeks of the year so we were both pretty relaxed. I didn't feel any symptoms at all...none, until what I now guess was about 13 DPO when I had some spotting which I naturally assumed was my period. I was thrilled that my period was going to start (weird, right?) because I hadn't taken any Clomid that month and it seemed I was getting my period all on my own for once!! But then my period never actually started, the slight spotting went away. When I realized it wasn't going to be starting I figured I should rule out a BFP because that's what I do every month just in case. I was fully prepared when I took my test at 19 DPO to toss this test in the trash with the others! But to my shock, I had a full out BFP staring me straight in the face! So far as of today (27 DPO) all is going well! I have had good HCG numbers (831 and 4000) and it's all working out! Again, let me re-iterate...up til that ectopic pregnancy, I could literally not think about anything other than getting pregnant, I was obsessed...and low and behold with no help at all, we did it on our own when I wasn't thinking about it at all. All those people that say "just relax and it will happen" truly are right...even though it's next to impossible to fully relax when TTC! I hope my story can help give someone hope...if you've had an ectopic pregnancy, been trying a long time, etc....I hope my story helps!!

Still Can't Believe it... A Year of Trying Then it Happened Without Any Effort

My husband and I went off birth control (Paraguard) in Sept. 2011. I imagined we would be pregnant the within a couple months as I have regular periods and conceived before.... unfortunately worry and fear took over when it did not happen as quickly as I expected. In August 2012, I had an appointment with my OBGYN to schedule fertility tests. The week later we got a positive pregnancy, but it unfortunately was ruled an ectopic pregnancy a week later and was treated with medicine no surgery required. We continued with the fertility screenings, but felt convinced something was wrong and was scared we would not be able to conceive naturally. Over the 12 or so months of trying, I used vitamins, teas, OPKs, and the fertility awareness method. Every month, I would search for symptoms and convince myself I was pregnant. Finally, me and my husband were exhausted by the process and decided to take a break. I put everything away, stopped using OPK, stopped taking vitamins, stopped obsessing about everything I ate/drank and just decided to not worry for a while and that we would consider Clomid in a couple months. My cycle started Dec 17, and we were traveling for the holidays. The only indication I was ovulating was that I noticed some EWCM on Dec. 25th, 26th and 27th but then was sticky/creamy on the 28th. We had sex on the 25th and 26th and 28th. We have been training for a half-iron man triathlon so we were too tired on the 27th to BD and when my CM was sticky on the 28th, I thought we probably missed our chance. I honestly didn't feel really anything for the next two weeks except that about a week before my period I usually know its coming and I didn't feel like it was this time. I also had some strange cramping at about 6-9DPO but because I had convinced myself of symptoms every month, I really didn't get my hopes up. However, I did take a test on the 7DPO which was of course negative. At 13 DPO, I tested with Clearblue Digital and got a "Pregnant" read. We were leaving for our triathlon that night, so I didn't want to tell my husband because I didn't want to make him nervous and I wanted to be cautious about being too optimistic after the ectopic. I called my Dr and had my blood tests scheduled for following and she had me start a progesterone supplement. 14 DPO, I told my husband I might be pregnant. We tested again and it was Positive! I completed the triathlon the next day and despite a little dizziness and nauseousness on the run, I felt fine. I have experienced some mild cramping, nausea, headachey, and fatigue off and on, but nothing crazy. Breast and nipple tenderness just started at 4 weeks 5 days (19 DPO). Also, Blood work on 17DPO = HCG level 858 and Progesterone 35.5. Blood work 19 DPO = HCG level 2023! The doctor says the levels look great and I will have a Ultrasound next week to confirm baby is in the right place. Good luck to all. Practice patience and love with your partner and this process.

God is Always On Time!!!!! Post Ectopic Pregnancy

First, this site is a girl's best friend during those 2 week waits!!!! After 8-9 months of worry, stress and anxiety, I have gotten my BFP!!!!! Thank the Lord for the Miracle of Babies!! I was on BC for 15 yrs, in a committed relationship for 3 yrs and we decided it was time to go au naturale in April of last year. At that time I had the Implanon implant. I had it taken out on April 9th, BD'd April 10th, 12th and 15th. A week later, my BB's grew at least a cup and a half and were really sore. I thought something was up, so I POAS, negative. I thought nothing of it, especially since my period came April 24th. As crazy as it sounds, I was going in to have a back injection the first week of May. The day of the injection, I had to POAS just in case. Well, wouldn't you know the test came back positive, my first pregnancy. I was blown away because I just had my period. Well, after several HCG tests, my doctor realized I was having an ectopic pregnancy, my left side. I really didn't have many symptoms or pain. Thankfully it didn't rupture my tube and the methotrexate worked. This was in May. My doc was pretty positive I would be able to conceive again, but I was not. From May until November every month was torture trying to figure out if I was pregnant and every little symptom I had caused me to run out and get numerous HPT's. ALL were negative!! In December I decided to let go and let God handle this; difficult for me to do since I am sooo OCD and a control freak...LOL. My periods usually last 26-28 days and were like clockwork. My BF and I only BD'd 4 times in December. My ovulation is either on the 14th or a day before. This time it was on the 14th day and on my LEFT tube, the ectopic tube. I thought for sure I was out this month(We BD'd on O day, the day after and Christmas day). I especially thought I was out this month because I really didn't have any symptoms. The week after ovulation my BB's were sore like normal, I was REALLY gassy(way more than normal), and the week my period was to begin I had normal AF cramping. Something different was the feeling of charlie horses in my stomach area especially when I stretched or even as simple as turning in bed. Other than that, normal cycle symptoms. Like I've read on other posts, the moment you let go of the anxiety and craziness in you own mind, that 2WW goes by fast. The GREATEST tip ever: ALWAYS EXPECT YOUR PERIOD TO SHOW UP, so that when it doesn't, it will be the best surprise EVER!!!!!! It is still very soon, but I know that God would not lead me to this without getting me thought it!! He put the desire in my heart to have babies and he has blessed me thus far. I love this: BABY DUST to everyone!!!! God Bless:)

BFP On Christmas Day at Age 40!

It has taken me almost a year to get here. I turned 40 in September, and have just one tube and one ovary due to an ectopic pregnancy. I have 5 kids from a previous marriage. I have a 24 to 29 day cycle. I had no idea really when I ovulated because the two months that I used ovulation predictors, it would have a smiley face on day 9 and then again on day 15. I just checked cm daily, and found that the egg white sticky stuff happened very early in my cycle... like day 10 to day 12. So, this month we made love in the earlier part of my cycle more. From the end of my period (which is 5 days) until day 13 we made sure to get it done daily. My cm dried up by day 13. I am assuming I ovulated around day 12. My symptoms were 6dpo When I wiped, I had some very light pink cm on the tp. 7dpo Nothing unusual 8dpo Nothing unusual 9dpo Cramping started.. thought for sure period was close. 10dpo Red cm.. one smear on tp.. thought I was definitely out this month because I almost always spot before my period. No spotting again. 11dpo Nothing unusual... cramping 12dpo Cramping still 13dpo Starting to feel really really horny (sorry but true) 14dpo Can't get enough of my Husband. Still feel crampy like period is very near. Yet, the cramps seem a bit different. Have one huge hot flash, and feel like I could pass out. 15dpo Christmas Day.. Tell my Husband that I think I might need to go get a test. Change my mind.. still crampy.. Never had implantation bleeding or spotting while pregnant, just before period, so was convinced I was out.. still something told me.. just maybe.. Drove to Wal-greens (only store open) rushed home and as soon as I dipped the EPT in my urine filled cup (I find it so much easier than peeing on a stick) there was a plus sign appearing. It came with two tests, so about an hour later I did another one just to be sure :)

Only By God's Grace

I found this site over a year ago when my DH and I started our journey to conceive. Never would I have thought it would have been as emotionally taxing as it has been. This site has kept me sane over the past year! After I had my daughter in 2000 I had my tubes tied. For a long time I thought that I had made the right decision until I married the love of my life. We both had children from former marriages but desperately wanted to share a child. In Dec 2011 I under went tubal reversal surgery that was only partly successful as only my right tube opened. I fell pregnant in June 2012 only to have that pregnancy end in Ectopic. I lost my angel at 6wks 3days. The doctor was able to save my only open tube by surgically removing my baby however a HSG test that I had in September showed the tube to be open but narrow. Now the tube that I am working with has been operated on 3 times... I was less than hopeful and the only option I had was to turn it over to the only one who has the power to take the imperfect and for his glory make it work.. For months everyday I would pray and stand in faith on 1 Samuel 1:27... On Dec 1 the Sunday message was having faith in God means having faith in his timing. On Dec 8 God revealed his perfect timing with a beautiful BFP!!! Of course this started the journey to confirm this tadpole to be IUP... On Dec 11 I had beta draw with a result of 2900, on Dec 13 another draw where numbers double perfectly @ 5843.. On Dec 18th I got to see the most beautiful sight, my baby snuggled right in where it should be @ 5wks 5days... God has shown me his mercy once again and has provide me a rainbow! I wish that I would have keep up with symptoms but I didn't what I can tell you is that I felt bloated and I had a crazy want for a Honey Baked ham :) I did temp and I was taking Clomid 100 mg 3-7 but there were NO symptoms with this.... my temp didn't spike or drop it was pretty much stayed around the same thing ..... I got my BFP 14 DPO

BFP the Month We Took a Break!

Hi, like so many others I have been haunting this site for the last 12mths trying to keep my hopes up and enjoy others BFP's. 12mths ago last week we lost our first pregnancy at 12wks, mmc followed by 2 d&c's due to retained product, I was devastated. I fell pregnant again quickly getting my next BFP in march this year, only it wasn't quite the BFP more like the faint positive and finally by almost 7 weeks I was diagnosed with an ectopic and after 2 round of methotrexate still ended up in surgery and lost my right tube. Again my world fell apart 2 weeks before my 37th birthday. Every month that went by after that I got more stressed at not getting my BFP again until finally I realized I just wasn't myself anymore, BD wasn't fun it was a chore. No oral (cos it's bad for sperm!) poor DH was getting performance issues having to rise to the occasion on command. So we decided to take a month off, no charting, stopped all vitamins (vitex, pre natals, vit b, coq 10 yes almost everything) enjoyed ourselves even though we only bd'd 3 times! Today, dpo 11, on DH 37 birthday I got my BFP, with very few symptoms although I'm sure there were more every month before. This month I was doing acupuncture still and ate pineapple only because they're in season and lovely, most if all I relaxed, didn't chart and tried not to stress. I said goodbye to my cat 1 week into the 2 week wait which emotionally was huge as she had been with me for 16 years but after 2 weeks nursing her as she was very unwell it was a relief to see her at rest. Symptom by day: Cd9 - bd Cd12 - bd Cd13 - suspected ovulation day bd again. Dpo 1-6 - no symptoms Dpo 7-8 - slight cramping remarked to DH that for first time in months I actually don't feel anything and feel quite normal Dpo 9 - at shopping centre and smell of sushi hits me like a wall from 5 meters away (first clue) Dpo 10 - bbs starting to feel tender on sides and heavy and sore when bra taken off Dpo 11 - mild headache off and on, couldn't wait any longer something definitely going on. BFP with FMU on FRER. Sorry for the long story, but all I can say is I was stressed and everyone telling me to relax was only annoying me more. But I'm going to say it now to you all, find something else to worry about, don't think about ttc. I've proved it's not just emotional stress because I certainly had plenty of that with cat dying, just not to do with conceiving. Bd'ing 20 times in the month isn't going to work any better than 3 quality times and most of all enjoy each other and RELAX, yes I know I hated hearing it too and easier said than done. Hoping now for a sticky bean, and healthy 8mths more. Baby dust to you all

Easier Said Than Done

I haven't know about this site but for two months. I got pregnant accidentally in May 2012. Had complications and at 8 weeks found out it was in my tube. Didn't have to have surgery just one methotrexate injection and wait a long few months until my level dropped. We decided that after my body was ok, we wanted to try again but our Doctor said wait a few months. We started trying last month. My husband was stressed at work and I was stressed about it being in my tube again. So I thought I had every symptom and so did my husband but we got a BFN. So this month we both were calm. I didn't stress as much about what days I was ovulating. Which by the way I've never tested or charted. I use to work as a nurse many years ago at an infertility clinic so I just counted my days like we do there for the women. Well we made it more fun and romantic the days we tried. I said no matter what symptoms I had I wasn't going to look into them or tell husband of them either to not let him down. So here are my symptoms. If I can remember since I wasn't trying to think into them: (swear when I wasn't pregnant I had more symptoms) 1-3DPO nothing that I can remember 4-DPO was changing and grazed my nipple it felt raw and I brushed it off 5DPO feeling sick if I hadn't eaten but kind of normal for me. And toward late afternoon and all night. Felt heavy pressure like a weight on my lower cervix/ vagina area 6DPO started feeling like I was getting a yeast infection but it would come and go. Heavy pressure as the day before again. Light breast soreness 7-10D heaviness still... Weird cramping on and off not like AF cramps, sharp pinching pains in uterus. Not having a taste for sweets like candy and chocolate like usually before AF. Still some breast soreness. 10DPO woke up tested and got a faint BFP! Woke husband up and showed him! I know it's easier said then done, if you force yourself to not stress and not look into the symptoms or check this site as much and live, have fun and make sure to plan fun things to do in fertile days and after ovulation days It will keep you from thinking about it and your body will relax, and allow your body to do what needs to be done to get pregnant. I stopped working out, had been taking over the counter prenatals and just relaxed altogether! As some one that worked in the field, and had it work for me, I will tell you like I told them, relax PLEASE! Oh if it matters, I tested with First Response. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, I PRAY HE ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS AS HE DID FOR ME AND, JUST HAVE FAITH, KNOW HIS TIMING IS PERFECT AND HE KNOWS WHY HE DOES THINGS AND EVEN PROLONGS US GETTING PREGNANT.

I Can't Believe I Got a BFP!

I honesty stopped ttc and got pregnant right after that! Took me 9 months.