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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Ectopic

BFP Finally!!!

I've spent the past 13 months obsessing over every little symptom and convincing myself that I was pregnant just about every month. A little background on us. I am 30, DH is 32. Unexplained infertility. We've been married since 2008 and started TTC in September 2011. After going off BCP in September, my cycles were crazy irregular lasting 32-56 days so it was hard to pinpoint when/if I was ovulating. I started using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor in January of this year and ended up with an ectopic pregnancy in February. Luckily it was caught early and I just had to have Methotrexate injection to make everything pass. As devastating as it was, it could have been a lot worse. In June, my OB recommended I have an HSG to make sure my tubes were open. I read and heard so many horror stories about this procedure. I was terrified! If you have to have one, do yourself a favor and don't Google it! Honestly, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as everyone claimed. A little crampy but overall pretty easy. I started Clomid 50mg in July praying that was all I needed to get my cycles on track and get me pregnant. July and August passed with no success so I went and saw an RE and planned for my first IUI in September. I had 3 follicles and my husbands count was over 22 million. I was sure we'd nail it that month. When aunt flow showed up 2 weeks later, I was completely devastated. Not wanting to give up, I scheduled another IUI for October. This cycle I had 2 follicles (25 and 26 were the sizes I think). My husband's count was right around 22 million again. From the minute I got off the table after my IUI, I just didn't feel confident about this cycle. I don't know why but I just felt like it didn't take. I tried not to obsess too much during the 2 week wait which we all know is not easy. I was on the lookout for the usual symptoms we've all read about on here. I had the sore boobs, but I get that every month especially on Clomid. The only weird things I noticed were on 4 days past IUI, I had some really thick white discharge (sorry, gross I know!). I thought for a minute maybe I had a yeast infection but there was nothing more after that. It was really odd. 10 days past IUI I went to get out of my car and got really light headed. I seriously thought I was going to faint for a minute. The feeling subsided just about as quickly as it came on and I didn't end up fainting. The next day I took a Dollar Tree preg test and it looked negative so I tossed it in the trash. Then I pulled it back out--staring some more. I kind of thought I saw a super super faint second line. Then I thought I must be seeing what I want to see so I tossed it back in the trash. I did this several times before finally taking a photo and sending it to my friend who claims to be an "expert" on reading pg tests. She said she definitely saw it so then I figured I must not be crazy. I had my beta levels drawn at the RE office on 13 days past IUI and they were at 65. A definite BFP! By Friday (17 days past IUI) my levels were in the 300s. I have my first ultrasound next week and I am really excited. So far, I feel great! A little tired and a few waves of nausea but, overall just feeling blessed to finally have my BFP. Thanks to all who have shared their stories previously. It's been really inspiriting and exciting to go through this journey with all of you :) Best wishes and lots of baby dust to all!

BFP at 42 Yrs Old and 1 Tube!

I had and ectopic DUAL pregnancy about 4 years ago there was an egg in each tube the doctor said she has never seen anything like that in her entire career and she tried to show me pics!! I was mortified over her excitement but the end result was me losing my right tube and have some kind off shots in both leggs to flush the other tube out... I was told the tube I have left had to much scar tissue and pregnancy was not possible my husband and I tried for a couple years then I gave up when I turned 40 it was to hard and to depressing made me feel like I was not women enough to get pregnant... well today I got my BFP!!!! My husband and I had s** 1 X this month!!!! guess that is all it really takes!! I knew 2 days later here are my dpo....
0 dpo lots of leaking guess I didn't lay down long enough but it was 3 in the afternoon and I wasn't trying had no reason to lay there I jumped right up after...
1 dpo felt weird butterflies and nervous
2 dpo cramps, more butterflies and nerves, grouchy
3 dpo cramps, very dry usual have cm but dry as a sharp pains on left side
4 dpo cramps in the middle I never get that, still dry, butterflies, NAUSEA, dizzy spells thought it was from the heat, woke up to pee in the middle of night never ever happens. I never eat before noon but I woke up hungry and stayed hungry!
5 dpo shooting pains here and there just ripping there last a second but leave an impression like what the H... was that! Nausea on and off all day, woke up to pee at 3 am, boobs start to feel sore but that always happens right after ov till af this month started later...Hungry the hunger actually wakes me up now!
6 dpo boobs feel heavy right in the middle sore, woke up at 5 am in the middle of an "O" sorry tmi but it actually hurt I now know how my husband feels!! LOL and my stomach was growling!! Nausea is now full vomiting comes fast! then its gone! weird! stomach has weird butterfly's still like in high school first crush..? got a pimple NEVER BREAK OUT! blue veins showing up on boobs running through nipples , comes and goes I check every hour haha...
7 dpo symptoms are full on have everything peeing, nausea, dizzy , metal taste, hungry but nothing appeals to me, veins, hips hurting... BFN on an expensive clearblue test sad but think heck it's wrong I know it!
8 dpo same symptoms but butterflies are worse feel so nervous!!! not sure why nothing is different another test and another BFN....
9 dpo same symptoms just 2x increase in all of them peeing , hungry, cramps, veins they come and go as they please I check even at DD bathrooms :) that is the main symptom I am holding on to cause all the others I can find a different explanation but not the veins! so I check them several times and hour!!
10 dpo nausea has subsided starting to doubt myself just woke up feeling so NOT pg, but then the veins reassure me, boobs feel bigger and heavier I have fair skin nips are getting a little darker but think it’s my imagination maybe, horny like an aching horny starting to feel like a man in the morning when he gets a stiffy! lol sorry it's weird though and a little painful!
11 dpo decided to test everything is the same but symptoms are not as extreme so ran home from work bought a cvs brand 2 sticks peed on it nothing happened oops didn't pee enough guzzle a bottle of water pee on it again ... 30 sec BFN throw it in trash, go to bed at 5pm depressed.....
12 dpo wake up have to pee so bad 7 am get new stick 30 sec BFN throw it in trash, walk around the house feeling confused and sad 3 minutes I decide to get them outta trash to wrap them up so no one finds them when emptying trash and notice something.. BOTH are positive big + on both!! start to cry hysterically!!! can't stop 2 hours I cried!! then went and got a different kind that states the word pregnant or not pregnant.... 1 minute big PREGNANT!!! called doctor they sent me to lab for blood won't get that till Monday but who cares I know it's positive and feel so relieved that wait is over! pure torture 2ww is!!! I have a 30 day cycle and my af isn't due for about 3 days still ..
so to all those women that have more to overcome than just timing it can be done I am proof I am the most unfertile person I know have only 1 tube over 40 and it happened but all that trying is ruining it sometimes you gotta just hope and pray I prayed and God finale answered! Good luck to everyone may all your prayers be answered!

Pregnant After Ectopic (and One Fallopian Tube)!

My partner and I have been using donor sperm to do IUI's since last June. We went 3 rounds no meds, 3 rounds Clomid. Then we took a break, changed donors, 2 rounds fermara (letrizole). Each time I was producing eggs from both sides, sometimes 2-3. I got pregnant in Feb, but started spotting (barely) at 7 weeks, just before 1st ultrasound. At the ER they discovered I had an ectopic pregnancy partially in my ovary and partially in the fallopian tube. So I had surgery that saved the ovary but took the tube. Fast forward 2 periods (the dr said your fertility is inexplicably 'up' after this kind of thing but I was sure she was full of it!) and here I am, pregnant on the first try out. I did take fermara again and did an ultrasound to make sure I was ovulating from the side with the tube.

2 pieces of valuable info:
- Turns you can be an 'early ovulator'. While most women test positive on an ovulation test and release eggs 24-36 hours later, I released more like 6-8 hours later.
- Both times I got pregnant, before insemination, if I had a drink, I only drank Woodchuck Hard Cider. Random, but all the other beers/ciders have gluten, which I heard increases prolactin, discouraging pregnancy.

Day of IUI: crampy on left at night
1dpo: crampy on left, tired early
2dpo: nose stuffed on one side in morning, excessive CM
3dpo: nose stuffed again, metallic taste in mouth, woke up feeling hung-over (but didn't drink), heartburn, pee smells like a man's
4dpo: hot at night, mild heartburn, creamy CM, twinges in abdomen? Barely noticeable, probably imagining.
5dpo: heartburn, twinges (I won't call them cramps - Period cramps are way worse than this)
6dpo: heartburn, ache in right leg, pee smells again, gassy
7dpo: woke feeling like I was getting sick, twinges, veiny boobs? vivid dreams
8dpo: dizzy twice, watery CM, dreams. IMPORTANT - I had been tracking my temp for months and instead of hitting a peak and heading down to 'period time' like usual, it stayed up. Also want all the food I see on TV :) Got over-eager and took a test, negative.
9dpo: twinges, lots of peeing, dreams, still want food I see on TV. Temp still up
10dpo: BFP!!! Soooooo faint though. My partner called it a 'bullsh*t line' :)
11dpo: Another BFP! Slightly nauseous mid-morning until I ate, a little crampy, pretty happy.
12dpo: Scary temperature dip but then back up.

Love to all :)

At Last the BFP :)

Hi...First I would like to thank all the ladies here who have shared their success stories which gave
me energy when I was weak. Me and my hubby have been trying to conceive for the past 9 months.
I found a positive home test on Dec 22,2011. But two days later we found that it was an ectopic
(there was a severe pain on the left side), then it was cured by a methotrexate shot.Thank God my
tube was saved.

My Doc told us to wait for two cycles to start trying again and in between I had a HSG test to make
sure that my tubes are not blocked. Then we started trying again in March. To our surprise this
time I conceived in the first try itself :) I knew in my heart that I was pregnant, and so I wanted to
take the test before my AF was due. But my hubby told that we shall wait till my AF date and then
take a test.

Then on the 30th day of my cycle we took the test and it showed that I was pregnant in digital
letters :) Again we were scared that it might be an ectopic. So according to what doc said the
previous time we made an appt with her the next day of my positive test itself. Then they did the
blood work to find my hCG levels since a certain level is required to see something in ultrasound.
So I had the enough hCG levels for an ultrasound. The next day (Apr 24,2012) we saw our little bean
at the right place inside my uterus.

No words to express my happiness :D I was just 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant when they took the
first ultrasound. Since they saw only a gestational sac & yolk sac they have scheduled another
ultrasound on May 7th to see my fetalpole and heartbeat. I'm praying to God that everything should
go well.

My pregnancy symptoms were:

6 DPO - I had some twinges in the right side tube (maybe the travelling of the egg)
7 DPO to 12 DPO - nothing except I had some slight dizziness
13 DPO - I had some light red colored mucus (implantation) I thought it was my AF :) but it was not.
14 DPO to 15 DPO - nothing except I had some slight dizziness
16 DPO - a positive home test :D 

BFP 16 Months After Ectopic Pregnancy & Tube Loss

1DPO EWCM, bloated, cramps
2DPO bloated, cramps, fatigue
3DPO bloated, cramps, fatigue, nausea
4DPO bloated, cramps, increased sex drive, tender breasts
5DPO cramps, tender breasts
6DPO increased sense of smell, cramps, ovulation pain, tender breasts, I feel like I implanted on
this day (I had CD 21 blood test to see if I had ovulated as we were starting fertility testing)
7DPO cramps, ovulation pain, tender breasts
8DPO bloated, cramps, fatigue, ovulation pain, tender breasts
9DPO backache, bloated, cramps, fatigue, frequent urination, tender breasts. BFP with 2nd urine of
the day, in the middle of the afternoon. "Pregnant 1-2" on ClearBlue digital test, 2 lines on First
16DPO HCG came back at 855!!!