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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

BFP 2nd Cycle After Mirena Removal

Got a BFP today, 6/16/12 - approx. 9-10 dpo (did not use OPK, just guessing based on calendar). Here are the details:

Had Mirena inserted a little less than 2 years ago after birth of DS. Mirena Removal was 4/16/12. Took 5 weeks to get my first real period (I did have 2 days of spotting just after removal). We BD'd every couple of days between CD 8 and CD 18. Some BD's happened 2 days in a row, and one time we skipped 2 days. But I had a feeling that this was our month from early on!

CD 22 (7 dpo i guess) - felt really exhausted middle of day. Chalked it up to less sleep than usual the night before - but that kind of fatigue is unusual for me. It wasn't just sleepiness. It was like I did not want to move my body or concentrate on anything. Took a nap. Also had some creamy CM.
CD 23 (8 dpo) - more fatigue (especially around 2pm) and a "hot" feeling in my uterus. More CM. Not copious, but not scant at all.
CD 24 (9 dpo) - Period cramps in afternoon. I only get period cramps the day AF comes - so this was almost a week too soon for AF. Noticeable thirst, Areolas feel like pins and needles. Slight moodiness.
CD 25 (10 dpo) - Thirsty, MOODY, still have pins and needle nipples. 2 times I felt a sharp pain like someone was pricking my areolas. Bloated like I wanted to just let my abdomen all hang out. Peeing more frequently than usual. Bought FRER (says you can test 6 days early, and here I was 4 days from AF so I went ahead and POAS in the afternoon.) Immediate BFP!

My first main symptoms were fatigue and aching/hot feeling in uterus. Then came the tingly nipples and thirst.

Took us 8 months to get pg with DS. (We did have a m/c before DS), so I am trying not to get my hopes up too high yet, since this was our first real month TTC! I will probably POAS the next few of days to make sure it isn't a chem pg. Good luck to everyone who is TTC!

Happy Happy BFP with First baby!

Well my favorite finally happened for us! First off thank you so much for all of the entries and for the love and support shown, it really really helps. So thank you.
A little about us: I am 28 and so is DH. I was on the Mirena IUD from June of 2011 until January of 2012. Once I got it out I became obsessed with getting pregnant because that is my tendency when I am trying new things. So I studied and studied and began charting everything I could measure that wasn't too expensive. And you know what...I'm glad I did because it taught me a lot about myself and I would have never known my cycles were so stinking long.
I average a 35 day cycle. The last one before this was 37 days. I send all my love to the ladies who deal with long cycles. It is just so hard to wait 3 or more weeks fore very event whether it be ovulation or your period. It is awful. So, know that there is hope, and stay positive :)
So, the cycle before this one I was doing all charting and temping and symptom tracking and you know, I had them all. I was even late on my period and I though "this is it!" But lo and behold, AF came instead. It was so hard. But, it did something for me that I think made all the difference. I stopped obsessing. Charting is such a good thing, but it wasn't working for me because I was stressing out over it. So I completely stopped, well, not completely, because I swear that is impossible. Instead, I decided to just checked my cervical fluid and try to focus more on my health instead. No I am a healthy person, but everyone can improve ladies. I read a book that I highly recommend "Making Babies." It is just perfect. And I really believe it made a difference.
I also used Pre-Seed during what I thought was ovulation time because I am a dry girl.
AND we took a vacation right at the beginning of my cycle, so I was SOOO relaxed. It was perfect.
And just to add because I feel like it is important. I started praying not for a baby, but to be prepared for a baby and to have help to better my life so I would be a better mother. This changed my whole attitude.

Sorry to talk so much, but I just wanted you all to know what I did that I think helped. So, take it or leave it. :)

Now, for the stuff you came for:
Ovulation time period (between CD20 and CD25)
BD'd at least every other day the whole cycle. (I didn't lay down after or anything...I was rebelling against tips)
So, as far as I know this is what it looks like for DPOs: (Using CD23 as my O day)
O day: light cramping and a little nausea (normal)
1-2 dpo: light cramping still
3-8 dpo: nothing. If it had been a cycle before, I would have written everything, but really...there was nothing
9-10 dpo: light bloating
11-12 dpo: I broke out in acne (late breakout for me but I didn't think anything because I always break out before AF)
13-15 dpo: sick, as in was very very tired and felt body was achy. Neg. P-test on 13 dpo with cheapie)
14-16 dpo: cramps (thought AF was coming, they were JUST like it)
16 dpo: Using FMU and one of the more expensive a wonderful YES +!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked.
17 dpo: checked again just to make sure and another YES +

Since then I have had a little cramping, some light dizziness/nausea, but nothing else. I didn't have tender breasts, which I had EVERY cycle before. I am just barely even noticing any pain in them (and only when I push).

I wish you all the best, and only want to say this: find out what is best for YOU, not everyone else. Find what will bring yourself into balance. Baby dust to EVERYONE!!!!!

Finally Pregnant After 7 Cycles of Trying, a Miscarriage and a Chem Pregnancy!

So our story is this. My DH is 31, I'm 29 and we have been TTC since October of 2011.
We have an almost 3 year old daughter whom we conceived naturally, with no effort. When trying to get pregnant with our daughter, we had sex five nights in a row, always used Pre-Seed, right around my fertile window and I laid in bed all night with a pillow under my tush. Boom! Got a BFP on the day of my period, first cycle. My only memory was that I had bad cramping and I thought my period was going to be a killer. My boobs didn't hurt that much, I didn't get HG (extreme morning sickness) until week 7. I had a baby dream that we were shopping (my hubby and I) and he had his arms filled with pink baby stuff. That kind of made me wonder, so I woke up and ran to Target and got a test, it was instantly positive.

I got the Mirena IUD in at my 6 week appointment following the birth of my daughter. I had horrible PPD and a bad hospital birth experience so I wanted to avoid pregnancy at all cost! I loved the Mirena IUD, it didn't effect my breastfeeding (I nursed her for 17 months- woo hoo!) It didn't cause any weight gain or make me turn into a monster.
October 16th, 2011 I got my IUD out with the idea of the kids being 3 years a part. (I can’t do babies back to back)
We got pregnant right away but miscarried at 6 weeks on Thanksgiving. We let December go by without trying because I wanted to let my body have a chance to recover.
Then it was month after month of trying different things. I charted with an OPK every month so I knew when I was ovulating and we had sex through out the month. But every time, I laid on my back with a pillow under my tush and used Pre-Seed.
I did everything. I tried baby dancing every other day, every 2 days... I did 3 cycles of FertilAid and Fertile CM.. nothing. I did a cycle of Soy Isoflavones and acupuncture and nothing. I did a cycle of 'not trying' and got no pregnancy, once again... each month it was a sad disappointment that I couldn't get pregnant. In March I think I had a chemical pregnancy, I got a very faint pos but my period came (on time) 2 days later and the lines never got darker. Maybe it was an evap?

So the month of May, we did things differently. My husband stopped drinking wine with dinner. This cycle, he started taking 3 FertilAid for men a day and 3 sperm count boost pills a day, starting on the day I got my period (May 2nd 2012)
This cycle: We baby-danced on cycle day 10, 12, 13 and 14 (at night) and Ovulation happened the night of day 14/morning of day 15. Every time we had sex, we used Pre-Seed lube and I feel asleep for a few hours with a big pillow still under my tush. I crossed my legs to ensure nothing leaked out. Every night I'd wake at 2 or 3am, still lying in bed with the pillow under me. I had an orgasm every time we BD'd except for the time on cycle day 12. I drank lemonade all through out the day, ice cream every night after dinner and took a prenatal and 2 fish oil pills. I don't know what worked exactly, so I'm listing everything I did.

(I don’t know if its a factor but the month before I got pregnant, I did acupuncture and a round of Soy Isoflavones. That cycle didn't take, but the next one did.)

I didn't really notice any symptoms because every month I got pretty good at telling myself I was pregnant. My boobs started to get sore at 8DPO and I was sleeping really good at night. My uterus had that full, heavy feeling and whoa, worst headaches ever! At 12DPO, I was on my way to get my daughter something from Target, while I was in there I was like, "What the heck...might as well get another box of First Response..." and then we went for our lunch date with the girls at Nordstrom Cafe. I had the box still in my diaper bag and having to pee every hour, so I took a test right Nordstrom's bathroom, before lunch! I put it in my bag, washed my hands, walked out and met up with my girlfriends and our kids for lunch. About 15 min later I glanced in my bag and my heart fell on the floor! It was a faint positive! I passed it around the table and everyone agreed...BFP!
So yes, I got my BFP at Nordstrom... what is even better, as I am sitting at lunch, staring at this BFP, I got a call from a fertility specialist who wanted to start me on treatments. It felt so good to say, "I wont need to schedule those appointments because I just got a positive pregnancy test!"

I am now almost 6 weeks along and due February 6th, 2013. My first appointment is June 27th 2012 and I am just over the moon! So excited! Our family doesn't know yet and we are flying home to California to tell everyone. I pray this one sticks. I have had two blood tests and my numbers are increasing and very high. My progesterone levels are high too. Feeling sick already, but I hear that's a good sign too.

Keep your head up ladies, your BFP will come too.

BFP After a Year TTC

I've been skulking this site for a while now, it's great to finally be able to add my own story! This is my first pregnancy and I feel justifiably ecstatic and terrified over what will happen. I am overweight, over 30 and was on Mirena for nearly a year before trying. I have been on BC since the age of 16. While not diagnosed, I have had to deal with PCOS-like symptoms. When I have a cycle, it's typically 26 days. For all those other ladies out there like me, here's my experience:
Pre-O: Heavier period, nothing else unusual. Decided to use Pre-Seed for the first time.
O: A lot of cramping, EW CM
1-6 DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary besides creamy CM, no dry spells
7 DPO: Tender breasts, slight cramps, dizzy and nausea off and on, neg HPT (I'm a test junkie ;p)
8 DPO: Breasts sore, harsher cramps, dizzy, nausea, fatigue. A bit of pink spotting in the evening
9 DPO: All of the above with a positive HPT after intense cramps in the late evening

I'm still testing positive (at 11DPO), with more varied early pregnancy symptoms off and on. My O day may or may not have occurred when my fertility friend chart says it did, but I'm using the days listed as the base point. I tend to have erratic temps and early O days/12 day LP when I do cycle normally. Wish me luck on this first attempt at motherhood, and baby dust to all you ladies out there that haunt the site!

BFP After M/C and With Short Luteal Phase

I'm 35, DH is 36. I have a four-year-old daughter from a previous marriage; this will be DH's first. I had a Mirena IUD which I got removed on Dec. 19. First cycle of TTC was January 15. Got pregnant that cycle (five days of positive tests by various brands) but miscarried on February 16. (I posted my early symptoms here with the subject "BFP after Mirena" on 13 Feb.) Took a cycle off in March, then in April I had really strong symptoms but only had a 7-day luteal phase. This cycle started May 5.

After reading "Making Babies" by Sami David, I realized I had extremely short luteal phases and wasn't sustaining conception, so I decided to try some new things this cycle. Throughout this cycle I took a baby aspirin, red raspberry leaf capsules, evening primrose oil, and 200 mg B6 (in addition to what was in my prenatal) and drank lots of green tea. Also, used PreSeed and took Mucinex around O time. After ovulation I took Vitex and used ProGest cream according to package directions. I highly recommend the book to anyone having a difficult time conceiving.

To calculate my ovulation date, I used cheap Wondfo ovulation predictor test strips from Amazon. Here are my symptoms. Some people might say "Sorry! TMI!" but really, isn't that why we're here?!

BD'd every day on CD 12-17.
+ OPK on CD 12-14; ovulation (based on temperature change) occurred on CD 16.
- 1 DPO: Tender bbs.
- 2 DPO: Tender bbs. Constipated. Little bit of blood one time when I wiped my nose (which is not usual for me).
- 3 DPO: Tender bbs. Tired. Irrationally moody in the evening.
- 4 DPO: Tender bbs. Tired. Painful hemorrhoid (not something that happens to me often).
- 5 DPO: Slept 11 hours overnight. Still didn't have much energy during the day. Tender bbs. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists.
- 6 DPO: Tender bbs and sore nipples. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists. Crampy sensations, like period cramps but milder, that came and went.
- 7 DPO: Woke up at 1:30 a.m. to pee. Then when I got up for good I took an ultra-sensitive pg test from that can detect 10 mcg of HCG, but it was negative. Tender bbs and sore nipples. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists. Light crampy sensations continued. Tired. Little bit of blood one time when I wiped my nose. Needed to pee a lot.
- 8 DPO: Woke up with a stuffy nose. Very very faint almost-invisible-but-I-could-see-it line on ultra-sensitive test. Sore bbs and nipples. That hemorrhoid was getting better but still irritating. Mild cramps continued on and off. Tired. Needed to pee a lot. Frequently hungry. Very gassy in the evening (ewww).
- 9 DPO: Still faint, but visible to the naked eye, line on ultra-sensitive test. Showed DH and he could see it. Woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm desperate to pee. Headache all morning. Sore bbs and nipples. Hungry. Tired all day and kept falling asleep while riding in the car. Lots of creamy CM. Having to pee a lot. Much more crampy, especially in the evening, like AF cramps. Feeling a touch dizzy and nauseous on and off, too. Gassy. At least the hemorrhoid is mostly gone.
- 10 DPO: Temp spike. BFP came up almost instantly on FRER with FMU, nice and dark! Feeling the same as yesterday: exhausted (would have given anything for a nap if I weren't at work), crampy, gassy, sore bbs. With the cramps and the wet feeling from the CM it feels like my period is coming but it isn't!
- 11 DPO: Didn't test today because I'm fairly satisfied I'm pregnant. The usual – tired, crampy, gassy, sore bbs, etc. but also starting to feel nauseous.

I had implantation spotting with DD, but this time I didn't even have a hint of it – not a spot, nothing (and I was definitely on the lookout). You'll also notice I had sore/tender bbs constantly from ovulation on. That could be a side effect of the ProGest cream instead of just a PG symptom, but I noted it anyway. I plan to keep using the ProGest cream, extra B6, and baby aspirin at least through the first try. Thankful to God for this baby and praying it will stick!

Best of luck and baby dust to all of you! 


Tested today 12 DPO! Using cbd we have been trying for 3 months, I had a Mirena removed in March, periods were back to normal the same month.

We didn't do anything different this month, my breasts normally kill me after ovulation, but this month has been torture with pg symptoms including bleeding gums, cervix has been high and wet cm the last few days…

Fingers crossed this little one sticks! Good luck to everyone! Oh, I'm 40 and dh is 39. 


I'm 30 and my BF is 29, our DS is 5... And until 7 months ago, I thought I wanted an only child!!! I'm not sure what changed my mind, but with a fierceness I threw myself into TTC. I had an IUD for 5 years, and I also have an eating disorder. From either of those... I don't think I was ovulating or something.

3 months ago got my first +opk and had every symptom under the sun. But of course, bfn. So I started temping. Again bfn. I have zero EWCM so I overnighted a PRESEED (just the external lubricant!) and BD following the sperm meets egg plan!!! PRESEED and not BD so much worked!!!! I got my first faint pos yesterday... And a much darker + this morning!!!


1dpo - 6dpo nothing
6dpo I Did cry hysterically over almost nothing, which I was hoping was a good sign!!
7dpo felt like a zombie all day. I felt tired so deep to the core that coffee couldn't touch it.
8dpo. Temperature dip!!! Increased appetite
9dpo just "knew" I was preg, took test and faintest + ever ever ever. increased appetite
10dpo BFP!

Less symptoms this month than other months.... I think I'm going to stop obsessing about this now and just let the bean do its thing.

We also close on our 2nd home in two weeks, so I'm it's elated with all the awesome positive things happening right now

Baby dust to everyone! 

1st BFP After Honeymoon & TTC 3 Months

Not sure who will read this, but these women on this site give me strength to face the days that are hard. When the world feels mean, cold, and insensitive I find so much comfort in reading the love and encouragement. I've visited faithfully and am finally ready to share my story for whoever is willing to listen.

I'm 24, DH 26, I think I may have PCOS but maybe it's because I'm 20lbs overweight either way my periods are irregular. I enjoy food as I am a restaurantreprenuer so not being hungry for anything made me suspicious. Also the smell of seafood normally disgusts me, but for a week I gagged when I would pass the seafood department at the grocery store.

Here's basic timeline of past months.

We were married in Oct.
Had Mirena removed in Dec/ Grandpa passed
Honeymoon Jan/Feb.
Conceived March. Started new business
Amazing New Job/ Pregnancy

I am a proud POAS addict (Wondfo or FRER) so I can say I have seen my fair share of negatives in my day. One morning when I was down to my last FRER on hand I took it. I just kept feeling I was pregnant and had to take one last test before the weekend. The nausea, food aversion, exhaustion, and throwing up at lunch with my boss & coworker at my favorite Mexican restaurant! The control line turned pink and I scoured the approximate area of where the beautiful second line would possibly appear...and OMG IT FRICKEN DID!!!! I gasped, I knew this wasn't an evaporation line, this was the real deal. I started crying, laughing, & went into the nursery we already started preparing months ago to take it all in. I walked outside and DH knew right away by the tears in my eyes and holding the test. He smiled, walked up to me, and we kissed laughed and cried just like when he proposed.

Our love had created life the most precious gift one could receive. We started spreading the news and our tight knit family spread word like wildfire. Everyone was so excited we were parents and what great things were to come. I couldn't help but feel amazed about what was happening inside of me and so anxious to meet my baby. Boy or girl or both, we just wanted a healthy baby & we will take care of the happy part. But sadly, two days later I started experiencing spotting, then went to ER with moderate bleeding and was told I was having a chemical pregnancy, or early miscarriage. I learned the Lord gives and the Lord takes, but I find serenity in accepting there was a reason for it.

I pray the next pregnancy sticks and I can fulfill my dream of becoming a mother. Waiting is the hardest part so this site is such a great resource for women like myself in the 2ww. I wish babydust to all you ladies & SO out there TTC. It can be a long road and I feel like we are just touching the tip and my condolences to anyone who has suffered a loss no matter it 6 weeks or 36 weeks. The feelings we felt were real and I hope the next blessing is for us to not only love but to hold and hear cry. 

6 Months TTC Post-Mirena, and BFP at 11 DPO

Thanks to all of the ladies who have posted here to give me something to read in the past 6 months, and baby dust to all who are currently TTC.

A little background about me: when trying to conceive our first DD over 4 years ago, I got pregnant right away, then suffered a loss at 10 weeks. We then got pregnant very quickly again after the miscarriage was complete (within the next 2 cycles). I had been using FAM for years to chart my cycles, so I felt that I "knew all about this baby making stuff". After the birth of my DD, I got the Mirena, since I knew we didn't want to try again for a while. This past December, I got it removed, and expected TTC to be a piece of cake again, but surprise surprise, it didn't work out that way! I know 6 months isn't that long to try, but it felt long to me in comparison to the first 2 times around!

Anyhow, the only thing I did differently this month was use Pre-seed. If you are a bit older (I am 34) and your CM isn't what it used to be, I can't recommend Pre-Seed enough!

Here are my symptoms:

1-4 DPO - nipple soreness, gassy and nauseous. I always used to laugh when I read this site and people had "symptoms" this early, but I am not kidding, they were severe!

5-8 DPO - nothing at all

9 DPO - dizzy and exhausted. Hungry!

10 DPO - BBs start to get sore (normal for me) although not as severe as usual. I have trouble sleeping this night, even though I am really tired. Cramps, although not a severe as AF cramps.

11 DPO - Woke us early again (5:40, yikes!) Temp spikes up to 98.9! That is half a degree higher than the previous post-O temps. I jump out of bed and take a FRER and get a BFP. It is still faint, but turned up in less than a minute. Today I've been a little dizzy, peeing more than usual, and mild cramps continue.

Hoping for a very sticky little bean, and for a darker test tomorrow morning!

BFP 2 Months After Mirena Removal

My husband and I decided we wanted to start TTC earlier this year and I had my Mirena removed in March. I'd had no periods while using it and expected it would take a little while for my cycle to come back, but I was wrong. My first cycle was pretty much textbook but we did not conceive. This cycle I had some confusion about my ovulation date. I am pretty sure I ovulated on CD14 though.

Here are my symptoms from this cycle:

CD3-13 - BD whenever we felt like it. Tried not to worry about my most fertile days but wound up BDing on CD 11, 13, and 14 during my fertile time. No special stuff like Preseed. I usually got out of bed right after BD. I have plenty of CM on my own.
CD14 - O day. CM already drying up relative to previous few days and CP getting lower, firmer and more closed.
1-4dpo - Low, firm cervix, sticky-dry CM. Raging migraine headache.
5-7dpo - Low, firm cervix, just a little bit of creamy CM. Headache finally gone.
8dpo - Cervix seems higher but still firm. Still scant creamy CM. Mild cramping starts. Almost feels like O-pain instead of AF cramping. Took one Wondfo test in the evening - BFN.
9dpo - Temp jump from normal post-O range to 97.9. Cervix medium height and texture, seems partially open. Lots of creamy CM by evening. Skin is really greasy but no breakout. Mild cramping.
10dpo - Temp high again (98.2). Wake up to find that cervix is high and partially open and there is still lots of creamy CM. Face is still greasy and still mild cramping. Took Wondfo test and got a BFP. Not even a squinter. Dipped another in the same urine to make sure it wasn't a fluke. BFP again. Dipped a FRER and got the faintest line ever. Tried a Clearblue Plus and got an obvious positive like the Wondfos. CBE digital test gave me "pregnant" after ~2 min! Brought that one to my husband since I knew it was the only one he would believe.
11dpo - Temp still in new high range. Tests are darker. FRER gave me a real line. Mild cramping and a little nausea in the evening.
12dpo - Temp still high. Light brown spotting (scary). Breasts getting tender and not sleeping as well. Bloated by evening.
13dpo - More light spotting. Another high temp (chart is triphasic, stopped temping). Breasts still sore, mostly on outside. Mild nausea in the evening and more insomnia. Bloating more pronounced.
14-15dpo - Breasts more tender (still especially on the outside). Bloating, especially in the evening. Appetite really high but some nausea in the evening. Sleep back to normal.

Even though it seems like a lot of symptoms written out like this almost all have been very mild so far. Most of the time I feel great and it still seems pretty unreal.

My tests are still getting darker and the doctor thinks the spotting was nothing to worry about. We are crossing our fingers that this is a sticky one and we'll have a baby to take home in January.