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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

BFP 2nd Cycle After Mirena Removal

I'm so excited to post here—this site has been an immense source of comfort to me for the past 2 months. I'm 29, hubby is 31, and this will be our first pregnancy. I was on a few types of birth control pills since 2006, then got a Mirena IUD in October 2008. I got it removed on March 14, 2012. I had crazy pregnancy like symptoms the first month after removal—bloating, cramps, constant nausea, but then AF showed up right on time at CD 28 (April 12), just like it used to before I was on any type of birth control. Again, was so helpful when I was trying to figure out what was going on with my body. I ovulated on CD12 this time. Honestly still in shock that it happened as quickly as it did.

Here are my symptoms (think a few, like the nausea so early on, are still related to Mirena):

1dpo - sore large breasts, skin sensitive like when I have a fever, tired
2dpo - sore large breasts, tired
3dpo - creamy cm, bbs very full, a bit moody and irrational in morning, super tired, fell asleep at 9pm
4dpo - woke up at 1:30 to pee, really vivid dreams, huge temp spike, bloated and slightly crampy in morning, felt like I had allergies. Headache. Feel better by 11am. Creamy cm. Breasts still big, but no longer sore. Cry for pretty much no reason in evening. Very tired today, and in evening and as I fall asleep, twinges on left side.
5dpo - nausea, lightheaded when standing too long, lots of cramping in one single spot on left and across uterus in general. Cramps felt like they were running from ovary into uterus, sometimes shot down through vaginal canal. Fatigue, but had trouble falling asleep because of strong cramps in that one spot, and hunger/nausea, asleep by 2ish am.
6dpo - didn't temp b/c woke up later than normal. Still a bit crampy. After getting up to pee, fall back asleep have a dream where I'm crying because hubby shows me a poster about some group that helps young girls, and I cry on his shoulder telling him I'm ready for a little girl, then literally wake up crying. Light headed during the day, mild cramping in same spot and across uterus. Fatigue, HUNGRY.
7dpo - high bbt in morning, dull ache in same spot today, can feel the spot if I move abdomen too quickly (bending or stretching). Fatigue, bed by 9pm. BFN, knew it was too early.
8dpo - woke up at 2:30am to pee and couldn't get back to sleep. Stayed up until 4am, nauseous as I headed to bed at 4, ewcm when I went to bathroom. Bbs very full, sore on and off. Mild nausea, cramp in same spot. BFN. Bad nausea at 9pm.
9dpo - woke up at 2:30am to pee again, took test, BFN :(. Vow not to test until 12dpo. Force myself back to sleep. Exhausted in morning, mild cramping, same stitch in side. But otherwise felt pretty good most of the day. Nausea and cramps starting at around 5pm, but gone by about 6.
10dpo - temp drops a bit. Wake up feeling almost no symptoms, except bbs are still large and full. Cramps in same spot and across uterus.
11dpo - bbs still full but mostly not sore. Still cramps in same spot and across uterus, sort of waves. Faint faint faint BFP on $ store hpt at 5pm (couldn't resist). Truly almost can't see it, so I try to keep hopes down, but am anxious to test tomorrow.
12dpo - wake up busting at 4am, take a $ store test, super faint BFP, almost convince myself to just wait a few more days, but then break out a FRER and get a faint BFP! Get back in bed and can't keep it from hubby, even though I was always planning to tell him in a much more elaborate way.
13-15 dpo – Feel great, again, still in shock. The lines keep getting stronger when I do test. I have a really long luteal phase (usually ovulate between CD 10 and 12), so I'm not even at my expected AF due date. However, I usually have major cramps a few days before AF, and I only have mild cramps now, so that's helping things sink in for me, too. I get a bit of nausea each night at 9pm.

Wishing you all an easy time TTC!

BFP after 9 Months!!!

I'm 26 and have been TTC for the last 9 months! I had the Mirena IUD before we decided to try but
when the pregnancy wasn't happening, I thought for sure the IUD had messed me up somehow and
it was never going to happen. I was also one of those girls that had more pregnancy symptoms
when I wasn't pregnant. I have a really short cycle so I found that to be somewhat troublesome.
It was like my periods, ovulation and my next period were always back to back. We tried so many
different things, too! We tried different positions, different supplements, OPKs and Preseed. I
thought Preseed was a goopy mess and have not used it in the last two months so I guess I'll have
to say that I'm not a believer in it!! are my symptoms:

7 DPO- BAAAAAAD cramps in the evening. It felt exactly like the ovulation pains...coming from
one side of the abdominal area.
14 DPO- Bad cramps again, acne broke out like crazy, and a headache so bad I went to early! I
KNEW I was going to start my period today.
15 DPO- Pinching cramps and headache again
16 DPO- I was supposed to have my period on this day but had nothing. I even checked myself
for the "tinted" discharge but NOTHING. This was my first sign. Since my periods are every 23-25
days, Id figure that on day 23, I still had two more days that my period was coming.
17 DPO- BEYOND EXHAUSTED and heartburn

I thank Jesus everyday how he has blessed my life and I'm so grateful he has answered this prayer.
He works in mysterious ways and I'm so full of joy that he has made this plan for me, my husband
and my son! We're so thrilled.