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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

BFP on evening of DPO 11! BFNs on DPO 8 - 10.

Hi all. Very excited to be sharing our BFP story – DH and I are both 30 years old and this is our first cycle TTC so we know we are EXTREMELY lucky to have gotten a BFP so quickly. Had a couple of quirky symptoms that I didn’t read about on the gazillions of BFP by DPO stories I read on here during my TWW so thought I’d upload in case they help anyone else. Because it was only our first cycle I wasn’t keeping track of anything as technical as my BBT or CP or even my CM but we did use CB ovulation sticks to let me know when my LH surge kicked in. I came off the Mirena last August and have had regular 29 day cycles (apart from my last one which was 31 for some reason) since then. I also thought it was important to mention that I had two terminations when I was 21/22 (both with my now DH) despite being on birth control – I was concerned that these might have made conceiving more difficult now that we are ready for a baby but, as I said, we have been very, very lucky. O – my LH surge registered on the evening of CD14 so I think I probably O’d on CD15. We BD’d Every. Single. Day from CD9 – CD17. It took quite the toll on both of us! I lay in bed for 20 minutes afterwards and we used PH neutral lube (not Pre-Seed). DPO 1 – nothing but I have to say I did feel a bit different. We had some friends staying with us for the weekend so I had a couple of drinks in the evening. DPO 2 – nothing (other than being utterly convinced that I was pregnant) DPO 3 – nothing except that I went out for dinner with some friends and had a chocolate and hazelnut crepe for desert. About 3 minutes after my first bite I had quite a strong allergic reaction to something – my mouth and tongue and lips became incredibly itchy and felt quite swollen. I had eaten chocolate that morning so knew it couldn’t be that and had also had a hazelnut chocolate (or three) the week before. Couldn’t work it out but as soon as I got home the penny dropped and I googled “allergies in early pregnancy” and it came up that new allergies often develop in pregnant women. Obviously I got very over-excited and called DH who tried to stay calm but couldn’t! DPO 4 - 8 – nothing apart from a few mild cramps that lasted no more than 2-3 minutes each. DPO 8 -10 – mild tenderness in bbs. Keep prodding them to see if I’m imagining it or not but don’t think I am! I also develop this weird patch of skin on my knee which always feel wet. Very odd… On DPO 8 I get an absolutely MASSIVE spot. My sister who is a Dr says that my oestrogen has clearly hit new peak levels (she doesn’t know that we are TTC)! I also have very cloudy urine which is strange for me but it’s generally very pale. I take two early response HPTs on all three days, with FMU and in early evening. BFNs on all of them and I really start to lose hope even with all of these odd symptoms (except that I really do feel pregnant!) DH is convinced it hasn’t happened and tells me we can try again next cycle. DPO 11 – tell my DH not to let me test until at least DPO 13 (AF due DPO 14). I eat 5 hazelnuts to see if I still get a reaction and I do! Text DH to tell him I’m either now allergic to hazelnuts or I’m pregnant. I get home from work and obviously the first thing I do is an HPT. Get a faint BFP on an FRER and a Sainsbury’s cheapie but it’s definitely there!!! CB digital is BFN. I just start running around my bedroom saying “I knew it, I knew it!!” DH gets home and first thing he says is “you tested didn’t you?” and I just jump on top of him with the test. He can’t believe it and then he starts saying “you knew it, you were right!” DPO 12 – very faint BFP on FRER and Tesco cheapie with FMU. BFN on CB digital. DPO 13 – 15. BFPs continue to be quite faint but finally get a BFP with CB digital on DPO 14! Now it really does feel real. Am on DPO 17 now and going to see the doctor next week (it doesn’t seem to be as urgent to see a doctor in the UK vs how quickly women in the US seem to go). So, so happy and fingers crossed that we have a healthy, happy baby in 36 weeks’ time! One thing I would say is that you absolutely shouldn’t panic if you don’t get a BFP even if you’re in the “5 days before your missed period” window that lots of early response HPTs advertise. I didn’t get my BFP until 3 days before – it will all depend on how long it takes to implant because your HCG levels don’t start increasing until that happens. So don’t get disheartened too early. If I could give any advice to my pre-TWW self I would say don’t test until at least DPO 12/13 to save myself the stress but I know it’s so much harder said than done! Good luck to you all xxx
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I thought, "Now I can upload my BFP story on twoweekwait!"

My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive since July. I have two beautiful children ages 6 and 9 from a previous marriage, and am in a beautiful place in my life to bring a beautiful life into this world. I am with the love of my life, my babies are at a perfect age, and I am doing well in my career, but it doesn't take over my life too much that I wouldn't be able to have a baby. So long story short, I took my Mirena out on June 9th, and months later, no baby! With my first two it was so easy, actually I didn't even know I was pregnant with them until I was about 7 weeks along both pregnancies, so I guess I didn't even try haha.. I thought it would be a piece of cake! after 5 cycles, my boyfriend and I decided to make a huge life change. No alcohol Lots of exercise No caffeine Clean meals with no preservatives Vitamins (I took conceive easy, and he took fertilaid along with my prenatals) Pressed Raspberry leaf tea The cycle after trying all this for a month I became pregnant, but lost the baby two days after I got a confirmed pregnancy test. They recommended two months to try again, and so we did, and I am pregnant! And this time was so different than the pregnancy where I miscarried. So many symptoms. I ovulated on January first (how cool is that that I conceived on New Years eve!) 1 DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary obviously except a small feeling that I felt we made a baby! 2 DPO: Nothing 3 DPO: Feels like something is going on down there, not sure how to explain it. Sore nipples, which is different because normally before AF my entire breasts would be sore 4 DPO: Sore nipples continue, pressure in lower abdomen, tired had to take a nap 5 DPO: Weird dreams start. I am not one to ever dream, let alone remember my dreams, but I had three or 4 dreams, and I remember every detail about them all. One dream I had a baby! Sore nipples, pressure lower abdomen 6 DPO: Lower back pain, sore nipples nothing too noteworthy, although I did take two naps that day but I stayed up late the night before 7 DPO: Weird metallic taste in my mouth, like I put my tongue on a battery. when I tasted this, I actually got excited because I remembered reading about it being a pregnancy symptom! At the same time I was hoping I wasn't making these symptoms up in my head. Watery mouth, sore nipples, lower back pain. That night I had more vivid dreams, one where I was so thirsty I drank two sodas (one pepsi, and one dr. pepper) in a row! When I awoke I was actually thirsty, and drank three glasses of water in a row, that's never happened to me before. 8 DPO: My lower body, from my back down to my ankles were sore and crampy as if I had climbed a hill or something! Metallic taste continues, and is getting worse. I kept having to eat something to make that taste go away, it was bothering that bad. I felt nauseous at night, my mouth was watering so bad and actually walked fast to the toilet thinking i was going to throw up, fortunately I didn't. When I went to lie down for bed, I had this weird electrical zap feeling all over my body, it would zap my shoulders, my legs, my neck, my arms, like electrical static or something it was weird! Had a dream I was with my friend who had a baby, she was breastfeeding hers, and I had a baby in my arms and I was bottle feeding mine and thinking "this is so much easier" (random) But remembered in my dream I saw a birth mark on the babies right leg on the side. When I awoke I told myself if I am pregnant, and I have a baby look out for a birth mark! 9: DPO I decide to take a test, because my symptoms were so strong. I took a wondfo, and my boyfriend who was brushing his teeth in the bathroom at the time, picked up the test and said he saw a line. I am a pee on a stick freak and always saw lines that weren't there, and he never saw them. I looked at it, and this time I couldn't see it! He kept going "What are you talking about, it's right there!" so I decided to take a FRER out from under the sink, and dipped it into my urine and waited the allotted time and put a box over it so I couldn't peak. when the time was up and before I looked at the test I just knew.. I knew I was pregnant, I flipped the box off of it, picked it up and there it was! A beautiful faint pink line! My BFP!!! I didn't have to squint to see it, or hold it to the light or, hold it this way or that way, it was there, and I cried so hard. My first reaction was to become worried because of my previous miscarriage, but I decided no.. I am going to celebrate this baby, I am going to love this baby so much, regardless of any outcome, and I am going to choose to be happy every day! Prayers and baby dust to all you TTCers out there! It can happen! I can't believe it happened to me! <3

After Mirena, a miscarriage, D&C and 8 months of prayers

My journey started one year and a half ago. I had my Mirena removed and I had all the crash symptoms. I found myself with up and down cycles (long and then short) with heavy bleeding and then no bleeding at all. I have tried it all!!! Maca root, fertility teas, angus castus, epo, temping, charting, all the apps, ovulation tests, pineapples, paleo diet, jets diet, and the list can go on and on. This month I was filled with faith and believed that God had a plan and I just needed to wait until he was ready. The things I did different this month: 1) castor oil packs 2) new vitamins:bryophyllum, Artemis vulgaris, and ovaria comp (all given by a naturopath in Germany) 3. Diva cup and pre-seed 4. Keto diet 5. A whole lot of prayer So I don't know if any of these things helped me but I finally got my BFP and I feel so blessed after so many months of tests with only the control line. I don't know if it was the Mirena finally working itself out of my system and my fertility returning... But I feel so happy and blessed!!!!

BFP after years of TTC

Let me just start out by saying... miracles are possible. My husband and I have been TTC for so so long. About 2 1/2 years. I have a blocked Fallopian tube (on my right side) and my husband has very low sperm motility and morphology. Meaning a large percentage aren't shaped right and they are very slow and sluggish. And in the last year we have found out through fertility treatments and multiple specialists ... that my right ovary (blocked side) is the side that produces the most and has the best eggs. My left side struggled. We did 5 months of Femara and 2 cycles of IUI. Which had to be done ONLY when I was ovulating on my left side, otherwise... it wouldn't work obviously. So many months had to be canceled due to the wrong side. We have been to 3 fertility specialists. All of which told us that because of my husband's low motility/ morphology of his sperm.. even when I was ovulating on my left side... his sperm had a 1% chance of getting where they needed to go without medical intervention- meaning IVF or IUI. So we prepared for our first round of IVF. I was due to start medications this month and then the egg retrieval/ egg transfer the following month. But.... by some miracle.. we got pregnant. On our own.... That 1% chance. MIRACLES HAPPEN .. do NOT give up. Here was my 2WW symptoms. (Keep in mind I didn't think it was possible that we could get pregnant.. but I'm always paying close attention to my body and especially getting so close to our IVF) 3 days before I ovulated.. I did a fertility acupuncture session. I think this had a lot to do in helping us conceive. Around day 13 in my cycle I felt pains in my LEFT side.. 2DPO More small pains in left side. 3DPO-6DPO Really Hungry. Tired. Went to bed early. 10DPO boobs sore, swollen, heavy. (I thought.. dang.. here comes AF) 12DPO Took a test (because I do every month) 1 line and then another very faded line appeared after 10 minutes so I counted it as a BFN and evap took another test that night because I couldn't stop thinking about it.. same thing. Line after 10 min. Cramped all night. Thought for sure I would wake up to AF 13DPO No AF in morning. POAS with FMU. Faint line again.. but not instant. Thinking I'm pregnant maybe. Felt slightly nauseas throughout day Like carsick almost. AF type cramps that night. Felt SO disapointed and angry at myself for getting my hopes up again. 14DPO Woke up- no AF. (I was due for AF at 13DPO) so I took another test with FMU and bam. BFP. Not crazy solid but it was there within 2 minutes. Took another digital test just because and there it was- the beautiful words PREGNANT. In complete shock. There was supposed to be no way this could happen without IUI or IVF. Haven't even told my doctor yet but DO NOT GIVE UP LADIES!!!


Can't believe it really happened! We had a miscarriage back in July and kind of decided to stop trying until this month. I have PCOS with semi- irregular cycles. Lost some weight this month and last and I think that really did make a difference. Home ovulation kits never showed up with a positive day for me so I wasn't even sure I was ovulating but I figured I would try anyway! Totally didn't think it would happen this month because we only BDed 2 times! We used pre-seed and timed BD around when my Ov. calendar app said I was ovulating. Here were my symptoms: 4 DPO - 6 DPO: Literally couldn't stay awake, woke up all three of these days, ate breakfast, took a healthy 4-6 hour nap during the day, got back up to eat dinner and went back to sleep! Just completely exhausted!! Stuffy nose, feels like Im getting sick! 7 DPO: Felt really "wet" down there, got home from work and had loads of CM in my underwear, like way more than normal. REALLY bad stuffy nose, still feels like Im getting sick! 8DPO: Loads of white creamy CM, some cramping, HUGE pimple above my lip!! (This is really abnormal as I normally don't break out at all mid-cycle). Definitely sick, sinus pain for days, sore throat. 9DPO: light twinges directly in my uterus, very unusual for me to have cramping directly in the center instead of left and right. At this point I suspected I might be but last time I tested like 3 times a day and drove myself crazy so this time, I decided to wait until the end of the work week to test. Miserably stuffy nose. 10DPO: Breasts felt really heavy and pulling pains in them. No sore nipples yet. Stuffy nose really really bad. 11DPO: sore nipples, heavy tender breasts, mild cramping, tested with FRER BPF for sure (faint but there!) Stuffiness getting better.

BFP on 3rd Cycle after Mirena

Mirena removal 7/11. Post IUD period 7/26. BFP 10/11. What we did this cycle: OPKs and mucinex My husband is only home on the weekends so knowning O day was important. 28 day cycles and ovulation happened CD 12. CD 12/O day (10/1) - Intense lower left pelvic pain lasting about 20 minutes -EWCM -Headache, bloating, tender breasts -BD CD 13 /1 DPO (10/2) -EWCM -Headache, tender breasts -BD -OPK negative CD 14/ 2 DPO (10/3) -Watery cm -Headache, tender breasts, achy joints CD 15/ 3 DPO (10/4) -school glue cm -Cold/flu, horrible ear ache, headache, tender breasts CD 16/ 4 DPO (10/5) -back to watery cm -Continued cold symptoms, tender breasts, mouth ulcer, itchy nipple (weirdest symptom ever) CD 17/ 5 DPO (10/6) -school glue cm (lots of it) -cold symptoms gone -Nausea, tender breasts, fatigue (At this point, tender boobs started to clue me in) CD 18/ 6 DPO (10/7) -school glue cm (still lots) -nausea, headache, brief dizziness, tender breasts still there -Late night pelvic pain (like a shock/pinch sensation) right behind c section scar CD 19/ 7 DPO (10/8) -school glue cm -headache, tender breasts, cramps, alcohol tolerance low (tried a glass of wine at dinner and couldn't finish) CD 20/ 8 DPO (10/9) -school glue cm -unusual face breakout, frequent urination, full & hot breasts, cramping, backache, fatigue -Neg frer CD 21/ 9 DPO (10/10) -school glue cm -continued symptoms from 8 dpo -very emotional -negative frer CD 22/ 10 DPO (10/11) -school glue cm -all symptoms gone except slightly tender breasts -starting to feel like we missed it -vvvf positive on frer CD 23/ 11 DPO (today 10/12) -school glue cm -tender breasts -faint positive frer Best of luck to all still TTC! We are shocked it happened so quickly this time. Our last pregnancy took 18 months to achieve.

Cold symptoms

For months I have had nausea really bad towards my period. This month I had headaches all month. Yesterday, being two days before af, I woke up stuffy nosed and sore throat and a backache. I haven't had a cold in about 7 years since my last pregnancy. Today I got my bfp!!!! Even though my boyfriend had never been able to get anyone pregnant and assumed he was sterile.
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BFP at 5 weeks!

So after spending so much time on TTC boards and reading about so many women who get their BFPs at 7dpo, 10dpo, etc., I started losing hope for this month because I couldn't even get a faint BFP.....until I was 25dpo. I was supposed to start AF a over a week ago and she was a no show, so not only was I not getting AF and I was not getting a BFP either...VERY FRUSTRATING. Finally yesterday at 25dpo I got faint (but clear) positive on 5 different test. I could not believe it. On to my symptoms by DPO....I happened to note everyday in my Ovia app, so here we go. 1DPO-Pink spotting mixed with CM after BDing..Prob ovulation spotting. 2DPO-Nothing noticed 3DPO-Mild(Not quite as bad as AF) Cramps, creamy CM and indigestion, spotting again but only when I wiped once after working out. 4DPO- Creamy CM, and a headache...notably tired today. 5DPO-Mild Cramps, pink spotting only once when I wiped after BM, mixed with creamy CM. Tired 6DPO-Mild cramps in the morning, pink spotting when wiped after BM in morning and red spotting when wiped once at night time. Tired 7DPO-So weird..EWCM mixed with red spotting once when I wiped. Creamy CM. Very moody. Almost felt sick like. This evening I noticed a "ripping" sensation in my uterus area that lasted a split second then kind left a mild soreness for maybe 10 min after. I have no idea if it was implantation or not but it was VERY noticeable and literally made me cringe when it happened, very notable. 8DPO- Spotted after BDing, mild cramps all day. Vivid dreams the last couple nights. 9DPO-This night I had a dream that I went to the dr and she told me I was pregnant but that it was to early to detect by HPT or by ultrasound...woke up just knowing this had to be the month! Mild cramps. 10DPO-BFN, noticed I hadnt had a BM in a couple of days, began feeling bloated because of that. Creamy CM. 11DPO- Creamy CM 12DPO- Creamy CM 13DPO- Definitely constipated, creamy CM. Mild cramps. 14DPO- Watery CM, Cramps, sore boobs, bloating, no BM still. 15DPO-Left boob is sore, cramps, no BM. 16DPO-Left boob still sore, no cramps today, creamy cm 17DPO-Mild cramps 18DPO-Sore boobs, mild cramping on right side, finally had a BM. 19DPO-21DPO- stronger cramps like AF is coming any min. 22DPO-My dog became weirdly clingy and still is. Boobs very sore 23DPO-Current- Sore boobs, creamy CM The main things that I believe had me convinced this month was different is that I consistently had creamy CM, boobs were sore a lot this cycle, and the CRAMPS....I feel like I had cramps from ovulation forward. Also the EWCM a week after ovulation was weird for me. People say that's probably when implantation occurred.

BFP @ 10 DPO!!!

I am so happy to be here! I read all of these, all the time obsessing over symptoms! I realized something though, when you are pregnant, you will know, there's no questions. So here's my DPO journal!! BTW, i used OVIA to track my ovulation and symptoms, i have gotten pregnant three times in one cycle just using this app! Ovulated on Day 15 1 DPO - Nothing 2 DPO - Nothing 3 DPO - Headache, twinges, bloating, indigestion, metallic taste in mouth. 4 DPO - Tired tired tired 5 DPO - BFN test {i know i know, if i have it i pee on it} uterus twinges, Snot white/green CM looked like straight mucus. 6 DPO - Bloating, gas, pelvic pain, side of breasts were tender 7 DPO - BFN Test, Right and left twinges with ovaries and uterus, felt like bubbles in uterus, sticky CM with little chunks of white 8 DPO - Nausea, Tender breast, bloating, gas, indigestion, diarreha, cramps, sticky CM 9 DPO - Same as day before - Fustrated at this point, thinking i'm not pregnant, just going to get my period. 10 DPO - Woke up feeling like i was going to get my period, put a tampon in. Tender breast, gas, cramps, Snot green/white Mucus on tampon with spots of brown. No period or bleeding. Later in the evening, SUPER Nauseated. Hot Flashes. 11 DPO - BFP!!!!!!!! Felt like my period was coming, put a tampon in again, took it out later and there was nothing. Was so nauseated i couldn't sleep the night before. 12 DPO - Blood test confirmed pregnancy! I've just been having mild cramping since, feels like things are stretching, pressure in my uterus, officially missed my period. Breast are stinging, nipples feel fine. Feeling really tired. I'm hungry but having waves of nausea. I also, just had my Mirena removed 2 months ago, and i have PCOS. Good luck everyone!!

7 Months TTC after Abortion + IUD Mirena

I'm newly 24 and was surprised how long it took me to fall pregnant again being young. I’m a health conscious yoga teacher and TTC made me realise age, health and body has nothing to do with conceiving … its Divine Will. This site helped me through the TWW. *31 day cycle *I never used OPK or charted temps 1-5dpo: nothing 6-9dpo: tender boobs (never, ever, ever happens so knew instantly) 10dpo: tender boobs, gassy and sleepy (on a personal note, I started to love the scent of lavender and everywhere I went there was lavender – the same thing that happened when I fell pregnant 18 months prior) 11dpo: boobs very sore, very hungry (especially at night) and tired 12dpo: boobs sore, had this weird cramp (I describe it as a 30 second intense period cramp and I was light headed and weak, then it stopped) 13dpo: boobs sore 14dpo (AF due): boobs sore + veiny, implantation spotting was literally very light brown tinge when wiping ONCE, nothing else 15dpo: Tested … BFP <3 Things I did different this cycle: *listened to the free podcast of circleandbloom every night *went on a holiday away during ovulation and BD every day for 9 days *didn’t practice yoga and laid low *ate whatever I wanted! *didn’t test until I was late Best advice I ever read: “IF’S ITS DIFFERENT AND UNUSUAL THIS CYCLE – YOU’RE PREGNANT”