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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal


3rd month TTC 1st-26 years old O day-Noticed EWCM big time, told SO we had to do it right then and there lol 1DPO-Nothing 2DPO-Slight breast tenderness 3-7DPO-Dull cramping (I have never had af style cramping like this just a few days after period ended. I thought it was gas for a minute, but it was a persistent pain low low down in my abdomen.) also, my breasts were getting more and more sore every day. not my nipples, just breasts. 8DPO-started feeling like someone was poking me one inch below and one inch left of my belly button. pretty strange feeling, woke up multiple times with the same pain. also something I've never ever felt before. Also got pretty upset at absolutely nothing. Incredibly thirsty, usually don't drink enough fluids. now I can't get enough! 9DPO-12DPO-tested with FMU, BFN :( REALLY sore breasts, some large veins but not too visible. cramps have backed off a little. Eating as soon as I wake up. EVERYTHING sounds delicious. Especially spicy ground beef and jalapenos lol....and popsicles! Still very thirsty! Developed a sinus infection throughout the night. 13DPO-Tested BFN with FMU on FRER. Now I have a serious sinus infection, sore throat etc. Breasts are still super sore. AF due in three days. 14DPO-woke up at 6 a.m. needing to wee. Got a faint pink line on FRER after 3 minutes. Also used Cheap strip and got a negative...woah.super exciting. Began googling false positives and such, but feeling pretty confident. 15DPO-woke up again at 6 a.m. having to pee again, and tested with an even darker line on FRER almost as soon as I dipped it. not a lot darker, but I saw a difference. Also dipped my cheap-o strip and got a faint line!! Being the lunatic I am, I also went and bought a digital just to was negative lol. They are nowhere near as sensitive as FRER. I did not use OPK's or BBT. I just waited until my cm was egg-whitey and we did it once on the day I noticed it, and once two days later. So at 15DPO I have slightly less sore breasts and cramps (pulling/tugging). I am also extremely irritable! And eating everything in the world. My sinus infection is clearing up. Will be calling the doctor on Monday to get a blood test!*****If you are just starting of your TTC journey, I recommend not just jumping to OPK's and BBT charting. It can be incredibly stressful and often times unnecessary. You were made for this :)

BFP using clearblue digital opk the first month!!!

This is our 2nd baby and the third month of trying after having merina removed our first baby we tried for 6 months and I decided to try the clearblue digital with the smiley opks our first baby and we got pregnant the first month we used them!! This pregnancy I decided to try them again and got pregnant the first month we tried them again!! I highly recommend using these!!! I got a faint squinter + on 5-20-16 my husband wasn't a believer because he couldn't see it so then I thought I was just seeing things so to solve the problem I got a digital test and sure enough it said pregnant 1-2 weeks!!!! The only unusual symptoms was I had minor cramping after ovulation which isn't normal for me good luck and baby dust to all!!!!


Hi All! So during my 2WW, I have been reading all of these great stories about BFP! I never ever thought i would be one of them. A little background about me. I'm 33 and never had kids before. Having kids is very important to me because I am adopted and never had/knew any of my blood relatives. I was so shocked to see a BFP at 7DPO. I thought it was wrong so I literally took 5 more. (This wasn't even morning urine.) The only reason why I took the test was because I was bored and i had so many Wondfo pregnancy test strips so I said, what the hell. Obviously wondfo tests are very sensitive! There was no reason to take the tests because I had no symptoms and it was over a week until my period. So the next morning, I took 2 more pregnancy tests. Both were a faint positive. I went to work and bought 2 more from the drug store. A more legit source than an internet cheapie. Positives! That day I got in to see my doctor and she confirmed with another urine test and a blood test! It is still very early (only 4 weeks, 13DPO, CD29) so I am not getting my hopes up just yet but the symptoms are slowly showing up. Tender Breasts, bloated, gassy and I feel a little more tired throughout the day. That is pretty much it! Now that I think of it, on 4,5, and 6DPO, I was so incredibly emotional that I would cry... That is not like me what so ever. I would cry just thinking about random, stupid things, or cry because i heard a song or watch a show! Also, i noticed that I had more headaches than usual. Those were the only 2 things that were a bit strange but I didn't think much of it at the time. Anyways, that is my story. Good luck to all you! It will happen!

fan-bloody-tactic news! ;)

Hi lovelies, I actually can't believe I'm writing this after try for 8 months! I've read all of your lovely stories, laughed and cried too! Now it's my turn to spread some hope xxx I'm 34, PCOS, Endometriosis too! Had 2 operations to remove pre cancerous cells down below (so lots of barriers) but it seems that my body has give in and let my husbands little swimmers through! Got my BFP this evening! (CD28) It's faint( will post pic tomorrow) but so pleased! We were TTC like rabbits but in jan I just said lets stop trying as it was stressing my out.... Then on drunken night 9/02/16, we got drunk and whoops! I've had so many symptoms.... Nausea, tiredness, crazy emotional highs and lows, backache, dizziness, hot flushes, adversion to smells (especially the dog) and a toothache! My CM has been clear and in abundance with a bit of irritation 'down there' . Must start back on my prenatals now and get healthy xxxx Baby dust, love and whoops to you all and thank you for such wonderful inspirational stories on my journey TTC xxxxx

Suspicions were correct

I've been trawling this website for the last 2 weeks. Convinced I had conceived on our 2nd cycle post Mirena coil removal but worried after seeing how long it took some following removal of this coil. Mirena removal 19th Feb. Had one period on 9th March for 3 days and fairly light. No Mirena crash as expected after reading the horror stories. We decided to download Ovia immediately and entered my last 3 periods (had the coil 5 years and the last 6 months my periods had restarted). My tracking showed 26 to 28 day cycles and average 25. My story is: Cd1 to 3 light bleeding Cd8 and 9 spotting. Possibly ovulation bleed but was far too early according to the app as these were the first two fertile days according to charts. Ovia suggested I was due to ovulate on cd13 so I didn't track until then. DPO1 constipation fatigue cramps insomnia and v CRANKY DPO2 99.86 temp nausea hot flushes increased appetite diarrhea increased sex drive headache neck ache backache (major back ache which has been a constant to today) right pelvic pain and fullness fatigue bloating gas cramps dizzy spells frequent urination insomnia. Thick creamy cervical fluid. Very wet feeling down there all day. Frustrated impatient and angry 3DPO 98.6 temp. Cold flu symptoms and stuffy nose mainly. All as DPO2 but really cranky and angry then suddenly happy and confident before being cranky and angry again. Constipated 4DPO 98.78 temp. All above but also tender BBs and diarrhea. Felt stressed cranky angry then confident focused and motivated. And back to bad moods. 5DPO 98.06 temp. School glue fluid started. No change to other symptoms. Still insomnia back ache daily and pelvic pain. 6DPO brown spotting on tissue paper. 3 tiny drops and nothing since. Assumed this was implantation bleeding. Felt like someone shoved a sharp pencil into my lower back and made me wince a little. 98.96 temp. Itchy down stairs. Indigestion -which I never get! Backache so bad I made hubby rub my tailbone area for over an hour with no relief. 7DPO neg test. Of course! Was far too early but was convinced. Temp 99.14. Nausea headache (still) bloating gassy indigestion cravings +sex drive +appetite backache (like murder) moody and angry. Poor hubby got an earful for no reason. Just v short tempered. Discharge stopped so assumed I wasn't pregnant as I'm normally dry at this stage. 8DPO neg test again. Temp 98.78. School glue is back. Same symptoms as day before. 9DPO neg test again. Naturally! Still too early. School glue and temp 98.96. Return of hot flushes and dizzy spells. No other changes to daily symptoms. 10 DPO another negative test. Starting to think it's in my head now. Temp 98.6. All same symptoms but then added to them with v serious cramping like AF was going to come early and was going to be the nastiest bitch ever this month. Convinced myself was coming on early and felt wet. Kept going to check in case I came on. No bleeding though. Plenty of school glue today. Took kids to cinema and cried at the happy ending. Not normal for me at all.... 11DPO. Was due smear test at 10.30 am so thought I'd do another test to be on the safe side. Digi one that says can confirm up to 4 days early. I'm 3 days off AF yet but thought what the hell. This test wasn't with FMU however so expected another negative. Digi response said not pregnant but when I ejected strip I could see a second line. Ran out and bought 2 more tests. One Digi from clear blue and one with the lines so I could see lines instead. Both BFP. With 3rd wee of the day. And it was a forced wee too. Digi clear blue says 1 to 2 weeks which was spot on as I'm effectively 3 weeks and 2 days from first day of LMP. This was totally different for me. Last 2 kids I didn't get a result (but knew for ages) until I was 6 weeks gone as my HCG is apparently low rising. Also I didn't have my usual tell tale signs of really sore (unbareably) breasts. I also never get backache which I've had daily this time. So my symptoms are totally different to my last 2 children and finding out early is new for me. Just praying it's not twins now. Your posts on this site have kept me reading for hours so I wanted to share my symptoms here for others to read too. Good luck to all trying x

BFP after IUD

Let's start this story when I got the Mirena three years ago and got it removed on July 2015. DH 29, me 24. DH and I began baby dancing and trying to conceive our first child--We did it religiously and after 5 months of no bfp, we decided to stop trying so hard following the sperm meets egg plan. We made the transition to not trying, but not preventing. I was tired of stressing and obsessing over every ingle detail of my menses while Ttc. Each month I would get teased thinking I would get a BFP because my boobs were getting swollen and tender about three days before the witch and I would get really tired. Mind you, I never had Boob growth or boob tenderness before my menses prior to getting the Mirena so these were new symptoms to me. I learned that I cannot trust my new Menses symptoms because they always lead to the witch and not pregnancy. I also cannot rely on congestion or similar symptoms because I suffer from chronic allergies. I stopped using ovulation strips because of my lost hope and my ovulation hasn't been easy to predict after getting the IUD removed without the strips but it typically occurs day 12. It is truly a blessing that I got a BFP this cycle. My cycles average 24 days 3/3- lnmp 3/12- BD 3/14- BD 3/15- suspected o based on luteal phase, no ewcm 3/16- BD, cervix low, wet 3/21- implantation bleed?? I had the tiniest streak of pale pink discharge on the toilet paper 3/22- random bought of tachycardia at work for no reason around 11am where my HR was in the 120s. Very atypical for me 3/24- breast tenderness happens. The witch must be coming! 3/25- my boobs are so squishy. They feel like water balloons instead of my typical instant firm temporary boob job. 3/26- bad GERD at night-- never happens for me 3/27- anticipated witch, doesn't show. GERD again that night 3/28- didn't POAS with FMU because afraid witch was going to show. Woke up at 7:30a, had to urinate by 10- atypical for me. Decided to hold it a little longer and POAS at 11:30 with a BFP!!! In a lot of ways I think deep down I knew because all of these symptoms above were atypical from my norm-- the gerd, elevated HR, squishy boobs. We are absolutely ecstatic over here. Fingers crossed for a sticky bean and baby dust to you all!!
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11/12 DPO Mirena removal

I had my Mirena removed 11/9/15 after having it in for 1 year 4 months with periods on the reg except for September (3 days spotting) and October (nothing). I started my period 2 days later and it was by far the worst period I've ever experienced......I'm talking 12 days long with huge clots. I used 2 different period tracker apps, 1 that I started pre Mirena and 1 that was for post Mirena. The two cycles I had after Mirena were 37 and 33 days, so my apps and I were just guessing on everything. We decided to use OPK's this month. I purchased the Equate brand from Walmart and the directions told me not to start testing until the 17th day of my cycle based on the average of the last two (35 days). I would have totally missed it if I weren't paying attention to my CM!! I had EWCM on 2/1 (CD13) and tested positive on the OPK. I continued to test in the AM of 2/2 (CD14) and 2/3 (CD15). There was an absolute progression of the lines. On 2/3 I had O pain left ovary about mid day, I tested the OPK at 4:30pm and it was super dark. We BD that evening and I stayed laying down and legs elevated for 20 mins..........then I sneezed! :) LOL!! I thought if I just lost it all I'm going to be so mad at myself. I had all the PMS symptoms leading up to my BFP (super faint squinter and not FMU) at 11 DPO on my Walmart .88 cheapie. My DBF wanted me to test with the Clearblue digital right then. I had to explain to him that those are expensive and I do not want to waste them on anything less than FMU. The next morning (2/15 12DPO) I used the cheapie again with FMU. Since there was a squinter, I broke out the big guns(digital)..........BFP!!!! I couldn't believe it, all my elaborate plans to tell my DBF went out the window and I broke the news as soon as he woke up! This will be my 3rd child (2 DD's 10 and 8 from previous marriage) and his 1st.
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First Time Around...BFP

I am so excited. I had to log on and tell my story because I read all of yours when I was in my tww. So here goes... My husband and I decided on January 1st that we would start trying. I had my Mirena removed on December 5th so, we were expecting that it would take 6 months to a year to conceive. I actually started taking a cocktail of VITEX, Maca, and Tribulus once a day on January 1st because my cycle in December was anovulatory. I watched a fertility specialist on youtube discuss the herbs that she recommends and I was sold. Low and behold, we conceived on the first try. I don't even know how that is possible. But, here is how it all happened: CD 1- 4 Bleeding CD 9,11, and 15 BD (each BD I inserted my Diva Cup before I got up to go to the bathroom and we used pre-seed) CD 15 - positive OPK CD 16 - Suspected ovulation day (fertility friend) 1DPO - Tender breasts everyday until positive pregnancy test and EXTRA EXTRA creamy CM 4DPO - Sharp pain in lower abdomen, dull backaches, tingling in my nostrils, itchy nipples 5DPO-7DPO- Constant cramping. We were snowed-in, so I laid around over the weekend, trying to figure out if my period was starting a week early because of the herbs I started taking. 8DPO- lower back aches, dizziness, and constipation 9DPO - FRER faint BFP, Wandfo BFN, ClearBlue Digital Pregnant 1-2 weeks past ovulation and lots of heartburn 10DPO- FRER DARK BFP 12DPO- FRER DARK BFP 12DPO- Blood test shows 120 hcG levels and I still haven't technically missed my period yet Today, I am 15 DPO I am beyond excited this is so unexpected. My husband was so shocked and so was my mom. I cannot wait to tell the rest of my friends and family after the first trimester. I hope this helps someone else out. I tested at 9DPO and swore it would be negative. But, the dizziness the night before is what gave it away. Don't be afraid to go buy a FRER if you are having symptoms. The Wandfos are still barely showing a line, even though my blood test is confirmed positive. Baby dust to you all...

BFP at 11dpo!!

I'm so excited to be posting this!! This month I told my DH that I was sick of getting BFNs and we were going to try really hard this month. In October I had a really long cycle with some faint BFPs, but they were all blue dye so I'm not sure if it was a chemical or just evaps. Anyway. I started taking Geritol after some research and that convincing motto "There's a baby at the bottom of every bottle." We also followed the SMEP method and used preseed during the fertile window. I didn't get many symptoms except before 6dpo. On 6dpo I woke up with the worst charlie horse in my leg. The only other time I had this was when I was pregnant with DD. I also started getting tired earlier and had a couple days when I woke up with a headache that lasted all day. The other thing I noticed was that my temps were lower than they usually are in the 2ww. There was still a clear temp shift, just not as high. I didn't really feel different, but my instincts told me this was the month. I usually drink alcohol through the 2ww, but not this time. Not even on NYE. Good luck to all you ladies!!!

BFP on Christmas Morning

We have been TTC since January of 2015 when I had my 5 year Mirena IUD removed. After 8 months of trying to get my cycle on track we got pregnant in September of 2015, sadly that pregnancy resulted in a chemical pregnancy at 15dpo AF showed up heavier then normal. December we decided to BD every other day until a positive OPK and then every day for a few days. We used preseed each time we BD, on Vitex since May 2015 (1 pill a day) as well as Fertile CM from CD 1 to O day. CD 13 BD Preseed (internal and external) CD 15 +OPK BD morning and night (internal and external) CD 16 +OPK BD night (definitely O day twinges and EWCM) (internal and external) CD 17 -OPK BD night (1 DPO) (internal and external) 1DPO - 5DPO - nothing not a thing, CM did dry up but no after O breast pain. Nothing. 6DPO - while laying in bed had a horrible sharp stabbing pain in my uterus area, lasted about 30 seconds and was gone. 7DPO - Horrible headache today and IBS acting up 8DPO - Noticed I was light headed when standing up suddenly 9DPO - Minor breast achiness - POAS Wonfo in the evening swear I could see a hint of a line. DH said I was imagining things. 10DPO - Dreamed of a getting a BFP. POAS in the AM Wonfo again faint positive. DH saw it this time. Went out and bought FRER mid day POAS faint BFP. 11DPO - Christmas Morning - FRER BFP, light headed again today and hungry 12DPO - Tested again this morning as worried about Chemical - BFP on FRER with FMU. In the evening used a clear blue digital PREGNANT. Really hungry again today. 13DPO - Had to test again BFP on FRER with FMU. Every day from there I POAS and the line got darker. Currently 15 DPO and the line finally beat the control. Still praying for a sticky bean but getting really excited. This month was definitely different pretty much no signs of AF or pregnancy. So when a BFP showed I was in shock.