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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

11/12 DPO Mirena removal

I had my Mirena removed 11/9/15 after having it in for 1 year 4 months with periods on the reg except for September (3 days spotting) and October (nothing). I started my period 2 days later and it was by far the worst period I've ever experienced......I'm talking 12 days long with huge clots. I used 2 different period tracker apps, 1 that I started pre Mirena and 1 that was for post Mirena. The two cycles I had after Mirena were 37 and 33 days, so my apps and I were just guessing on everything. We decided to use OPK's this month. I purchased the Equate brand from Walmart and the directions told me not to start testing until the 17th day of my cycle based on the average of the last two (35 days). I would have totally missed it if I weren't paying attention to my CM!! I had EWCM on 2/1 (CD13) and tested positive on the OPK. I continued to test in the AM of 2/2 (CD14) and 2/3 (CD15). There was an absolute progression of the lines. On 2/3 I had O pain left ovary about mid day, I tested the OPK at 4:30pm and it was super dark. We BD that evening and I stayed laying down and legs elevated for 20 mins..........then I sneezed! :) LOL!! I thought if I just lost it all I'm going to be so mad at myself. I had all the PMS symptoms leading up to my BFP (super faint squinter and not FMU) at 11 DPO on my Walmart .88 cheapie. My DBF wanted me to test with the Clearblue digital right then. I had to explain to him that those are expensive and I do not want to waste them on anything less than FMU. The next morning (2/15 12DPO) I used the cheapie again with FMU. Since there was a squinter, I broke out the big guns(digital)..........BFP!!!! I couldn't believe it, all my elaborate plans to tell my DBF went out the window and I broke the news as soon as he woke up! This will be my 3rd child (2 DD's 10 and 8 from previous marriage) and his 1st.

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First Time Around...BFP

I am so excited. I had to log on and tell my story because I read all of yours when I was in my tww. So here goes...

My husband and I decided on January 1st that we would start trying. I had my Mirena removed on December 5th so, we were expecting that it would take 6 months to a year to conceive. I actually started taking a cocktail of VITEX, Maca, and Tribulus once a day on January 1st because my cycle in December was anovulatory. I watched a fertility specialist on youtube discuss the herbs that she recommends and I was sold. Low and behold, we conceived on the first try. I don't even know how that is possible. But, here is how it all happened:

CD 1- 4 Bleeding
CD 9,11, and 15 BD (each BD I inserted my Diva Cup before I got up to go to the bathroom and we used pre-seed)
CD 15 - positive OPK
CD 16 - Suspected ovulation day (fertility friend)
1DPO - Tender breasts everyday until positive pregnancy test and EXTRA EXTRA creamy CM
4DPO - Sharp pain in lower abdomen, dull backaches, tingling in my nostrils, itchy nipples
5DPO-7DPO- Constant cramping. We were snowed-in, so I laid around over the weekend, trying to figure out if my period was starting a week early because of the herbs I started taking.
8DPO- lower back aches, dizziness, and constipation
9DPO - FRER faint BFP, Wandfo BFN, ClearBlue Digital Pregnant 1-2 weeks past ovulation and lots of heartburn
12DPO- Blood test shows 120 hcG levels and I still haven't technically missed my period yet

Today, I am 15 DPO I am beyond excited this is so unexpected. My husband was so shocked and so was my mom. I cannot wait to tell the rest of my friends and family after the first trimester.

I hope this helps someone else out. I tested at 9DPO and swore it would be negative. But, the dizziness the night before is what gave it away. Don't be afraid to go buy a FRER if you are having symptoms. The Wandfos are still barely showing a line, even though my blood test is confirmed positive. Baby dust to you all...

BFP at 11dpo!!

I'm so excited to be posting this!! This month I told my DH that I was sick of getting BFNs and we were going to try really hard this month. In October I had a really long cycle with some faint BFPs, but they were all blue dye so I'm not sure if it was a chemical or just evaps. Anyway. I started taking Geritol after some research and that convincing motto "There's a baby at the bottom of every bottle." We also followed the SMEP method and used preseed during the fertile window. I didn't get many symptoms except before 6dpo. On 6dpo I woke up with the worst charlie horse in my leg. The only other time I had this was when I was pregnant with DD. I also started getting tired earlier and had a couple days when I woke up with a headache that lasted all day. The other thing I noticed was that my temps were lower than they usually are in the 2ww. There was still a clear temp shift, just not as high. I didn't really feel different, but my instincts told me this was the month. I usually drink alcohol through the 2ww, but not this time. Not even on NYE. Good luck to all you ladies!!!

BFP on Christmas Morning

We have been TTC since January of 2015 when I had my 5 year Mirena IUD removed. After 8 months of trying to get my cycle on track we got pregnant in September of 2015, sadly that pregnancy resulted in a chemical pregnancy at 15dpo AF showed up heavier then normal.
December we decided to BD every other day until a positive OPK and then every day for a few days. We used preseed each time we BD, on Vitex since May 2015 (1 pill a day) as well as Fertile CM from CD 1 to O day.

CD 13 BD Preseed (internal and external)
CD 15 +OPK BD morning and night (internal and external)
CD 16 +OPK BD night (definitely O day twinges and EWCM) (internal and external)
CD 17 -OPK BD night (1 DPO) (internal and external)

1DPO - 5DPO - nothing not a thing, CM did dry up but no after O breast pain. Nothing.
6DPO - while laying in bed had a horrible sharp stabbing pain in my uterus area, lasted about 30 seconds and was gone.
7DPO - Horrible headache today and IBS acting up
8DPO - Noticed I was light headed when standing up suddenly
9DPO - Minor breast achiness - POAS Wonfo in the evening swear I could see a hint of a line. DH said I was imagining things.
10DPO - Dreamed of a getting a BFP. POAS in the AM Wonfo again faint positive. DH saw it this time. Went out and bought FRER mid day POAS faint BFP.
11DPO - Christmas Morning - FRER BFP, light headed again today and hungry
12DPO - Tested again this morning as worried about Chemical - BFP on FRER with FMU. In the evening used a clear blue digital PREGNANT. Really hungry again today.
13DPO - Had to test again BFP on FRER with FMU. Every day from there I POAS and the line got darker. Currently 15 DPO and the line finally beat the control.

Still praying for a sticky bean but getting really excited. This month was definitely different pretty much no signs of AF or pregnancy. So when a BFP showed I was in shock.

BFP after 4 months TTC along with Ovarian cyst surgery and removal!

Gahhh I am still so excited after finally getting that BFP after 4 months of TTC. Here's a bit of backstory. This is my second pregnancy after conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby boy in 2013. I had Mirena implanted 6 weeks after he was born and took it out this August after two years because I was experiencing some not so nice side effects like weight gain, and painful periods. After i took it out the pain did not go away and my OB found a huge grapefruit sized cyst on my right ovary. She knew we were ttc and recommended we put it on hold for a month so I could have surgery. I was so disappointed. They ended up removing the cyst and also my right ovary and tube completely. I was so nervous I would't be able to have a baby even though my OB assured me that there were no issues. I had such intense periods and PMS after my Mirena removal that I thought I was pregnant every month. Finally this month (December) I decided to relax and let things happen if they are meant too. We still had sex when I ovulated etc... but my symptoms were a little different. Below is a rough timeline.

O Day-I have a 28 day cycle and with an OPK I confirmed ovulation on CD 14. But more than that I actually felt ovulation pain, sharp pains that were not at all unbearable on my left side.
1-5dpo- sore boobs (but i always get that with O)
6-8 dpo- I didn't feel anything at all besides some breast sensitivity and nipple tingling. This feeling of "nothing" was one of my first indicators as I usually start experiencing PMS symptoms that mirror pregnancy symptoms by now.
9dpo- Very very very obvious implantation pains, it felt like a sharp pain going into my Vagina from the outside. Nothing unbearable, but definitely there, did not resemble normal cramping at all. Very suspicious after this.
10-11 dpo- Really hungry but cannot each much at all. Craving Mexican food so bad. Also very thirsty. I workout 3-4 times a week and had to stop and chug water way more than usual.
12dpo- saw a picture on Facebook of my friends newborn baby and decided to test with a Clearblue hpt, I got a very faint positive and ran to the store where I was able to confirm with a Early Response test (the kind with the pink lines)
13dpo- Confirmed again with a Clearblue test.

I am so excited guys! I wanted to make sure that I posted here for anyone who has any questions. I scoured these boards for months and promised myself I would publish my story when it finally happened :) Baby dust to everyone!

So excited I can finally share this!

I got my first ever BFP today. I wanted to post one of these because I found it super helpful when I was TTC.

O on CD 17
1-7DPO: Pretty much the same symptoms as after ovulation every other cycle. Normally my boobs get sore about halfway through the TWW, but this time they were sore right from ovulation. They were swollen and hard too, and I could see veins all on my chest. Cervix was high and firm.
8DPO: I had a minor nosebleed this day, which was not normal for me. I had never had one before.
9DPO: Big drop in temp today, but it stayed over the cover line. I was super nervous AF was going to come early. Cervix was high and medium.
10DPO: Temp was back up and higher than previously. BFN with FMU. But I got a faint line on a Walmart test in the afternoon, followed by faint but visible and pink lines on a FRER and a Wondro. My cervix is high and soft and I have very little cm.

One thing I did notice is that I had no cramps like AF was coming. I didn't feel implantation at all or have any bleeding. Just no cramps whatsoever which is weird for me. I was tired from about 6DPO on, but not so much I would have noticed otherwise. Overall, I felt much better than I did before AF during other cycles.

This cycle I cut out caffeine, dairy, and tried to eat healthier overall. I also took FertilAid, vitamin B, C and Omega 3. We also used preseed one of the four times we BDed during our fertile window. And I made sure to stay laying down afterwards.

Hope this helps someone!

BFP 9/10 DPO

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I am over the moon, thanking God and feeling so blessed. We have been TTC #2 for about 5 months. Mirena removal 5/5. Took 2.5 months to even get positive OPK! I followed this site obsessively (like I do everything! lol) for both pregnancy TTC periods, and promised myself I would share... Just because your stories really lifted my spirits when I needed it! Anyway I also did a few things different this go around, and I hoped maybe it would be helpful to others as well. Heres a list of extra things I did... some different, some carry over from last month(s):

-vitex (second month)
-prenatal (been taking forever, just stopped breastfeeding)
-fish oil 2x per day
-vitamin C
-light exercise (either yoga or long walk) at least 5 times per week
-softcups (!) (with postcoital orgasm)
-legs up at least 30 minutes during fertile week
-OPKs 2 times per day
-BD EOD during fertile week (started about 5 days before positive OPK)
-leafy green salad every day in TWW

OK so I guess that list may be annoying... I didnt realize how much I did until I just listed. Anyway so after BD EOD, the wait begins. As many stories have said, I actually had less symptoms this TWW than others, where I was convinced I was prego, just to see lame AF. Here are a couple things out of the ordinary:

-less cramps and pressure than usual from 1 dpo on
-feeling emotional and tired from from 1 dpo on
-bloody nose and bloody gums 5 dpo (weird for me!)
-slightly more hungry than usual 7 dpo
-serious IBS issue at 7 dpo (almost didnt make it... sorry TMI!)

So I seriously was hoping not to test until day of missed period (tomorrow), but couldnt resist. Tested 8/9 dpo with a BFN (although I seriously thought I saw a shadow of something... stared for a long time). Finally BFP today at 9/10 DPO with FRER. Totally visible line, not even a squinter. Note: I am not sure of exact O day because I dont temp. I think I O'd the second or third day after positive OPK, hence the 9/10 dpo.

Anyway, I am sending so much happy sticky baby dust to all on this site. Thank you for yuor stories and kindness. I am also keeping my fingers crossed since it is still early days. Feel free to hit me with any questions on my regimen... (as I have done to others). Thanks again! xoxoxo

BFP - 7DPO... Confirmed with Digital

I know many of you are thinking that's crazy, you must have your O date wrong but I was temping very diligently for the past 2 cycles and all signs point to my O date being just 7 days ago! I'm as confused as you are!

Last period started 9/24
O'd 10/9
Positive Test on 9/16.
Due 7/1/2016

I took a wondfo this morning just for kicks and I was shocked to see a very faint line. I took another wondfo and had the same result. I stopped and picked up a Clear Blue Digital on the way to work and took that a few hours later - BAM! 'Pregnant.' God is good.

I haven't had time for many symptoms but I did have headaches that came on suddenly the past 2 days.

We did softcups after BDing and pineapple core from 1-5DPO. We had intercourse every single day in the Fertile window except O day.

Month 5

I didn't track my temps this cycle or last cos I always felt like FF put my ov date in later than when I felt like I ov based on my libido etc. didn't use OPK's either.
I have a 28 day cycle on the dot after coming off Mirena 5 months ago. I think I Ovulated about CD15. Never had EWCM but wasn't worried as I didn't have it with 3 other babes either.
1-2 dpo: moody and lost my libido
5 & 6 dpo: back cramping mild on 5dpo, intense on 6dpo- really moody, probably cos I was achy
7dpo: slight cramping lasting about an hour, but my lower legs felt achy and tired after taking the dog for a walk. Weird cos it's a short walk and my legs never ache.
8dpo: high libido- weird cos it's pretty rare for me! Usually wee 2-3 times a day, realised i hadn't had enough water today but have peed about 6 times. Tested around 4:30 pm BFN. BBs also feel normal but I have (small) implants so if I feel pain around AF it's only a slight pinch anyway.
9dpo: today, tested FMU and it's a BFP :)
Now to tell hubby.. Gotta think up a good way! Worried about telling the kids cos they'll share it with everyone I am sure!

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BFP after 3 Months TTC

Like so many others I read every single BFP story posted the last few months that we were TTC, so wanted to post my BFP story in hopes that it will help someone else!

This was our third month TTC. My husband and I are both teachers, so we were trying hard for a summer baby to maximize our time off after the baby arrives. I have been using opks and temping for 6 months total, so that I could get a sense of when I was ovulating to maximize our chances. Our first month ttc, I had so many different symptoms (nipples tingling, headaches, fatigue, etc, etc), I was convinced I was pregnant, but ended with that awful af. Month two would have been our ideal timing, so after af arrived I was super bummed. Month three was our last chance for a well-timed summer baby, so I decided to do everything possible to maximize our chances. Tried to relax and think positively.

What we did differently this month:
- Took Evening Primrose Oil for two days before ovulation. Stopped because it massively upset my stomach.
- Used pre-seed each time we BD'd. I used the applicator to the 1.5 line and inserted up by my cervix. Made BD more comfortable/fun and it worked!
- Used Instead Cups after every BD. One night we were too tired, so my husband had private time, put his "sample" in the instead cup and I inserted before bed.
- Ate pineapple and pineapple core everyday for 7 days after ovulation. I am still eating it occasionally now.
- Ate a diet rich in vitamins and healthy fats, including kiwi, oranges, pineapple, spinach almost everyday, walnuts almost everyday, milk products with full fat everyday, lean meat and oily fish or beans everyday, lots of fruits and vegetables as snacks.
- Meditated everyday for five minutes to help myself relax, breath and feel calm. Repeated the mantra that my body was ready and I was ready.

Perhaps because of my super healthy diet and meditation, I felt great this month! Way more energy than usual, very few symptoms. I did keep track, see below, but really felt pretty normal. In fact I felt so great that I was convinced there was no chance that I was pregnant. BFP came as a total shock!