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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

BFP - 7DPO... Confirmed with Digital

I know many of you are thinking that's crazy, you must have your O date wrong but I was temping very diligently for the past 2 cycles and all signs point to my O date being just 7 days ago! I'm as confused as you are!

Last period started 9/24
O'd 10/9
Positive Test on 9/16.
Due 7/1/2016

I took a wondfo this morning just for kicks and I was shocked to see a very faint line. I took another wondfo and had the same result. I stopped and picked up a Clear Blue Digital on the way to work and took that a few hours later - BAM! 'Pregnant.' God is good.

I haven't had time for many symptoms but I did have headaches that came on suddenly the past 2 days.

We did softcups after BDing and pineapple core from 1-5DPO. We had intercourse every single day in the Fertile window except O day.

Month 5

I didn't track my temps this cycle or last cos I always felt like FF put my ov date in later than when I felt like I ov based on my libido etc. didn't use OPK's either.
I have a 28 day cycle on the dot after coming off Mirena 5 months ago. I think I Ovulated about CD15. Never had EWCM but wasn't worried as I didn't have it with 3 other babes either.
1-2 dpo: moody and lost my libido
5 & 6 dpo: back cramping mild on 5dpo, intense on 6dpo- really moody, probably cos I was achy
7dpo: slight cramping lasting about an hour, but my lower legs felt achy and tired after taking the dog for a walk. Weird cos it's a short walk and my legs never ache.
8dpo: high libido- weird cos it's pretty rare for me! Usually wee 2-3 times a day, realised i hadn't had enough water today but have peed about 6 times. Tested around 4:30 pm BFN. BBs also feel normal but I have (small) implants so if I feel pain around AF it's only a slight pinch anyway.
9dpo: today, tested FMU and it's a BFP :)
Now to tell hubby.. Gotta think up a good way! Worried about telling the kids cos they'll share it with everyone I am sure!

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BFP after 3 Months TTC

Like so many others I read every single BFP story posted the last few months that we were TTC, so wanted to post my BFP story in hopes that it will help someone else!

This was our third month TTC. My husband and I are both teachers, so we were trying hard for a summer baby to maximize our time off after the baby arrives. I have been using opks and temping for 6 months total, so that I could get a sense of when I was ovulating to maximize our chances. Our first month ttc, I had so many different symptoms (nipples tingling, headaches, fatigue, etc, etc), I was convinced I was pregnant, but ended with that awful af. Month two would have been our ideal timing, so after af arrived I was super bummed. Month three was our last chance for a well-timed summer baby, so I decided to do everything possible to maximize our chances. Tried to relax and think positively.

What we did differently this month:
- Took Evening Primrose Oil for two days before ovulation. Stopped because it massively upset my stomach.
- Used pre-seed each time we BD'd. I used the applicator to the 1.5 line and inserted up by my cervix. Made BD more comfortable/fun and it worked!
- Used Instead Cups after every BD. One night we were too tired, so my husband had private time, put his "sample" in the instead cup and I inserted before bed.
- Ate pineapple and pineapple core everyday for 7 days after ovulation. I am still eating it occasionally now.
- Ate a diet rich in vitamins and healthy fats, including kiwi, oranges, pineapple, spinach almost everyday, walnuts almost everyday, milk products with full fat everyday, lean meat and oily fish or beans everyday, lots of fruits and vegetables as snacks.
- Meditated everyday for five minutes to help myself relax, breath and feel calm. Repeated the mantra that my body was ready and I was ready.

Perhaps because of my super healthy diet and meditation, I felt great this month! Way more energy than usual, very few symptoms. I did keep track, see below, but really felt pretty normal. In fact I felt so great that I was convinced there was no chance that I was pregnant. BFP came as a total shock!

At home insemination did it work?

Ok chicks so the hubby brought to my attention how in the heck could female couples allow their partner to lay with a man to become pregnant. I laughed and said artificial insemination!!!!!! So interesting enough we are reading articles and desperate journeys to become pregnant. Women: We are crazy lol. We said no way this works so only way to find out was to test it out.

We bought ovulation test strips, pre-seed, and about 15 $1 hpt's. I am normal 30 day cycle so waiting around for 14 days after period I wake up one morning majorly turned on CD9. I tested positive on opk. So the journey begins. All sperm was collected into a cup. 3 injections within 2 days of 1 teaspoon pre-seed and approximately 2 tablespoons semen. Injected with an oral medicine syringe. Using saline made it watery and wanted to drip out. Anywho I sat on arm of couch and laid back so hips was elevated. Hubby slowly injected semen all around my cervix(cervix was open but never entered it with syringe) we waited 5 minutes then he gave me clitoral simulation as we read orgasm helps cervix dip low into canal. Testing this was exciting, fun, and brought us closer it was like an activity or something.

CD9 positive opk @ 11am. BD 8pm & 10pm 8-26-15
CD10 positive opk @ 11am BD 9pm 8-27-15
CD11 positive opk @ 11am work over so no BD but stomach is cramping like crazy never felt these cramps before. 8-28-15
CD12 positive opk @ 11 cramps so severe no BD fever 99.8 never had ovulation cramps like this. 8-29-15
CD13 positive opk @ 11am 4 +opk????? Cramping and belly sounds like a bubble fest going on. Diarrhea. Dry mouth. Fever 99.7 8-30-15
CD14 positive opk AGAIN!!!! I said this has to mean I'm pregnant but this early??? HPT - of course. Same symptoms. Food aversions I wanted bell peppers just raw! 8-31-15
CD15 positive opk again same symptoms HPT - 9-1-15
CD16 Wow positive opk same symptoms adding back n shoulder pain. HPT - 9-2-15
CD17 positive opk belly ache, emotional, no appetite, sore body HPT - 9-3-15
CD18 omg positive opk extremely energetic today and so overly happy HPT - 9-4-15
CD18 opk still positive still energetic and happy HPT - 9-5-15
CD19 -opk -HPT I'm thinking well AF must be around the corner but got gas really bad. Stomach cramps back. Now I'm unhappy. 9-6-16
CD20 positive opk uh huh? WOW!!! Happy again thinking this is a sign!!!! Energized with gas and bloating. HPT @ 3pm BFP omg faint but very positive!!!!!!! 9-7-15
CD21 positive opk faint BFP on HPT. Severe cramping. Go to doctor he tells me my pregnancy test is negative. Excuse me? I'm sent to hospital for further testing. HCG came back 17. So I was testing + on dollar store cheapies with HCG of 17. 9-8-15
CD22 bed rest still cramps and lethargic. 9-9-15 HPT +
CD23 wake with unbearable cramps went to emergency room crying ultrasound shown cysts on ovaries. HCG now 55. Bed rest see obgyn 48 hours.9-10-15
CD24 bloat and severe cramps doubled over walking and crying. Positive HPT 9-11-15
CD25 obgyn HCG now 117 ultrasound shown blood and fluid in my pelvis but I've had no bleeding or spotting. She wants to take me into surgery right tube swollen size of 2 fingers she said its ectopic and tube ruptured. Yeah well you better go get me a second opinion lady. So she gets mad that I question her expertise and I call her a few choice words. A high risk specialist is sent in to talk me into going to surgery. He says sweetheart get back on the table I want to do an exam myself BC I looked at your ultrasound from the ER. Tube was in tact even though swollen and cysts on right ovary was gone they had ruptured!!! Explains the pain and blood. He calls for chick Dr to come in room and he explained it to her. He said I ovulated from both ovaries, corpus luteum was on both ovaries. But the tube swollen was the issue. I refused surgery and opted bed rest. I went home thinking what can I do besides pray? Steroids!!!!! Yes I had prednisone at home from when I had poison ivy and safe for pregnant women. I took 1 when got home 6 hours later pain was decreasing. Took 1 every 12 hours for next 2 days well well well pain completely vanished I feel happy and pregnant. 9-12, 13, 14-2015.
CD28 wake up happy obgyn HCG 937 progesterone excellent. He said I'm so happy you didn't choose surgery. Me too doc! He adopted me as his patient only. He said I think this is going to be a special pregnancy and interesting and I want to be your care provider to witness this miracle. We hugged and I'm crying with joy. He said go home and rest no work until ultrasound on 9-30-15 :)

Sorry this was so long but thanks for reading and ladies prednisone took my swelling away and helped absorb the blood and fluid in my pelvis. Since I ovulated from both sides we're hoping twins!

9dpo and darker squinter! My symptoms:

This is my second cycle since Mirena removal! DD is 9, DF/OH is 27 and I'm 33. No known fertility issues for OH or myself.

O- Horny beyond belief. BDd but OH did not finish (but successful BD cd6). Extremely watery CM, turned to EWCM later on. Breasts not sensitive per se, but standing at full attention, feeling full too. Sharp O pains in left side, they'd come and go. Odd headache on brow.

1dpo- Temp went up almost a degree.  More EWCM. Horny again, much to my OHs delight. BDd again. Success! Didnt really enjoy one of my favorite Taco Bell lunches. Evening brings bubbly feeling in lower abdomen (Taco Bell?). Off and on ovary pain on left side. (Not sure if I Od now or yesterday?) Feeling hungry but nothing sounds good.

2dpo- Temp dipped very slightly. Hungry/nauseated in the morning. Very emotional (wanted more BDing, he declined and I bawled LOL). brown ewcm/spotting,  very light and only when I wipe. Another meltdown. Seem to be hungry all day even though I've eaten. Not normal. Odd underarm pain on left side. Evening sore throat on left side (comes and goes). Headache literally on top of my head. Breasts not feeling full anymore. More nausea before bed.

3dpo- woke at 4 am, pink spotting and lots of pink ewcm when I used the restroom. Not sure if I ovulated, as my temp dropped again today. (97.23). Moody. Sex drive has gone down a bit but still there. Poking headache, odd vaginal pains that came and went. Sore bbs and underarms. Same hunger. Gassy. Energetic but tired. Big meltdown, nausea, left hip pain and more brown creamy cm. Surely this isn't implantation already? Feel like the flu is coming. Still moody at bedtime. Sore neck muscles out of nowhere.

4dpo- really not convinced that I ovulated.  Temp dropped again to 97.12. Feeling out. Super emotional. Sore neck muscles are back. More brown cm. Odd vaginal pain that didn't last long. Fluttering feeling in left ovary area- like an eye twitch that only lasted a couple seconds. White creamy, stretchy cm at night, gums seem sore, forgetful (couldn't remember what a snack cake was called)

5dpo- 97.5. woke up with horrible taste in mouth, hungry but not, more creamy cm (lots for me), emotional because OH left town for 2 days, have a good feeling this month though. Feel like I need to pee but don't. Very noticeable cramping on left side below hip. Tired, although I did clean a LOT today (odd lol). Vaginal throbbing on and off throughout the day. Just noticed today, that my cats has been following me the past 2 days or so. They insist on sleeping on my stomach or my groin LOL. Sore gums at night again. Tired at 830, again. Pale yellowish cm that stretches very far (5cm). PINK cm at bedtime. Very suspicious now :) implantation for real? Falling feeling while sitting? Gotta be in my head. Swollen feet

6dpo- 2 am and still not able to sleep. Starving. RLS. Got about 3 hours sleep. Temp up slightly (probably because I didn't sleep well). Incredibly tired and feeling off this morning. EWCM?! (Tmi but kind of snotty) Usually have sticky cm at this point. Napped and felt more tired after, actually feel like I'm getting sick. Woke back up at 1 pm, sweating like crazy, very vivid dream. Breasts feel like there's more tissue, but not sore or even sensitive.  More creamy, stretchy cm. No appetite and mild nausea. Emotional again. Pinkish orange cm?

7dpo- Temp up again (97.7). Sneezy (but it's almost fall, I usually get sick around this time). Tiny random pulling on the right lower abdomen. Creamy white cm. Full feeling breasts that now tug when I bend over (but not looking bigger). On and off neck pain, like I turned my head wrong. Things have been tasting off (cookie crisp and pop tarts don't even taste sweet?!) and I still barely have an appetite. Sniffing a lot. Felt the immense urge to clean again, even going behind OH and making him pick up his trash, which I never do. Little bit winded. More cleaning in afternoon and I had to stop bc of sciatic pain on my left outer thigh/lower back (only had this with my first pregnancy). Abdominal fluttering. EWCM in evening (a lot!) Cervix high and soft. Headache at bedtime (9:30- early again; so tired. woke up shortly after; dream about second faint pink line!

8dpo- woke up at 2:30, poas, very faint positive! At 6, woke up sweating like crazy. Temp down (97.38). Still creamy cm. Not much to report today, which is kinda bumming me out. Took another wondfo and a frer and couldn't see anything on either. Noticing a lot of saliva but cm is pretty much gone :( Took another test at bedtime, BFN. Few little short-lived pains under arm and in right bb. Momentary lower left back pain. Super gassy and bloated.

BFP at 11 DPO - YAY!!!!

At the beginning of the year I started having horrible complications with my almost 5 year old Mirena IUD. So we made the decision to have it removed and to let my body heal. Shortly after DH and I decided that we wanted to try for our 4th and last baby. Coming off the Mirena was horrible on my cycle. So finally in May I started taking Vitex 1200mg a day and using OPK's. My cycle started to regulate but I never had EWCM. So come August with no BFP I started Fertile CM and Evening Primrose. Also boosted things with pre-seed during the fertile period. That concoction worked and I got my BFP on the evening of 11 DPO.

1dpo - 2dpo nothing
3dpo - had cramping in my left ovary
4dpo - nothing
5dpo - horribly bloated. It felt like AF was coming early.
6dpo - nothing
7dpo - felt queasy toward the end of the day.
8dpo - constant queasy feeling
9dpo - little bit of queasiness otherwise I felt great
10dpo - boost of energy in the am but the afternoon I was deflated, took a 2 hour nap
11dpo - lots of EWCM today. Came home from work and POAS just because, LOL. Left it on the counter and went to cook dinner. After dinner I stood up and had the worst ligament pain and it hit me, the only other time I have felt that is when I was pregnant. So I ran in the bathroom and saw a faint BFP on the counter. Ran to Wal-Mart and bought 4 FRER's. Came home and BAM within 3mins on a 2hr hold a faint BFP.
12dpo - POAS FMU BFP on FRER again and this time darker. Came home from work and wanted to see if it was real. Took a clear blue digi and there it was PREGNANT 1-2.

BFP with 1 month TTC after mirena removal

I can't believe I'm already able to post on this board. I've been reading all of the bfp stories for a few weeks and thought for sure it would be a while before I could share anything. However, here I am at 33 with my DH of 4 years who is 43. We are absolutely to the moon happy since getting our bfp on July 10. We are first time parents and heading to a family reunion tomorrow. Hopefully, I can keep our secret! Here's our story:

In February, I had my 5 year old mirena removed and was told we should wait at least two months before ttc so that we can track my periods and wait for my body to be in the best shape for conceiving. From what I understand I'm one of those rare people who opted for the IUD despite having never given birth.

By April, we weren't tracking or reading much of anything but still clumsily attempted to conceive. I had been taking prenatals, and was armed with an opk, but I wasn't even sure on which days were the best to bd. At the time, I didn't even know what the acronym "TTC" meant. And we ended up missing our window.

In May, I became fixated on getting it right and we prepared for our first real TTC month. I started tracking my ovulation with two types of OPKs, temps and cm. My husband travels A LOT and one of our biggest problems was this logistical nightmare. So, we decided that June would be the month we'd give it a real go and organized a mini vacation for me to be in whatever city he was scheduled to be in for the ultimate bd day.

I ovulated on either 6/29, 6/30 or 7/1 (obviously I'm still not great at this). BD on 6/28-7/1. I got my first very very light bfp at 7dpo. I didn't believe it because I thought it was an evap line since I had left the test on the counter and forgotten about it. I retook the test the next day. I did see another very light bfp but the line didn't show within the time frame. I had also learned that some women were using opks as a pregnancy test, and had started using them too. I got a OPK- and assumed I was bfn.

I waited until I was 9dpo to test again because I remember falling asleep nauseated. A very faint bfp showed up on the wondfo test within 5 mins. Later that day, after all of the Comic Con San Diego events that I was attending was complete I picked up a frer to confirm. I made it back to the hotel and tested in the evening and almost instantly I got a bfp on the frer. (Picture available)

I'm now 4 week +2 days with my first appointment coming up on Aug 7th.

Some symptoms:
* DPO 1-3: Nothing
* DPO 4: CM creamy, wet feeling all day, gassy
* DPO 5: Sore boobs if I jump or push them, peeing more, (but I had been drinking a lot more too so I guess more thirsty)
* DPO 6: Very mild cramping on right side, boobs remain sore, cm is unusually sticky when trying to rub off fingers (that has never happend), felt a little tired and took a nap in the afternoon.
* DPO 7: Mild soreness of boobs, feeling hot and sweaty, light headed like car sickness feeling in airplane (that never happens)
* DPO 8: Really weird salty foods taste EXTREMELY salty. I thought the chef went crazy on the salt on the fries, but the same issues with my favorite chips, and again with potatoes later in the evening. Felt nausea right before bed. (This is when I thought something might be up)
* DPO 9: Woke up at 2 am to poas, saw a really really faint line appear within 5 minutes.
* DPO 9: Mid day - Felt a little tired. Walking up mini stairs seemed challenging. Ate more chips and it tasted as though it was over salted. Noticed some back aches, thick cm in panties. Took a frer in the evening and got a BFP!

Please wish me luck as I mentioned earlier this is our first time, and I'm super nervous since the bfps were somewhat early.

Baby dust and love to all of the ttc couples. You can and will do it!

10 dpo bfp

First a bit about me: I'm 37,this will be my 3rd little. My boys are 2 years and 14 years old. We have been ttc for about 4 months. DH has developed delayed ejaculation so we used softcups for AI. Finding info on that was a godsend and saved me so many tears! We would not have conceived without it.

I was tracking my bbt vaginally because I sleep with my mouth open sometimes, checking cervix and cm, and I also started supplementing with a half dose of Emerita pro-gest as I have many symptoms of low progesterone. I'm still breastfeeding my 2 year old. Anyway, I hope this post gives hope to women with similar circumstances <3

1 dpo - dry cm, woke up feeling really bloated, tired and cramps coming and going, random unexpected bout of diarrhea in the afternoon and then fine. So weird.

2 dpo - creamy cm, intermittent cramping, still feel bloated. Hungry.

3 dpo- more creamy cm, gassy, cramps here and there. Sugar cravings. Took a nap.

4 dpo - creamy cm but less than yesterday. Took another nap. More sugar cravings. Intermittent cramping, sore left hip and low backache. Achey vagina?? Irritable

5 dpo - foot cramps 3x in evening (NEVER happens), dizziness in the afternoon after I put DS in the car, intermittent cramping/pulling, SO GASSY OMG. Craving chocolate.

6 dpo - 8 hrs sleep and still tired, a bit queasy when I woke up and nose a little stuffy. Where did my cramps go?

7 dpo- SO EMOTIONAL! Ugh!!!! Angry, crying, happy- emotionally all over the place. Chills and hot flashes all day. DH kept commenting on how warm my hands were compared to normal. Tired. Boobs are sensitive. Feeling touched out. Taking a lot of deep breaths like I'm a bit short of breath

8 dpo - orgasmed in sleep. Intense dreams. Smelly pee this morning , weird heavy feeling/pressure behind pubic bone a few times in the afternoon and evening, emotionally more stable than yesterday. Craving carbs. Still hot and cold.

9 dpo - So much gas at night. Toddler awake from 2-4:30 am. Increased CM. Was out and about today and didn't notice much going on with my body. Mood was good.

10 dpo - temp dip this morning. Faint line on 10 mUI strip OMG!!! Felt kind of normal today, actually thought I might be out. The only thing that made me still think I'm preg before I tested (at 6 pm) was this morning my cervix was almost as high as when I was ovulating. I have a bit of prolapse and usually it gets really low when AF is coming.

A teenager, a toddler and an infant! Here we go lol :) Baby dust ladies

Bfp 3 days early after mc

This is my first post but I have been following along obsessively during tww. I got my bfp last night 3 days before my period is due. I want to be excited but my last pregnancy (1st) ended in early mc. I found out at 10 weeks that I mc at 6 weeks. Had a DC. It's been about three months since and we have been trying but not charting. 1st pregnancy came two months after removal of mirena iud. It seems pretty common to mc after mirena. It also seems common to have twins following mc so I'm hopeful. I am a twin. My mom had us after a mc. Plus it runs in my family.
Not many symptoms to make me suspect pregnancy but a couple little things. Also I never really had ewcm. Just watery cm. so wasn't really sure when I ovulated.
Day after what I thought was O I was very emotional. Got in big fight with fiancé. Feeling teary. Diarrhea all day. Diarrhea somewhat constant since then. Watery white cm. One huge zit on my back which is weird. Right boob just got sore two days ago with Blue veins and lumps. that's a telling sign for me. Was pretty much the only symptom last time too. Feeling a bit of pressure under belly button. Waking up to pee early in the morning for about a week now. Noticed some blotchiness (spider veins) along side of legs yesterday when I was in the hot sun. Had this last time also. If I wasn't paying super close attention I may not have suspected a thing and was prepared to be disappointed when I POAS. I really hope it sticks this time. Gettin married in about a month and we really want to start a family. Sticky baby dust to all!

Finally a BFP 13 DPO!

We've been trying since December and we're thrilled to finally get a BFP! I'm 35 and my husband is 36 so we were getting a bit anxious when month after month we were unsuccessful. In previous months, we've done the SMEP schedule pretty religiously. I also took Fertile CM supplement 3x per day and this cycle I added Mucinex 2x per day starting the day my OPK came up positive through CD 16 when we stopped BDing.

OPK was positive on CD 11, so likely O'd on CD 12.
BD on CD 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16. Legs up for about 20-30 mins each time afterwards.
Started 2 slices of pineapple 3 DPO and had 2 slices each day (with core) for the next 4 days.
10 DPO I started having spotting after using the toilet. Bright pink and never enough to seep into a pantyliner. Smells started to get really intense. Slight nausea in the morning, but nothing too bad. Some on and off headaches.
Concerned about the spotting I took a test and got our BFP 13 DPO. The spotting continued for a full week from when it started and then stopped.

Tested again on 17 DPO one day after my missed period just to be sure!

Praying this is a healthy babe. Will see the doctor in another month or so to confirm all is well.

Best of luck to you all!! It felt a little nuts doing all of the above, but it the most worth it kind of nuts looking back. :)