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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

11dpiui BFP

TTC: 14 months, 2 failed IUIs (IUI 1: 1 follie, 14mil sperm. BFN) (IUI 2: 1 follie, 19mil sperm BFN)

Me: 30, one ovary, mild PCOS. I take Metformin to help regulate my cycle.
DH: 33, Mild male factor.
*CD1 : ready for a new cycle! After two failed IUIs and an additional month canceled due to a cyst, I was ready to get started.

*CD3-7: Clomid 50mg

*CD11: Two follicles on my one ovary. Both measuring at 10mm.

*CD15: Sono shows that one follicle is 14mm and the other 16mm. Lining is at 9. RE suggests waiting to trigger until CD 17 and to do the IUI on

*CD 19 so that my larger follicle can mature.

*CD16: BD

*CD17: I wasn't supposed to trigger until 9pm, but I got a blazing smiley OPK at 2pm. Called RE and she said "Trigger NOW!" and that it would boost ovulation. IUI moved up a day.

*CD18: IUI at 12:30pm. DH's motile count was 29Mil. Best numbers he has ever had! She did an external ultrasound right after to see that 1) I hadn't ovulated just yet and we didn't miss the egg. 2) that the sperm showed to be sitting and just chilling out ready to go. I put in a SoftCup before I left..ya know...just in case one of those pesky swimmers tried to escape.

*1DPIUI: barely noticeable flutter cramps from IUI. BD

*2-8DPIUI: Nada. Just really tired. But I get randomly tired all the time so it's not really noteworthy.

*9DPIUI: BFN. Kind of crampy. Barely noticeable though. Normal AF signs.

*10DPIUI: BFN. Have a total cryfest breakdown with DH about the possibility of us not being able to have kids for another year because we will have to save for IVF and I just *KNOW* this month isn't going to be it.

*11DPIUI: Woke to AF cramps. Took a Wondfo in AM and thought I might see a shadow. Posted to TWW blog and people said they saw it too, so I ran out to get a FRER for the evening. BFP by 6pm. Kept it secret from DH because tomorrow is his bday! By bedtime I had a huge headache and didn't sleep well. Sore boobs by morning.

*12DPIUI: BFP for sure in the morning! Had my DH open a present with a picture of our dog next to a onesie with the Dallas Stars logo on it (he plays hockey). We are both optimistic an ecstatic! Blood later in the morning had an HCG level of 24. Tender boobs, aversion to coffee smells, and headache are really the only symptoms I have so far.
Honestly, I have had more "symptoms" with BFN months. The only thing I notice now is somewhat tingly boobs, bloating, and headaches, and those are all indicative of AF as well.

My strategies:
-pineapple core plan 1-5dpiui
-Brazil Nuts 1-5dpiui
-peppermint tea/remove caffeine
-eating lots of salad and sweet potatoes
-Softcups after sex and IUI
-Digital OPK instead of wondfo

DH strategies:
-Maca root
-Multi vitamin
-Folic Acid

BFP at 40 yo 4th cycle TTC post IUD removal!! To God be the Glory!

I'm so happy to post here and I hope my experience helps others. It's still REALLY, really early (11DPO is my guess), but I've gotten positives on two different brands of tests (discussed below) testing yesterday twice and today once. I hope this is a sticky little guy! I've been reading these stories for a few months, each month hoping it was my month. Sorry this is so long, but I hope this helps someone who is going through the same thing as me. I hope it isn't TMI, but I wanted to be as specific as possible for anyone that is going through this too!

My husband had a vasectomy reversal Jan 2010. We conceived May 2010 with our first. She is now 4+ years old. I was 37 when she was born. We decided in Dec 2014 to try for #2...thought we weren't going to have a second one at all, so God completely changed our minds. I am 40 (and a half) and I was so worried that this would take a long time. DO NOT LET WHAT SOCIETY TELLS YOU ABOUT YOUR AGE ENTER YOUR MIND! IF IT'S GOD'S WILL, IT WILL BE! Luke 1:37 says "God can do anything!"

- I had my IUD removed Dec 18 and first period about 10 days later. I immediately started temping and enjoyed it at first...I had no idea that our bodies were so amazing! I also started taking Vitex, Maca, prenatal, folic acid. The first cycle post-IUD removal showed an ovulation on CD 17 and an 11 day luteal phase. I was grateful to know I was ovulating regularly! We flooded that egg, but we didn't catch it. I went to acupuncture weekly.

- Cycle #2 (February 2015) I added B6 and Vitamin E because I felt my lp was short. I O'd on CD17 again but had a 12 day luteal phase. Vitamins were helping!? Temps were very consistent pre-O, and rose after O, had some EWCM, but we still didn't catch the egg. I continued acupuncture. We used Pre-seed on occasion just to help me since we were BD so much.

- Cycle #3 (March 2015) I stopped going to acupuncture, but kept temping. I O'd again on CD17 and had a 13 day luteal phase. YAY! I added a natural progesterone cream application after O was confirmed because during my luteal phase I would always get a massive temp dip around 6dpo, and I was worried my progesterone was low. This month I used pre-seed with the inserts 3 times around O. We didn't catch the egg again, and this month i was SO disappointed. I thought we did everything right, and I thought to myself that I couldn't possibly keep this kind of sex life going for much longer. I was beginning to get frustrated with temping because I read every little bit into the slightest temperature shift, and I decided that next month, after O, I would stop temping until AF came to save my sanity.

- Cycle #4 (CD1 was March 26) I stopped the Maca. I felt that it was making me gain weight and pissing me off. I added Fertile CM because my EWCM used to be plentiful but ever since my IUD was removed I only had it for about 2-3 days with not as much as I used to. This month I added OPK's, per the OBGYN's suggestion. I bought internet cheapies and digitals. My plan was to use the IC's leading up to my LH surge, and once I thought it might be positive to also test using the digital. Well, I got a slightly positive OPK on an IC on April 7 (CD14) but neg on digital, so we BD that morning. I thought "great! I will O on my usual CD17, get a positive OPK on April 8 or 9, and we'll BD until we can't anymore and for sure we'll catch the egg!" Then on April 8, the OPK was not as dark as the day before. WTH!? And the next day, again not as dark. Basically, I missed my surge somehow. We BD on Wed April 8 at night, and that was it. I was so frustrated because I thought I was out this month. I also had majorly wonky temperatures because the day of the slightly positive OPK, I got sick and was put on antibiotics. I temped loosely to confirm that O occurred, and then I stopped. Because of being sick, I cannot pinpoint O day, but I know it was anywhere from CD14 to CD17.

I thought I was kidding myself!

Hey Two Week Waiters! First BFP at 11 DPO. Another BFP today at 12 DPO. Those double pink lines are faint, but definitely present! POAS at DPO 10, but that was a BFN. What a difference 36 hours can make!

According to the Ovia App, I ovulated on CD 15 and did the baby dance with my DH on the same day. I started to experience symptoms shortly after, but chalked it up to the mind games I usually play with myself during the TWW!

The sides of my boobs were very tender in the days that followed ovulation - I've read this is quite normal whether you're TTC or not, though it was particularly intense for me this month. Around 5 DPO I started to experience some uterine cramping and sporadic, shooting pains that travelled upward from my vagina to my cervix. They only lasted for a few seconds.

Around 6 DPO I began to feel some mild queasiness. The cramping continued. No unusual post-ovulation CM or spotting until DPO 8 when I noticed some odorless discharge with a hint of highlighter yellow in my undies (aka leukorrhea).

Got the BFN on DPO 10. Not even a hint of a pink line! And I stared long and hard. I thought, oh well, and went about my day. That evening, the queasiness returned in full force. For a while, I thought I was going to throw up. Turns out I had a massive case of the runs instead.

At 11 DPO there was no denying that my boobs (36DD at baseline) felt fuller and very heavy. Ouch! I also had some morning cramps that felt particularly like the ones I tend to get a few hours before AF arrives. I thought my chances of a BFP were shot, even though AF wasn't due to appear for another four days. But that afternoon I began to feel the pulling/pinching sensation I've read about from others on this site. Why not POAS for old time's sake? Got my first BFP then and there!

I ran to share the results with my DH. He seems a bit terrified, but delighted all the same. If it all works out, this will be our first baby. Sending good thoughts to all you baby makers out there!

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Those two little lines at 9dpo

So i have stalked/lurked this site for the past 6 months. We have a 4 year old son. But I just got my BFP TODAY! Squeee. We have been trying for 6 months I'm 30 DH is 32. So here are my symptoms I obsessed about it too so hope this helps
DH and I BD'ed 3 days before my "scheduled" ovulation and a couple times during and a couple times after to try to cover. I noticed about 5 days ago breast soreness. And crazy wild dreams. The breast soreness I normally get on the side of the breast before my period and it was side boob soreness so I chalked it up to period.
6dpo I did feel little pings and twinges left ovary but i thought nothing of it I get that too every before period.
7dpo my boobs felt fuller they were really heavy not just the soreness still crazy dreams
8dpo: I noticed I fell asleep at the drop of a hat this is not normal for me during the day. I walked past a mirror and saw how big my boobs were. I thought then am I pregnant should I test?
9dpo: I had a another crazy dream which resulted to a panic attack at 4 am my mind told me to test and it came back two very dark lines. I applied some lipgloss looked down and it was already positive. I used first response. DH and I used preseed a couple times. So my symptoms I never had even during regular period times crazy dreams fuller heavier breast not the soreness that's normal for me
Praying for a sticky baby having cramping now I did with my first baby as well.
*baby dust to all*

My long journey ttc

Hi everyone. I was addicted to this site whilst tcc. I always thought that once it happened to me I would come back and write for the first time how it happened for me as I know how much it helps others just as it had helped me.

I have endometriosis, PCOS and a hormonal deficiency. I have had several surgeries and had the mire a put in for 7 years in total on medical grounds. I only ever had two periods in my life.
I was told my fertility was massively reduced.

After different treatments and fertility help nothing happened, I never accepted this.

I began doing temping, clear blue digi ovulation tests, preseed and constant eBay pregnancy tests.


Finally after help my periods began another surgery later and I downloaded an app called 'my days' I religiously used it and decided to 'baby dance' every other day - yes this did feel like a chore!! But I tracked EVERYTHING from cervical mucus, my emotions so forth on this app.
I stopped ovulation tests and temping. I felt that is I BD every other day I would catch it therefore didn't stress about the other bits.

This was the first time I didn't have 'pregnancy signs' did I look for them, yes? As every month I'd read every sign for dear hope it was this month.

I didn't do any pg tests. I knew there was no point and if it were meant to be then I would know.

I missed my period. On the day I felt like I had a cold. THIS WAS MY ONLY SIGN. I did a test. Negative. Second day another negative. Three days of missed pregnancy. Positive.

I couldn't believe it. This has been he scariest most worrying and exciting time of my life and I just want to say to everyone it will happen. I promise one way or another. X

Peace and love xx

BFP W/clomid 16 months after Mirena removal

I'm on cycle day 27 now BFP with clear blue advanced digital. I tested with dollar store test & got faint positives since CD25. BFN CD22-24. I don't OPK or temp so I don't know when I ovulate. I took 1st round 100mg clomid. TTC after Mirena removal since 8/13. Found out I wasn't ovulating.

SYMPTOMS (not by DPO) but here they are:

Hip & groin pain starting around CD17 for about 6 days. No appetite when I'm usually starving during TWW. Wake up energized around 4 am every morning (not my preference lol) Way more energy. Feeling so happy. Hiccups every day. Areola getting darker and maternity line more visible. Palms of hands red. No acne like pre AF face clear. Face & elbows peeled literally flaky the week before. Random twinges in upper & Lower abs. I distinctly remember sex (TMI) being painful CD18 sore uterine cervix area for a few days after. Around CD21 globs of thick white CM for a few days slowed down & started again two days ago. Not like the CM I have to search for pre AF it literally came to my panties. Nipples slightly tender breast feel fuller, but not heavy like pre AF more soft to touch & veins are thicker and more prominent on boobies. Back hurts if I bend over starting yesterday. Under arms feel a little strange. Oh & I remember last week I kept asking DH if he smelled the inside of my purse lol. Sense of smell strong. Foods I normally like not an aversion but didn't prefer to eat it.

I hope this helps someone. I was pretty hurt after my Mirena removal that I couldn't conceive month after month as I have two children already. However, thanks to my clomid. Baby #3 is coming. EDD 8/27/15.

Pray & never lose faith to whatever you believe in. GL

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4 Very light BFPs but positive digital!

I can't believe I'm writing this! My hubby and I have been trying for almost a year, and I decided to go to the doctor. She said I had PCOS and most likely couldn't conceive without clomid. So there we were, first month of clomid days 5-9. I'm on cd 31 (14dpo) and got a very faint bfp at 12dpo. Yesterday (13 dpo) I took two more ic and for two faint bfps again! So with afternoon urine, I tested with a clear blue digital, and it was BFP 1-2weeks!!!!!

I might be overthinking, but I'm concerned that the lines are soooooooo light, as I took another ic today, and it almost looks lighter than yesterday?

Help! I need stories of light bfps to either clear my fears or help me prepare for the worst...
Thanks in advance!

3 weeks after removal BFP... Nervous

Coil removed on 19th November, 1 day bleed after, no af since I've had it in so no idea where in my cycle I was. Took it out to let my body get a natural rhythm before really ttc. Haven't been using contraception though and had sex every day. Anyway, started what I thought was af on 6th December for 4 days but light. Felt a bit off yesterday and on a whim did a cheapie Internet test that was positive, in shock went and bought a clear blue with conception and did it that afternoon after holding my wee as long as I could (peeing a lot!). Positive and 1-2 weeks, repeated it this morning with fmu and still positive 1-2 weeks. No idea when I ovulated. Excited but so nervous it won't stick, heard so many stories about miscarriage risk after more a removal and this is so quick. Anyone else in or been in the same boat?

positive at 7dpo?

This is my 1st time posting to a forum, I'm not very good with the lingo, sorry in advance I took a random pregnancy test today and it was positive, so I took another one positive again. I was shocked as we weren't really trying , we were planning to though. I have been charting for the hell of it . so I went back to my chart and its saying I ovulated on the 3rd so that would make me 7dpo the only time I had Did the deed was the 1st. Is this right? Could I have already been pregnant from the month before or something?

conceived on our 12th month :-)

So for the first 9 months of ttc I tracked everything and was on point. Month 10 and 11 I said I wasn't going to pay attention but I still tracked cm and kept a couple of notes. Still tested early to be disappointed. Month 12 I had just came off of a 2 month diet. I was eating healthy which I always do and did nothing different. I didn't track and told my husband after my period came I was going in birth control for 6 months to try and help a lil and give me a break to concentrate on my gym. We all know when TTC that's all we can focus on! I noticed ewcm on tissue in abundance on CD 15 & 16! Noted it in my mind because I never have it even when checking let alone on tissue...maybe once or twice before. Once O was over I realized you know what my boobs don't hurt like usual after O. And I just felt generally crappy like I was gonna vet sick but wasn't yet. Day period was due my boobs swelled up and were tender... no period in morning like usual...I told myself I'd wait a day then I realized how clear my face was! By period time my face is always completely broken out...made me think Mmm...went and got a dollar store test and took it in mid morning. Blank white stated at me by the time the control showed up...I'd seen it too many times so threw it out. And like always went to pee about 40 min later and saw a second pink line. I freaked BC in the prior 11 months I'd never even gotten an evap line. Told myself go get another test and wait for morning. Of course I didn't. I took it that night on dpo 14. Within two min super light second line. Wasn't convinced said I'll wait till morning since it was a two morning took the next and same super faint line. Felt a little discouraged. Asked sisters advice said wait a day get a digi. Well I got the digital on CD 15 and took it with super watered down urine after work in the afternoon...the great is history. I am ecstatic. Sorry for this long story but I can't believe I'm writing it. I'm saying that I'm pregnant! Thank you all for being so wonderful

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