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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

BFP with low ovarian reserve au natural..

Hi all,
I thought I would share my story so that others who are in the same situation can have some hope. I am 39 ( and 3/4!!) and have a 3 1/2 year old son. We were lucky to conceive on first try with no 1 and I had a Mirena put in when he was 6 weeks old as we were not sure if/when we wanted no 2. Well, we did decide to go for no 2 earlier on this year so I had the Mirena removed in April and let nature take its course. We used protection for the first few months while my body got itself sorted out then in July this year I decided to go have my hormones checked to ensure that all was working ok.

What came back was that I had an AMH level of 5.8 pmol/L ( 0 - 13.9 is the range considered for low ovarian reserve) and it was recommended that I go and have a chat to a fertility specialist as I would more that likely have problems conceiving naturally. I was a little upset but not really surprised given my age, but we just went for it and it took 5 months to get a BFP.

The first couple of months of no luck I did some reading about natural ways to boost fertility and put my self on 1500mg of Maca capsules 2 x per day as well as a vitamin b and c supplement. The last 2 months I noticed a huge improvement in my PMS symptoms and cramping ( I honestly though that I was pregnant every other month I had PMS quite badly) we also were having hormonal tracking done in the last 2 months just to see what was going on. And finally, just lots and lots of BDing before and during ovulation.

here is a list of the symptoms I did have..
CD1 Period starts after a couple of days of spotting (normal)
CD 2-5 Normal period, probably the most normal since removal of Mirena ( i.e normal flow as opposed to light)
CD 6-11 BD every day, start to notice some changed in CM, tracking suggesting that ovulation impending
CD 12 Tracking bloods indicate surge, have a date night with hubby and get busy!
CD13 - CD 19 ( DPO 1- 7) Nothing remarkable, Progesterone comes back from 7DPO test as 21, a bit bummed out as it was over 30 the previous month so ovulation wasn't guaranteed to have happened. Also normally have sore breasts by now and nothing
DPO 8. Wake up with breasts sensitive on the sides, went for a bike ride and notice some pink tinged CM on undies afterwards, get a bit suspicious.
DPO 9 Have a bad dizzy spell, needed to lie down ( I got diagnosed with Menieres disease a balance disorder when pregnant and breastfeeding my son but symptoms disappeared when he was weaned, makes me even more suspicious)
DPO 10 Feeling some cramping RHS lower abdomen, breasts still sensitive
DPO 11 Wake up with a headache and a very full bladder, feel quite thirsty all day. Cramping sensations on and off. Sensitive side boobs. Sleep the sleep of the dead that night ( I am normally a light sleeper)
DPO 12 Much the same as day before, decide to POAS after lunch, see a light line come up. Madly google FRER false positive information as am a little shocked.
DPO 13. Darker line of FRER with FMU, decide to check again at lunchtime, line still there!

Have made an appointment with my DR to confirm.

I hope this gives some of you ladies hope.. Good luck and baby dust to all!!

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BFP after chemical pregnancy

I'll start by saying when we first started trying I stalked endlessly on this site and others in a desperate bid to compare symptoms!

Last month I finally got my first BFP only for it to end in a CP. I was devastated and couldn't believe in the space of three days I had gone from elated to devestated. I got straight back on it and the very next cycle I can confirm at 11dpo I got my BFP on a first response. I got a faint line on 9dpo - slightly stronger 10dpo and stronger still today. All I can hope for this time is that it's a sticky bean.

Straight after ovulation I got the same cramps and sore breasts as the CP so I was worrying (well still am I suppose). But this time my bbs are enormous and sore and I feel certain to get a increasing strength of test line that it must be on track.

I wish all of you out there the very best, we ladies are stronger than we think and all this waiting will inevitably make us the best mummies ever.

Baby dust to you all. Xx

BFP first cycle after Mirena IUD removal!

My Mirena IUD came out on Oct 5th. I had been spotting and due for AF for a day or so prior so I am just going to treat 10.5.14 as CD 1. I had a light/long 5-7 day period afterwards. Only had Mirena for about 8 months and didn't love it. Prior to Mirena, I always had typical 28 day cycles, but didn't know what to expect after taking it out and figured it would take awhile to normalize cycles. Hubs and I have been married for 11 yrs and have a 4.5 yr old...I'm 33 and my first pregnancy happened fast/went smoothly. We weren't sure we wanted more or when we wanted more, but decided not to prevent a pregnancy & I was honestly really hoping for it! I think I've had 1-2 chemical pregnancies in the past few years where I could have sworn I was pregnant and saw faint BFPs then got a late/heavy period afterwards.... BOO! This time, felt like I was having symptoms, but refused to get hopes up.

I have no idea when I O'd, but BD'd on CD 16,17,18, and 20. Hurray for a long weekend getaway trip with Husband. O was probably somewhere in there! I did pack some Preseed for the trip and we did use it!

5DPO - Had some light cramping & spotting (Related to Mirena removal or Implantation maybe... this seems early for implantation but I could be off by a few days on maybe?)

7DPO - Started seeing evap/faint lines after test period on expired Wondfos that I still had...Googled Batch and is known for being a questionable and giving false positives. Too early and too unreliable, but there! Really crabby and short-tempered all day. Ordered new batch of Wondfos! Clumpy sticky CM - Not sure this is normal for me....

8DPO - Faint Wondfo lines after test period on old strips. Tender BBs, moody, a little more tired than usual.

9DPO - Faint wondfo lines after test period on sketchy strips. Hate them, but am just going to throw them away otherwise and can't help myself. BBs sore. Strange dreams.

10DPO - Bought DollarTree cheapies and now have new batch of Wondfos. BFNs on both! Not even a chance those are positive. Still getting faint lines on the old wondfo batch but don't trust them!! HORRIBLE backache in the evening like super bad AF cramps coming. Crazy weird dreams. BBs tender and full. CM sticky and nothing special or different.

11DPO - BFP with FMU - Faint positives on Dollartree and new Wondfo strips within test limit!! The lines are so faint, but FOR REAL on both tests!!! Hard to see in pics, but they are there. Feel a touch nauseated, BBs a little tender. Excited! Feel like it is still too soon to tell ANYONE. So am just posting here even though it is really early! Could be anywhere from 10DPO - 13 DPO right now... hard to know....Hope baby sticks and is healthy and we get to tell our families at Christmas! Read somewhere that there is a higher chance of miscarriage & twins right after Mirena removal --- Yikes! Praying for smooth sailing & maybe a girl this time!

Summary - The biggest giveaway for me was the dreams. I had WILD dreams during my first pregnancy and started having crazy dreams around 8DPO that made me think this might be happening. BBs were more sore than I ever get during PMS. The backache at 10DPO was fierce. Possible implantation spotting at 5-7DPO. Hard to know on a lot of symptoms as I've read Mirena removal causes all sorts of pregnancy symptoms so I tried not to get too excited. BFPs are real, though! This site is great for checking and comparing symptoms. I love it. Happy Baby Dreams to All!!

scared to share...don't want to jinx it!

I am 5+4 today and was lucky enough to get a BP quickly. I got an IUD after I had my daughter and have been wanting another baby for awhile but she is a challenging kiddo so it has been a hard sell to my husband. My SIL got pregnant and he finally agreed so my IUD came out the last week of Aug and I had just started with light bleeding which was heavy the rest if the week. Sept I wasn't even sure I would ovulate (not testing) but I got an app on my phone and AF came right on time on Sept 19th. Based on the apps prediction my ovulation should have been around the first and my husband was sick so I figured we missed the best time we had tried a fee days before ovulation was due but CM was sticky I thought on the 3rd so we tried anyway. About a week or so later (don't know exact days) I was having weird cramps and kept hoping for implantation bleeding like I had with my first and it never came. I was having difficulty sleeping and then started getting up around 1-2 am to go to the bathroom which I never do. I decided to test even though about 6 days or so before my period and it was a BFN. The symptoms continued as well as feeling incredibly thirsty all the time which made me run to the bathroom more. I took another test about 4 days before AF expected and it was a super light BFP, took another the next day and a tiny bit darker and next day darker. The day before I was due for AF my doc (who is a friend) ordered a blood test and it was positive...I also had a digital test come up positive and have had 2 of the clear blue easy tests go from 2-3 weeks to 3+ weeks. I'm still getting pains in my lower abdomen so scared it could be ectopic and my ultrasound is in the 7th. I am so afraid to jinx it since I am 35yo and know it puts me at higher risk but wanted to share since I have been stalking the site for awhile.

Good luck to everyone and hope all your beans stick!

Cycle 2 after MC. TTC 14 months.

I got my second BFP a week ago today at 12 DPO. We had a miscarriage in August and have been actively trying since. I had a feeling very early on that this was the month and I knew I was pregnant. I did chart, but didn't have a classic rise in temp following ovulation (happened later in my cycle). Cycles had been very strange since IUD removal last August and ovulation has been hard to predict. I think the MC set my cycles back to normal because for the first time in what feels like forever, I ovulated when I was supposed to. Had a beta on 16 DPO and it was 85, second was on 18 DPO and was 211. I have my US in two weeks and I cannot wait. The symptoms I had this cycle were:
Nasal congestion
Sore boobs
Sharp tugging in lower abdomen
Higher BBT
Just knew

I am very scared, but have a good feeling about this pregnancy as does my Dr. Wishing luck luck and baby dust to everyone!!

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It happens when you least expect it to!

I have been reading through everyone's struggle to conceive and relating to just about all your stories....

Well here's mine...

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years, first year I had my mirena removed and was told by my gynae that as a result from the mirena I had very thin walls which would make it very difficult to carry a child so we should have protected sex for at least 3 months. - Which we did -was weird considering we're married. I had heard that folic acid helps to thicken the lining of your uterus walls so I started taking them.
After 3 months we started for several months to no avail :( we were so disappointed went back to my gynae and her said all was fine with me have we considered having my hubby checked, he recommended a urologist. After doing his first S/A we found that his count was less than 1 mil I was devastated and as you can imagine so was my hubby. Was told to wait 3 months a he suggested my hubby take Staminagrow a vitamin. After 3 month we went back and his count was worse than the first S/A at this point I had lost all hope and got frustrated when the he told us to come back 3 months again. When we came back again his count was 0.5mil his testosterone levels were slightly low too. At this point the Urologist said that it looks like ICSI is our only option and it's best we look for a fertility specialist. I was in tears. My gynae gave me clomid even though I didn't have a problem with ovulation I took it in June X5 50mg the first 5 days of my period. Nothing happened, got my period like clock work at the end of July forgot to take the clomid the day I started took it only twice. Ended being admitted to hospital for chronic bronchitis. They were pumping me with steroids as my lungs had basically collapsed and different antibiotics I was there for 4 days - knew it was my ovulation week so told hubby we needed to BD LoL he was like where...lets just say I made a plan -desperate measures calls for drastic moves :) we felt like teenagers again.
Took all the meds that was prescribed to me just wanting to get better so we could continue TTC.
2 weeks later I was waiting for AF to arrive and nothing, not wanting to get too excited over nothing and sure didn't feel pregnant I am usually a 28-29 day cycle when we eventually got to 32 days I still didn't want to test in fear of the BFN I called my gynae and he told me to wait till I was 10 days late then call him to make an appointment, boobs were sore, lil bit of nausea, increase in appetite, insomina and terrible mood swings was snapping at everyone which is so unlike me.
On my 37th day I was seeing a ENT specialist and found out that they are going to have to operate on me and he asked if I was pregnant to which I replied not that I know of however I am late and he asked me how long is my cycle and so forth and he said he thinks I am pregnant however he cannot operate on me till we know. So called my gynae told him I needed to know he told me to do a blood test as it would be best considering the time frame with me and my Op.

Called him this morning and was told POSITIVE - I am officially pregnant!

So all I can say to all you ladies do ever loose hope - God knows best, His timing is always perfect.
From being told ICSI is our only option to conceiving naturally.

Baby Dust to all...

Please help!!! Late, loopy, faint, and negative after negative

Okay.. First off I have two beautiful boys (11months apart). We were originally informed we couldn't have children because of my husbands condition but that is a whole other story. As for today, I am totally baffled and need some help/ advice. I had my iud removed several months ago and my periods have been regular (they were regular with the iud too). Last month I got my period on the 15th of July and had expected it to come the 12th of August. Around the time of ovulation- a bit after- I had dark spotting/ discharge for two days. It was not a period. My periods are heavy, bright red, and last 7 days. I literally felt pregnant. I had cramping and a heaviness in my uterus. I took a test 5 days before my missed period but it was negative. I took one the day before; negative. I waited until 5 days late; negative and then on 8 days late I took a test that seemed blurry and another right after that was negative. When I look at the first test which would have had the more concentrated levels of the hormone there is a very thin faint blue line and on the 2nd one there is nothing so I don't think the first one was an evaporation line or I would have seen it on the second. However, I bought another test at 9days late (this time a red line test) and it said negative. My nose is so sensitive and I've been constipated and also every time I stand up I'm dizzy. What is going on?!?! Could I still be pregnant??

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Pregnant at 45 naturally

My DH and I decided to TTC our first together. I was worried about my age and if it was even possible at this point, but no reason not to try. So I went to the gyn/ob and had my Mirena IUD pulled and of course he gave me the are you sure speech with all the possible negatives. I decided that this was going to be done naturally or not at all. I didn't want to do all the medications etc. After 8 months of disappointing BFN's I was on the verge of giving up. So on my 9th cycle I decided to let what happens happen and not worry too much. Well, it ended up being our cycle! It IS possible to get pregnant naturally at the age of 45. Don't get me wrong, I will be worried until we get the ultrasound done and tests to make sure all is well. The ob/gyn made sure to let me know that m/c's are very common at this age. sigh I'm holding on to the fact that I'm thankful to have never had a m/c and my AF cycles have been perfectly normal so I'm hopeful all will be fine.

AF lasted 2 days as normal
cd12 temp spike telling me I ovulated. We DTD on cd10, cd12, cd13
1dpo constipation, bloated, gassy
2dpo bloated, diarrhea, gassy
3dpo Allergies acting up, gums swollen and bleeding, bloated, bad diarrhea still, tired w/headache and heartburn. I was VERY irritable. Everything was getting on my nerves and I broke out on my chin.
5dpo bloated, tender BB's, tired
6dpo backache, bloated, tired, heartburn, irritable, sleep deprived
7dpo same as 6dpo
8dpo same b/c with some nausea
9dpo Had a dream that I had implantation, had temp drop. same symptoms as before
10dpo Had pink spotting off and on, same symptoms
11dpo pink spotting in the morning only when i wipe. Diarrhea again
12dpo same symptoms, positive HPT!
13dpo Had more spotting but light reddish color...made me alittle worried, another positive with Clearblue digi "pregnant". Spotting stopped after the morning.
16 dpo Another positive HPT

Someone made the comment that maybe I have twins b/c of the spotting at two different days. The thought scares me! LOL Anyway.... pregnant naturally at 45 is possible!!

BFP After 11 Months TTC

FINALLY!!!! I get to share my BFP story. These have been a God send for me in the last several months and I cannot believe that it is my turn. I had mirena removed 8/20/13 and have TTC ever since. I have had a really rough last few months getting BFN's, so I didnt chart or do OPK's this cycle. All we really did differently was BD'd every other day the entire month. Part of our issue getting PG was that we dont know when I ovulate every month. I guess it worked this time :) I used an internet cheapie and got a very faint second line. I had used all of my good tests in previous months and I decided against buying anymore since all they have been up to this point was a waste of money. Bad decision, because I was looking like a hot mess running through Wal-Mart at 6:30 this morning to buy and CB digi with weeks predictor. That confirmed it for me. I have an appointment today to get bloodwork to confirm. The only symptoms I noticed this cycle were:
-pulling in abdomen
-sore gums
-stomach ache (no nausea)
-tender nipples

Baby dust to all of you and please pray for me that this little bean sticks!!

BFP ttc 4 cycles after Mirena Removal

hi everyone im so excited to be sharing my BFP story. i had the mirena iud put in 2 weeks after i gave birth to my son. i had it in for a total of 4 1/2 years. i had my mirena removed on April 17, i started my period on the 20th and bled for 3 days. luckily my cycles were back but it was short 24 day cycles with a 11 luteal phase. we started to try every month since April i never did my temps i just went off of my ovulation calendar app on my phone and each month i thought i was pregnant. i had all the symptoms but it was just symptoms that my period was right around the corner. except this month i had some symptoms but not as bad and i honestly thought that i wasn't going to be pregnant this month. but to my surprise today at 10dpo i got a BFP!!! i first tested at 8 dpo bc i couldn't wait and i got a BFN. after the time elapsed i thought i could see the faintest of faint lines but thought it was a evap line. k heres my list of symptoms
0 day cramping like i was ovulating
1-5 dpo nothing
6-7 dpo stuffy nose
8 dpo BFN sore bb and light cramping in the backround a couple twinges and stomach pains near belly button and lil bit of brown discharge on panties
9 dpo woke up early with sharp cramps but i thought it was gas cramps and i had loose stools in the am tmi sorry and gassy with slight cramps all day
10 dpo got 2 BFP with FMU with dollar tree test then went out n bought FRES test and i got a BFP with that one too. im so excited. my symptoms are just cramps it feels like cramps like my period is about to start and loose stools.. im just so excited and i cant wait to share this news with my DH when he gets home from work

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