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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

Cycle 2 after MC. TTC 14 months.

I got my second BFP a week ago today at 12 DPO. We had a miscarriage in August and have been actively trying since. I had a feeling very early on that this was the month and I knew I was pregnant. I did chart, but didn't have a classic rise in temp following ovulation (happened later in my cycle). Cycles had been very strange since IUD removal last August and ovulation has been hard to predict. I think the MC set my cycles back to normal because for the first time in what feels like forever, I ovulated when I was supposed to. Had a beta on 16 DPO and it was 85, second was on 18 DPO and was 211. I have my US in two weeks and I cannot wait. The symptoms I had this cycle were: Nasal congestion Sore boobs Sharp tugging in lower abdomen Tired Higher BBT Just knew I am very scared, but have a good feeling about this pregnancy as does my Dr. Wishing luck luck and baby dust to everyone!!
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It happens when you least expect it to!

I have been reading through everyone's struggle to conceive and relating to just about all your stories.... Well here's mine... My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years, first year I had my mirena removed and was told by my gynae that as a result from the mirena I had very thin walls which would make it very difficult to carry a child so we should have protected sex for at least 3 months. - Which we did -was weird considering we're married. I had heard that folic acid helps to thicken the lining of your uterus walls so I started taking them. After 3 months we started for several months to no avail :( we were so disappointed went back to my gynae and her said all was fine with me have we considered having my hubby checked, he recommended a urologist. After doing his first S/A we found that his count was less than 1 mil I was devastated and as you can imagine so was my hubby. Was told to wait 3 months a he suggested my hubby take Staminagrow a vitamin. After 3 month we went back and his count was worse than the first S/A at this point I had lost all hope and got frustrated when the he told us to come back 3 months again. When we came back again his count was 0.5mil his testosterone levels were slightly low too. At this point the Urologist said that it looks like ICSI is our only option and it's best we look for a fertility specialist. I was in tears. My gynae gave me clomid even though I didn't have a problem with ovulation I took it in June X5 50mg the first 5 days of my period. Nothing happened, got my period like clock work at the end of July forgot to take the clomid the day I started took it only twice. Ended being admitted to hospital for chronic bronchitis. They were pumping me with steroids as my lungs had basically collapsed and different antibiotics I was there for 4 days - knew it was my ovulation week so told hubby we needed to BD LoL he was like where...lets just say I made a plan -desperate measures calls for drastic moves :) we felt like teenagers again. Took all the meds that was prescribed to me just wanting to get better so we could continue TTC. 2 weeks later I was waiting for AF to arrive and nothing, not wanting to get too excited over nothing and sure didn't feel pregnant I am usually a 28-29 day cycle when we eventually got to 32 days I still didn't want to test in fear of the BFN I called my gynae and he told me to wait till I was 10 days late then call him to make an appointment, boobs were sore, lil bit of nausea, increase in appetite, insomina and terrible mood swings was snapping at everyone which is so unlike me. On my 37th day I was seeing a ENT specialist and found out that they are going to have to operate on me and he asked if I was pregnant to which I replied not that I know of however I am late and he asked me how long is my cycle and so forth and he said he thinks I am pregnant however he cannot operate on me till we know. So called my gynae told him I needed to know he told me to do a blood test as it would be best considering the time frame with me and my Op. Called him this morning and was told POSITIVE - I am officially pregnant! So all I can say to all you ladies do ever loose hope - God knows best, His timing is always perfect. From being told ICSI is our only option to conceiving naturally. Baby Dust to all...

Please help!!! Late, loopy, faint, and negative after negative

Okay.. First off I have two beautiful boys (11months apart). We were originally informed we couldn't have children because of my husbands condition but that is a whole other story. As for today, I am totally baffled and need some help/ advice. I had my iud removed several months ago and my periods have been regular (they were regular with the iud too). Last month I got my period on the 15th of July and had expected it to come the 12th of August. Around the time of ovulation- a bit after- I had dark spotting/ discharge for two days. It was not a period. My periods are heavy, bright red, and last 7 days. I literally felt pregnant. I had cramping and a heaviness in my uterus. I took a test 5 days before my missed period but it was negative. I took one the day before; negative. I waited until 5 days late; negative and then on 8 days late I took a test that seemed blurry and another right after that was negative. When I look at the first test which would have had the more concentrated levels of the hormone there is a very thin faint blue line and on the 2nd one there is nothing so I don't think the first one was an evaporation line or I would have seen it on the second. However, I bought another test at 9days late (this time a red line test) and it said negative. My nose is so sensitive and I've been constipated and also every time I stand up I'm dizzy. What is going on?!?! Could I still be pregnant??
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Pregnant at 45 naturally

My DH and I decided to TTC our first together. I was worried about my age and if it was even possible at this point, but no reason not to try. So I went to the gyn/ob and had my Mirena IUD pulled and of course he gave me the are you sure speech with all the possible negatives. I decided that this was going to be done naturally or not at all. I didn't want to do all the medications etc. After 8 months of disappointing BFN's I was on the verge of giving up. So on my 9th cycle I decided to let what happens happen and not worry too much. Well, it ended up being our cycle! It IS possible to get pregnant naturally at the age of 45. Don't get me wrong, I will be worried until we get the ultrasound done and tests to make sure all is well. The ob/gyn made sure to let me know that m/c's are very common at this age. sigh I'm holding on to the fact that I'm thankful to have never had a m/c and my AF cycles have been perfectly normal so I'm hopeful all will be fine. AF lasted 2 days as normal cd12 temp spike telling me I ovulated. We DTD on cd10, cd12, cd13 1dpo constipation, bloated, gassy 2dpo bloated, diarrhea, gassy 3dpo Allergies acting up, gums swollen and bleeding, bloated, bad diarrhea still, tired w/headache and heartburn. I was VERY irritable. Everything was getting on my nerves and I broke out on my chin. 5dpo bloated, tender BB's, tired 6dpo backache, bloated, tired, heartburn, irritable, sleep deprived 7dpo same as 6dpo 8dpo same b/c with some nausea 9dpo Had a dream that I had implantation, had temp drop. same symptoms as before 10dpo Had pink spotting off and on, same symptoms 11dpo pink spotting in the morning only when i wipe. Diarrhea again 12dpo same symptoms, positive HPT! 13dpo Had more spotting but light reddish color...made me alittle worried, another positive with Clearblue digi "pregnant". Spotting stopped after the morning. 16 dpo Another positive HPT Someone made the comment that maybe I have twins b/c of the spotting at two different days. The thought scares me! LOL Anyway.... pregnant naturally at 45 is possible!!

BFP After 11 Months TTC

FINALLY!!!! I get to share my BFP story. These have been a God send for me in the last several months and I cannot believe that it is my turn. I had mirena removed 8/20/13 and have TTC ever since. I have had a really rough last few months getting BFN's, so I didnt chart or do OPK's this cycle. All we really did differently was BD'd every other day the entire month. Part of our issue getting PG was that we dont know when I ovulate every month. I guess it worked this time :) I used an internet cheapie and got a very faint second line. I had used all of my good tests in previous months and I decided against buying anymore since all they have been up to this point was a waste of money. Bad decision, because I was looking like a hot mess running through Wal-Mart at 6:30 this morning to buy and CB digi with weeks predictor. That confirmed it for me. I have an appointment today to get bloodwork to confirm. The only symptoms I noticed this cycle were: -pulling in abdomen -sore gums -stomach ache (no nausea) -tender nipples Baby dust to all of you and please pray for me that this little bean sticks!!

BFP ttc 4 cycles after Mirena Removal

hi everyone im so excited to be sharing my BFP story. i had the mirena iud put in 2 weeks after i gave birth to my son. i had it in for a total of 4 1/2 years. i had my mirena removed on April 17, i started my period on the 20th and bled for 3 days. luckily my cycles were back but it was short 24 day cycles with a 11 luteal phase. we started to try every month since April i never did my temps i just went off of my ovulation calendar app on my phone and each month i thought i was pregnant. i had all the symptoms but it was just symptoms that my period was right around the corner. except this month i had some symptoms but not as bad and i honestly thought that i wasn't going to be pregnant this month. but to my surprise today at 10dpo i got a BFP!!! i first tested at 8 dpo bc i couldn't wait and i got a BFN. after the time elapsed i thought i could see the faintest of faint lines but thought it was a evap line. k heres my list of symptoms 0 day cramping like i was ovulating 1-5 dpo nothing 6-7 dpo stuffy nose 8 dpo BFN sore bb and light cramping in the backround a couple twinges and stomach pains near belly button and lil bit of brown discharge on panties 9 dpo woke up early with sharp cramps but i thought it was gas cramps and i had loose stools in the am tmi sorry and gassy with slight cramps all day 10 dpo got 2 BFP with FMU with dollar tree test then went out n bought FRES test and i got a BFP with that one too. im so excited. my symptoms are just cramps it feels like cramps like my period is about to start and loose stools.. im just so excited and i cant wait to share this news with my DH when he gets home from work
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BFP at 12 dpo

I have been a lurker here for the past 6 months and am excited to post my own story since all of yours have helped me so much mentally and emotionally. These stories carried so much hope for me! Even though 6 months isn't very long, it messed with my head anyway. Backstory: I got Mirena removed (had it for 6 years) end of January. This was our 5th cycle trying because my first 2 cycles post-Mirena were 35 days and they got shorter each month until they are now regulated at 29 days. Me: 31 DH: 30 Things I did different this month: I had been using OPKs since the first cycle off Mirena and always got a surge. So that was good. My sister said she conceived when she stopped tracking it, just have fun, stop worrying, and that is exactly what we did this month. I HATE when people say to "stop trying" because I know plenty of people who got pregnant when they "started trying" but it worked for us. I also took 600mg guaifenesin (mucinex) from CD 10- CD 20 once per day. I felt crazy doing it but I am a CF carrier and I read somewhere that if you have asthma, allergies, and sinus issues (which I do) then it can be harder to conceive b/c your mucus is thicker. It could be a total load of you know what but I thought whatever, it's just a pill once a day and I tried it to see if it would thin my mucus. It definitely did! I have no idea if that's what did the trick or not this month though. 1 DPO - gassy, diarrhea, moody (it's how I know it was day after O, this is normal for me) 2-5 DPO - acne, VERY sleepless every night, headaches (all normal PMS for me) 6-9 DPO bbs sore to the touch (also normal PMS for me, get this every month, it sucks) 10 DPO - BFN :( Weird pulsing in V area. like I could feel my heart beat in there (increased blood flow? this was not normal). Almost threw up which can sometimes happen to me in PMS but it's rare. Bbs hurt terribly. 11 DPO - Nauseous, almost threw up again, pulsing in the V continued, AF cramps. Bbbs hurt worse than ever, nipples sting. VERY faint positive on internet dip sticks. So faint I could only see it in bright light against a white background. DH thought I was insane :) but my sister saw it. 12 DPO - Bbs still hurt, very tired, weird dreams, tons of creamy wet CM (tmi), then light but very obvious BFP w/ FMU on internet cheapies. Can't believe it!!! I hope it sticks! This would be our first. Baby dust to all!
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BFP When I decided I was fine without having another child!

Well like most say when you stop thinking about it it will happen but I must say I never stopped thinking about having another baby, my perception just changed. My hubby and I decided we were ready to have our first child together in 2012 (I have a 6 year old daughter from a previous marriage and he has two sons ages 12 & 13 from a previous marriage) So I decided to get my Mirena taken out. I thought once I got it taken out I would immediately get pregnant but following the removal I had very irregular cycles and extreme cramps. Just about every month I would think I was pregnant because my period was never regulated I had cycles range from 28 days to 65 days, and I was regular before and during my IUD. Anyway once we reached the year and a half mark I started realizing we weren't ready for another baby and it's a good thing it hadn't happen yet I also told myself and others I'm fine with the children we have we don't need another one... Well fast forward to March my cycle was late like always I think I was at day 36 or so but I didn't have any symptoms out of the ordinary but one Friday night I suddenly came down with a stomach virus (or so I thought) my stomach was cramping really bad and I had diarrhea. So my hubby took care of me and at the 24 hour mark I felt much better. About a week went by and I told my husband that I still hadn't gotten my period and I think I should test he said I doubt you're pregnant why waste money on a test... I said well just go to the dollar store and I'll get a 1 dollar test so we did. As soon as I got home I took the test within seconds the two lines came up and all I could say was "oh my God" (I had to call on God because I didn't believe it) I said to my husband this thing is positive and he said you're lying! So I showed him and he just laughed! I didn't believe it so I called my husband's job clinic and asked could I come in to get a pregnancy test they said as long as I come before 4 it was about 3:15 so we hurried there... Took the test and BAM! Positive! I was shocked but soon after it turned into excitement. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, what my hubby wanted so badly! I'm due November 24th and we cannot wait to meet our little lady! So ladies my words to you that are trying, when God is ready to open your womb He will do it in His timing... don't put to much thought into it just enjoy the time with your spouse! And I promise in due time you'll get what your heart desires!

Exactly like PMT

I'm 38 and I think I got pregnant the very first time we tried so it CAN happen. I also have mild endo and had a lap at the end of April. I had a few symptoms but I genuinely didn't think this would happen so quickly. 8dpo - I woke up to an orgasm dream. 9dpo - I fely that warm heavy feeling in my uterus like AF was doing her thing. Did POAS, BFN 10dpo - Feel very emotional, bit a few peoples heads off, vivid dreams 11dpo - Feeling exactly like AF is coming, warm when I wake up. POAS - BFN 12dpo - Woke up again with AF warm uterus feeling, POAS - BFN (think I'm mental for even peeing on these sticks) 13dpo - Think I'm imagining a metallic taste. 14dpo - Wee waves of very mild nausea all day, feel jittery, really bloody/metallic taste - starting to think I'm going mental. Tested with FRER, BFP. 15dpo - (didn't sleep last night) Woke up and did a digital test - 1-2 weeks pregnant! Still in shock. Oh, forgot to mention constipation, I've been constipated for about a week.
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BFP after Mirena, 1st cycle TTC

So I'm 14 dpo and I got a faint line on a 99 cent store cheapie hpt. Can u see it? I'm fighting feeling crazy because some ppl (those who aren't ttc can't see it, DH can tho :)... I got my mirena removed mid June, and ovulated July 1st just like Period Tracker guesstimated. I felt a sharp pain st my right ovary and knew I just reread an egg. We BDd daily 6/26-7/2. BBs have been badly sore, hurts to even lay on my tummy. Ewcm since O day. Nagging headache, sore throat, bloating, slight cramps/ twinges, and feeling foggy. So, pls tell me y'all see a line. AF is due today and I don't think she'll come...
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