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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

BFP 6months after Mirena

I have been ttc for about 6 months now with luck. I am so happy to finally have my BFP! I was really surprised because I really had no obvious symptoms:
0-7dpo nothing
7-14dpo I can eat everything and never feel full! My boobs don't hurt like they normally do before period, I cramped maybe once. I had little to no cm. on 14th day vagina was very sore, it hurt to wipe. I was also very tired felt like body was so heavy! Acid reflux was bad (but I usually have acid reflux)
15 dpo I spotted bright red and then light pink, it was very small dot, but that's how my periods usually start. No spots the rest of day which is weird, and I was very energetic. Acid reflux
16dpo no spotting, only difference is my boobs started to hurt, mostly on top
17dpo I still noticed my boobs hurt but were now heaving filling and nipples were reddish in color, hardly an cm, and very thirsty, oh and been having weird dreams
18dpo decided to test and sure enough BFP!!!!! Boobs still hurt, but no other symptoms

This month I started to work out, and take calcium supplements. Not sure of that helped, but it's worth a try :)

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Bfp at 9dpo

Hello all, I've been stalking this site since I had my mirena iud removed September 2013. My periods came back right away ranging from 28 to 30 days. From October through December my husband and I were not trying but not preventing either, we already have a almost 4 year old son and are 25 years old. We had a chemical pregnancy in November, faintly positive test for two days that got lighter then AF showed early. I started temping and charting in January as well as using opk's except for this month! Anyways here is my dpo list

March 24th 1st day of cycle.

I didn't use opk's this month but had a clear huge thermal shift on April 12th so I ovulted on cycle day 19 which is a little late for me. However this was the clearest jump on temp I had ever had i I think over a whole degree jump!

Dpo days 1 through 9 I have nothing to report because I chose not to stress it this month and we were busy with Easter coming and family visiting!

At 9 dpo( Easter morning) I woke up earlier than everyone else and figured I would test just for fun with a first response lo an behold it had a faint but clear line at the ten minute mark!

I took another first response at 10 dpo with first morning urine and it was darker than the day before, still after chemical wasn't getting my hopes up! I notice this day I was extremly tired and took a nap which I never do! At 10 pm that night I took a clear blue digital that came up pregnant within three minutes.

11 dpo I used another first response with fmu and again it was darker than the previous days test. Wasn't as tired this day and started thinking another chemical!

12 dpo got another pregnant on digital with fmu starte feeling queasy and dizzy at various times of the day especially at night. Also had a weird vivid dream on this night.

That brings me to today at 13 dpo, I've been having some slight cramping on and off since 9dpo. Today I took a first response and clear blue digital with the estimator. First response came up instantly and is darker than the control. Estimator said pregnant 2-3 which ligns up since I'm two weeks from conception tommorrow and due for AF tommorrow
The only other thing I can add is that I've felt extremly wet down there the last week tmi I know. My temps have also been whats normal for me after ovulation but have stayed high instead of dropping like they normally do! I have also been taking evening primrose capsules till ovulation to help with cm and vitamin b6 and folic acid vitamins!

I'm still not trying to get my hopes up cause I'm only 4 weeks and I've miscarried before. I'm driving myself crazy with eptopic and chemical pregnancy worries, so much so that I haven't told my husband or anyone but you lovely ladies about this. I'm not sure how long I'll hold out from telling my husband but know if it sticks we will keep it to ourselves for a few months as we didn't tell anyone till I was six months along with our son!
Anyways sorry this post is so long I'm hoping it may help others ttc in some way! Hope all you have a blessed day!

10DPO BFP, 3 months after Mirena, Preseed

I could not be happier at the moment! I am so thankful for this site and all of its users during the past 3 months of the torturous 2ww! I didn't want to admit I had low EWCM during my fertile days, but I finally came to terms with it and we tried Preseed-AWESOME STUFF!

The new symptoms I had this month have been: Heartburn, dizzy spells, severe acne, boobs become sore earlier than 7dpo, and exhaustion.

1DPO: slight dizzy spells, clear stringy mucus when I wiped, 97.5
2DPO: lotion-like CM, slight twitch on left side (where I O'd), slippery sticky CM, slight dizzy spells, 98.2
3DPO: Thick sticky CM-My underwear was a mess, cramping, backache when I bent over, nipples/boobs a little sore, felt bloated and full, chills in the evening, some O pain, 97.8
4DPO: Heartburn when I awoke and in the afternoon/evening, Sneezing, O Pain, 7 PIMPLES, boobs sore underneath, slight dizzy spells, 97.8
5DPO: Could not wake up-coffee didn't even help, Cramping(dull, on & off all day), mild heartburn after lunch, boobs sore underneath, slightly dizzy, 97.6
6DPO:EWCM, Cramping, sore boobs, allergies?, dizzy at times, PIMPLES, Asleep at 5pm-dead tired, 97.8
7DPO: Lots of creamy CM-yellowish ting, boobs sore, boobs sore, dizzy spells, PIMPLES!(go away already), slight panic attack on DH for buying golf shoes (they were on sale), exhausted by 5pm and asleep by 8pm, 97.6
8DPO: Creamy CM, Sore boobs, 2 new pimples (they're here to stay), asleep by 7:30pm, 97.7
9DPO: Milky CM-decreasing, sore boobs, HUNGRY, dizzy once, Tired-nap after work, extreme thirst after nap, lack of patience, cravings sweets, 98.2
10DPO: BFP!!! Used Dollar Tree Cramping, hungry, solid nap, 98.4
11DPO: Awake by 4am, BFP! Used FRER. Cramping-like AF, the squeezing! Wow! Hungry, nipples start to hurt, loose stools and asleep by 9, 98.2
12DPO: Awake at 3am, Cramping

Handstands, preseed, and instead cups

I stalked this website and many others for several months trying to get a BFP. Trying everything possible naturally to get pregnant as quickly as possible. I had been trying for a year with my fi. He is 44 and I am 22. I initially thought he was the problem. I got checked and was totally healthy. I have regular cycles and ovulate monthly, while he on the other hand refused to get his SA checked until recently. His ego obviously. We compromised and said if we didn't get pregnant this cycle he is getting checked.

I had been taking herbal supplements like vitex, soy isoflavone, royal jelly, conceive easy, maca, ect on and off for the last nine months. This month I stopped all the supplements and just ate healthy. I'm an on/off vegan too by the way, but I occasionally eat seafood when I want.

I also used preseed and instead cups religiously from cd 11 to cd 21 in case I missed the Lh surge. I did a handstand against the wall in the morning and at night from cd 11 to cd 22 (I know silly, but desperate at this point). I have a 29 day cycle. I ovulated late this cycle on cd 19 instead of the usual cd14/15. I also ate sunflower seeds and pineapple core from 1dpo to 6dpo to help implantation.

This morning with fmu, I got my BFP at 10dpo on an ic. My fi and I are overjoyed. His swimmers just needed a little push from gravity, preseed, and instead cups. Thanks ladies for all of your insight and funny comments that kept me sane during ttc this past year.

Here are my symptoms ladies:
O day: woke up very hot, sinus pressure, stuffy nose, ears popping, bad nightmares, and just generally felt really wet down below, ovulation pain

1dpo: increased sex drive, irritable, increased appetite after recently not being in the mood to eat, high energy

2dpo: symptoms from day before continue but moodier. Feel really out of it. Sad, don't want to interact with fi or anyone. Took a walk and I guess my sadness was so obvious a random Korean man hugged and kissed me on the cheek to cheer me up didn't like that.

3dpo: gassy and sense of sense sharpened

4dpo: nauseous and strong sense of smell. I went off on my fi. Gave him a verbal tongue lashing via text. I usually give him the benefit of the doubt, especially since he's stressed out from work, but I gave him a new was really bad.

5dpo: more weird dreams

6dpo: wake up really hot. And I'm still super hungry and gassy. Fi noted weight gain from last week :/.

7dpo: serious cavemen lol or rabbit like. I had a drop in temp today looked like an implantation dip. Fingers crossed

8dpo: irritable and in a bad mood again. Totally want to unleash on my poor fi, but I keep it to myself.

9dpo: more detailed weird dreams still really hot like 99.4. I have the chills too now. Trying not to test even though my temps are elevated still.

10dpo (today): tested with fmu and I got my First BFP... Faint but visible. Af due tomorrow. My FI is all proud of himself lol. I'm very happy to finally be able to include my own tww story :D. Baby dust to all of u ladies still ttc and or in their own tww.

BFP After Spotting!

I have stalked this site for months, so I feel obligated to share my success story. I am 32 years old, husband is 33. We have a 3 year old son and have been trying to conceive since the summer of 2013 when I had Mirena removed. I got a positive HPT in September 2013, that ended in a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks. I then had a chemical pregnancy in December 2013. We have been somewhat trying since January and today I finally got my BFP! I am hoping and praying this one sticks! About the only thing we did was use Preseed, we BD'ed at night and I stayed lying down, didn't get up for entire evening each time, and I take a prenatal vitamin. I have fairly regular 28 day cycles, my period is usually 3-4 days and fairly light. Here are the details -
CD1 -3 period
CD4 - already cramping like O pains
CD5 - Breakout on chest and back EWCM BD before going to bed, stayed in bed all night
CD6 - Noticeable amount of wetness/cm BD before going to bed, stayed in bed all night
CD7 - bad diarrhea, dizzy, areolas are huge and dark, veins visible in breasts
CD8 - BD in PM, breasts/areolas still huge, CM creamy
CD9 - Diarrhea and nausea in am, exhausted, moody
CD11,12 - BD both nights, EWCM no need for preseed, felt sick - nausea, cramping, lots of pooping both days
CD15 - woke up with huge zit between mouth and nose, BD in PM, stayed lying down again for entire night
CD16 - Nipples very sore/tender, bad headache in afternoon/evening, BD again in PM stayed in bed all night
CD18 - Sharp twinge of brief pain on my left side at 6:45am
CD19 - BD
CD20 - Dizzy several times throughout the day, bloody cm when checking cervix in the evening, stuffy nose
CD21 - Peeing a lot in the morning, super moody and snapped at my husband in the afternoon, slight nausea and heightened sense of smell, legs/hips/boobs very veiny, still bloody CM when checking, nothing coming out on panties though.
CD22 - woke up at 4:30am with period like cramping, EWCM, diarrhea and headache. Realized boobs are not sore at all, normally they are after o, nipples/areolas are dark and large. Runny/stuffy nose, cramping throughout the day, still having bloody cm only when checking
CD24 - CM is now brown (old blood) when checking
CD26 - Heightened sense of smell, almost threw up on train due to smell, increased appetite, little clumps of brown/almost black cm when wiping
CD27 - BFP!!! at 6am with FMU almost immediately, used a FRER

I hope this helps others waiting. I thought it was strange when I started spotting on CD 20, I'm guessing it was implantation or breakthrough bleeding. Best of luck and baby dust to everyone!

BFP 15 DPO- Don't give up hope!

I can't believe that I'm actually writing on here since I've been the one religiously looking through these stories day after day searching for a story that seemed similar to mine to keep the hope alive that I would get my BFP. Well it finally happened and couldn't have happened better! These forums truly has been so helpful so I want to share my story and all my symptoms so hopefully they will help someone like you!

I'm 28 and this will be my first. I have a 28 day cycle and although I don't temp I'm assuming my O happened between the 15 and 17th of march. I BD on both the 15 and 17th. So I'm for timelines sake, I'll start my O on the 16th Here we go:

DPO 1: nada- BD
DPO 2: headache and creamy CM
DPO 3: felt nauseous, acne, creamy CM
DPO 4: felt a few breif twinges (could be imagination) also kept feeling wet down there. More creamy CM
DPO 5: nipples are a little sore, feel like a cold is coming on, creamy CM
DPO 6: cold feeling gone, nipples still sore, creamy CM
DPO 7: twinge in left ovary. nipples still sore, just on nipples not anywhere else. Tonight I had really vivid dreams, one in which I took a pregnancy test and got a BFP! So weird, I also had a bad nightmare and BF had to wake me up because I was yelling in my sleep
DPO 8: appetite increased today. I overrate them felt sick lol. Creamy CM
DPO 9: really dull cramping which increased in afternoon, breast beginning to feel tender, but not sore like nipple. A lot of creamy CM, kept getting that dripping feeling
DPO 10: same as yesterday but I had a stomach ache today and more cravings for sweets- for sure thought AF will be here soon because I always crave sweets around that time. Took a dollar store cheapie BFN
DPO 11: I was really grumpy today. My students (I teach middle school) asked me are you on your period? Lol we just so happen to be learning about menstruation, fertilization and pregnancy right now in science. I had cramps today (bad enough to use a heating pad) and breasts starting to be more tender nipples really sore. Joint pain in knees kinda felt like growing pains
DPO 12: tender breasts/nipples creamy CM
DPO 13: AF due today. woke up with a horrible stomach ache and indigestion. I never get heartburn so this was weird. Tested with another dollar store and it was a BFN.
DPO 14: felt heavy down there like AF could come any minute. Felt super bloated, crampy (low cramps) and breasts/nipple soreness
DPO 15: where the heck is AF? Heartburn again are you kidding me? I was super impatient today. Another student pulled me aside: "are you pregnant?" I asked why they would say that? Apparently because of my mood swings. Lol I told them no of course not. Felt so unusually heavy down there like something was off. Went and got a FRER pack. Didn't even wait for it because I knew it would be negative, especially since it wasn't FMU. So I just peed and set it down and went to take my dog outside. I came back 5 minutes later and holy shit!- BFP! The two lines were very clear! I literally couldn't believe it so I mustered up another pee about 39 minutes later and sure enough another line!

Since I didn't know my O date I assumed my BFP was somewhere between 14-16 DPO. Don't give up hope! I never had implantation bleeding and after two BFN I for sure thought I was out until I saw those two lines. Looking back now I can say the biggest thing that made me have the teensiest bit of hope was those sore nipples (I never get sore breasts/nipples before AF) but the biggest was the heartburn! That's really unusual for me.

It's almost been a week since my BFP and the biggest change since then is my entire breasts have become horrendously sore. I've had more gas and I feel bloated but no cramping anymore. I also have noticed I'm much more sensitive.

I hope you all get the BFP you are hoping for and not get discouraged by all these people getting their BFp's at 9 DPO. Yours will come!

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The Wicked Witch Coming For You? Maybe not. It could be BFP

First off, I am OVER THE MOON about this BFP!!! Holy guacamole!!! I had such WEIRD symptoms, and felt like even if just a few people see this, and feel better. Then I have paid it forward. I have read countless BFP stories, and I really hope this one makes your TWW a little less excruciating.

I didn't know when I ovulated this month. I wasn't using OPKs. I had just had my Mirena IUD out maybe 3 weeks previously! Either way, I used an ovulation calculator. As luck would have it when the day came around I felt like I wasn't ovulating AT ALL!!! I still BD anyway. About a week later I had every single sign of ovulation. So, just in case.... we BD away for a few days.

The weirdest thing happened. After that ovulation day... I just knew. It was as if I was doubting myself, but really. I knew!! My first symptom was that I had this tingling sensation where my right ovary would be! It was like I could feel the blood moving. That went on for a few days. Then I was SOOOOO hungry right when I woke up, which never happens. Right after that my sense of smell started getting better. Then a turn for the worse.... I broke out. I really felt uneasy about this, except it was a HORRIBLE break out. Which I also never get. By the next day I started having cramps, and I was SURE af was coming!!! I wrote an entire post about how I knew I was out. I kept going to the bathroom. I just was waiting and waiting for it! After a few more days I got these pains in my back, and I went to the bathroom thinking "this is it! AF is here". When I got there. It was a glob of creamy white lotion type of CM. This was when I started to get excited!! Then I was one day late for my period. Got a BFN. Thought I was out AGAIN. 2 days late, and started to realize if I ovulated late then my period would be late. That night I took two blue dye tests, and they were faintttt. Sense they were blue I figured I was tricking myself. I went to get some $tree tests. Took one, and a big BFN. I threw it on the table and called it good. The next morning with FMU I took another $tree after about 30 secs it looked as if it was a BFN. I was discouraged, and heartbroken. I left the test, and pee out. After awhile I remembered I left my pee out. I went back in, and there was a BLAZING positive!!! I started screaming and jumping. I got another test, and with the same FMU did it. Right away another BLAZING BFP. I ran to get a frer and another BLAZING bfp! That day it was confirmed by a blood test, and has only been getting darker!! Later I realized that BFN $tree test was actually positive! I just didn't see it! I wouldn't say check them after the time limit, but let the test sit for a bit! Don't be impatient like me!

You're not out until that witch shows up!!! Sometimes pregnancy symptoms are just like AF but worse!! Keep positive. Try to remember this will come right when it's meant to, and try to focus on the things you DO have! I hope this helps ladies!!

One other thing.... I only have ONE FALLOPIAN TUBE!!!! Have hope!!!

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BFP on first month of trying! Honeymoon baby!

I got my mirena iud removed in January. My period started on Feb. 23 and was over just in time for my wedding on Feb 28th. The following week we went on our honeymoon while I was ovulating and did the baby dance every day. When we got home from our trip I already felt symptoms (light cramping on one side, tired, a little nauseous) but I wasn't sure if it was just in my head since I wanted to be pregnant so bad!

The two week wait was torture for me and I started taking pregnancy tests at 8 dpo. They were negative, too soon to test. At 11 dpo I took another test first thing in the morning and it was still negative. But I felt so pregnant! The night before a wave of nausea came over me and I almost threw up in the middle of my husband's work party. In the middle of the day when I was still feeling nauseous I decided to buy a first response test. The ones I had been using were really cheap and not very sensitive. So I bought one and used it right there in the store.

At first when I waiting in the bathroom stall I thought it said negative and I felt silly for wasting money on pregnancy tests when it was probably too early. But then I saw another line!!! I called my husband immediately and he was so excited! It's still really early and now I'm only 4 weeks and one day pregnant but things are looking good so far. We can't wait to meet our baby around Thanksgiving!

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BFP 9 dpo

1dpo-gassy, got creamy cm
2dpo- creamy cm and bloated
3dpo- nothing just creamy cm
4dpo- very gassy and got car sick
5dpo- lotiony cm and cervix position is high
6dpo-crampy and creamy cm
7dpo same as 6dpo
8dpo- nausea and creamy cm
9dpo- very gassy and cramps with creamy cm took a test that morning and got BFP:)

BFP second cycle IVF with implantation spotting

Got my BFP this morning!!!!!!!!! so happy and excited!! never thought I would be able to share my story on here.
Have been trying for a baby for 2 1/2 years. Don't ovulate on my own very often only like 8 months or 6 months etc. Have had 6 months worth of clomid, 1 failed IVF cycle and this was my second! swear by soy though for making me ovulate.

Well we only got 6 eggs, 5 fertilised, quality was 2 x 8 cell, 1 x 5 cell, 1 x 4 cell and 1 x 2 cell. We were disappointed as it wasn't far off our first round. We left them till day 5, where the 5 cell and only one of the 8 cells made it to blastocyst stage (one grade c and one a lower grade). We had both put back in, and this morning got my bfp! It can happen!! here are my symptoms x

1dp5dt - 7dp5dt nothing apart from bloated from the progesterone and still a little sore from collection, cried all week was sure it would be negative so much.

8dp5dt - light dull cramps like af was coming and some lower back ache, then when i wiped light brown spotting in the morning once and then once in the evening
9dp5dt - dull cramps, back ache again, thirsty, thirsty and still am so much, weird itchy nipple for a moment!, mouth ulcer - still thought i was out at this point, didn't want to test at all. Its only looking back you see the symptoms were there.
10dp5dt (today) BFP!!!! on all three tests, line came up strong straight away, bbt temp went up, small cramps this morning and thirsty, a couple of odd stabbing pains

Good luck on your journey, don't give up it will happen I never thought it would xx