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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Softcups

11th Cycle, BFP 12 DPO, Hashimoto's

I'm still in shock! I can't believe it. I was feeling like it was never going to happen. I started Synthroid back in September and it took until this cycle to normalize my cycle. I had my first normal period/flow this month, O'd on day 14! It was pretty amazing to me. Other things I did this cycle- took a baby aspirin everyday, stopped caffeine (had a cup of green tea here and there), cut WAY down on alcohol- indulged in maybe 4-5 drinks all month. Plus, took a bunch of vitamin D. I used the softcups. This was my 2nd cycle using softcups. I don't know if they helped or not. I didn't really have too many symptoms: DPO 7: In the morning, I was having these weird feelings in my stomach. Like muscle spasms or something. DPO 8-10: Breasts were a little tender. DPO 10: Cramping after orgasm DPO 11- 12: Uterus feels inflamed or something.. not crampy, but I feel like I have a gas pain that won't go away or something like that. DPO 12: BFP- same as above, plus a headache. I had an RE try to tell me that I had PCOS (bloodwork was fine) and Endo. He said I needed to do a Lap. I followed my intuition and started seeing an acupuncturist and Chiropractor to balance my body before we did anything invasive.

Finally After 12 Cycles!!

We have been not actively trying but not preventing for 12 months. Although I have tried Soy Iso. back a few months ago and other a few things I have heard on line. So here's the run down of my symptoms. 1 dpo- swollen gums 3 dpo- creamy cm, very tender breast (normal) 5 dpo- creamy/watery cm breast aren't as painful, cold 6 dpo- cm drying up a little, cold, drooling in sleep 7 dpo- boobs look wider, less cm, more tired 8 dpo- yeast infection feeling down there, bloated, got hot at work and almost got sick, dizziness, body aches 9 dpo- stuffy nose, drooling, bfn pm 10 dpo- saw a line but was half asleep and running late for work (only a 3 hr hold too) cervix position is low and hard but closed like I have never felt it before 11 dpo- took answers and got a + thought I was going crazy so had to show dh (even though I had such great plans on how I was going to tell him) he was in disbelief so went to walmart got a cheapie and ++ with smu then he made me buy two more he took one and I took another (this one more faint but I had a big mountain dew) (He was stark white) bloated, body aches, cold, indigestion 12 dpo- BFP with fmu on frer (after 3 min apparently it takes a while for those to show up when ur still early on), heart feels like its pounding out of my chest, drooling 13 dpo- current- still in disbelief other than me feeling like crap and starving like no other I don't believe I'm pregnant but 10 test say I am My biggest symptom was the drooling and the cold also the body aches and dizziness was new. Things we did different this month: I stopped smoking and quit taking my prescribed meds (not fertility related) Took EPO CD1-O Used Instead soft cups Made dh get on top for finale (sry tmi) lol

My Birthday Surprise!

Never thought it would've ever happened. My husband and I have been TTC for nearly a year with 2 years NTNP and we got our BFP confirmed on my birthday!!!! We are beyond excited!!! I started temping for the first time this cycle along with pre-seed and softcups and heart to hearts with GOD!! I had gotten so discouraged and stopped temping and caring mid-cycle because I just knew I was wasting my time. But on 12 dpo I decided to just check. Never expected there would be a faint line!! Dpo 1-7 nothing! Dpo 8- headache Dpo 9- headache Dpo 10- headache and backache Dpo 11- headaches still nothing else. Thought af would come on time. Preparing to try again next cycle. Dpo 12- cramping on left side, noticed my cm was quite clumpy and I can't remember ever having this. Decided to take a IC test and low and behold a second line shows up!!!!!! Tested with digital and BFP!!!! Dpo 13- same! Dpo 14- confirmed BFP with my doctor!!!

BFP w/ Brown Spotting and Ater LEEP and Tubal Ligation Reversal!

Hello ladies, This has been a long journey for me, and thanks to God it is just beginning! My husband (38) and I (35 tomorrow) have been TTC for almost 2 years. In Feb 2011, I had my tubes "put back together". In April 2011, I was ectastic to fall pregnant already, but that ended in a miscarriage at 5 weeks. We have been trying since then to have another baby. In Feb 2012 I had to have LEEP surgery done because I found out I had precancerous cells ( the stage just before cancer). Every month since then I would have brown spotting a week before my period would start. It wouldn't look like blood, just old brown tissue. A few months ago, I got really serious and starting charting and using OPK's. I was happy that I ovulated but worried that nothing was happening even though we were BD'ing at the appropriate times, using preseed, taking vitamins. And to top it all off, my cycles started getting shorter and shorter, so I took matters into my own hands ( without consulting a doctor) and bought some soy to use on CD 1-5 and progesterone cream to use on cd 17--->AF. Please don't do this on your own without medical advice, as it caused me not to ovulate that month. I dont know if it was the soy or progesterone but that is the only month I did not ovulate. Like alot of other ladies I was hoping for the Christmas BFP, but all i got was a 7 day painful Aunt Flo. I was very sad that day but did take a moment to stop and pray about things, thanking God even though I was sad. There is a reason for everything. The verse "in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus". I figured it wasnt my time yet, but knew He could make it happen if it was His will. This month, I kept up with the charting, my temps and OPK's looked great. I bought a new brand of OPKs which caused me to get 4 days of positive OPKS. I was very confused by that. (I am guessing it was the brand, that has never ever happened with the internet cheapies I order from pregnancy My temps were low during AF then rose significantly after O. I even had some EWCM this month, which is usually scant. Hubby and I BD'd only the day before and day of ovulation. Then my heart dropped again when i noticed the brown spotting 8 days later. I had a mini breakdown there on the bathroom floor. Once I was done having my pity party. I told God that I surrender it all to him. Im done temping, done trying so hard...its His now. I was a little down but I felt free somehow, like a weight had been lifted from me. Yesterday while in the bathroom, I noticed a CB digital test and I fought a small battle with myself, trying not to use it because, - hey- I was spotting, AF was due anyway, right? I took the test, braced myself for disappointment, then went in the other room. When I came back I glanced at it expecting the worst, but had to do a double- take...BFP! I was so happy. Still a it worried about the brown spotting so I called the doc today. She said that some women just do that and not to be worried unless i see red blood and have cramping. She said it was ok to continue the progesterone cream. CD16- EWCM, ovulation pain and cervix was medium soft and open CD17- EWCM, more ovulation pain, cervix was so high I couldnt reach it, BD in the AM- used instead soft cups for the 1st time CD18- EWCM, positive OPK, BD AM and PM that day- used instead soft cups again, developed a respiratory infection CD19 (1dpo)- respiratory infection getting worse, positive OPK again, too sick to BD, didnt notice any CM CD20 (2dpo)- have a fever of 101 today, feel like I have the flu. I go to the MD and she give me antibiotics to take, creamy CM CD21 (3dpo)- positive OPK, still feel horrible so no BD again, CM has dried up CD22 (4dpo)- no CM, started using progesterone cream that you rub on your skin morning and night, still sick CD23 (5dpo)- sticky CM, nothing else CD24 (6dpo)- creamy CM today, nothing else CD25 (7dpo)- sore boobs, dry CM, so so so tired slept alot, thirsty for water. In the middle of the note woke with the stomach flu this time vomiting and diarrhea lasted for at least 4 hours. Nice to get sick on top of being sick. :( CD26- (8 dpo - BFN) sore boobs, notice the usual pre- AF brown gunk when i wipe so this is when have a cry on the floor, this is when i had all i could take and gave it up to God, had some cramping for a short time (1 minute? ) while laying in bed that night CD27- (9dpo) My boobs hurt so much worse than yesterday, twinges in absomen all day, the brown spotting continues CD28- (10dpo)Spotting continues, boobs a little sore. CD29- (11dpo) Spotting continues, boobs a little sore. CD30 (12dpo) Spotting continues, boobs a lot more sore than yesterday...test and BFP! with CB digital!

BFP After HSG! Despite Grave Results..

I've been waiting to write my story for a while now. I've lurked on here for a long time now and I'm over the moon about my bfp this am. Though faint, I'm still so very thankful. It's still early at 12dpo, but I'm so very happy and thankful for the lord's blessing. In a nutshell, DH and I have been ttc for 9 months. My RE told me I had bad eggs and low quantity, so basically borderline low amh and high fsh. We were set to do IUI and clomid this coming cycle. So please don't get discouraged ladies! God is good. Not sure if it's just our time, but here's some info: Here's what i did different this month: *Baby Aspirin *O'd with DH *HSG *Chiropractor *Legs up in air.. on shoulders! *DTD every other day instead of everyday Here's what I always do every month: *Conceiveplus/Preseed *Acupuncture/Chinese Herbs *Soft cups *Yoga *Charting, Temping Symptoms: Nausea starting 8DPO.. felt car sick, CM was also more wet not creamy First time having EWCM Praying that this baby sticks, we would very much like to meet you. Hang in there ladies! Pray to whoever you believe in.. you will be blessed.

BFP at TTC Month 4!!!!! EARLY Too!!

Let me just say-- I am still shocked!!! I was shocked when I got my first BFP this cycle and shocked when I got my most recent, on a ClearBlue Digital AND FRER This cycle was the first cycle I used a digital OPK! I swear it is what truly helped because it is one of the few variables we did this cycle. Pinpointed my exact O day as October 29th. Oct 27th-30th we BD'd like crazy!! Afterwards, I put my legs up in the air and had a pillow under my behind to help keep it up. I did that for 20 minutes and then put in Instead cup <3 I didn't use Pre-Seed this month, first month not using it! Usually I get bad O pains when I bad that I can barely walk and it hurts to use the restroom..didn't have that this month. 1-2 dpo-- felt normal, nada. 3-9 dpo-- lower back pain (using hot pad at night), crampy-- not like O pain but just like mild cramping on and off with the feeling of fullness in that area, increased hunger, emotional (crying all the time, any time I see a child I cry!), gassy (hubby makes fun of me for it!), headaches (mainly in the evening), loads of creamy CM, boobs sore-- mainly nipples (not unusual for this time of the month) cervix medium and closed-- semi-firm. 10 dpo-- woke up feeling AWFUL! Like someone had spent all night beating me..neck hurt, back hurt, body aches all over. Just had the flu shot the day before and usually it makes me feel pretty crummy at first so chalked it up to that. Boobs much more sore-- woke me up at night hurting, nipples especially sore which usually that stops after 7dpo. Nothing sounded good to eat, crampy, loads of creamy CM (panties covered in it constantly)- felt and noticed cervix moved extremely high-- almost couldn't touch it and closed, soft. This made me realize-- wait a second..usually my cervix is low and hard and open right now, ready for AF..but it was higher than it has ever been before! Took a test, just to see-- VERY faint positive on an internet cheapie at 3:30pm. Hubby arrives home while results are developing-- show him. He can barely see them. 6pm on 10 dpo-- took another internet cheapie to see if the line gets darker at all-- DARKER! Hubby can see the line but it is still faint. For those who try OPKs to predict-- got a positive OPK! When hubby came back from his run, told him he smelt AWFUL! Could smell his sweat, we usually run together and have for the past year-- have never smelt his stink before! 11 dpo- feeling much better than 10 but still crampy on and off (more like AF is going to arrive cramps with the occasional twinge at my left ovary like O cramps I used to get). Took HPT with FMU, still faint, positive OPK. Worried because I had a chemical two cycles back and they were faint also and never darkened until disappearing, also got a "Not Pregnant" on a digi with my chemical. Chemical started at 15 dpo so feeling better since this is so early. Lower back pain, headache, nausea on and off, food aversions, hot flashes, creamy CM, weird fluttering in my stomach/uterus area. Can smell tons of things in between my nose being stuffy. 12 dpo-- Crampy still, lower back pain, headache for about 30 minutes earlier today, went from constipation to easy to move bowels, nausea on and off, can smell things like crazy! Food aversions..things either smell good or not at all-- usual things don't appeal. Broke down at 4ish and decided I would take a FRER..wasn't expecting to see a positive b/c of previous chemical..within 5 seconds of dipping the second line started to appear! I screamed out from the bathroom "OMG IT'S THERE IT'S THERE!!! I'M PREGNANT!!! IT'S ALREADY THERE!!!" and was shaking uncontrollably! the line got darker as the 5 minutes continued, definite positive, you can see it from far away. Had a leftover ClearBlue digital from my chemical pregnancy month so took a chance..even though I was still somehow terrified of seeing Not Pregnant again..within maybe a minute it flashed "PREGNANT" on the screen and it is still there now! We are on cloud 9!! We told our parents because this is our first and we just couldn't keep it in! Going to my PCP for a quantitative blood analysis and based on those, I will call my OB and figure out when to schedule everything! This is our third cycle on Clomid (100mg taken from days 3-7) and if this month didn't work, we were looking to do an HSG in December. I am BEYOND THRILLED that it worked and we conceived!!! Internet says the baby's due date is July 22nd :) just 6 days before my birthday! What a blessing!!! BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!! IT -WILL- HAPPEN, KEEP THE FAITH!!! One important thing I did was say positive affirmations over the entire cycle..from when we were BDing to O to days past..I said positive affirmations for conception the entire time <3

BFP on 5th Month with Short Luteal Phase!

So excited to finally be able to contribute my own story! Here it goes: I am 27 and my husband is 30. This is our first pregnancy. I actually charted BBTs and documented pregnancy "signs" for 4 months. Last month (month 4), I was 4 days late and had a negative hpt, but hcg blood level of 4, which according to my doc is "indeterminate". I think I had a very early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy, because the doc had me take another blood test 3 days later, and the level was back down to almost 0. I was very disappointed and depressed and decided to take a month off from charting and documenting my every symptom. We even booked a vacation for April, and went on our scheduled vacation for October. I really tried not to stress and didn't check this site at all. I noticed I ovulated on CD 22 because I had O pains, and confirmed the temp rise the next day. My luteal phase is always 10 days and on day 11 I didn't get my period, and noticed my boobs were unusually sore. Like if I jumped, they would hurt. They also hurt on the bottoms/sides when I gently pushed them. Also, I had/have a lot of random twinges of pain in my uterus, but not the normal period cramps. I have no other noticeable symptoms. Today, one day late (12 DPO), I took two dollar store tests in the middle of the day, both with faint positive positives! I went to CVS for a digital one and will take it tomorrow morning just to confirm, but I am positive I am! My husband is still doubting/in shock haha! I think once he sees the readout of "PREGNANT" it will sink in more. Good luck to all of you. When people say to "just relax", it's SO annoying but it was true/worked for me!

Don't Give Up - It WILL Happen to You! 10dpo BFP!

Will keep this short and sweet. Trying for 8 months, thought I was PG every month of course. Took clomid and this was my third cycle (it was upped to 150mg). DH was 8 months post vasectomy reversal (original vasectomy was done before I met him a longgggg time ago!) His sperm did return but his count was not great - but you do only need just one of those little blighters! What I did - PRAYED to God (practically begged him - felt like a whiny child), temped and used opk's (ic's). Drank decaffeinated green tea, took prenatal, baby aspirin and EPO (1000mg) up to O. Stopped temping after FF confirmed O. Used softcups, Pre-Seed and made sure I had orgasm after DH (apparently this helps the cervix suck up sperm - not sure if it is true, but did it anyway). Then GOT ON WITH MY LIFE! I just decided that I had done all I could do for the month. Symptoms - none. Nothing! Only thing I had was itchiness down there, like it was the beginnings of a yeast infection, but it never turned into a full blown one. I did have to use my willpower and not scratch though! It's true - the 2WW pg symptoms are just like 2WW pre AF symptoms - I did not feel any different. Good luck to everyone out there still trying. I know it is hard and hope and pray that you become parents. God Bless.

BFP Using Softcups and Pre-Seed

I have been watching this site for a while now and can now put my symptoms on dpo 1-14 no symptoms just spotting from 11 dpo- 14 dpo I thought period was coming
dpo 14 bfp
I have just started to feel nausea
had been trying for no 3 for 5 months I used softcups for the first time this cycle with Pre-Seed and think it helped
I didn’t think I was pregnant because of the spotting so it can happen.

Finally My BFP After 7 months!

My DH and I have been trying to conceive since January and just assumed it would happen right away. That's what they tell you in middle school haha. Well to our surprise it wasn't happening. I tried OPK for 3 months, we tried Pre-Seed and Softcup for another month and all BFN!

This month we took our all the stops, OPK, Pre-Seed, Softcups, and my husband took FertilAid. We also BD'd during the day twice when all the previous times it had been at night, not sure if that had anything to do with it.

My main concern during this 2ww was that my bbs or nipples weren't hurting at all and it was freaking me out. Overall I barely had any symptoms that were noticeable. I feel like I had the same symptoms all the other months when I got my BFNs.

Here are the things I do remember though-

4-5 dpo- vivid dreams (nothing with baby thought)
8-12 dpo- cramps like I was going to start my period. After reading everyone else’s stories I finally got to experience it. I kept having to run to the bathroom because I thought I got my period. However I do agree they were not as bad as when I actually did get my period. I also had creamy cm, but not a lot, I saw it maybe once every other day.

I was too scared to take a pregnancy test on 13 dpo so I took a OPK instead, and it was positive. Then I took 2 more OPKs because I was crazy and wanted to wait until 14 dpo to take a HPT. The other two OPKs were positive as well, so this gave me hope. I woke up this morning at 14dpo and took my HPT and it was a BFP BFP BFP!! Sooo excited.

I guess it really does take time. If it didn't work this time, my DH was going to get a SA done and I was going to try looking into infertility options. But it did happen and we are still shocked!