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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Softcups

Finally My BFP After 7 months!

My DH and I have been trying to conceive since January and just assumed it would happen right away. That's what they tell you in middle school haha. Well to our surprise it wasn't happening. I tried OPK for 3 months, we tried Pre-Seed and Softcup for another month and all BFN!

This month we took our all the stops, OPK, Pre-Seed, Softcups, and my husband took FertilAid. We also BD'd during the day twice when all the previous times it had been at night, not sure if that had anything to do with it.

My main concern during this 2ww was that my bbs or nipples weren't hurting at all and it was freaking me out. Overall I barely had any symptoms that were noticeable. I feel like I had the same symptoms all the other months when I got my BFNs.

Here are the things I do remember though-

4-5 dpo- vivid dreams (nothing with baby thought)
8-12 dpo- cramps like I was going to start my period. After reading everyone else’s stories I finally got to experience it. I kept having to run to the bathroom because I thought I got my period. However I do agree they were not as bad as when I actually did get my period. I also had creamy cm, but not a lot, I saw it maybe once every other day.

I was too scared to take a pregnancy test on 13 dpo so I took a OPK instead, and it was positive. Then I took 2 more OPKs because I was crazy and wanted to wait until 14 dpo to take a HPT. The other two OPKs were positive as well, so this gave me hope. I woke up this morning at 14dpo and took my HPT and it was a BFP BFP BFP!! Sooo excited.

I guess it really does take time. If it didn't work this time, my DH was going to get a SA done and I was going to try looking into infertility options. But it did happen and we are still shocked!


Me and my DH have been trying religiously for over a year now! I am 20 and he is 24. At first I wasnt even too sure when my O date was because I had run out of OPKs. So I assumed since they were progressively darker that when I ran out, obviously within the next 2-3 days I would have ovulated. I also used Instead Softcups to help keep his swimmers close :)

My symptoms:

O (I think) - O pains, and cramping. Light but there
1 dpo - O pains
2 dpo - slight cramping on my left side. hrmmm?
3 dpo - now this is new. Backaches all day on and off!
4-9 dpo - nothing
Tested 8 dpo - bfn
10 dpo - more backaches. and cramps! hoping they arent AF related
11 dpo - more slight cramping. Beginning to break out around my mouth and chin
12 dpo - tested bfn
13 dpo - Emotional all day tested bfn
14 dpo - AF is due today, no sign of the witch. Tested bfn
15 dpo - beginning to feel down and out. More breaking out, but attributed this to the witch coming
16 dpo - more backaches tested bfn (Now starting to think it was all in my head)

Also been having REALLY thick white cm for days. So thick and sticky I thought I had an infection.

Decided to give it a rest for awhile. I was going to wait until the weekend to test but broke down at 19 dpo..... and BFP! BFP BFP BFP BFP! I couldnt believe it!

On a dollar store cheapie! Im so ecstatic!

Going to the gyno next week to confirm!

I DEFINITELY WOULD SUGGEST INSTEAD SOFTCUPS! We BD'd every day for a week during my fertile period! We did it in the PM so I could fall asleep with the softcup in. And then I would take it out when I wake up :) GOOD LUCK!