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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Softcups

BFP After Chemical Pregnancy!

Hi everyone! My DH and I are 24 years old. We ttc for one month back in December 2014, but I became to stressed. I decided to focus on becoming healthier so I lost 25 pounds. I started to try new things and relax. I started temping again in August while my DH was away and realized my cycle began to regulate. I had always had irregular cycles that lasted 28-55 days and my luteal phase was around 9-10 days long. However, once I began to lose weight, and relax, my cycles changed to 29-32 days. My luteal phase also extended to 10-11 days. In September I got a positive test, but after finding out that my levels were low, I had a chemical pregnancy. My DH and I decided to try again this month. This cycle I had almost all of the same symptoms on the same days and my chart was similar. I tried to not get excited because I didn't want to disappoint my DH. This morning at 12DPO, the day AF is due to arrive, I tested with a Wondfo. I told myself I probably wasn't going to see anything because it didn't pick up my positive last month, however, a FRER and Clearblue did. I took the test and came back an hour later and saw two lines! Here are my symptoms: 1DPO- Watery CM 2DPO- Creamy CM, Cold Like Symptoms, Cramps, Fatigue (Slept 12 hours), Tender boobs 3DPO- Creamy CM, Frequent Urination, Irritable 4DPO- Watery CM with what looked like wet toilet paper flecks, Cramps, Fatigue, Irritable, Tender Boobs 5DPO- Same CM as 4DPO, Dizzy, Fatigue, Irritable, Tender boobs 6DPO- Cold Like Symptoms, Fatigue, Irritable, Woke up throughout the night, Tender boobs 7DPO- Emotional (Cried during an episode of Heros), Cold Like Symptoms, Cramps, Fatigue, Increased Appetite, Irritable, Tender Boobs 8DPO- Thick Creamy CM, Bloated, Cold Like Symptoms, Cramps, Fatigue, Tender Boobs 9DPO- EW CM but with white tinge, Insomnia, Woke up to pee in the middle of the night, (Very vivid dreams), Aching legs, Bloated, Cold Like Symptoms, Cramps, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Gassy, Headache, Increased Appetite, Irritable, Tender Boobs 10DPO- Huge temp drop of almost 1 degree! Implantation?? Creamy CM, Cold Like Symptoms, Dizzy, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Headache, Increased Appetite, Irritable, Gagged when I went to eat leftovers that I normally LOVE, Tender boobs 11DPO- Temp went back up! Creamy/yellowish CM, Woke up in the middle of the night, pinching in stomach area, aching legs, backache, cold like symptoms, cramps, fatigue, frequent urination, headache, increased appetite, irritable, tender boobs 12DPO- BFP!! Creamy CM Oh I hope this bean sticks!!

BFP with ZERO symptoms!!! There is hope!

Very, very thankful to be posting here. We have been ttc #3 since May and I recently got my BFP on 10dpo. I felt exactly the same as I have the previous 6months! I literally had no cramps, no implantation bleeding, and no extra cm (in fact I was quite dry and thought for sure I was out...until 12dpo and on)! I guess I was a tired, but I have an 18mo old and my alarm goes off at 0430 every morning for that was NOT a pregnancy symptom for me. We have been on fertility meds since May, but this month was the first time I did injectibles (Menopur 75IU for 5 days). I ovulated really early, cd 10 with two large follicles (23 and 24mm). I used Ovidrel to trigger. 10dpo beta=45 12dpo beta=123 16dpo beta= 788 Ultrasound scheduled for 12 November. I am praying and praying everything looks beautiful! Thanks be to God for this blessing. I know His timing is WAY better than ours. What really helped and gave me peace was just surrendering this journey to Him. No matter what, we have a beautiful son here on Earth (our first son was stillborn during birth in 2013) and if we never get pregnant again, I am satisfied. BUT I had/have a very strong desire in my heart to have more children, and I am SO thankful for this life growing inside me! EDD= 2 July 2016. 1 day before our anniversary :) Last month we did an IUI, my DHs sperm motility was low at 30%. I was crushed! The IUI didn't work so I thought we'd be doomed for IVF. Well, we didn't do another IUI this month because we still owe for last months and didn't want bills piling up. We had TI, used Softcups after each time, Preseed, and I also had him taking Fertilaid and Motility Boost since last months failed IUI. Hang in there ladies, and don't give up hope. I know, easier said than done, but have faith and try your darndest to relax while ttc and the tww. Stress is very powerful.

BFP 9/10 DPO

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I am over the moon, thanking God and feeling so blessed. We have been TTC #2 for about 5 months. Mirena removal 5/5. Took 2.5 months to even get positive OPK! I followed this site obsessively (like I do everything! lol) for both pregnancy TTC periods, and promised myself I would share... Just because your stories really lifted my spirits when I needed it! Anyway I also did a few things different this go around, and I hoped maybe it would be helpful to others as well. Heres a list of extra things I did... some different, some carry over from last month(s): -vitex (second month) -prenatal (been taking forever, just stopped breastfeeding) -fish oil 2x per day -vitamin C -light exercise (either yoga or long walk) at least 5 times per week -softcups (!) (with postcoital orgasm) -legs up at least 30 minutes during fertile week -OPKs 2 times per day -BD EOD during fertile week (started about 5 days before positive OPK) -leafy green salad every day in TWW OK so I guess that list may be annoying... I didnt realize how much I did until I just listed. Anyway so after BD EOD, the wait begins. As many stories have said, I actually had less symptoms this TWW than others, where I was convinced I was prego, just to see lame AF. Here are a couple things out of the ordinary: -less cramps and pressure than usual from 1 dpo on -feeling emotional and tired from from 1 dpo on -bloody nose and bloody gums 5 dpo (weird for me!) -slightly more hungry than usual 7 dpo -serious IBS issue at 7 dpo (almost didnt make it... sorry TMI!) So I seriously was hoping not to test until day of missed period (tomorrow), but couldnt resist. Tested 8/9 dpo with a BFN (although I seriously thought I saw a shadow of something... stared for a long time). Finally BFP today at 9/10 DPO with FRER. Totally visible line, not even a squinter. Note: I am not sure of exact O day because I dont temp. I think I O'd the second or third day after positive OPK, hence the 9/10 dpo. Anyway, I am sending so much happy sticky baby dust to all on this site. Thank you for yuor stories and kindness. I am also keeping my fingers crossed since it is still early days. Feel free to hit me with any questions on my regimen... (as I have done to others). Thanks again! xoxoxo

BFP - 7DPO... Confirmed with Digital

I know many of you are thinking that's crazy, you must have your O date wrong but I was temping very diligently for the past 2 cycles and all signs point to my O date being just 7 days ago! I'm as confused as you are! Last period started 9/24 O'd 10/9 Positive Test on 9/16. Due 7/1/2016 I took a wondfo this morning just for kicks and I was shocked to see a very faint line. I took another wondfo and had the same result. I stopped and picked up a Clear Blue Digital on the way to work and took that a few hours later - BAM! 'Pregnant.' God is good. I haven't had time for many symptoms but I did have headaches that came on suddenly the past 2 days. We did softcups after BDing and pineapple core from 1-5DPO. We had intercourse every single day in the Fertile window except O day.

BFP after 3 Months TTC

Like so many others I read every single BFP story posted the last few months that we were TTC, so wanted to post my BFP story in hopes that it will help someone else! This was our third month TTC. My husband and I are both teachers, so we were trying hard for a summer baby to maximize our time off after the baby arrives. I have been using opks and temping for 6 months total, so that I could get a sense of when I was ovulating to maximize our chances. Our first month ttc, I had so many different symptoms (nipples tingling, headaches, fatigue, etc, etc), I was convinced I was pregnant, but ended with that awful af. Month two would have been our ideal timing, so after af arrived I was super bummed. Month three was our last chance for a well-timed summer baby, so I decided to do everything possible to maximize our chances. Tried to relax and think positively. What we did differently this month: - Took Evening Primrose Oil for two days before ovulation. Stopped because it massively upset my stomach. - Used pre-seed each time we BD'd. I used the applicator to the 1.5 line and inserted up by my cervix. Made BD more comfortable/fun and it worked! - Used Instead Cups after every BD. One night we were too tired, so my husband had private time, put his "sample" in the instead cup and I inserted before bed. - Ate pineapple and pineapple core everyday for 7 days after ovulation. I am still eating it occasionally now. - Ate a diet rich in vitamins and healthy fats, including kiwi, oranges, pineapple, spinach almost everyday, walnuts almost everyday, milk products with full fat everyday, lean meat and oily fish or beans everyday, lots of fruits and vegetables as snacks. - Meditated everyday for five minutes to help myself relax, breath and feel calm. Repeated the mantra that my body was ready and I was ready. Perhaps because of my super healthy diet and meditation, I felt great this month! Way more energy than usual, very few symptoms. I did keep track, see below, but really felt pretty normal. In fact I felt so great that I was convinced there was no chance that I was pregnant. BFP came as a total shock! CD9: EWCM. BD'd in the PM, used Preseed and Instead cup. Cervix medium, medium. CD10: Watery CM. Cervix medium, medium. CD11: EWCM (I usually get ewcm well in advance of O, not simultaneously). BD'd in the PM, used preseed and instead cup. Cervix high, soft, open. CD12: Watery CM. BD'd in the PM, used preseed and instead cup. Cervix high, soft, open. CD13: Our wedding anniversary! Small amount of watery/creamy cm. Positive OPK on Easy@Home Test (not 100% positive. I rarely got fully positive OPKs but this was darkest of the cycle). BD'd in the PM. Cervix high, soft, open. CD14: Very small temp increase of .18. Pretty sure I felt the egg release on the left as I was walking home from work. DH and I were exhausted, so he had private time into instead cup and then I inserted afterward. DPO1: Significant temp increase of .45. BD'd in the PM just to be on the safe side. Creamy cm. Cervix medium, soft. DPO2-3: Cervix medium, medium. No signs. DPO 4: Backache, but in my middle/upper back. Think this could have been from sitting in an uncomfortable chair the day before. Tired today. Cervix low, firm. Creamy cm. DPO 5: Felt more energized than usual. Cervix low, firm. Creamy cm. DPO 6: Very slight temp dip, down .13. Feel really good. Cervix low, firm. Creamy cm. DPO 7: Complained to a friend that there was no chance I was pregnant because I was feeling so energized, normal. Cervix medium, medium. Creamy cm. DPO 8: Cervix medium, medium. Creamy cm. DPO 9: At a work dinner, I was very aware of someone else's body odor. Could not get it out of my nose. Went home and could smell our sheets, weird. (Only realized this may have been a sign the next morning...). Lots of creamy cm. DPO 10: Woke up knowing that I had a busy day ahead at work. Usually wait until DPO12 to test. Since I had felt almost nothing, I thought if I could test and get a BFN I could just move on and focus on next month. Instead with blurry morning eyes, I saw a clear BFP!!! So shocked that I fell to the ground and started crying! Had a hard time pulling myself together to get ready and go to work because I was so happy/tearful. Told DH that night and he was thrilled. Acute sense of smell this day too, really aware of other people's perfume and body odor. Creamy cm. DPO 11: Super broken out in weird places where I am not prone to acne (lower back, back of ear, on my leg). Afternoon had small amount of brown creamy cm. Made me really nervous, as too late for IB. DPO 12: Super dark, smelly urine in the morning despite drinking tons of water the day before. Another BFP, darker than DPO 10 made me feel relieved. Creamy, white cm. Cervix medium, medium. DPO 13: Acute sense of smell, light cramps, lots of creamy white cm. Boobs get random shooting pains. BFP same color as yesterday. Cervix medium, medium. Lots of creamy cm.

Month 4... A cautious success!!!

After trying for 3 months, I decided this month I'd be more relaxed and just have sex whenever but I still had my plans. DH on the other hand, he decided he'd "try harder" and so we had sex a lot! I used Fertility Friend and this month, just like a previous month, it gave me a High for sex. I have 1 five year old and no history of m/c. Things I tried differently this month: Soy Isoflavones (SI) cd2-6 (80/80/120/120/160mg my attempt to produce a strong quality egg) Preseed (During every bd, mostly as lube, not in the tube) Instead Softcups (I used this during every bd, even when I wasnt fertile, just in case, most times I used a little bit of preseed in them) Selenium (100mg mostly a benefit for sperm, but heard it helps with implantation) Prenatal Gummies (previous months I just used multi-vitamins) Baby Aspirin (81mg every other day starting on 1DPO only until a few days after my bfp b/c I was spotting) Vitamin D3 (5000mg pill every other day) Things I always used: Calcium Magnesium Zinc (1 tablet every night) Temping/Fertility Friend OPKs (Wondfos and CB digi because I like to see the smiley face) Checking CP/CM I normally O between CD 13 and cd16, but around cd 11, I had no indication that O was coming, I was dry and was a little nervous thinking that the SI delayed my O. We'd already been going at it like rabbits and I wasnt sure we'd be able to take any more so I brought some Vit-D3 as I read that it can help with O. I started taking it that day, every other day and by CD 13 I had more CM and that night I had an almost positive OPK, on CD14 I had a very positive OPK CD 12 - BD, Dry CM CD 13 - BD, Wet CM, almost positive opk at night CD 14 - BD, EWCM, positive OPK all day. Initially FF designated this as my O day but later changed it to CD 15 at 4DPO CD 15 - O DAY... well Night (it always happen at night). No BD because we were a bit tired. Wet CM/EWCM, positive OPK during the day, negative at night (I always have a 36 hour surge). My cervix hasnt gotten soft for O since month 1. Temp increased slightly CD 16/1 DPO - Dry CM, Cramps, backache, Sore boobs, Temp increase above coverline 2-3DPO - Creamy CM. Cramps, backache, sore & bigger boobs, temp increased. Crosshairs on 3DPO 4DPO - Normal temp drop (not below coverline) 5DPO - Temp rise, Creamy CM, Cervix MMC, Sore Boobs, little cramps on right side 6DPO - HUGE temp drop, Creamy CM, Cervix LFC, almost at coverline 7DPO - Another HUGE temp increase, Creamy CM, Cramps mostly on right side, more sore boobs (mainly tingly, zinging on upper and sides of boobs) 8DPO - Sticky CM, Cramps on right side, tingly/zings on upper/sides of boobs 9DPO - Same as 8DPO. BUUUT couldnt resist the urge to POAS... Thought I had an evap in the morning. But was definitely a BFP at night on Wondfo. 10DPO - Creamy CM, cramps, sore boobs, another BFP on wondfo and FRER. BFN on $tree brands (VeriQuick & Assure) 11DPO - Told DH. He was excited. Creamy CM, cramps, boobs arent as sore and feel like they went back down in size like before AF, but definitely BFP!!! on Wondfo and FRER. BFN on $tree brands. I went to get a betas drawn. Noticed brown spotting when I wiped. 12DPO - Same as before but super light BFP on $tree brands. Got results with a BHCG level of THREE! WTH! I'm confused and the doc. Must be a chemical, I'm so devastated. More brown spotting when I wiped. Late at night had a small amount of dark red blood come out. I put on a pad because I'm fully expecting AF to come tonight. 13DPO - AF would typically arrive today but pad was dry. Confused b/c BFPs are getting darker on all brands. Get another beta done. Still brown spotting only when I wipe occasionally. Boobs are starting to get tingly on sides and top (so confused!) 14DPO - All tests are +++, even the CB Digi said Pregnant. Betas came back at a 13 (doc considers anything over 5 Pregnant! Doc wasnt concerned because my levels more than doubled and said that I'm just very early pregnant. I honestly think either something is off with whatever they use to test betas, I had a vanishing twin or something went fairly wrong during initial implantation. My boobs got suddenly got bigger again and are tingly on sides and top. NO SPOTTING TODAY! 15 - 17DPO - I'm hungry, tired, crampy and my tests have definitely gotten darker. NO MORE SPOTTING! It was a roller coaster and due to these ever progressing HPTs, we are not as concerned anymore.

BFP with OPK, Baby Aspirin & Soft Cups!

I've been stalking these boards for the past couple of months and thought I'd share my story hoping it may help others, since I found lots of good advice and stories here! Me: 37, He: 35 This will be both of our first. Mirena IUD came out in January after 10 years of virtually no periods. Got my period back right away. May, started using the Ovia app on my smartphone. Super duper helpful! I didn't do any temping, but AF is fairly regular (~25-28 day typical) and I checked CM during the week up to predicted O. July I bought OPK & Preseed, planning to use both. Started taking a daily baby aspirin since my last couple of periods have been brown color, a little light, and sluggish. Have been on prenatal vitamins since December. 7/31, Ovia app told me my fertile window was starting the day we left to go on a big family camping trip several hours away. So I packed the OPK. I would have packed the Preseed, but our puppy decided it made a delicious treat and ate the whole tube the day before we left - only got to use it once - one expensive puppy-treat, LOL! On the way to the campsite I told hubby that we had to stop at the store - he was amused when I told him what I was up to with the Soft Cups but game for whatever. So, in 100 degree afternoon heat the next day I got a + OPK. We sneaked away for some quick alone time in the tent (not super fun - it was soooo hot!). When it was time, he pulled out and finished in the cup - hah! I inserted the cup and left it in for about 5 hours. Next day, same thing - sweaty quickie finished in the cup, inserted and this time left it in for 12 hours. When I finally removed it, it was pretty much empty! Next day, we did 'regular' BD in our bed (in air conditioning!) before going to sleep for the night. So, here's the summary timeline: 7/29 - BD 7/30 - BD, first day of fertile window 7/31 - long day driving 8/1 - EWCM, + OPK, BD, finished in Soft Cup, inserted, left in for 5 hours 8/2 - EWCM, ovulation pain right side, BD, finished in Soft Cup, inserted, left in for 12 hours 8/3 - EWCM, + OPK, BD before sleeping, ovulation twinges right side 8/4 - tender bbs, watery/clear CM, diarrhea, probably O'd today 8/5 - Begin TWW: creamy CM, tender bbs, sore nipples, constipation 8/6 - creamy CM, bbs fine (worried about drop in Progesterone), + appetite, indigestion, high libido 8/7 - no CM, bbs sore, indigestion, crazy bloating and terrible gas, high libido 8/8 - creamy CM, tender bbs, high libido, crazy bloating, really offensive gas, crazy high libido- starting to notice things are unusual 8/9 - creamy CM, tender bbs, weirdly high libido 8/10 - feeling down today (normal PMS for me), creamy CM, sore bbs, indigestion, still lots of bloating and offensive gas - not typical for me 8/11 - no CM, tender bbs, constipation (not normal for me), bloating, still so terribly gassy! Hubby wonders why I've been so gassy these past few days (sorry honey!) 8/12 - approx. 7-8 DPO, brown implantation bleeding! I never spot before my period, so I'm really excited, bloated, sore bbs, gassy, constipated 8/13 - brown implantation spotting, very light - trying to hold out for EPT - still bloated, gassy, sore bbs, slight cramps right side 8/14 - very very light implantation spotting, dark brown - bloated, gassy, super sore bbs, a little crampy 8/15 - EPT with FMU - very faint BFP! still spotting brown a tiny tiny bit 8/16 - going on another weekend trip with hubby. Woke up early in our cabin, took one of the digital tests that said... Pregnant! Put it in a box with a ribbon. Hubby looked worried and asked if he forgot an anniversary. When he opened the box - at first he laughed thinking I was playing a joke, then his face changed... he exclaimed "Oh!" and cried a little - big hugs. We both cried and laughed for a few minutes. 8/17 - still super bloated, a little nauseous & still gassy, insomnia 8/18 - bloating better, feeling almost normal except indigestion, BFP this morning. 8/19 - insomnia, sore bbs, indigestion, would have seen AF by now, but hopefully won't see her until April! New pregnancy app tells me my due date is April 26th - my birthday!! We're overjoyed. I hope this helps - I think the soft cups really helped us!

My BFP Story

This has been a very interesting year TTC. My husband and I been together for 9 years. We been married since July of 2014. Since our wedding, we have been TTC. We have tried in the past on and off but never conceived, so I would say we been TTC officially for 18 months. With that being said, Our TTC journey finally landed in a BFP! Here are some things we tried over the year TTC - quit smoking ( cigarettes) - used OPKS - took Folic acid - soft cups - preseed -easy@ home opks - charting with Fertilty Friend - had an HSG done ( everything turned out positive and tubes were open, I highly encourage women to get an HSG done as the pregnancy rates increases for women after this procedure. My doctor informed me that, women tend to fall pregnant with 3 months after an HSG, I can say that I have my HSG done in April and I got my BFP exactly 3 months later! It's worth a try!! -This month I ovulated on cd 18 of a 26 day cycle. Once ovulation was confirmed we used only Preseed and soft cups. We used preseed before BD and put preseed in the soft cup before inserting it in. This help to keep the spermies closer to the cervix and allowing lubricant for the spermies to swim. - I also ate pineapples spears not the core leading up to ovulation. The core was nasty to me! Yuck! I am over excited to be here sharing my story as I told hubby " I want a A BFP for our anniversary" and sure enough after our anniversary trip from Miami I came home took a test and it was a faint BFP at 10 dpo. 11 dpo confirmed BFP with clear blue digital. The only symptoms I had was sore boobs and frequent urination I still have today. My temps have been high as 98.6 since 9 dpo when it's normally around 97.7. I want wish everyone who received a BFP A healthy pregnancy and for those still TTC, stay positive and give it your all each and every month, you will indeed land your BFP. As always I'm here for support if needed!

12 dpo, beta 24

So last year (exactly to this date!) I had my first positive pregnancy test and my beta was 20, then second was 41, and then I miscarried. I was bleeding the entire time, very lightly, so I knew there wasn't much hope. Fast forward to one year later, I found out I was pregnant on 11 dpo and on 12 dpo I had my levels drawn and they called to say it was 24 hcg, 38 progesterone. I asked her if they were good levels and she said yes but I am so nervous. I have to get my second levels drawn tomorrow and I have almost zero pregnancy symptoms. Slightly tender boobs, loose stool, and light headed. No spotting at all and zero cm! I keep taking wondfo's to see progession but those stupid things never look much different... The tests are not getting lighter but hardly darker. Ugh.. Any positive stories to get me through the next 48 hours??

10 dpo bfp

First a bit about me: I'm 37,this will be my 3rd little. My boys are 2 years and 14 years old. We have been ttc for about 4 months. DH has developed delayed ejaculation so we used softcups for AI. Finding info on that was a godsend and saved me so many tears! We would not have conceived without it. I was tracking my bbt vaginally because I sleep with my mouth open sometimes, checking cervix and cm, and I also started supplementing with a half dose of Emerita pro-gest as I have many symptoms of low progesterone. I'm still breastfeeding my 2 year old. Anyway, I hope this post gives hope to women with similar circumstances <3 1 dpo - dry cm, woke up feeling really bloated, tired and cramps coming and going, random unexpected bout of diarrhea in the afternoon and then fine. So weird. 2 dpo - creamy cm, intermittent cramping, still feel bloated. Hungry. 3 dpo- more creamy cm, gassy, cramps here and there. Sugar cravings. Took a nap. 4 dpo - creamy cm but less than yesterday. Took another nap. More sugar cravings. Intermittent cramping, sore left hip and low backache. Achey vagina?? Irritable 5 dpo - foot cramps 3x in evening (NEVER happens), dizziness in the afternoon after I put DS in the car, intermittent cramping/pulling, SO GASSY OMG. Craving chocolate. 6 dpo - 8 hrs sleep and still tired, a bit queasy when I woke up and nose a little stuffy. Where did my cramps go? 7 dpo- SO EMOTIONAL! Ugh!!!! Angry, crying, happy- emotionally all over the place. Chills and hot flashes all day. DH kept commenting on how warm my hands were compared to normal. Tired. Boobs are sensitive. Feeling touched out. Taking a lot of deep breaths like I'm a bit short of breath 8 dpo - orgasmed in sleep. Intense dreams. Smelly pee this morning , weird heavy feeling/pressure behind pubic bone a few times in the afternoon and evening, emotionally more stable than yesterday. Craving carbs. Still hot and cold. 9 dpo - So much gas at night. Toddler awake from 2-4:30 am. Increased CM. Was out and about today and didn't notice much going on with my body. Mood was good. 10 dpo - temp dip this morning. Faint line on 10 mUI strip OMG!!! Felt kind of normal today, actually thought I might be out. The only thing that made me still think I'm preg before I tested (at 6 pm) was this morning my cervix was almost as high as when I was ovulating. I have a bit of prolapse and usually it gets really low when AF is coming. A teenager, a toddler and an infant! Here we go lol :) Baby dust ladies