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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Softcups

BFP!! I'm still in disbelief

Me: 32yr- hx of prolactinemia, on Bromocriptine 2.5mg twice daily since June 2014 (microadenoma on pituitary gland)one dd with DH- Madelyn Jaymes 7/2011 DD: 41y/o. Three children from previous relationship I got my BFP on Thursday and I still can't believe it. When we decided to try again I thought it would take awhile as it took 18 months for me to get pregnant with dd. This is only our second month of trying. It still doesn't seem real. I prayed for another baby and left the whole situation in god's hands. He has once again answered my prayer. I am beyond grateful! I have been charting my cycles with BBT's, OPK, CM, and CP for nearly a year. We used Pre-seed and Softcups this cycle. Here is the breakdown by DPO: I ovulated later than normal this month mysteriously ;) Pos opk on 8 March and 9 March Ovulation day- 9 March (my o-pains are no joke)! 1 DPO (10 Mar): temp drop confirms ovulation (97.7). Just some mild cramps 2 DPO: slight pressure sensation and twinges in lower abdomen, sore breasts-not out of the ordinary after ovulation 3 DPO: sore breasts 4 DPO: mild cramping 5 DPO: sore breasts 6 DPO: intermittent small sharp pains in lower abdomen 7 DPO: sore breasts 8 DPO: weird tingling sensation in left jaw, light lower abdominal pain while stretching 9 DPO: small pinching/soreness and intermittent left lower abdominal pain, sore breasts, mild cramping, feeling worn out while doing Zumba-(I thought I was dehydrated)! 10 DPO: cramping, sore breasts 11 DPO: slight nausea, cramping, felt tired even after I woke up 12 DPO: nauseated after eating, tired-slept through about 1/4 of my shift, mild cramping, itchy in random areas-legs and arms w/o provocation, felt light headed at one point 13 DPO: cramping, backache, some indigestion, and nausea. Feels like my period is revving up for a restart 14 DPO: TMI-mild cramping after orgasm 15 DPO: Feels like period is coming-my normal "burning" cramping sensation that accompanies my period, alternating left and right sided pains in lower abdomen, "fluttering" sensation 16 DPO: cramping, nausea, backache, suddenly got a stuffy nose, mild pain on right side of abdomen, mild cramping after orgasm, itchy throat w/cough, my urine smells weird. I really wanted to test on this day as it is the last day of the longest luteal phase I've ever gone, but I wanted to give it one more day to round it out for as long as a LP should last. 17 DPO: pain in left lower abdomen, dry chapped lips, itchy throat w/cough; expecting my period to start, but I feel none of the signs. I have no pregnancy tests at home, but I do have plenty of ovulation tests and these did turn positive with my last pregnancy so I give it a try-take the test, do my hair, dance with my daughter and come back 10 min later to a smiley face :)! I have no doubt that I'm pregnant then. I pee in a cup at work and send it off to the lab. It results less than 15 min later-BFP!! I'm in the early days yet and am praying it sticks. I feel absolutely fine and hope I get through this pregnancy relatively unscathed like it did my last one. I hope my symptom list was helpful to some. Although I don't have nearly as many symptoms as some I've read. Good luck everyone!

I can't believe this is happening!!

Early fall last year, me and my husband were ready to start trying for a baby. We were so excited! However I kept feeling worse and worse, so I went to my doctor who did my blood work and I found out I was hypothyroid. She let me know that due to the elevated TSH level I would have a hard time conceiving and even if I did get pregnant it would not be good for the baby. This obviously made both me and my husband sad. My doctor wanted me to come back in 8 weeks and test the TSH again. To make a long story short I found another doctor who prescribed natural desiccated thyroid and got on the medication earlier this month on the 13th of March. I also received a vitamin B12 shot. On Sunday the 15th I had ovulated. We only managed to babydance twice before my ovulation 3 days before and the day before. Fast forward to Tuesday the 24th of this month at 9 dpo I tested in the morning and got a faint positive. Praise God!! Finally! After months, and months of failed cycles, once I got on my thyroid medication it happened right away. I can't tell you how happy I'm to post here, I have been waiting for this opportunity and it's finally here. I hope my symptoms will help you out on your journey to the BFP! Cycle day 12 - Ovulation 1 DPO - Thinking I'm out this month only had a chance to baby dance twice. Feeling warm and bloated. 2 DPO - Bloated, feeling warmer. 3 DPO - Starting to notice creamy CM. This happens usually during my luteal phase, but not this MUCH! 4 DPO - Oh wow, abundant creamy CM, breasts start to get tender on the sides. 5 DPO - Creamy CM, bloated, noticed cloudy urine, tired, mildly tender breasts on the sides. 6 DPO - I couldn't stay awake! Super tired, warm, weak, still creamy CM, the odd twinge. 7 DPO - Got nauseous before breakfast, woke up very hungry, this is not typical for me. The nausea was definitely a big sign for me, I'm never nauseous. Plus gas sorry TMI, later on that night had explosive diarrhea that woke me out of sleep (another sign). 8 DPO - Nauseous again before breakfast, and now I'm really starting to wonder if this could be my month, CM turned to sticky and white + heartburn and gas in the evening. This led me to test at night 8 DPO, and of course it was NEGATIVE. After the negative test I was thinking all of these symptoms must be in my head and that I was out this month. 9 DPO - Well I woke up and instantly felt nauseous and as this is something very unusual for me I decided to test with FMU. OH WOOOOOOW!! NO WAAAAAAY!! There is a faint line on the First Response early results. + I was overjoyed, but could not believe it. 10 DPO - I tested again with FRER and the line was a little darker :). There was a little sticky CM, bloating, slightly tender breasts, periodic nausea especially when hungry. Headache and heartburn. 11 DP0 - Tested again this time with three different tests, 1 FRER, 1 ClearBlue digital, and 1 First Response digital, they all came back positive. But I loved seeing the 1-2 weeks pregnant on the ClearBlue. 12 DP0 - Today! Tested again, and lines are darker than ever, my period is due tomorrow, but my temp is nicely elevated. I definitely feel pregnant, but I'm terrified of a loss. Please God let me keep this little love baby. Stick baby, stick!! In the beginning of the next week I will go to get my BETA HCG drawn. I hope this post is helpful to you, and I hope and pray you will all be blessed with a BFP soon!

BFP after 18 months, 3 rounds of Femara and mid-cycle spotting

I am excited to be posting my BFP story and am thankful for everyone's stories that have me hope. A little background first: I'm 31 with irregular cycles (36-56days with a 16 day luteal phase) and mid cycle spotting. I came off the pill in May of 2013 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in October 2014 and started Femera that same month. DH is 30, healthy with great sperm count and morphology. We started trying in October 2013 and I quickly noticed that I always spotted for 16 days weeks before my period. My luteal phase is always 16 days. It wasn't until I started using OPKs that I figured out it started the day after my positive OPK. After a year of trying using OPK we saw a fertility specialist who noticed that my TSH levels were working the normal range for someone my age (4.98) but too high to conceive. He put me on a daily dose of Synthroid immediately to bring it down to below 2. At the same time he started me in Femara to help regulate my cycle and give my ovaries some help. The first cycle proved successful in lowering my TSH but unsuccesfful with TTC since my progesterone levels of 4 on CD21 even though I got a positive OPK on CD18. So no ovulation. Second round my Femera was doubled (5mg) I ovulated on CD24 with confirmation of progesterone levels of 45 at 7DPO. Unfourtunately this cycle proved unsuccessful with my period showing up on CD 40. This last cycle DH and I decided to throw everything in it except for the kitchen sink. So this meant: temping, soft cups and preseed! Well low and behold this did the trick. My TWW was the same as all cycles before except that I didn't start to spot until early 7DPO (saw a temp dip.. Implantation I assume) and stopped at 14DPO. I usually spot for the full TWW. I held off and tested the day I was due 16DPO and voila Two lines!! No other symptoms to report and really think that the Soft Cups and preseed help us! Baby dust to all!

Softcup and PreSeed- they work!

TTC approx 2 mos. Not sure if this was it, but the very first time we started using pre-seed as directed on the package and soft cups (I'd put a little preseed in the cup, then stick one in right after sex- sorry if that's gross), 12 DPO I got my BFP! I would definitely recommend using these two products and I plan to use them when we eventually TTC again in a couple years.

BFP first time on Femara

After 13 months trying I finally got my BFP on my first go on Femara (only 2.5mg). Little background, I am 29 and my husband is 30, I have PCOS and long cycles however, no other known fertility issues. My husband has perfect, better than average sperm. Last cycle, my gyno recommended Femara due to the amount of cysts on my left side making my left ovary in his words 'completely stuffed' and my previous cycle was 46 days. Other things I did different this month were exercising 3 times a week, eating healthier, menstrual cup with 'conceive well' lubricant inside the cup, making sure I orgasmed, we BD'd in the morning after ovulation as well as the night before O, vitamin B complex and a glass of grapefruit juice a day in the 5 days before O. DPO 1-3 no symptoms. Breasts usually sore but nothing this cycle. DPO 4 sore throat. DPO 5 nothing. DPO 6-8 twingey feeling in my uterus. Shooting pains. BFN. Strong vibration in uterus, nothing like I have felt before. DPO 8 starving 2 hours after breakfast. Pain in my stomach to the right, just above my hip. Felt like muscle strain, hard to explain. Something I have never felt before, first thing that made me question whether I was pregnant. DPO 9 BFN on 10mui cheapy. BFP blood test (found out the following day). Starving again 2 hours after breakfast. Strong shooting pain where my ovary is. Fell asleep on my husband at 6.30pm. DPO 10 slightest of slight BFP, debatable line, unable to see without squinting. Sore throat again. Starving in the morning and mid-morning. Tired. DPO 11-12 flighty feelings in uterus, breast still not sore. BFP still very light. Hungry throughout the mornings. Tired, tired, tired. DPO 13 breasts beginning to be sore. Slight nausea. BFP line getting darker. So tired. I thought I was out this month, mainly because my cervical mucus was no different to any other month and I had no symptoms that I have read about every month. The biggest thing that made me think something was different this month was the vibrations and shooting pains in my uterus. Now just hoping for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

BFP after 10 months!!

I'm not really sure if I finally got the hang of this TTC thing or if it was the soft cups but holy cow, I am pregnant! I have a pretty regular 28-30 day cycle with ovulation between CD17-CD19. I've been on prenatals/fish oil for 10 months and recently (within the last 2 months) added B Complex, B6, and B12 to extend my luteal phase from 10-12 days to a solid 14 days. Ovulation for this cycle confirmed via BBT on CD17.. symptoms are as follows: -2: BD insert soft cups right after and removed the next morning -1: BD insert soft cups right after and removed the next morning O day: nothing 1DPO: TMI- diarrhea 2DPO: lots of gas. woke up this morning with super sore glutes/inner thighs like I had done many squats 3DPO: one bout of mild cramping and some pokes by the right ovary 4DPO: skin break out (not unusual) 5DPO: discomfort on right when eating - took a deep breath and there was a sharp poke. creamy CM 6DPO: sleepy- took a nap. temp dip (had previous temp dips so didn't think anything of it) 7DPO: sleepy- took a nap, skin break out (unusual: I don't normally break out a ton during the TWW), boobs start getting sore (but never get painful until after the BFP), more creamy CM. huge temp spike (had this happen in previous cycles. didn't think anything of it) 8DPO: sore right tonsil 9DPO: pokes on right side 10DPO: skin break out, sleepy- went to bed early, pokes on right 11DPO: skin break out, bad dream. lots of pokes today on right 12DPO: crazy vivid dream, pokes on right- feels like jolts of electricity, burped and a little came up (never happens) 13DPO: lots of zaps (has happened in previous cycles), boobs still only slightly sore, gush of watery CM, temp spike again! maybeeee triphasic...!?) 14DPO: crampy on and off today like AF was on her way, huge glob of yellow CM (common, have had this numerous times in previous cycles but this time was a lot more) 15DPO: glutes and inner thighs sore again like I did squats, boobs really hurt starting from today. no period so took a test -- totally strong BFP! I tried the whole lay for 20 minutes with the legs up in the air, pre seed, every other day BD, every day BD.. The only thing I did different this time was add soft cups after BD (only those 2 times!) til the next morning and I believe that's what finally did it. Good luck everyone and baby dust to all!! <3

Triphasic chart then BFP at 11 DPO

I am currently just past 4 weeks pregnant (17 DPO today), and I got my first BFP at 11 DPO. Here is a little back story about me and my TTC journey. My partner is transgender and we have been doing home inseminations with donor sperm for 10 months. For the first 7 months of TTC I was having absolutely no luck. I went to my Dr. and found out that I had an elevated testosterone level because my partner was taking testosterone cream and apparently some was accidentally getting onto me (still not sure how, we were very cautious). After my partner switched to the testosterone injections my hormone levels went back to normal. The first month after the switch I was able to get pregnant but I lost it very quickly. Now, two months later I am pregnant again. As you can see by the photo, the tests are getting darker over time, so I already feel like this pregnancy is on track and doing well. Here is a little run down of my earliest symptoms. 12/21/14 – CD 1, Period started EWCM detected CD 9-12 1/1/15 (CD 12) – Insemination #1 1/2/15 (CD 13) – Positive OPK, chart shows ovulation as same day with huge ovulation temp spike today 1/3/15 (1 DPO) – Insemination #2 (with mooncup) 1/4/15 (2 DPO) – Insemination #3 (with mooncup) 4 DPO - 8PDO Creamy cervical mucus noted 1/10/15 (9 DPO) – Started feeling some light, mild cramping around this time, continues till around CD 12, and kind of felt like pre-AF heaviness in uterus. 1/12/15 (10 DPO) – Woke with horrible headache and strong nausea, constipated, tender breasts, gums felt tender and bled during brushing teeth. 1/13/15 (11 DPO) – Constipation continues, tender breasts, dull headache, gums bled again this morning brushing teeth, tested after coming home from work. BFP came up right away with afternoon diluted urine! Tested every day from CD 11 to make sure second line was still visible and not getting lighter/going away. Overall, I have had the same extreme breast tenderness as other non-pregnant cycles, less exhaustion and tired feelings than other non-pregnant cycles, but my temp shot up at 8 DPO and stayed up for a triphasic chart pattern. I haven't had any unusual hunger or food preferences/dislikes. Some tender gums and bleeding when brushing in the earliest days. My biggest indication was the triphasic chart pattern. Even now at 17 DPO, I don't have a lot of symptoms. My breasts are still mega sore though, and I have the faintest bits of nausea that come and go quickly. Here is what I think helped: going to the doctor after 7 months of trying with no luck and insisting on some early blood work, charting with BBT, ovulation strips and then Clearblue digital opks to confirm ovulation, taking prenatal vitamins and vitamin D religiously, taking Asprin from ovulation to about a week past ovulation to help with implantation (research supports this), and using the mooncup after the inseminations and laying down for a while after inseminating. Here are the things I've tried that I don't think helped in the past: Evening Primrose Oil, vitex, preseed, aps that assume standard ovulation timing. I hope some parts of this are helpful to those of you who are still trying. If you want more details you can check out my blog. -Stay-positive

It Can Happen To You

Hello everyone! I just wanted to start off with a little background. My partner and I had been trying to conceive for two years. For a year we have been using OPK's. We pretty much always baby danced every day or every other day the week leading up to ovulation. This never worked for us, though. After a while of not conceiving, we went to get a semen analysis and I got an HCG test done (this is where they insert dye into your Fallopian tubes to make sure that they're open and also look at your uterus). The results came back as me having 1 blocked Fallopian tube and a healthy uterus. My partner had normal semen analysis results except for his morphology (shape of the sperm) which came back at 3%. The cycle after I had my HSG test done, I got the positive ovulation test and we tried something different. Since we knew that he had pretty normal sperm when withholding from ejaculation for 4 days, he abstained from masturbation and intercourse right when I started getting the cervical mucous. I am irregular, so this is the only way I knew to start testing for ovulation. 4 days later, I got the positive OPK test. I started testing like a maniac and never got a positive pregnancy test this cycle. I actually started my period 16 days after ovulation which never happens to me. It's always 15 days for me. It started as spotting and then got heavier. It lasted two days (also so weird for me, as my period is 5-6 days). I had horrible cramping...cramps that are hard to explain. I had a feeling I had a chemical that month. Anyways, I figured we needed to try something different because I can't expect different results by doing the same thing every month. I started taking FertilAid as well as FertillCM. My partner started taking multivitamins. I stopped my medication for migraines since those are potentially dangerous to a little bean. I started taking prenatal vitamins every day just in case. I also bought softcups. I thought that my cervical mucous would be more abundant after taking the FertilCM, but it was hardly anything. I also started taking Robitussin daily for a week before ovulation. I stated getting a little bit of cervical mucous, which is how my partner and I knew to abstain. 4 days later I got a questionable positive OPK. I had no idea if I should count it as a positive or not since it was so borderline. We counted it as a positive just in case and baby danced the night after the positive OPK (I always ovulate 2 days after my positive OPK). So, the night before ovulation we knew that he probably had a healthy amount of sperm. I put pre seed into the soft cup and inserted it right after intercourse. It may also help if you climax yourself with the softcup in. I laid down for about 20 minutes and then got up. I think I kept the cup in for a few hours. We also had intercourse the day of ovulation. We didn't do any special this night. I kept track of my temperatures afterwards to confirm ovulation. My temperature didn't increase as soon as it normally does, so I really thought I had not ovulated. I had a big temp drop at 3dpo, then the temp went back to normal pre ovulation temps. My temps finally went up at 5dpo, but they just went up to my normal temps after I ovulate-98.6. I was totally confused. I was feeling symptoms of PMS, but I didn't even sure that I ovulated. At 8dpo I took a internet cheapie 25miu test and it came up negative. At 9dpo I took a dollar store test-negative. Then, later on 9dpo, I received some tests I had ordered a few days earlier. They are super sensitive 10miu tests. I took one and saw the faintest of lines. I didn't think anything of it. I know women already have HCG in their system, so maybe it was just picking that up. However, on 10 dpo I got a first response test. Obvious pink line. I continued taking tests for a few weeks and they gradually got darker. I was so so so very surprised!!!! I'm sorry this was so long. I just hope that by being so detailed with what I did, maybe I can help someone else. Below are my symptoms by DPO. I kept track of them via countdowntopregnancy during my wait. 1DPO- The underarms next to my breasts hurt. Like right on my arm pits. Mild Cramp with some shooting/stabbing pains. 2DPO- Heartburn, tender breasts (underarm), headcahe 3DPO- Pulling/pinching feeling, UTI feeling, tender breasts (underarms), BBT drop, diarrhea (FUN), so so hungry. 4DPO- Mild cramps, tender breasts (underarms), headache, stuffy nose, diarrhea 5DPO- Mild cramps, ovulation type pain, pulling pinching, tender breasts (underarms), diarrhea and increased CM. This was weird to me as I always dry up after ovulation. 6DPO- Bloating, cramps, pulling/pinching, breasts (stabbing pain), increased cervical fluid, abnormally hungry! 7DPO- Mild cramps, Tender breasts (underarms), runny nose, increased cervical fluid, so so so hungry!

4 Very light BFPs but positive digital!

I can't believe I'm writing this! My hubby and I have been trying for almost a year, and I decided to go to the doctor. She said I had PCOS and most likely couldn't conceive without clomid. So there we were, first month of clomid days 5-9. I'm on cd 31 (14dpo) and got a very faint bfp at 12dpo. Yesterday (13 dpo) I took two more ic and for two faint bfps again! So with afternoon urine, I tested with a clear blue digital, and it was BFP 1-2weeks!!!!! I might be overthinking, but I'm concerned that the lines are soooooooo light, as I took another ic today, and it almost looks lighter than yesterday? Help! I need stories of light bfps to either clear my fears or help me prepare for the worst... Thanks in advance!

BFP using preseed and softcups

DH and I have been TTC for 14 months and I have loved reading the BFP stories on here so thought I would add my own :) this will be our first baby, although I had a MC in September at 5 weeks. We decided to try again straight after and introduced preseed and softcups, I conceived in the 2nd cycle after MC, here's the breakdown of my month! CD 1-5: AF CD 6-7: nothing CD 8: cm creamy/sticky DTD (1.5g preseed and soft cup) CD 9: cm watery/clear CD10: cm creamy/sticky. Coldsores on lips feeling really rundown CD11: cm creamy/sticky. Coldsores, felt tired and emotional CD12: cm creamy/sticky. Headaches and tired. DTD (2g preseed and softcup) CD13: cm watery. DTD (3G preseed and softcup) CD14: EWCM. Right pelvic pain and bloating negative OPK CD15: EWCM. Tender bbs, bloating. DTD (3G preseed and softcup) negative OPK CD16: EWCM, nausea and cramps, positive OPK, DTD (3G preseed and softcup) CD17: ovulation day, EWCM, tender bbs, gas, fatigue, positive OPK, DTD (3G preseed and softcup) 1DPO: EWCM, negative OPK, tender bbs, DTD (3G preseed and softcup) 2DPO: cm creamy/sticky, sharp pains/cramps In evening, gas, tender bbs 3DPO: cm creamy/sticky, cramps, headache, dizziness, sharp cramps in morning 4DPO: cm creamy/sticky, gas,acne, bloating 5DPO: cm creamy/sticky, headaches, dizziness, heavy feeling in abdomen, cramps, tender bbs, eczema has cleared up 6DPO: cm creamy/sticky, tired, tender bbs, headaches, left pelvic pain, acne, just didn't feel pregnant 7DPO: cm creamy/sticky, indigestion, cramps tender bbs, hungry, acne, sharp pains in abdomen in afternoon lasting an hour 8DPO: cm creamy/sticky/watery, tired, hungry, tender bbs, pulling/twinges/cramps 9DPO: cm creamy/sticky/watery, gas, tender bbs, tired, negative HPT 10DPO: as 9DPO, negative HPT 11DPO: gas, tender bbs, bloating, cramps, lots of creamy/watery cm, bbs look huge, BFP on FRER! I am now 5 weeks 4 days and so far so good! Got 'pregnant 3+' on a digital yesterday so going to stop POAS now! We're keeping our fingers crossed that this is a sticky bean and plan to tell our families at Christmas when I'll be 8 weeks :)