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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Softcups

39yrs- low egg reserve, 6 months TTC, clomid, instead cups: 10dpo BFP

I was diagnosed with low egg reserve 2012. I went in cause some things changed in my cycle and I am very aware of whats happening. sure enough, FSH was 14 I believe. I even had once cycle where I didnt ovulate at all. But typically I get + opk and feel pain that day and next day followed by low shut cervix and white mucus. we had been trying 6 months. I have had many pregnancies prior so I get pregnant easily but I was divorced and was not getting pregnant with my significant other. I redid my FSH which was better. however, still no pregnancy and didnt see anymore eggwhites (especially with all the sex) so that concerned me too. in prior months I swayed, I tried some herbs, instead cups one month and preseed in a tiny amount and even clomid self perscribed at 25mg w out sucess. I get alot of white sticky mucus but I knew I needed stretchy fertile stuff. so this month I didnt think it was going to work. wasnt even going to try. Then I went ahead and did 12.5mg clomid days 6-9? or maybe 7-10. I only had 4 doses. I had no signs of ovulation other than really in the mood. then I got a test and just randomly tested and it was a near +. cd 13. cd14 +opk BLAZING dark. BD cd 11, 13 (2x), 14, 15 Ovulated cd 14 (pains and sex too painful/achey) 3dpo feel wet but its cold. throbbing in belly a bit then gone. 4dpo so much mucus 5dpo sex burns. plus I have a tad bit of a yeast infection (from so much sex deposit) really emotional. plan to give up on trying. maybe Im not meant to have another. 6dpo thick throat feeling/phlemy, gagged at night brushing teeth. crabby, eating alot at night before bed. belly gurgles 7dpo very gassy and loud (not like me) cervix very long and firm. phlemy and thickness in throat and fullness in ears. hot cold waves. nausea before bed. 1st night I took progesterone. 8dpo woke up feeling pukey and thought, ok I could be pregnant even tho I only have this symptom. (and since i just took the prog i know thats not making me pukey) I said if I cant taste milk, I dont even need a test. sure enough, whole milk tastes blah or like water. very creamy mucus. pooped a ton then had cramps after for hours in abdomen. acne. very hungry and thirsty for days now. 9dpo super hungry and mainly for meat. peeing more often and alot. my back is broken out! super crabby at other peoples kids. a baby was really crabby near me and I was annoyed (thought I would be terrible mother again) questionable FRER today. it has a line but no color. the one from last night has a even lighter test line but no pink. as day goes on, I think- this is a + even tho no color. take a clearblue and a target =/- at night and both FAINT + but then disappear 30 minutes later. read that is normal w those brands. take a FRER and its NEG with same pee. 10dpo. peed at 6am then woke at 7:15 w nausea. temp 98.1 (norm is 97.1) STARVING (ate 5 eggs and 2 slices of ham) peed at 7:30am and tested w that. +FRER within 2 mins. so obvious but still faint. much darker within the hour. clearblue at noon and its a + within 40 seconds. had one spec of pink today. cervix low and softer. very thin watery white mucus. no boob pain, no green lines, no gagging, not overly tired, NO CRAMPS. Just irritated easily. dont really feel pregnant but then again its early. still sinking in. i was waiting to feel implantation or see some spotting. nothing like my norm. it was our 6 month trying. I had JUST made an appt to do an IUI in 2 weeks. LOL I added nordic naturals oil pills daily, vit d, ultra mega GNC pils (green ones 1 x a day vs 2) also b12 disolving tabs at 1500mg? drank more water. no sway. used instead cups 2-3 times this cycle and only had about a 3 drops of preseed so I put that in too. I did try to have an o after he finished, and I had my hips up when I did it. and again, used clomid at 12.5 mg days 6, 7, 8 and 9? i have very strong pains this month and 3 days of wicked dark +opk. partner will be 40 next month. he had a sperm sample done in Oct and showed 8% normal morphology but 220MILLION sperm. so we should not have too much of an issue w all those guys! I didnt have my hopes up so I cared less this month. maybe thats what did it :)

BFP CD12 with almost no symptoms

My husband and I had been TTC since June with no luck. To make it more stressful, my husband had to go away for work starting in September monday thru friday so we were out of the game except for Fri, Sat, Sun. By this cycle in October I was not very optomistic, and I also had virtually no symptoms. I usually ovulate late and have a luteal phase of only 12-13 days so I was afraid this was a problem. I believe I ovulated on CD17 but my OPKs were a little lighter than positive and I didn't have any ov pain. We BD on CD 11, 16 & 18. We used a little preseed and an instead softcup on CD16&18 CD12-19 EWCM, no other symptoms CD19-now creamy CM My only other symptoms were on 8DPO I was extremely lazy but not really tired, and my husband was telling me to get off the couch and I became very emotional and crying telling him I did not think that this was our month and that I hadn't had any symptoms. Then I snapped out of it because I thought, wait, that this could be a symptom! I ate sunflower seeds (2-3tbsp candy coated, yum!) and 1/5 of a pineapple every day starting from 2DPO. I am still eating the sunflower seeds now because they are addicting! I expected my period Friday the 31 which is 13DPO so I waited to test until 12DPO. I used fmu with a wondfo and the test line came up immediately. I thought, "I knew it, negative" finished brushing my teeth and then looked again at the strip. There was a faint second pink line. I didn't know what to think and wasn't convinced that I was pregnant. I went to work and tried not to get my hopes up the rest of the day. I tested again 13DPO and the line was the exact same color, a very light pink. I was still feeling like it wasn't a 100% positive but I thought maybe it was just too early. I was also trying not to convince myself that I was pregnant because I felt like I was keeping it from my husband. We had plans that Friday night so I waited until Saturday to test with a digital FRER and tell him the news! I woke up at 4:45 am not being able to sleep because I had to pee! Peed on the digital and it read "Pregnant 2-3". Finally I could believe that I really am pregnant!! I layed in bed until he finally woke up around 8am. I wrapped up a tiny infant onesie with his favorite band on it that I bought almost a year ago and put it in a box with the test underneath and gave him the box. He said, "what's in here? Donuts?" :) (He's a cop) Finally he opened it and said, "why are you giving me this? wait...are you pregnant?!" I told him to look underneath where the test was and he said, "Oh my god! you're pregnant?!" We hugged and kissed and were both very excited! Looking back, another symptom that I had was that after I ovulate my breasts get sore on the outside and fuller. This went away around 8 or 9DPO and they returned to their normal size. On 14DPO & 15DPO I felt some pulling in my lower abdomen and I have to pee more frequently. I hope to go see my PCP on Monday to get an HcG level. Good luck to all those TTC out there! This was our first cycle using the softcups, preseed, sunflower seeds and pineapple and I think it must have helped along with our timing being better than the past few months.

23 Months TTC with clomid!

I am so so so glad its finally my turn to post on this site! I have stalked this page for over a year hoping one day I would get my chance to post my BFP! Jennifer,27 (almost 28) TTC 23 months My backstory: Since AF made its appearance back when I was 13, I have always felt that I would have an issue getting pregnant. Though my entire life, I have NEVER been regular. My stress level and periods always were hand in hand with each other. When I would become upset about anything, my period would be delayed…for months…sometimes even years. I didn’t have a single cycle while my mom was battling breast cancer. When I was 23 I asked my regular MD if I had an issue…and he told me it was normal to be abnormal! WHAT?! I actually BELIEVED that!?! I never had a horrible AF when it actually came….slight cramping…that was it. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 24, we then decided to wait a year to start trying to a baby. Luckily at this point….my mom was better, I was stress free, and my cycles were 100% normal! November 2012 rolled around and we were ready! And then lovely AF came…again, and again, and again!! We BD for the next 7th months just expecting it to happen, and it never did. I then started the wondolf LH strips to see if I O’ed. Some months it surged, others it did not. We continued this until January of 2014. I scheduled an appointment with my normal OB…and because of SNOW…I had it rescheduled 4 or 5 times. We were not seen until march. From Jan-March my periods were off again. My father was ill and it played a toll on my lady parts….GO figure! TTC Story: March 2014: OB put me on provera to start AF. Period started 16 days later, took 50mg clomid days 3-7, progestrogen at day 21 was less than 1. I did not ovulate. May 2014: OB put me on provera to start AF. Period started 16 days later, took 100mg clomid days 3-7, progestrogen at day 21 was less than 1. I did not ovulate. July 2014: AF came naturally, 32 day cycle, 150mg clomid day 3-7, progestrogen was 17.8!!! I finally O’ed, BFN Aug 2014, AF came naturally, 32 day cycle, 150mg clomid day 3-7, did not take 21 day test but showed surge on LH strips. BFN Sept 2014: OB referred me to the reproduction specialist. My DH and I were tested. His swimmers were good, I did NOT have PCOS, my levels were good. I took 150mg clomid 3-7, and had a HSG test on cd11. The test SUCKED! It was far from pleasant, but I found out that my tubes were wide open. This kind of put me at ease….I knew there wasn’t anything really wrong with me. I had also ready that the HSG test can make you fertile so I was hopeful. I tested my LH levels EVERY DAY and never showed a surge so I was convinced I didn’t O. I did notice THICK white CM in my panties for about a week before my period….random short cramps. Nothing major. CD 32 came around and BFN. I cried. A lot. I was ready to give up….but my RS couldn’t get me in until the end of the month…they prescribed me provera to start my cycle again but told me to hold off taking it until 10/16/2014. I continued to test daily…CD34 I swore I saw a faint line. I didn’t say anything to anyone, not even the DH. The next morning, it was slightly darker….was I really pregnant?? Finally CD 35 I looked down and saw a still faint but definite line….I ran to walgreens and got a digital….longest 3 minutes of my life…BFP! WAHOOOO! I cried, and cried, and cried. I am 5+ weeks…early but confident. I have an appointment at the end of the month!!! We also used soft cups and preseed! Forgot to mention that!! I can’t wait for my summer baby!

Moon cup moon cup moon cup!!!!

So it's a little late and I'm tired and I'm nauseous and I'M PREGNANT!! I have a whole load of stuff to write down about my BFP and symptoms etc but the main thing I wanted to share was this last cycle I used a moon cup! And I am sure that after 6 months of trying that is what helped. I spent 2 yrs trying for my first baby so I know how desperate things get. This obviously doesn't come with a guarantee but it might work for some people. And if not just use it for ur period it saves u loads of money and is good for the environment albeit a little gross! Good luck ladies. I hope this one sticks for me and you all get the BFPs you deserve.

Still In Shock! Naturally Preg w/ PCOS

I got 4 positive pregnancy tests yesterday and 2 more today. It's still sinking in! I have sat up so many nights crying, hoping, and praying while reading all the BFP stories on here, wondering if I'd ever get to post my own. After exactly 2 long years of trying, here we are naturally pregnant. I did 3 rounds of Clomid with no success and had decided to begin the IVF process on my next cycle, never came! Things I did: I began lifting weights the past few months and trying to eat a little cleaner in general. Nothing crazy but just going to the gym 4 days a week and trying to feel tighter. I noticed my cycles became more regular by doing this and made me feel sexier while BD (which helped me want to do it more). After sex, we inserted a moon cup so I could get up and move around without everything leaking out. I'm not sure this made a difference as we had done this many cycles before. Also, I started taking prenatal vitamins a couple of months ago so I'd like to think this helped. Symptoms: First off, please no nothing was obvious, so don't expect a whirlwind of symptoms because you may not get any. I didn't even recognize my symptoms as signs of pregnancy until after my test and thinking back. At the time (1-7 days PO) I felt normal. When I saw that second line pop up on my test it was sheer shock because I thought I'd feel different. 1-10 DPO: little fluttery feelings in my chest like I have high blood pressure or something. Insomnia really bad, up all night with my mind racing. Occasional few sharp pains in uterus and ovary areas. Nothing too abnormal for me. 10 DPO-current: feeling like period is going to start- cramping feels the same as before period, boobs feel the same (I don't feel it in my nipples but my boobs are tender all over and are BIG). I'm slowly starting to feel tiny almost non existent spells of nausea. I stood up yesterday and my vision went blurry for a few seconds. Feeling more and more tired. Good luck to all! It's hard to see past your trials when your right in the middle of them, but it's so worth the wait. Now, those two years trying don't seem so long in the big scheme of things. God knows what timing is best.

BFN at 12 DPO, and then BFP at 13 DPO, 33 years old and 1st pregnancy

DH and I started trying in August, and this was our second cycle. I'm still in shock, and haven't shared the news with him (or anyone) yet. From August, I started taking prenatal multivitamin daily, a vitamin D, C, and probiotic. The main difference between last month and this month, was I really tried not to be stressed out all the time because work is so stressful, and they say stress can affect your chances of conceiving. Just a note - I've used the CBEFM in the past along with charting (not to conceive, just to see how it works and in preparation for TTC), FH sticks and bbt to check when I was ovulating, and consistently, the CBEFM was always off by a day. By the time the CBEFM would register a "peak", I had already ovulated (usually within the 24 hours prior, which I new from tracking with the temps and Fh sticks and general physical symptoms). So for those of you who may be like me and may not register enough of whatever hormone the CBEFM is tracking, its something to consider if you are using the CBEFM. It was always one day behind with the ovulation day. So, as soon as the CBEFM says "high", its time to get busy ; ) In General, like they claim, the CBEFM is supposed to notify you with PEAK when ovulation is within 12-48 hours, not after it happens or as its happening (like it normally did for me). That's why I would recommend trying it (the CBEFM) if you want to, but honestly cross checking it with the BBT and LH sticks for a few cycles to see how some of the patterns reveal themselves to you. And that way you may figure out what works best for you. IMHO, the LH sticks are all you need. That said, this cycle was pretty normal. I thought for sure we were out because at 12DPO, the PG test was negative. I honestly felt no difference from any other cycle. we bd'd on CD 11th, 12th, and 14th (with softcups on just the 14th) CD 1-12 low CD 13 high (LH strips positive) CD 14 high (LH strips positive) could feel strong Ovulation pains starting in afternoon CD 15 1st "peak" (LH strips positive) Ovulation day, lowest BBT, had O cramps CD 16th, 2nd "peak" but it feels like O is over already (see what I mean?) DPO 1 - 8 uneventful, except on 8th there was temp dip DPO 9 cramps, pinching, dizziness, breasts sore, felt like AF coming soon, typical AF PMS symptoms except dizziness DPO 10-11 nothing DPO 12 - having mild cramping, pinching, general AF PMS symptoms in afternoon, take a PG test and BFN. DH notices right breast is bigger (when usually the right is the smaller of the two). We even had conversation and I told him I didn't think this was our cycle because everything was so normal. No metallic taste, no emotional days, no nausea, no extra sleeping, no spotting, not extra CM. Nada. DPO 13 - (Today) woke up and decided to take one last PG test, because of what DH said the night before. Lo and behold, and its a BFP!!! First bout of nausea starts around 10AM, yay! Boobies so sore, I couldn't run it hurt so much. I prayed this cycle, kind of just gave it up to God. It let go of some of the stress. Oh, and I took a hot bath in the tub (another stress reliever) at 13DPO. So, who knows what did the trick. It was probably a combination of everything. I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted to share my TTC journey for those of you who can hopefully learn from it. baby dust to all!

Pretty sure I just got my BFP!!

I tested this afternoon with a dollar store cheapie and it came back positive, so I'm pretty sure im pregnant. I'm so excited and shocked. I took a test yesterday afternoon at 11 DPO and it was negative so I wasn't expecting a positive today. I believe I am 12dpo. I have about at 34 day cycle and this month we used OPK, and tried SMEP and soft cups for the first time. My symptoms have honestly been exactly the same as my period. Crampy, boobs hurt but not any different than every other month, they're not heavy or tingly, just sore on the sides. I noticed I had more CM than usual and that's about it. I also Checked my cervix and it is low, hard and closed. Sending baby dust to you all :)

BFP almost 5 months after TR!

Ok, so I knew when I finally got my BFP I would post it here since I have enjoyed reading the stories of others! Today I am 13 DPO and I got my BFP yesterday afternoon. I had a TR on April 7th of this year after having my tubes cut and tied 5 years ago after the birth of my 2nd daughter. Went through a much needed divorce and am now married to the love of my life! We have been married for almost 2 years and I knew from the moment we got married that the TL I had was a HUGE mistake!!! MY DH is the one who brought up the idea of a reversal and I quickly agreed! So here we are 5 months after the reversal and we're preggo! I sure hope this little bean sticks, as I have never had a MC or chemical or anything (to my knowledge I have only been pg twice). I was worried I was out this month after getting 7 days of pos opk's in a row! I figured I was probably ovulating too late or not at all! I guess I was wrong...Prayer works! Also, this month we used preseed and softcups and I really believe that contributed to my bfp as I have never really noticed "fertile" CM. So here's my symptoms and the DPO's are questionable since I had so many positive OPK's but I'm going to go by FF calculations.... CD 13 FF says I ovulated (I believe this to be true as I had some cramping in my right ovary) (BD'd everyday, twice a day from CD 11-CD 17) 1-5 DPO nothing remarkable to note 6-8 DPO Seriously crabby!!! PMS symptoms big time (my poor DH), on 7 DPO woke up with sore throat and stuffy nose and really really tired! 9 DPO I believe implantation took place as I was cramping and was certain AF was on her way (Still stuffy and tired, tell DH I'm coming down with something) 10 DPO still feeling stuffy and bleh 11 DPO did a cartwheel for my girls and had some pain afterwards in my uterus area (DH told me to stop flipping our bean around...I just laughed it off) 12 DPO SOOOO tired!!! After taking kids to school I took a 3 hour nap and woke up feeling hung over! Talked to my BFF about babies and prayers for babies! At Walmart decided to get the .88 hpt cheapies..they only had 3 so I got all 3. Came home and started dinner and decided 'what the heck..I'll take a test'. Took test and didnt see anything so I chalked it up to another failed month. Went back to the kitchen and 5 mins later decided to go look at the test I had left on the counter. TWO LINES!!! BFP!!! almost had a meltdown! I ended up taking another test before bed and BFP again!!! 13 DPO using FMU tested with my last test and BFP!!! GL ladies and don't ever give up hope!!

BFP on CD45 After Late Ovulation & 7 Months TTC

Hi, ladies! This site provided a lot of hope and comfort to me during my seven-month TTC journey. I am so excited to be sharing my own BFP story! Just a couple months ago, I was reading these stories and clinging to the hope that it would happen for me someday. So if you're in that boat at this very moment, my heart goes out to you. Keep the hope alive and know your BFP will come! For background, I am 30 and DH is 31. We started a concerted effort to conceive our first child in January of this year. After years of my mother telling me she got pregnant the first month both times and it would be a breeze for me when the time came, I think I truly expected to be pregnant after the first month. Well, I was staring down ten years of birth control pills and carrying around 40 extra pounds, so unfortunately it wasn't quite that easy. My cycles have been a bit on the long side, generally 36-40 days. The cycle we conceived, I had recently started trying some new supplements in an effort to feel more in control of the TTC process. I was taking 2000mg inositol, 800mg Vitex, royal jelly, fish oil, a prenatal and a probiotic in addition to adding maca powder to my smoothies and drinking two cups of raspberry leaf tea daily. We have been using Pre-Seed the entire time, and this month we added Soft Cups to the mix also. Initially I wanted to try the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, but I never got a clearly positive. Instead, we just decided to leave it all on the table and baby dance as much as possible. We did it almost every day, even when we were tired. Around CD38, I felt like my period had to be coming soon. I had been having mild cramps for a week along with lots of extra EWCM. On CD39, my boobs were very sore, but that can be common for me before AF. On CD40, I tested and it was negative. I figured surely it would have been positive at that point and mentally counted myself out for the month. I left for a business trip thinking surely I wasn't pregnant. I didn't take any tests with me. On CD44, I was having lunch with a colleague when all the sudden I felt an extreme wave of dizziness. I had to brace myself on the table because the whole room was spinning. My colleague commented that I had to be pregnant. I didn't tell her I had just tested four days earlier and it was negative. But the next morning, with a few hours to spare, I ran to a drug store in Tallahassee and bought a digital test. I couldn't believe my eyes when it read "Pregnant"! I had a small army of ready-and-waiting pregnancy tests at home, and then when I actually needed one, I was running to the drug store like a total cliche. I think I am almost ten weeks now, but it's difficult to date the pregnancy because I think I ovulated somewhere between CD25-30, and I have no idea if the test would have gone positive on CD41 if I'd kept testing. I have my first ultrasound next week, so I'm praying for good news and also a solid due date. Best of luck to all of you still walking the long road to motherhood. You will get there sooner than you think, I hope.


I have like many other woman stalked this website for years and promised when I got my bfp I woukd tell my story. once my wife and I saved enough money for 3 rounds if DIUI I started taking pre conception vitamins that was about 4 months before my iui I also had a hsg dye test done at the same time to make sure my tubes were open. Thank god they were I believe starting the vits and having the dye test really helped. I have a high AMH so my clinic created a personal protocol for me of gonal f to stimulate and cetrotide to stop me ovulating too early. I was started on a low and slow dose of gonal f to stop me over stimulating here in the uk we are only allowed no more than 2 follicles for iui to go ahead. so it took me 22 days to get one big juicy follicle. Day of iui as soon as I iui was done I put a pillow under my bum and once back in private room in clinic popped in an instead a cup for a few hours also had an orgasim :) Dpiui 1 cramping on right side less on left had to go to work. Dpiui 2-8 more cramping on right side but on day 8 it moved further down into pubis this day also water tea and coffee gave made me feel really nauseous.. Dpiui 9 and 10 cramping lower in to pubis and sharp pains shooting up right side but only lasted a few seconds. my back was also really sore. Day 10 also had 1 drink at a comedy night woke up feeling like a hang over. Dpiui 11 gay pride no drink but crying at a sign someone had saying proud mummies lol Dpiui 12 still waking up with like a hangover but put it down to lack of sleep. dpiui 13-15 cramps think for sure AF was on route but bbs still not sore. dpiui 15 blood test at clinic HCG 179 BFP... could not be happier :) but now the fear of loosing this wee one has set in I hope to shake it soon when we get our heart beat scan at 7 weeks :) good luck to everyone still in their 2ww I hope my story helps I put all my faith in god whats for me wont past me xxxx