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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Softcups


I have like many other woman stalked this website for years and promised when I got my bfp I woukd tell my story. once my wife and I saved enough money for 3 rounds if DIUI I started taking pre conception vitamins that was about 4 months before my iui I also had a hsg dye test done at the same time to make sure my tubes were open. Thank god they were I believe starting the vits and having the dye test really helped. I have a high AMH so my clinic created a personal protocol for me of gonal f to stimulate and cetrotide to stop me ovulating too early. I was started on a low and slow dose of gonal f to stop me over stimulating here in the uk we are only allowed no more than 2 follicles for iui to go ahead. so it took me 22 days to get one big juicy follicle. Day of iui as soon as I iui was done I put a pillow under my bum and once back in private room in clinic popped in an instead a cup for a few hours also had an orgasim :) Dpiui 1 cramping on right side less on left had to go to work. Dpiui 2-8 more cramping on right side but on day 8 it moved further down into pubis this day also water tea and coffee gave made me feel really nauseous.. Dpiui 9 and 10 cramping lower in to pubis and sharp pains shooting up right side but only lasted a few seconds. my back was also really sore. Day 10 also had 1 drink at a comedy night woke up feeling like a hang over. Dpiui 11 gay pride no drink but crying at a sign someone had saying proud mummies lol Dpiui 12 still waking up with like a hangover but put it down to lack of sleep. dpiui 13-15 cramps think for sure AF was on route but bbs still not sore. dpiui 15 blood test at clinic HCG 179 BFP... could not be happier :) but now the fear of loosing this wee one has set in I hope to shake it soon when we get our heart beat scan at 7 weeks :) good luck to everyone still in their 2ww I hope my story helps I put all my faith in god whats for me wont past me xxxx

I just knew....

This month in particular we tried something a little different. We used soft cups and preseed for the first time. We had used preseed in the past with no luck. I think the combination of the two things is what really worked for us. I was also tracking my BBT, CM and CP the entire month. There were only a few things that tipped me off that I was pregnant. My nipples began to hurt and few days after ovulation took place. My nipples have never hurt after ovulation. At about 8-9 dpo I started having to get up in the night too pee. One night I also woke up at 3:20 am and need to eat I was so hungry. Around this time as well I had a dream that I poas and got my bfp. So on 10dpo I bought a Walmart cheapie and took it that afternoon. My husband said he knew I was going to but I don't think he did. I put my sample into that little well and a few seconds later a faint line appeared. I thought I was going crazy. I walked out of the bathroom and showed DH. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was so excited. After a year we had finally gotten what we'd been praying for. DH thought we were out that month until I got my bfp. I am now 6w5ds and waiting for my first appointment in 2 weeks. GL to all of you ladies who are waiting for your bfp and I wish a H&H 9 month to everyone who has already gotten theirs.

BFP 14 dpo, ahhh!

So excited! And nervous, and shocked. We've been trying for #2 for 2 months now, and what I did differently this month was BD every other day leading up to O, and then slept with a softcup in every time, which is what worked with DS on the 6th month of trying. So I guess it's what works for me! I don't feel like I've had a ton of symptoms, especially compared to other months, but in retrospect there was a lot to notice. 1-3 dpo - nothing except an unusual amount of EWCM on 2 dpo which made me think I didn't O yet. Couldn't BD so thought I may be out. 3 dpo to 8 dpo - extremely emotional. Crying on my car rides home when listening to the news, very weepy in general. 9 dpo - I was very bloated, thought for sure I was out since I always bloat about 5 days pre AF. Also had the smallest most miniscule amount of spotting on the TP after wiping. Wouldn't have ever noticed had I not been looking closely. Also noticing that my mouth tastes rank. 10 dpo - I woke up exhausted. Could not open my eyes or even walk around much. It was a weekend day so I laid up and let DH do everything. This is when I started to suspect something because I have never felt fatigue like that - never even in my first pregnancy. Still thought it was bad PMS though. Breath tastes so bad still. Also got sore bbs and nipples today, super mild and only uncomfortable at night. A very little bit of milk came out at one point even though I weaned DS 7 months ago. Still bad taste in mouth! 11 dpo - bbs still mildly sore, had a few shooting pains in my cervix that made me notice. peeing a lot lately, but it's a PMS sign for me. 12 dpo - same as above, but was busy and didn't pay much attention to my body today. Oh but I did notice my hair was greasy even though I washed it the day before. Very unusual for me. 13 dpo - bbs soreness almost completely gone. Thought I was out for sure. I am also so so dry, no CM whatsoever. When I go hunting I find some yellow CM near my cervix, but nothing when I wipe. However I am constantly humid, like I'm sweating down there. Mild hot flashes today. 14 dpo - super irritable! Thought 'well here comes AF!' Typical sign she's coming. Bbs hurt again but still very mild. AF should show today, or a spot at least, and nothing. So dry when wiping, but very humid still. Some cramping and hip and backaches today. A little winded when doing my workout. Finally, at 8pm, I test without holding any urine and get an obvious line on a FRER. Shocked. DH is out of town until tomorrow, so I have only you guys to tell! I'm so excited. The things I still have are frequent urination, bad taste in mouth, a little bloating, backache and cramps on and off. Very tired too. Thanks for reading, I love this site and soon after getting my BFP I thought I need to go post! :)

Got our first BFP ever!!!!! Baby #1 due April 2015

Wow was this site the best thing ever invented for all us obsessive, single track minded women on the journey to babyville. A little info on us: Me 30, DH 29 (no babies between the two of us this is our first). Married in Feb of this year and started NTNP in Nov, but after a few months of it "not happening" we (as in me) got serious. First month of actively trying we BD every day before and during my fertile window and still BFN. I didn't temp or use OPKS. So the month we did SMEP and I took Robitussin from Af to O and honestly I really think this helped me since I was on the pill for over 12 years and this apparently does the opposite of what the BC pill does by thinning out the lining. Anyway, I also used Preseed for the first time along with Softcups. I also took Vitex for the entire cycle up until my BFP. Not sure which "did the trick" but maybe it was a combo? I dunno. Here's my DPO symptoms: We BD CD10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, and 22. I O'd on CD 16 and could feel the pain in left side 1DPO-Nothing 2DPO- Had a HUGE breakdown and just really didn't like ME. I felt incredibly ugly and insecure which is not usually how I feel. 3DPO-Creamy CM, fatigue 4DPO-Slight cramping, creamy CM 5DPO-More cramping and some burring pinching in the evening 6DPO-Fatigue 7DPO-Creamy CM, sad, lots of gas and bloating, loose bowl movements, woke up starving which is VERY odd for me, twitchy hands 8DPO-Back aches, more gas, woke up starving again even tho I ate a very big meal before bed the night before, dream about baby gifts, 9DPO- gas, cramping, hungry, tired, sore throat, took hpt and fell asleep only to wake up an hour later to a faint line... not sure if it was BFP at the time. 10DPO-EWCM, gas, bloating, fluttering in uterus in the afternoon?, backache (was at work but couldn't take a FMU hpt so figured I'd wait a day :() 11DPO- BFP with FMU!!!!!!, gas, constipated (didn't take one BM at all!! very very odd for me), bloated, cramps (Got beta done - it was 7 hcg) 12DPO-Another BFP with FMU and getting slightly darker, heavy BB, starving again in the morning (this still continues), Constipated or loose bm ( no in-betweens) 13DPO-First day of missed period, another darker BFP with FMU, acne, sore bb, bloating, tired, hungry 14DPO-Same as above 15DPO-Bm are better, got my follow up betas today 138HCG!!!!!! :) DH and I are beyond happy!!!!! BABYDUST TO ALL!!!! xoxox

TTC 13months #2, First month using softcups

We have a 19mo who we conceived with in 2nd month, so thought we would have no problems with #2.... 13 months down I finally got a BFP!!!! Month after month it's been Bfn after bfn. Every month we have actively been ttc this month was no different, but I used two extra techniques, 1. Softcups 2.smep We bd every other day from cd8, so this was cd 8,10,12,14,16, I then got a positive opk on cd 17,18,19 so bd all those days plus on cd 20 and one for luck on cd 23. I inserted soft cups after every bd sessions and left in for a minimum of 4 hours. Here's by dpo symptons- 1-8dpo- no symptons 9dpo- dip in temperature, no other symptons 10dpo- rise in temperature, no other symptons, tested BFN 11dpo- hot flushes, achey boobs, Hungery -all mild symptons enought to doubt myself that they are even real, stil high temp 12dpo- same as 11dpo, still high temp, stomach cramps too, tested at 3pm with urine held for 4 hours + BFP on cb digital, tested again at 6pm BFP with boots own brand digital! Good luck to everyone and never give up! Ironically it happened the month I booked a holiday for in 8 months time and the month we got the all clear from the doctors tests :)
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I'm lost for words

Hello all I'm new to site but not new ttc I have had three m/c and stop for a while then bam 9dpo I used a early detection got a BFP. I hope u all see the line

FINALLY! BFP after MC :) Can't believe I'm writing this....

Ok, so after creeping on here for the past 2 weeks, I finally get to write about MY BFP! 35 day cycle, O'd cd20 - hubby and I BDed on cd 14, 15, 16, 18 & 21. I also used the Diva Cup for the first time. I know a lot of people say it doesn't get the sperm to sit close enough to the cervix, but I practiced yoga with it in 3 of the times so I was upside down a LOT! haha 1dpo - 12dpo: Basically PMS symptoms - random AF cramps after 7dpo - I was SURE AF was coming! 13dpo: During my yoga class (I practice 5 x or more per week) my heart rate shot up and then I just got super dizzy. This never happens! But I kept telling myself this cycle "Honestly, my period is coming, it's just PMS." Needed chocolate bad. 14dpo: Boobs super sore. My right boob got super swollen - I had hubby touch it and he was like "whoa, it's a hard lump!" I put a cool rice bag on it and relaxed - I suspected something was up, but still I was convinced AF was coming. I also felt extremely hungry, which isn't totally odd, but this was like deep hunger - not just cravings. 15dpo (day AF was due): Sore boobs still and AF cramps - felt I was out - but she didn't show. In any case, I told myself, I've been a day late before and nothing. 16dpo: Boobs sore - AF cramps and I had a little bit of wine that night because I was SURE I was out but it just didn't sit well with me and I couldn't even finish the glass - started to have a little inkling that something was off - I usually love me some wine! 17dpo: HUNGRY this morning - and at lunch- SO SO HUNGRY! Felt heavy all around my legs and lower abdomen - like AF feeling - but had a few waves of light light cramping but nothing bad. Decided to FINALLY test because I couldn't handle it any more. Got off work and drove to the store thinking the whole time "ok, you can take the test, see you aren't preggers, and then have a fun weekend with the fam and relax. Got back, POAS and the plus sign came up super quick! I flipped out! 18dp-19dpo (today): Twinges in my lower tummy (had these with my last pregnancy too) and my boobs are still super sore. To sum it all up, I honestly felt that AF was coming. The boobs thing really IS a symptoms I see across the board - but, it's hard to tell because at first they are sore like they would be before AF, then got more and more. Good luck to all you ladies!
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bfp 2 yrs trying after late m/c

Boobs hurt, exhausted, a little nauseous...all worth it. Hubby and I have kids from previous marriages, but when we married we were both prompted by the spirit to avoid b/c and start trying right away. We were warned it would be difficult, but we had no idea why or how difficult since we'd both had children very easily with other spouses. My baby was 11 and his was 3 though. We tried for 1.5 years. Dh went in for s/a and was told count was great but volume was very concerning. Dh had recently had 2 heart surgeries and had complications with the catheter, so it was suspected there was scar tissue. I was very regular with perfect cycles. We did some research and the 2nd month using the soft cups, we got our bfp. Unfortunately, I was under severe traumatic stress due to uncontrollable situations, which caused inflammation and we lost him at 15 weeks. It was the most horrific ordeal I've ever experienced. We resumed trying right away and even made two failed attempts at IUI'S. Eventually, his urethra closed to the point he could not urinate, let alone get me pregnant. He had to have surgery again to cut out the tissue and repair his urethra. This left him with very slow ejaculation and still some retrograde. My body was stressed to the point I had developed allergies to dairy and other foods, leaving me with rashes all over the outside of my body. I assumed the inside wasn't doing too well either. My periods had become thick and irregular, with extremely painful cramps. I was very depressed and angry at God. I felt he'd taken the only chance we had at having children together. I was watching the Christmas devotional with my family, watching stories of how Christ healed the sick. I felt the spirit come over me and tell me, "All you have to do is ask. And He will heal you." My husband gave me a priesthood blessing of hesling, during which I assumed he was not speaking from the spirit and only saying things I wanted to hear until he said, "the savior will heal you and you will conceive and bring children to your family....the time is now." I knew without doubt that this was a promise from God. This gave us hope to keep trying. We looked into doing more IUI'S, adoption, even IF. We just couldn't afford to go more into debt after all the previous medical bills. I started praying harder and harder, I had sure faith that the promise we had received was real. I was led to find out about my body. I had histamine intolerance and learned how to treat that. I also went on a weight loss drug to help lose the 30 pounds I'd gained after the miscarriage. During the time losing weight I also drank 2-3 cups a day of red raspberry leaf tea and pregnancy tea with nettle--helped with the inflammation. I started taking fish oils well. The herbal tea (which I like to call a medical tincture, because I soak it and cool it down) was amazing. My cramps went away almost completely my period normalized at exactly 15 follicular and 15 luteal. There were no more clots and there was much less spotting before an after. We decided to really give it a few months of good trying before we went in for another IUI. we figured what could it hurt, although we never stopped trying, we just hadn't focused on it and used all thr tricks for a few months. So first month, we were only ably to get one night of cup usage in. And it was a bfn. We weren't surprised. The next month (May) we got 3 nights in a row of sperm in the soft cup. (He ejaculates into a cup and I insert it and either make orgasm or go back to sleep. Our work schedules are complete opposites so this was easiest.) Anyway, here we are today. 5 weeks 1 day pregnant. Haha. I am seeing a high risk obgyn. They have put on progesterone and baby aspirin as a precaution and i am continuing the pregnanacy tea. We are praying praying praying this baby grows healthy and strong. Through these trials, which can't compare to the difficulty others have, I have learned the most valuable lessons I could learn, which are to cleave unto my husband, lean on him and let him love me, and put his needs before my own, and even more, put God and Jesus Christ above all else. They can heal you if you truly believe and have faith that it is in His plan. Sometimes what you want is not in his plan. I have learned this lesson many times before. But we must continue to believe and trust that He will comfort and guide us through aloud trials. Just pray in faith and believe in His name.

Finally BFP

Background on us: Me 31 Hubby 34 6 years of vaginismus, one last trial for treatment and success with dilating exercises!, first enjoy and make myself believe that i can have sex! Then start ttc after we are convinced that the monster is really defeated. 20 months of cbfm, temp, preseed, smep, or every other day, this and that you come across on ttc boards but no success. Hubby has 80 million swimmers, which is not the best but quite ok. I ovulate every month, on cd 18 and have a 16 day lp - which feels like forever. I start hubby on carob syrup and zink, selen tablets, and in 3 months his swimmers increase to 120 mio. I start soy iso 100 100 150 150 200 mg and bring my o forward to cd 15. on cycle 20, it is my turn on our Yasin group and we read the surah for me to have a healthy baby. I also read Maryam/Maria and quote all the people mentioned in the verses who were given miraculously a child and pray that i and others who ttc experience the same miracle. I have been doing it since we started TTC. I have no hope left, but I am clinging to the fact that my husband asked for a baby when he first saw Kaaba, and deep inside i know we will be rewarded for not breaking up our marriage when we were challenged by my illness. I am sick and tired of being tested but i don`t rebel. I seek solace in ttc forums, because no one knows that we are trying, i cannot take extra pressure. I feel more and more brittle every time af visits. 20th cycle... cd 12 - Neg OPK - CBFM Low cd 13 - Neg OPK - CBFM Low Cd 14 - EWCM - Neg OPK CBFM Low - Sex me on top - Soft Cup Cd 15 - EWCM - Neg OPK??? CBFM Low!! (Weird) - Sex me on top - Soft Cup Cd 16/ 1DPO - Neg OPK, CBFM Low, Temp increase Cd 17/ 2DPO - Neg OPK, Temp increase Cd 18/ 3DPO- Neg OPK, Fertility Friend gives me cross hairs, Sticky cm. I know i ovulated and CB products missed my surge for the first time in 20 months. 4dpo- 7 dpo: sticky cm 6 dpo - boobs start to hurt if i press them at sides - this is how i know progesterone started to peak. It will disappear at 12 dpo and at 17 dpo my af will start. 8dpo - 9 dpo killer migraine - typical for me. (I suspect 8dpo is the implantation day) 10 dpo- =((( my boobs ceased to hurt, i cry =(( and i constantly poke my breasts, no they dont hurt. probably i ll have a 14 day lp, it has happened once before. 11 dpo - breasts look large 12 dpo - shy smiley shy smiley, i woke up with a sleep orgasm! I wasnt having a wet/ nude dream, but wow that was intense. 13 dpo - nothing, my sister in law gives birth that day and send us a photo of the baby. i feel happy but depressed. maybe I am jealous, I dont even want to admit it to myself. 14 dpo- i fall asleep on the couch and woke up with a sleep orgasm again!! hehe 15 dpo - my temp is slightly high (by 0.2 degrees) for 15 dpo, and my breasts are still big but not hurting =(( I still poke them. 16 dpo - temp is same, But i dont think about it, it is our 10th wedding anniversary. After a romantic dinner, I fall asleep on the couch watching Notebook with hubby, (my anniversary treat/ his big sacrifice haha.) Which woman does that on the earth, fall asleep before the lake scene!! This is where I get suspicious and I say what the heck, i go and pee on a internet cheapy. Oh it might be a wonderful anniversary present! A red ink moves forward with the wetness and stops at the control line, what was i expecting, stupid me. I wash my hands and when i reach for the towel i see a faint faint line. But it is dark and it is late evening pee, and I am half sleepy. Still, I go and get my well invested CB digital. I dip the thing in the toilet! yes i haven't peed in a cup. In less than 10 seconds it reads "Pregnant" and then I start sobbing loudly. My husband finds my crying on the floor and he tries to make sense of the scene. I cannot talk and i hand him the test, and he says it says 2-3 weeks here. I did not event wait to read the week estimator. He still does not get it, and i can finally talk, all i say is it finally happened, we are pregnant, there was nothing wrong with me. He sits with me and we cry in joy and in thankfulness. Today I finished my 15 week. I waited this far because it was very surreal and i had no symptoms. I never had nausea, morning sickness, discharge, frequent peeing, ib etc. I felt i needed all these symptoms to have a viable pregnancy. But apparently no. My first weeks was pure stress due to lack of symptoms. And here I am in my 2nd trimester. Now I pray for delivering this baby healthy and raise him/her as a good, dignified & responsible, loving, caring person. I pray that no one struggles with TTC. I truly hope no one suffers from vaginismus. I certainly embrace a specific faith but there is only one God, and he is so gracious and merciful - my prayers were answered, Alhamdulillah. and i hope yours will be as well.

BFP at 14 DPO after 8 long years

Hi everyone I am very Happy to say I am officially Pregnant "I cant believe it" a little history I am 27 husband is 35, ttc since 2006. this cycle I took 200mg of clomid(took the clomid without DR. supervision), throughout the year I've done 15 cycles of clomid(6 cycles per year for 3 years) the 4th cycle I got a BFP, ended in miscarriage that was back in2009, I did 6 cycles of injectables and IUI(BFN). I tried 3 cycles of femara with injectables and trigger shot(BFN). This year(2014) I told my husband that we were moving to IVF. i went to my country(Honduras) and found a clinic that does IVF for $6500 and they are pretty good, i flew to see the doctor and he told me that i was a good candidate for IVF(he did and Ultrasound and told me i had a thick endometrium even though i have PCOS, i was ovulating on my own). i was tracking my cycle with OPK for 2 month and found out i was ovulating on CD 10 with a cycle of 32 days, lutheal phase of 14 days(its crazy i know). BACK TO Business.. period started on 4/22/14 CD1-5 clomid CD 6-14 royal Jelly and EPO CD 15 Positive OPK lots of EWCM drove 3hours away to DTD(hubby works offshore comes home every 28 days ) I used pressed and soft cups, this is the only day we bedded 1 DPO left ovary twinges 2 DPO Breast tenderness just a lil bit, CM dry 3 DPO Breast tenderness and Heartburn, CM dry 4 DPO bad migraine, Breast tenderness 6 DPO nothing, CM none existent 7DPO Breast tenderness 8 DPO absolutely nothing tested with Wondfo BFN 9 DPO absolutely nothing tested with Wondfo BFN 10 DPO cramps at night. tested with Wondfo BFN 11DPO cramps I couldn't walk to work.. like around 3PM went to the restroom and when wipe a little bit of blood.(IMPLANTATION BLEEDING) tested with Wondfo BFN 12 DPO nothing, tested with FRER BFN 13DPO nothing tested with FRER BFN I though i was Out 14 DPO No symptoms BFP with $ general test at 6PM, tested with FRER and ANSWER all BFP 15DPO BFP with FRER Heartburn BFP confirm by my doctor 16DPO BFP with FRER