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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Softcups

Handstands, preseed, and instead cups

I stalked this website and many others for several months trying to get a BFP. Trying everything possible naturally to get pregnant as quickly as possible. I had been trying for a year with my fi. He is 44 and I am 22. I initially thought he was the problem. I got checked and was totally healthy. I have regular cycles and ovulate monthly, while he on the other hand refused to get his SA checked until recently. His ego obviously. We compromised and said if we didn't get pregnant this cycle he is getting checked.

I had been taking herbal supplements like vitex, soy isoflavone, royal jelly, conceive easy, maca, ect on and off for the last nine months. This month I stopped all the supplements and just ate healthy. I'm an on/off vegan too by the way, but I occasionally eat seafood when I want.

I also used preseed and instead cups religiously from cd 11 to cd 21 in case I missed the Lh surge. I did a handstand against the wall in the morning and at night from cd 11 to cd 22 (I know silly, but desperate at this point). I have a 29 day cycle. I ovulated late this cycle on cd 19 instead of the usual cd14/15. I also ate sunflower seeds and pineapple core from 1dpo to 6dpo to help implantation.

This morning with fmu, I got my BFP at 10dpo on an ic. My fi and I are overjoyed. His swimmers just needed a little push from gravity, preseed, and instead cups. Thanks ladies for all of your insight and funny comments that kept me sane during ttc this past year.

Here are my symptoms ladies:
O day: woke up very hot, sinus pressure, stuffy nose, ears popping, bad nightmares, and just generally felt really wet down below, ovulation pain

1dpo: increased sex drive, irritable, increased appetite after recently not being in the mood to eat, high energy

2dpo: symptoms from day before continue but moodier. Feel really out of it. Sad, don't want to interact with fi or anyone. Took a walk and I guess my sadness was so obvious a random Korean man hugged and kissed me on the cheek to cheer me up didn't like that.

3dpo: gassy and sense of sense sharpened

4dpo: nauseous and strong sense of smell. I went off on my fi. Gave him a verbal tongue lashing via text. I usually give him the benefit of the doubt, especially since he's stressed out from work, but I gave him a new was really bad.

5dpo: more weird dreams

6dpo: wake up really hot. And I'm still super hungry and gassy. Fi noted weight gain from last week :/.

7dpo: serious cavemen lol or rabbit like. I had a drop in temp today looked like an implantation dip. Fingers crossed

8dpo: irritable and in a bad mood again. Totally want to unleash on my poor fi, but I keep it to myself.

9dpo: more detailed weird dreams still really hot like 99.4. I have the chills too now. Trying not to test even though my temps are elevated still.

10dpo (today): tested with fmu and I got my First BFP... Faint but visible. Af due tomorrow. My FI is all proud of himself lol. I'm very happy to finally be able to include my own tww story :D. Baby dust to all of u ladies still ttc and or in their own tww.

It's a BFP!

Been taking BCPs since I got married and as we started talking about kids I read the stories of women who had difficulty conceiving for a long time after getting off them, and I KNEW deep down I would have trouble too (had 1 m/c at age 20, 7 years ago, history of lots of miscarriages on my dad's side, tried lots of times with ex to get pregnant again (now I'm honestly grateful that didn't work out because I married a wonderful man years later). So this month I stopped taking cryselle, and started trying to get to know my body- used OPKs during my predicted fertile window- got NOTHING. I read about softcups and was curious about them, so tried it out both times we DTD. I honestly did NOT think they'd work but figured, what the heck! I guess those little suckers get the job done because I got a hell of a surprise in the form of a BFP this week! Here's my symptoms; (and I'm going to assume I O'd on the 14th because I have no idea when I actually did, but FF guessed then) I kept track of my symptoms so I didn't confuse them for pg symptoms in the next few cycles when we decided to start TTC for real.

LMP: 2/27/14
BD 12&14th used softcups after
1-2 DPO nothing
3-8 DPO: SUPER sensitive nipples, especially on the left side (felt like fire)
6&7 DPO: Took a test because my nipples were crazy. BFN
9-11 DPO: Cramps, knew AF was coming
10-12 DPO had increasingly bad headaches, so bad I went to bed at 7 two days in a row, AND had really bad constipation and gas pains. Honestly that's when I thought something might be up because I am NEVER constipated. Breasts started getting tender again, but they always do before AF.
12DPO: Grabbed some dollar tree cheapies and when I got home dropped the little drops in the well and stared at it for 2 minutes, figured it was a BFN then proceeded to get lost in a game on my phone. Picked up the test to toss it a few minutes later and as I tossed it in , saw a shadow of a line. Did a double take, snatched it back out of the bin and there was the faintest, but definite line there. I immediately showed my sister who agreed it was positive, so I freaked out and bought a CB digi. tried to wait till morning but nope, took it that night and it came back "Positive 1-2" and then again in the morning.
So for the past few days I've been pinching myself and crying and being happy and scared all at once. I hope this LO is healthy enough to stick!

BFP ...First try with Soft Cups!

I have to share my BFP Story!
... I was on the Pill for 6 years and went off it a year and a half ago...We have been trying to conceive for almost a year, and realized this Fall I wasn't ovulating! My cycles were crazy, from 37-48 days long! My naturalpath helped me cleanse the hormones out of me and got EWCM Nov/13! (and regular 31 day cycles) yay! I also noticed my cervix was slightly tipped....although my family Dr said it won't affect my conceiving I had a feeling it did...SO For 7 days around when I thought I would ovulate we did the deed every day and I used the Soft Cups every time! My man thought it was funny and I kinda laughed at it too. The day my AF was due I was soooo bloated but didnt get the sore boobs I normally do before I get AF ... or any cramps... so I took a test the day it was due and I had the most faintest shadow of a line from a internet cheapie.... so faint I didn't even tell my husband I assumed it was evap! The next morning I used clearblue AND internet cheapie and BAM sooo much more obvious! i woke my husband up at 7am to show him lol. Now i am starting 6wks along and am over the moon! I never thought the softcups would work but I give all the glory to God...and a little to the soft cups :)

Products used: 

Same Sex Couple and our first BFP!!

BFP 11 DPO!! I thought this day would never come..and now its here! I couldn't be more excited!
We used the CBFM and we got it on the first month using it properly. We only got 1 high before 2 peaks so we did it on our only high and also on the 2 peak days.

1-3 DPO: no symptoms
4-6DPO: Boobs are really sore, my throat is scratchy too, dry cm, a few cramps
7-9: Boobs are still super sore, dry cm, throat isn't as bad but still there, cramps are on and off, slight bloating, feels like PMS symptoms. Took a HPT 8 dpo and it was a BFN, I knew it was early but couldn't help myself.
10 DPO: throat is all better, boobs hurt still, dry cm, more slight cramps, bloating, very dry lips I had to continuously put ChapStick on, had a vivid dream that night that I took a test and it was positive.
11DPO: work up mad that it was only a dream and so I figured I'd get up and take one anyways, took it and BFP!

I don't know if it was from on the excitement but that same day I became really sick to my stomach but after that day I felt fine.

Today is 16DPO and I had no Implantation bleeding and my boobs are still super sore, I'm still bloated to the point I can't button my pants. I still have slight cramps here and there but that's expected and I went and got my blood work done and everything came back positive. Now its onto eating healthy, taking prenatals and checks ups.

Don't give up ladies!!!

All my earliest symptoms

Ahhh finally the dreaded two week wait is over and I got my BFP! Luckily for me it was only a one week wait. I got my BFP on a FRER (6 days before missed period) test yesterday at 8DPO. I was shocked. I took the test simply because peeing on a stick just made me feel like " I was doing something- putting in work to make it happen". I really did not expect to see a line. It was very very faint, but I took three others and all positives! Anyways, I swore to myself that once I got pregnant I would post my symptoms for people like me who were dying for answers and possible things to look for. So I will try to be as detailed as possible. Ok the absolute FIRST symptom I noticed 1DPO was that I had milky white CM and I had it every single day until my BFP. I actually still have it right now. I noticed that immediately. I also got very very gassy (probably around 3DPO)I mean I could barely keep it in. I accidentally let a few toots out at my desk at work (embarassing!), which i never do. I also woke up with a stuffy nose every day since 5DPO. On day 6 (which is the day I think implantation either happened or was the day after), I woke up to find the tips of my nipples were white. I had never seen that before. If I touched them it would go away. But very strange. Then my temp, well I thought it was a sure sign I was NOT KU this month. My pre o temps were 97.0-97.3 with one 97.5 which was my cover line. The day after O, my period only spiked to 97.7 and it stayed in that range for 4 days. On day 5 it dropped to 97.6. I was devastated. Then day 6 it went back up to 97.7 and by day 7 it SHOT up to 98.1! Now my temps are in the 99 range. I want to say that my boobs and nipples have not feel sore AT all. They never have been my whole life. Other then the change in white tips on my nipple, and feeling full they have no other changes. I don't see the nipple area darkening, no blue veins. Again - all things I figured meant I was out this month again. But nope! I also started noticing smells much more. On 7DPO I was eating lunch with my coworker who had a pickle on his plate. He hadn't touched it or bitten it yet, in fact I couldn't even see it. I just thought to myself ewwww what is that super strong smell (mind you I usually LOVe pickles). It kinda made me want to vomit. Then i realized - omg that's a pickle!! That same day on three occasions when i got up a little too fast I felt lightheaded. Almost thought Whoah - I could pass out. That has continued until this very moment. My cervix has been all over the place. Sometimes high, sometimes medium, sometimes low. I have no idea what's going on with it. Same with firmness. And I never have known about open or closed. I haven't felt too majorly tired, nothing crazy but I have wanted to go to bed a little earlier then usual. I used to always have a glass of wine before bed and if I didn't I had a hard time falling asleep. This month I stopped the wine (for baby purposes) and at first during my period and ovulation week it was difficult to fall asleep. Now I can fall asleep no problem. However, on 6DPO I started waking up in the middle of the night to pee and I have never ever ever done that before. In fact I usually go 8 hours without peeing - not lately!! I have needed to pee soooo much more. Which for me is probably just a normal person. I have also felt the need to poo much more but have been a little constipated. Ok folks those are all my symptoms. I hope it helps some of you during that dreaded TWW and baby dust to you all!!!!!!

lesbian Couple Home Insemination BFP

Ok so the tww is a B!!! Luckily we only had to go through it twice! The first cycle I never caught my lh surge, just started charting bbt and missed my ovulation. This past cycle I tested twice daily and caught it, but I also was able to predict my fertile window and inseminated multiple times throughout that week. In addition we used the following:
Mucinex 3x day
Evening primrose oil 3x day
Syringe and speculum the first insemination
Just softcups that donor ejaculated directly into every time after. After inserting, I ensured proper placement and rubbed my cervix through the softcup to coat it with semen.
That's it! For the next week and a half I allowed myself limited time to indulge in pregnancy related googling but forced myself to do other things and reminded myself not to expect any symptoms.
9dpo I started having pms symptoms. On a whim I felt my boobs and they were sore, when this is totally unusual for me during pms. 9-11 dpo I had pms when I normally only have one day of pms. On the 11th dpo I had period like cramps throughout my body but no bleeding. Took a test and got a bfp! Pms stopped after that and line has been getting darker since! Now I'm regularly bloated and occasionally have period like cramps but still no af. Super excited! Baby dust to all!!!

BFP with DPO's and Back Story

Hi ladies,

I am pretty excited to be writing my BFP story, but it is not without a few bumps in the road. DH and I are in our early 30's. Right after getting married, we both knew we wanted to start a family asap because of my age and not knowing how long it would take me to get pregnant.

The second month of trying, I got pregnant. We were over the moon! It was so fast! We talked about how we were going to parent this child, and what we would or wouldn't do 'just like our parents', and even got into a little squabble over names…'well, I don't like that name, what about so and so?'…'no way, I knew a kid in elementary school with that name, and I hated that kid!' DH and I were planning out our not so far off future, and our little bug was hardly a speck in the universe. It didn't matter…I knew he was in there, making a little spot all his own. I could feel him, actually feel him as a warm spot on my left side, and I knew as long as I felt that warm spot, I would have a little baby to hold in 9 months.

Not long after 'Spot' had made his presence known through a series of Dollar Store cheepie tests, I felt a few heavy pinches right around were Spot was. They were quick and to the point, and enough to make me catch my breath. I was 5w2d. I went to the bathroom and found bright red blood, and quickly made an appointment with my gyno. A vaginal ultrasound showed nothing wrong. I had no pain, but continued to bleed every shade of red for the next week. It was a Monday and I was at work when the obgyn called to tell me my betas weren't progressing how she hoped. By the time I got the phone call, I already knew because I started cramping…hard. I lost my baby in a random bathroom while at work. A very sad, unimportant ending to a happy idea. I was 6w3d.

I was depressed but felt this 'need' to try as soon as possible. To fill the hole in my heart, I needed to fill the physical hole, the emptiness where Spot used to be, with another baby. We tried and tried, but nothing. No little babies wanted to come live with us. I started to avoid all children. The younger and cuter, the more I shied away. Especially little boys. Even though I had no clue what Spot would have been, I felt in my heart it would have been a boy. Don't ask me why, but thats what I felt. Spot became Noah. Naming him was the first step of letting go, and the beginning of acceptance of the next chapter in my life.

A few more months ticked by and a family member got very ill. Suddenly, making a baby became not so important. We still BD'd, but it was mechanical and not fun. I thought for sure nothing would come of January. I was right. I had a temp drop that singled the beginning of impending AF. Usually I wouldn't waste a test with such a drop, don't ask me why, but I took one. I always drop the liquid in the little well, five drops just like the directions say, and I stare at it. I wanted to detect the exact moment I found out I was pregnant. Exactly. It was a slow process, but I began to see a line. A faint, slightly pink little line started to make itself known, and before 3 minutes, it was staring back at me. Holy Cow. HOLE-LEE COW. I let that sink in for a minute. I'm pregnant. Me. This girl…PREGNANT!

Over the next few days I took more tests, and the lines were becoming darker, and almost started to sing. I planned on how to tell DH, but our family member got so ill that his impending passing was right around the corner, and we began to prepare for it. My tears of pregnant joy became tears of sadness, and I kept my little secret. At first I thought that my 'happy news' would balance out the 'sad news', and contemplated telling DH. I decided not to because I wanted him to experience his sadness and grieve properly for his lost family member. I didn't want to give him conflicting emotions. Right now I am planning on telling him possibly Valentines day if I can hold out that long.

After My 24th Month TTC I Finally Got One!

This was my first medicated cycle (on Femara and triggering with Ovidrel) and my RE wanted me to do an IUI. I have a friend who's donating sperm for me, but he has to come about 700 miles to do so. So, we planned for the IUI, and scheduled his flight for the night before (we were to go at 9am for the IUI). His flight was canceled due to snow and so he was rescheduled to land at 11am the following day. We were told that there was no way we could get the IUI done if he wasn't in the lab at 10:30. More delays and he didn't make it here until 2pm. So, we improvised ;). In any case, we did what we needed to do and got him home again.

1DPO- Nothing. Mostly just sad that he was gone.
2DPO- Nothing.
3DPO- Started progesterone-woke up with dizziness and nausea which eventually went away.
4DPO- More nausea-Didn't want to eat much and got upset because I made cookies and they didn't smell right.
5DPO- Cramps and gassy (sooo very gassy!)
6-8DPO- nothing
9DPO- Nausea! Went to a faculty meeting and someone brought cookies. I was so put off by the smell of them I wanted to get out.
10-11DPO- Didn't want to eat much. Bit of a temp drop on 11 DPO.
12DPO- Big temp drop, feeling AF coming on. So certain I put a pad in my underwear.
13DPO- Temp rallied, but still feeling AF coming on.
14DPO- Nothing
15DPO- Weird burning and poking cramps. BFP!!

BFP on VITEX with SPOTTING While Breastfeeding a Toddler!

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to share my BFP story after 5 months TTC! I'm currently breastfeeding my 21 month old and didn't actually get my first post-partum period until my LO was 16 months old. Before my period came back, I decided to start Vitex because I had heard that it can kickstart your period by lowering blood prolactin levels and increasing your progesterone, and my DH and I REALLY wanted to start TTC Baby #2. I also night weaned him the same month. After THREE WEEKS ONLY on Vitex (and one week of night-weaning), my period came back!! I was overjoyed, and immediately started tracking temperatures and doing OPKs religiously. My first few cycles were pretty normal, but with short LPs. The last few months things seemed to have gone back to normal, with O day gradually getting earlier. I don't have too much CM, so I used ROBITUSSIN 6 days before O day and one day after, and I also used PRE-SEED and SOFTCUPS every time we BD. FYI my normal cycles are 30-31 days and I always have a very short LH surge, lasting <24 hours based on clearblue digital opks (smiley). This cycle I decided not to test until 14 dpo because I was sick of seeing BFNs every month! Here is the super detailed breakdown of my cycle and BFP!

We BD on CD 9, 10, 12, 14, 16 x 2, 17.

CD 14: BD
CD 16 (Ovulation day): TEMP DIP (35.5), POSITIVE OPK 8am, BD TWICE at 7am and 12am (late that night), opk negative by 2pm.
CD 17 (1dpo): TEMP SPIKE (36.3), BD 1pm
CD 18-20: Some left side ovary stabs throughout day
CD 21 (5dpo): Wave of nausea, bad migraine, hot flash around lunch
CD 22 (6dpo): Some nausea in am, EXTREMELY tired, some mild backache, possible heartburn, copious wet cm, repeated muscle spasms in right hip
CD 23 (7dpo): Full feeling in abdomen, some left boob stabs, gagging when changing poopy diaper (rarely happens anymore)
CD 24 (8dpo): Felt nausea upon waking, horrid migraine all day and night, some random uterus stabs throughout day, seemed to be more on left side
CD 25 (9dpo): BROWN SPOTTING (three streaks on undies), very strong smelling urine- almost sweet, could smell immediately midstream, at night water tasted like sour milk to me (had hubby taste it and fine to him)
CD 26 (10dpo): BROWN SPOTTING (brown tinged CM on toilet paper), back and leg ache, feel like period is coming, very strong smelling urine again, tender nipples after nursing
CD 27 (11dpo): LIGHT YELLOW-BROWN SPOTTING on toilet paper, woke up in the night to REALLY sharp left side stabs followed by repeated pounding in that same area (implantation?), some heart burn, dull back pain all day, some nausea at night, strong urine
CD 28 (12dpo): Heartburn/nausea, extremely emotional, argued for no reason with my mom, read a parenting article and was BAWLING (the kind of thing where you look back hours later and wonder why the hell you cried so hard lol), very sore muscle-like cramping in left side groin area when walking most of the day, felt like I pulled my groin, almost limping
CD 29 (13dpo): big muscle cramps on both sides of uterus, especially on left side when I walk, some boob soreness, nausea after eating, out of breath really fast when carrying my LO up stairs (do it a million times per day, but particularly noticed how breathless I was this time)
CD 30 (14dpo): Test with Clearblue Digital with FMU and got BFP!!!! Conception indicator says 1-2 weeks. Also get lines on an IC and dollar store test. Small amount of brown tinged cm on underwear, cramping on left and right side of uterus, headache on and off, couple dizzy spells.

I’m not sure if I implanted the first day of the spotting (9dpo) or the day of sharp repeated stabs on the left side (11 dpo). 11 dpo is more likely as I got only 1-2 weeks on the conception indicator. Also, based on the timing of our positive opks, I believe that skipping BD the day before O and then the BD EARLY on O day (CD 16) was what did it for us, the spermies were able to build up for an extra day!)

BFP on Boxing Day! Lesbian Couple.

My partner and I are in a lesbian relationship and have been trying for a baby for over a year

For the first 4 tries, (9 tries in total over 18 months) we went through a fertility clinic in order to have IUI. This wasn't our preferred option, but in the uk you cannot purchase sperm for home use from an unknown donor.

After a very difficult four tries, we decided we needed to persue another option and so approached a friend.

After 5 tries (some were timed better than others!) we finally got our BFP! And it was on Boxing Day at 16dpo. We would probably have got a positive sooner but were too scared to test around the festive period!

RE symptoms, there weren't as many this month as previous months when I have not been pregnant.

1-11dpo nothing particularly out of the ordinary. I did have a cold which came to nothing and was very tired, but that could have been down to lots of things.

12dpo-15dpo I thought that I was out. Horrendous period cramps which were identical to those that I get before I come on my period. The only odd thing was that they would come on strongly and then totally go. Then they wold come on again half an hour later or so.

My cervix was closed, soft and high.

My biggest clue was the on and off period pain. However, I was absolutely convinced I would come on my period. The cramps are still there at times today (17dpo) but a lot less frequently.

A message to anyone who has been trying to conceive for a while and is symptom spotting- never give up. If we can do it inseminating 2 or 3 times a month and guessing on timings, then anyone can. Magic happens at Christmas.

With regards to symptom spotting, I did it, it didn't help, but I'd do it again! Remember, everyone is different and it is very unlikely that any symptom too much before your period is anything other than PMS, pretty much the same hormones are released until the egg implants. Even then, you may feel nothing.

I wish everyone a whole load of Christmas baby dust... Keep up the hope and it'll happen.