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TTC Advice and Tips

TTC Advice & Tips

Would you rather receive TTC advice from your mother-in-law or a complete stranger? Most ladies I know prefer the complete stranger route (myself included). Well good news! Our site is literally crawling with complete strangers (the good kind), many of them eager to share their "tried and true" TTC stories with you. So unless you're a mother-in-law, we invite you to chime in with your TTC Advice and Tips. What got you pregnant? We want to know!

And for gosh sakes – if you have TTC advice to share, stop hogging it to yourself! Send us your TTC advice so we can share it with the world!

BFN :(

It's been a long and winding journey as most of you can relate to. I had my one and only child when I was 18 and conceived him fairly easy considering I was so young and naive. I do remember having to take a few negative tests before I got my BFP with him. I became pregnant again in June of 2013 a month after removal of my Mirena IUD and again in August 2014 however those two babies are my angel babies. Miscarriage is devastating and I really thought I would become pregnant this month (2nd cycle) since mc. My friend from work suffered a mc three months before finding out she was pregnant again (we found out the same week) as long as two more friends from work due in May like I was. I can't help but think I should be getting ready to find out what I'm having, not ttc again. This past cycle I have used cb digital advanced OPK and got 9 days of flashing but no peak. When I called they didn't offer much help. I don't temp or chart I already feel kinda silly for being so obsessed with ttc because with every pregnancy it wasn't like that. Anywho! Last month AF came on the 14th of Nov. with spotting on the 13th. I've had nothing but cm and yesterday after I poas I had goldish stretchy cm ?? I also had spotting around ovulation or close to it, which I had with one pregnancy. I don't feel pregnant necessarily (intuition) but I have had a few symptoms. I'm cramping but mostly on the sides, now it is more of my abdomen. I know AF is on her way. I took my last blue dye HPT this morning with FMU and BFN. I'm disappointed and impatient I just thought I would fall pregnant after my mc. I've decided this month I'm not going to OPK or TRY not to obsess over ttc and focus on other aspects of life like the holidays with my son and boyfriend. I'm going to workout to gain energy and possibly start to look for a better job. (Didnt want to do if I was pregnant) I have read while stalking this sight that when you start to not obsess over the process is when it will happen. I need to let go for now. Of course I will still pray for a baby of our very own that I will be able to hold in 9 months! Hapot holidays everyone and sept 2015 sounds like a great month for a baby ;)


I am currently 13here.I had a dnc on September 25 because I was non stop bleeding for a month straight. Ive been checking my cervix for about a week now and my walls are making me feel tight and seem hard but my cervix feels open and squishy. I was supposed to get my period today or tomorrow but haven't even had a sign of it at all. I spotted from days 8 to 11 on aand off only enough when u wiped nothing actually on underwear or a liner. My symptoms were crazy until yesterday now its like they are all gone except feeling full frequent urination vivid dreams and headaches. Im just unsure what's going on here. Can someone please help me?????

Need some positive comments and boosts :)

Hey everyone

I'm new to this and hope to find someone who I can go through this journey with!!

A little bit about me. I have just finished taking provera and am waiting for my period to start my 1st lot of clomid. My husband and I started trying in November 2012 after our honeymoon (never worked out to be a honeymoon baby) and after finishing the pill I didn't have a period for 6 months. So went on to have tests which told me I had PCOS, my husband also got tested which he found out he didnt have any live sperm and he had to go back 6 months later after being told what to do to see if it would reverse. Well we got the amazing news that it did and that he was now above average with his sperm count. So all focus went back onto me which is amazing and now we have started out journey!!!

To be totally honest I am slightly scared it won't work. I keep trying to read success stories to boost my confidence. Would love to have someone to chat to about problems or how we're feeling on this journey!!

It's been a long tough journey for both me and my husband and hearing all our friends getting pregnant with the click of fingers is hard but hopefully it's not much longer for us to be sharing some news :)

Hope to hear from you soon :)

help usually clockwork cd8 positive opk

Help! I'm cd8 we were going to start tonight I usually get digital positive opk on day 12 and instead got smiley face this am!?? I'm at work I only got one day of positive last month we DTD that day and day after with no luck. My cycle came like clock work last Friday. I really hope we didn't miss the boat again!:-( bfn on hpt so that'd not it before you ask. I'm so sad we may have messed up. We were going to start a day earlier than all the Calender's said but I passed out last night. Please help

Going crazy!! Help me.

Ttc baby no2. Had a period on 7th September. Which meant I ovulated on the 21st. I'm now 2 weeks late today and have been having headaches the last 4 days, bloating, light cramping and BFN. Dr said to go back in 2 weeks if no period still... Could I be pregnant? I'm only 24, got pregnant 3rd month with baby 1 and in 2nd month of ttc atm.. I'm going crazy!

Chimical pregnacy... Confused now..

If iv had a chimacal pregnacy am i infertile or does that mean Im fertile.. Wondering my chances of conseption n after early miscarrige..

It feels hopeless

26 yrs old and I been trying for a year and its been 3 months since my lap surgery. My dr told me I have adhesion and scarring from a STD infection from my teen years. SO DUMB! Prior to finding out I had 2 IUIs and no success. My first Dr who had been on Dr Oz and more did the HSG but never thought about looking for adhesions. Finally went fr a second opinion and his first thought was to look for them. And he found it and removed it. I was soooooo happy for literally fresh start. He warned me that I have a 6mth ttc and if it doesnt happen IVF. Wait WHAT!?!? I dont have money for that ! So DH said be positive and lets do this, so I took the 5 tablets a day of clomid (th highest )my prior dr gave me and did the baby dance. My period was a day late buttttt I knew not to get to happy because AF comes late , sore boob, nausea, and still no BFP. To make a long dreadful story short I woke up and the whore AF is here. My DH is VERY supportive but I feel like he just doesnt understand. He asks me "So every mth are we going to talk about this" Well yeah because I probably will NEVER get pregnant.. He says it will happen but the Dr gave ME a exp. date. What makes it worse is he has a child already by a evil woman , who just got the idea to be in his son's life after I was his mom for the first 4 yrs of his life. im feeling so beat and worthless.

Ttc baby #2

I Struggle with fertility issues due to medical problems. I'm having pregnancy "symptoms" but still bfn. Any advice would help. My periods are irregular, I've tried almost everything got regulate them..

ughh will I ever

Starting off hi names Kelsey 21 years old was diagnosed with endo at 15 was on depo for fours years no menstral cycle nothing!! Took me a whole year and a half to get my period back. Have had a somewhat regular period ranging from 30-40 days usual for me for about Two years now been trying for two years due to doctor wanting me to try till i was 23 just like my mother did and then get larascopy surgery then. Which the larascopy took away all of my mothers fertility. As she tried for years to conceive and never did after me. And they told me i woild most likely be like my mother as most woman are. Been with my hubby for 6 years had 4 ultrasounds so far to track my menstral cycle. They say everything's healthy and fine just a lot of follicles and a backwards uteris. Had to do vaginal ultrasound every time cause they couldn't even seen in my uteris without. I feel and track my ovulation every month and still ain't pregnant someone help me get by trying and someone help explain to me advice to help cause obviously the doctors can't help and explain. Obviously something is causing me to not get pregnant but they said a lot of follicles and a backward uteris is normal. My endometrial lining was normal so my endo wasn't acting up after depot like it was before depoo can they tell me I have to many follicles and a backwards uteris then tell me that's normal?


Ok so here's my story...I had to take vitex angus castus when I was a teenager to regulate(went from missing a very to regular but had long 31 day periods which I couldn't handle in college!! Then at about 17 I went on Levelen Ed(the pill), no longer requitred the Vitex angus castus. Took it as per instructions for about a year, then after I got with my boyfriend, took it straight and skipped my period. I'd get break through bleeding etc, ocassionally letting myself have a period... Then, now 31 years old, last November thought I was pregnant as I had accidentally skipped a few pills within a month. Got a very light period right on time on the third day off the pill. Since then I have decided my time is right to have a baby. Not sure if anyone else felt a rapid change in their mind but it was like a flicked switch, so I went off the pill in June(mid-late June). Three days after, got my period(light, easily managed).
In July, perfect timing, right on queue(of a typical 28 day cycle...5 day period), after a great sex session, got spotting-the type you guys talk about...wiping and you see it, barely anything else. The spotting continued all day, then nothing day 2, then spotting day 3. So 14-16 days later, did some ovulation tests. Got one very faint reading... had sex before and after these tests.
I am now 5 days late for my period. Have done 4 pregnancy tests. All negative. Now really worried that I should have had my irregular teen issues intention is to retest in a fortnight...I'm trying to relax but I'm really excited, and nervous at the same time. I've been more mucousy than normal too :/ . Next step is to go back on Vitex Angus Castus. I'm terrified I'm infertile as I'm now 31, even though I have read the statistics. It seems very common to read about ppl coming off the pill, becoming pregnant after 2-3 months.
I have even been laying down after sex, clenching, pillow under bum etc!! Sorry if that's tmi!
Please cross your fingers for me.