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TTC Advice and Tips

TTC Advice & Tips

Would you rather receive TTC advice from your mother-in-law or a complete stranger? Most ladies I know prefer the complete stranger route (myself included). Well good news! Our site is literally crawling with complete strangers (the good kind), many of them eager to share their "tried and true" TTC stories with you. So unless you're a mother-in-law, we invite you to chime in with your TTC Advice and Tips. What got you pregnant? We want to know!

And for gosh sakes – if you have TTC advice to share, stop hogging it to yourself! Send us your TTC advice so we can share it with the world!

My Fertilaid Experience

Maybe you can relate... My cycles were normal before trying this product, though I've never achieved pregnancy in my seven years plus trying, I was at least happy with that. After using this product for a little over a month, my cycle had been disrupted and it is truly disheartening. I am feeling pretty bad right now and have less hope then I started with. My advice: if you're cycle is regular and find comfort that, DO NOT USE FERTILAID!

Can you get your period 11 days early?

Hi I normally have a 31 day cycle. I thought I got a positive opk on cd17(about normal) had sex on cd17 & cd18. Got a really strong opk result Sunday night (cd20) so had sex on cd21. Now since cd21 evening I started spotting (something I don't usually have) and since this morning (cd22) the bleeding has gradually gotten a bit heavier (had to use a liner), can anyone help or advise? Have I got my period early???

Faint bfp everyday from 9 dpo

Every day starting from 9 dpo my pregnancy test have been faint the fmu is the faintest then by 10:30 they are darker. Has anyone had experience with this.

Hate the wait

I had my Mirena removed on 8/11/15, and had spotting on 8/16/15 and 8/17/15, not continuously, only for a couple hours each day. DH and I did the BD on 8/10, 8/14, and 8/16. I have been exhausted, had increased appetite, sore BB's, HA, and cramping. I feel pregnant, but keep getting BFN's on home pregnancy tests. Maybe it is too early to be testing, but I hate the wait. My DH and I were married a year and a half ago, and we have four children between us. This is our first attempt TTC. Best wishes to anyone else TTC.

Agnus Castus & Bee Pollen

After TTC for 7 months, I decided to take 1000mg of organic Agnus Castus (bought of eBay) and actual bee pollen (like the little honey pebbles that stick to the bee, not the pill).

I suffered from a short luteal phase (only 10 days) so the month took it i fell pregnant.

2nd round of Clomid Failed

TTC for months .... cant take it anymore, why wont my body coraporate ???
is it me? the pills? maybe i should quit on the dream of being mother ....
Cause when AF apears, nothing that i have dont was worthy .... my DR. said that he was gunna give me 3 rounds of Clomid 50mg.
on monday8' will be my 3rd round of clomid, i dont even know if to try it again or not, i dont believe in OPK cause tried it on the 1st round and i could have in that month like 10 positives and well that didnt work .... im sou sad.

Month 4 on ttc with 3rd

I know I should give it time with this since it's only been 4 months of trying. This will be our 3rd. With our first it wasn't planned at all and not even trying and with our 2nd I skipped some pills and it was surprise and happened so quick so I guess I was expecting it to be fast this time around too. People tell me I want it to bad that's why it's not happening when I want it to. But how can you not think about it? Thanks for reading(listening) and thanks for the future tips/advice. :)


Hi, I'm new to TTC my first child me and my soon to be hubby discussed this for a while. I had heavy bleeding none stop that would last for 6 months to a full year. I went to my obyn and they gave me parvera and I took that for 3 - 4 months and went back for my appointment of course my appointment went very bad and the put me BC. And I was so upset I cried. I have another appointment this month but I really want this to happen. Its Like its taking forever. But I know I should t give up!! But I really need advice for this because when I found out I had pcos they said I had more then an average woman has and it might be harder to get pregnant. I just wish all this cyst would go away and I could have my first and only child. But please feel free to give advice I'm very scared and just wanna get pregnant naturally I don't wanna go through fertilly treatment and wait. I know this is gonna be a long journey but I need all the advice and support I can get my family have been there but in my way I'm losing hope as I try to pull myself together.

Thank you for listen.

Acupuncture and fertility massage

I did a session of each today during the 2WW. Later found out stomach massage shouldn't be practiced during this time :(.

Has anyone had success using accupuncture or fertility massage?

New to TTC have questions.

So since my fiancé and I have been TTC, I've been reading and viewing tons of online blogs. We have bought ovulation tracker and I am not understand when to begin counting days past ovulation? We r using an app to track my monthly and the fertility shows for like a good week almost, so do we count days from end of fertility days or days from trying? I'm so confused by it all. If anyone could help and give me advice I would really appreciate it. I hope its okay I post on here too, if i did it wrong please advise me. Thank you!