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2nd round of Clomid Failed

TTC for months .... cant take it anymore, why wont my body coraporate ??? is it me? the pills? maybe i should quit on the dream of being mother .... Cause when AF apears, nothing that i have dont was worthy .... my DR. said that he was gunna give me 3 rounds of Clomid 50mg. on monday8' will be my 3rd round of clomid, i dont even know if to try it again or not, i dont believe in OPK cause tried it on the 1st round and i could have in that month like 10 positives and well that didnt work .... im sou sad.


Awwwww, please don't give up! I know it's frustrating seeing that bfn but your BFP is on its way and the wait, frustration and disappointment that led you to your BFP will be irrelevant. Trust me, I know it's discouraging when you see AF but trust and stay positive. It's coming for you! Sending lots of baby dust your way!

TTC for YEARS. I give up sometimes just to get a grip on my emotions and because the test strips and body temp testing is just too much for me. I get SO upset. It feels like no one else understands my pain, frustration or anger. I've given up on all the hoopla of forcing it and we just do it when we want to and don't ever force it. No luck so far but just know you're not alone. I know that's not much, believe me, I'm in a tww right now for the first time in a long time because I gave up the dream of motherhood all together but a few weird symptoms and here I am. Peeing on a stick every day, all negative but won't throw in the towel again till AF gets here Friday. Plus we have friends coming in for the weekend so if AF gets here I'll just drink with them.