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Boosting Sperm Count

If your husband or boyfriend has low sperm count that can be extremely discouraging while TTC. My husband was tested in June 2012 and his count was 30 million. Low, but not too much of a concern to my doctor. In October he had another analysis and this time is count was 11 million. We ordered FertilAid and CountBoost right away. Around that time my husband discovered he had a gluten intolerance. So we cut gluten out of our diet. After researching ways to boost sperm count I read an article that explained that gluten can block the body's absorption of zinc - Zinc is one of the most important nutrients in sperm development. I read this in January about a week before my husband's next analysis. We expected that his count would have improved from three months of FertilAid and two months of CountBoost. But could not have foreseen how much! His January count was 112 million! My doctor called me personally to ask what we have done differently. I told him about the supplements and how we cut out gluten. He said the supplements helped, but the gluten probably made the biggest difference. So if your significant other has a low count - it's worth a shot!