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Cd 21 Test! Advice Please :)

So, I got blood work done on cd 23 actually, which made me 5-6dpo, so not quite 7days. It came back 9.22 which shows I ovulated but from what I have read, doctors like it over 10. I haven't spoken to doctor about it just yet as he is waiting for my estrogen results. (My friend works at clinic and took a peak at the results they had and text them to me). Anyone get pregnant with a number lower than 10? I'm so upset over this. I recently got off BC in March. I was on BC for 3years. I know it could take a while but im so impatient lol. As of right now, I'm 8-9dpo. I've been cramping on and off for the past 3 days, the pains are on the side I ovulated on, and I've had sharp pains in my boob, going by last month, AF is due Monday.