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Cheap Walmart Equates???

I am 9dpo first month ttc, don't feel like I nailed this month though. Analyzed my cm and used opks. So the other day, had my husband pick me up some hpt. He bought me Walmart equate brands (wasn't to sure of those) Took one at DPO 8: BFN after 10 mins thought I saw a line. Took one today: defective Tried taking another this evening saw a faint line in the window, had hubby look over it, he did too. After a while the line became so faint we had to tweak to see it. Now I am stuck thinking could this test be defective? Has anyone used this brand. Don't want to get my hopes up, so far had no symptoms besides lower back ache, just dull and some cramps. I know the cramps could be related to my normal constipation around this time. I'd like to also point out how grateful I am to find this group. I so needed this support, I've never faced a bfn with less disappointment in my life about anything. Good feeling to know you are not alone:D I wish you all what I want the most as well: a beautiful healthy baby!