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Do You Have to Feel Loved Up to Conceive?!

Hi guys, I know this sounds ridiculous and I know all the advice relax relax relax which drives most of us mad anyway because it's so hard to relax when you are ttc and really want it to happen. I'm ttc for baby number 2 and am just wondering from those of you who have Bfp or on next child and remember when you conceived whether you were actually feeling like you really fancied your partner or felt loved up or didn't in that instance but still conceived successfully? I love my husband deeply but I just don't feel sexy or find my hubby very sexy at the moment and am worried this will affect ttc successfully. So far a few people have said they were feeling loved up but nobody has said they weren't who conceived.. Hmm I'm probably in a bit of trouble here! ;) I 'd love to hear from you if you remember how you were feeling when you conceived because I am really interested in this!! Good luck everybody, I think our minds and mood have a really big impact on ttc!! Which is great if you're generally laid back but not if you're a bit neurotic like me! xxx


Well, yes and no it can have a roundabout effect. Orgasming during intercourse causes the cervix to contract which can in turn "suck up" semen.. and arousal fluid can thin out CM.. if he's not that aroused I'd also imagine his semen not to have as high of a count (though I'm not 100% sure on that)   

How "into it" you are doesn't affect the biology. As long as this disconnection is not stressing you out so much that it is altering your cycle you are good to go. I can think of many types of women who weren't "loved up" and got pregnant.