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Exercise + No sweets, No Caffeine

Hubbie (25) and I (26) have been ttc for four months and just got our BFP! I have been charting my cycle since we first married 2 1/2 years ago (Roman Catholic). When we didn't conceive the first couple months of trying. I made a bunch of changes to my lifestyle, not sure if they helped but here they are: stopped drinking coffee/tea only decaf tea, stopped eating candy (I'm a big sweet tooth), stopped weightlifting/running. In July when we first started trying I was doing lots of running races up to 1/2 marathons. I was 5'2", 14% body fat and less than 100 lbs. I replaced running and weightlifting with swimming 4X a week because I knew I needed to gain some weight and put less strain on my body. I would reccomend it for those of you exercise freaks who are planning to slow down only when you actually get pregnant!!