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GOD is my witness that I need help with having a baby

Last year I had two mc and it was not hard at all to concieve. Now me and my hubby are trying again to concieve but nothing is helping. Please if there is someone out there that can help by giving advice on what can I drink or take to be pregnant.


My OBGYN told me to take prenatal vitamins to make sure my body has all the nutrients it needs. She had me starting them 3 months before we began TTC. At the time I just took over-the-counter vitamins as well as a DHA vitamin but when I got my BFP she switched me to a prescription prenatal vitamin, but I can't remember the name of it. Might be worth talking to your DR about!

DON'T STRESS, eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise daily, and get lots of sleep! Make sure you aren't having sex TOO MUCH! You can lower his sperm count by doing it more than once a day! Everyday during your most fertile week! Good luck to both of us!