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HCG Not Doubling But Great News!

I just wanted to share a success story for those of you who's HCGs may not have doubled. My first HCG was 550 at 4 Weeks. 4 Days later it was 1500, 4 days later it was 3600. But 4 days later it only rose to 4700. The nurse that called me with the news told me that "it wasn't good." Needless to say I spent the next 4 days a wreak thinking it was over. BTW, we have be TTC over a year and a half and finally did with the help of Bravelle, IUI and progesterone. Anyway, I went in for my 6 week ultrasound and we saw and heard a strong heartbeat at 113 bpm. The doctor said HCGs don't always double and an ultra sound is much more accurate. So I just wanted to provide a success story to anyone going through this. We are more than these numbers!