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help usually clockwork cd8 positive opk

Help! I'm cd8 we were going to start tonight I usually get digital positive opk on day 12 and instead got smiley face this am!?? I'm at work I only got one day of positive last month we DTD that day and day after with no luck. My cycle came like clock work last Friday. I really hope we didn't miss the boat again!:-( bfn on hpt so that'd not it before you ask. I'm so sad we may have messed up. We were going to start a day earlier than all the Calender's said but I passed out last night. Please help


Neg pm. Hoping for another spike at normal time

I'm going through the same thing! I normally get a spike around day 13 or 14, but this morning on day 12, I got a positive OPK. I immediately started getting the cramps, sore back/hips and TONS of ewcm. We did it midnight on technically day 11, but didn't bother last night and didn't even test because the plan was to start tonight... Now I'm worried we are too late! Last month, we got in a fight the night of day 13 so I didn't test because I knew we weren't going to do it. I got a positive OPK the next morning on day 14. I didn't bother testing again that evening. We did it that night and the night of day 15. I tested the morning of day 15 and the OPK was back to negative so I guess that means I ovulated the same day as the positive OPK and all my symptoms. Got AF on day 29. I think if we hadn't missed the night before, it would've made all the difference and here we are again...! :(