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How Do I Lengthen My Luteal Phase?

After having many symptoms of pregnancy this month only to have AF arrive I'm convinced it's due to my short cycles. This month my periods were 24 days apart and some months only 21 days. I'm just wondering what have other women had success with when trying to lengthen their cycles? I feel that I may have in fact had a very early pregnancy that ended due to an immature egg or unfavorable uterine lining. I've had one other chemical pregnancy so far that I know of. I maintain a pretty healthy diet and exercise regularly I'm 29 and within a normal bmi range. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


I have been taking Vitamin B Complex and metformin and it increased my luteal phase by 3 days in just a few weeks of taking them. Try the Vitamin B Complex if that doesn't work, talk to your doctor about metformin or other options.

Vitamins B6 and B complex can help lengthen your luteal phase (takes 1-3 months), as it has worked for me and many of my friends.

My first dr would not believe me that my luteal phase was short. I had normal 28 day cycles but didnt ovulate until day 21/22 which is bad. So after two months of her not listening and us already TTC on our own for 12 months we went to a fertility specialist who of coursed believed me and started me on met form in to regulate my periods. Within the first month I was ovulating on day 14/15. I'm now 6 weeks pregnant.

Hiya just wondering if you have any updates or even a bfp? I'm in the same boat as you! Had my implant removed late November and am now on cycle 2 ttc, currently in the tww! Since coming of the implant I've been using Blackmores Conceive Well Gold prenatal & dtd every second day. five nights at freddy's