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i need your help!!

I haven't acully been trying to conceive I have a 15 month daughter. So I haven't been tracking anything what so ever. Ok so here it goes last month I had what I figured was my peried it came 4 days early have a 28 day cycle. About a week after that peried I have had so many different symptoms which I never ever get. I had headache about 2 weeks straight I never get headachs. Very cloudy mind couldn't focus at all. Very very tired especially right after I ate dinner.very very bloated since day one. I get moody on and off nothing to bad. I have been getting nausea all the time I will feel so sick mouth watering bad then a few mins later my stomach starts growling and I eat something then the nausea goes away for a little while. I use to eat once a day now I been eatting 3 times a day. Not every day but most days. My boobs were fine intill yesterday now they are hard but my peried is suppose to be here in two days. Last week I took a test bfn I'm scared to take it again. With my daughter a urin and blood test all came back neg when they finilly gave me an ultrasound which showed I was three months pregnant my thyroid levels were really low so no test in the world would work for lastnight my daughter woke up at 3am and for some odd reason I had mild sharp pain on my left side of belly button after about two hours it went away, so what do u think?