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I recommend Preseed

After trying unsuccessfully for 4 months (on all the right days) I was getting disheartened. I saw your site and scoured if for advice. One of the issues was that I had never noticed and EWCM and I kept thinking maybe this is why it's not working. So, on the 5th cycle trying I tried a few new things, which I read in the other stories: Preseed and Evening Primrose Oil. We had sex 2 days before O and also O-day, using Preseed both times. I stopped the EPO 2 days before O, I must say, that I still didn't notice any EWCM this cycle either but the EPO did seem to give me slightly more abundant CM. Also, I had two more days of fertile (watery) CM than any other month. Well, I tested yesterday at 12 dpo and there was a faint line, and again this morning at 13 dpo and there was another, slightly darker faint line. Temperature is still high and it usually drops before my period, which is due today, so I feel confident in saying that I'm finally pregnant. Got no idea if it will stick, but I feel relieved to know that it can actually work for me. So I'd just like to recommend Preseed to all those girls trying. OK, maybe it's doesn't work for everyone first time, but it's DEFINITELY worth a try, especially if you don't think you've got much CM.... Good luck everyone!