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It feels hopeless

26 yrs old and I been trying for a year and its been 3 months since my lap surgery. My dr told me I have adhesion and scarring from a STD infection from my teen years. SO DUMB! Prior to finding out I had 2 IUIs and no success. My first Dr who had been on Dr Oz and more did the HSG but never thought about looking for adhesions. Finally went fr a second opinion and his first thought was to look for them. And he found it and removed it. I was soooooo happy for literally fresh start. He warned me that I have a 6mth ttc and if it doesnt happen IVF. Wait WHAT!?!? I dont have money for that ! So DH said be positive and lets do this, so I took the 5 tablets a day of clomid (th highest )my prior dr gave me and did the baby dance. My period was a day late buttttt I knew not to get to happy because AF comes late , sore boob, nausea, and still no BFP. To make a long dreadful story short I woke up and the whore AF is here. My DH is VERY supportive but I feel like he just doesnt understand. He asks me "So every mth are we going to talk about this" Well yeah because I probably will NEVER get pregnant.. He says it will happen but the Dr gave ME a exp. date. What makes it worse is he has a child already by a evil woman , who just got the idea to be in his son's life after I was his mom for the first 4 yrs of his life. im feeling so beat and worthless.


Listen, you are a gem! You are a mother. You will birth your own biological child. I want you to start talking to God daily. Don't miss a day. Remind Him of His promises to you. Ask Him to perfect you and heal you...and perform a miricale in you. Ask Him for everything you want and need and praise Him for it in advance. Have sex every other day from the start of your lightest period day, until the end of the TWW. you will be pregnant soon!

You are still young. I know you have been trying a long time, but try not to get discouraged. Since you had adhesions, consider that maybe that was the reason you were not conceiving and that you have been trying for only 3 months since you got them fixed. You may want to see if your DH will get his sperm checked JIC it has become less fertile since he had his son. If can be hard for men to understand girl problems. I was trying to explain to my BF how an ovarian cyst develops the other day and his eyes kind of glazed over and he said "I think you lost me". I kind of laughed and said "I think I lost you after the word 'ovary'." Try to keep communicating with him about it and try not to feel bad about yourself. Good luck and babydust.