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My Negative Husband

Hi all ladies. This is my first time trying or not trying for second baby. I really want to have another child but my husband doesn't want one. I tried to bd during my fertile time secretly. I don't tell him I'm ovulating. It's so hard. He likes to ejaculate out or use a condom. Now I'm tired and need advice. Please reply.


Have you tried talking to him and telling him how important this is to you?

I was having the same issue and I broke down and sobbed and told him that I desire more children and that I cannot wait while my biological clock ticks away. Now we are in our first month TTC! Good luck!

I had the same problem. Even though we ALWAYS said we were going to have more than one, once we had our first he realized how much work/cost it is and got cold feet for a second. Our first child is getting older and basically it came down to me having a tear fuelled tantrum shouting that it was a deal breaker on our marriage and to let me knwo right now if he seriously never wanted another becuase i needed to start looking for a new man while I was young enough to get one. That woke him up and he thought about it and now he does want a second child. I realize I made it sound like I presurred him into it but I didn't...I just had to make him wake up and see the big picture and not just focus on when they are babies and a lot of work

Well don't go trying to have a child if he doesn't want one. That's what sperm banks are for!! Wow, this site is full of hormonal crazy girls... What is it with trying to conceive that makes so many of us women complete loonies! My advice, just chill, talk it over with him, no tantrums or ultimatums, just simple close discussion. Make it clear how important it is for you and that he is the one who want to do it with. If he wants to wait a while, wait, if he's the guy you want. And if he is the guy you want don't go doing it in secret, that's just not cool!