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Need some positive comments and boosts :)

Hey everyone I'm new to this and hope to find someone who I can go through this journey with!! A little bit about me. I have just finished taking provera and am waiting for my period to start my 1st lot of clomid. My husband and I started trying in November 2012 after our honeymoon (never worked out to be a honeymoon baby) and after finishing the pill I didn't have a period for 6 months. So went on to have tests which told me I had PCOS, my husband also got tested which he found out he didnt have any live sperm and he had to go back 6 months later after being told what to do to see if it would reverse. Well we got the amazing news that it did and that he was now above average with his sperm count. So all focus went back onto me which is amazing and now we have started out journey!!! To be totally honest I am slightly scared it won't work. I keep trying to read success stories to boost my confidence. Would love to have someone to chat to about problems or how we're feeling on this journey!! It's been a long tough journey for both me and my husband and hearing all our friends getting pregnant with the click of fingers is hard but hopefully it's not much longer for us to be sharing some news :) Hope to hear from you soon :)


I have 2 friends that have PCOS. One just had her 3rd baby after adopting a daughter thinking she couldn't get pregnant. The other is currently pregnant with her 4th child. Hopefully the Clomid helps you ovulate and you get pregnant soon. Good luck and babydust.

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