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Hi everyone. First let me apologize for not knowing all the abbreviations for everything. My husband and I have been together for 3 years now. We wanted to start trying immediately but he had a vasectomy with his previous marriage. Almost 4 months ago he had a reversal, everything went well and when he went to get his sperm count checked they said it was like he never had a vasectomy.. This was all great news. We started tracking periods and ovulation dates before the reversal and everything was going good. However, since the reversal it seems that it has been way harder on me. I have heard from people “if you don't think about it, it will happen" and many more... I have tried not thinking about it but it seems impossible. Today I am 7 days late and have received many NEGATIVES.... WHY? I don't understand why Mother Nature is messing with me... My husband gets really mad when I say this but I pray all the time "if I am going to start just do it, if not give me a positive". He says that I am asking for my period but I'm not. Anyone going through the same thing? Does anyone have any advice?


Sometimes if you wait and wait for your period to "just come! " or not; then literally it won't just because you're focused on it. I know it's hard. I'm where u are. But have early preg symptoms too. Although I'm confused thinking it may be same symptoms as stopping depo shot 1month ago. Hang in there though and always follow your guy instincts!

Gut not guy

Also.....are you having sex every other day? Best to do it every 2-3 days to keep "fresh" swimmers in your tubes for when an egg might float by!!