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No period & no BFP

Off the pill for 40 days and nothing I thought I ovulated as LH strips told me so. Anything I can do to regulate my cycle?


I think the general rule is if you go 60 days or more without a period, contact your doctor and he or she can jump start it.  Good luck!  Also its normal for your body to take a few months  to regulate.  When I went off BC last year it took 8 weeks to get my first regular cycle.

Took about 2 months before i got mine after stopping birth control! Everything has been normal ever since.

Thanks for your help - it's been 55 days and nothing so I will investigate further after it's been 2 months

Its been 8 month's since i have gotten off birthcontrol and still no regular cycle i was told it could take a year to get pregnant at most after being on it for so long , hopefully you have better luck then me

Try taking vitex its a natural supplement and has been an amazing help regulating my cycles. 

It took me 3 months to regualte after coming off the pill (10 years)  Give it some time. It does help if you were regular beforehand as well. Every body is different and some women don't have a regular cycle. You can try keeping track of the CD your AF visits and come to an average cycle length.