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So i am using the clearblue digital opk. I started testing on CD9 and got the low symbol. I tested CD10 and it was peak...?!?! (Cd10 is extremely early for me. 2 previous months peak was on CD15) also last month i had 4days of "high" and then this month not even 1? Im so confused. To add to my confusion i tested again on CD11 ( i have 2 holders) and it was low again. ... do you think i ovulated on CD10 and by CD11 my levels were back down giving me the low symbol or do you think the first peak was wrong? And opinions?


Im in A similar situation last month I had 3 days flashing smiley, on cd 14 15 16 3 days solid smiley 17 18 19 I also have more than one holder no success, this month I had my first negative yesterday cd 11 then a solid smiley today on cd 12, this seems so early how's youra going now x