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Post Miscarriage

It has been a year since I was pregnant the first time and miscarried. I had a question about this miscarriage that I feel the doctors did not answer clearly. I did not find out I was pregnant until a week after my period, which I did get. I started spotting brown 1 week post period and took a pregnancy test to find out I was 100% pregnant...but then ended up in the hospital due to it being in my fallopian tube. Has anyone else gotten their period and THEN found out they were pregnant? I just had never heard of that before. We are trying currently but this still rings in my ear as a concern that something is wrong since we have not gotten pregnant again.


Hey! Sometime women will start to have bleeding and cramping that my cause of miscarried but you've to meet with any specialist to gain more knowledge about this because I just give you best suggestion. If you want more then meet with our assistance and get know how to write my college essay and more who are offering best info and hope you will meet your desired pregnancy info. Thank you!