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TMI warning about baby gravy!

First of all let me just say I'm fairly new here so I don't know all the abbreviations just yet. Anyways I'll fill you in. My and the hubby are on month 5 of ttc. 5 months ago I stopped taking birth control after being on the pill for 10 !!!! The next month was AF was 4 days late according to my app. (Ovia) the following month making it two months after stopping BCP I decided to start OPK's. I was curious as to if I was ovulating yet since being off the pill. Turns out I didn't ovulate those first three months after stopping birth control. Now my question to you all is or if you have advice or tips? Obviously my husband spills his baby gravy inside me and since I'm obsessed with becoming a mom, I lay there with it inside me for at 25 mins and with my hips and legs elevated then I go pee and clean up the outside pf miss kitty pretty good. Now here's what's bothering me. The next day after these type of baby makins I have odor down there. But you can only smell it when I go to the bathroom or we have intercourse. There's no pain, no discharge, no itch. It's hard to describe the smell and my husband can smell it when we have intercourse but says it don't bother him.... What's goin on? Why am I smelly down there a for a couple of days after baby dancing? Any help tips or advice is greatly appreciated! Oh and sorry for the novel! TTC #1


The smell is nothing to worry about I get it too. It's just the mixture of his fluid and yours.

Haha glad somebody else said something. R and I noticed when we switched to the rhythm method thathe our fluids together smelled like raw eggplants lmao. Nothing bonds a couple like funk junk.