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TTC For A Year

Me and my husband have been tryin to have a baby for a year now. It's so hard to see everybody around me havin babies. I'm prayin and tryin to stay faithful, my husband is helping me keep my head up. So everybody just pray us and I will pray for u all.


all the best.lots of baby dust

Have you seen your doctor? My doctor said that if you do got get lregnant after a year of trying, then it would not hurt to have an exam. You and your significant other.

hi ive been ttc for about 5 yrs. i had an ectopic and it burst my right tube. im still ttc and going thru my tww now, 5 more days till i can test. im on clomid (have been for a while now with not much luck) baby dust and stay strong. i no how u feel. my sister just found out shes preg and my brother alreadys has a little boy. i no its hard best of luck

May god grant u your baby ameen