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TTC for almost 11 months and what I've learnt so far..

This is my first time writing in a ttc blog or talking about ttc online but I thought I should since I've been reading these awesome entries of bfp and excited analysing of symptoms. It has been a rollercoaster for me. It wasn't something I expected to be this hard especially because everyone around me was getting pregnant or having their second or third child. It's really hard to get away from social media with all those updates. Most of my friends got it within a few months. I thought it wouldn't be too hard since my mum had it so easy (first try for me and accident for my brother hehe) Anyhow I tried going "natural" first few months cos I was still a bit scared of the thought of being pregnant etc, but after a while realised I had been doing it at the wrong time, too early because my period app wasnt very good with predicting my ovulation date. So I started doing more research and reading and after a while started recording symptoms and doing opk tests and even temping. A few more months past and still nothing. I was pretty depressed and emotional at times but also stressed about it. This month I decided to forget about it all, no temping, only test opk for a few days in the middle and we even got a new pet rabbit to keep us distracted or as we say "life has to go on" I am currently at dpo15 as my app says. Will see how this one goes. I haven't had a positive hpt yet though and I sometimes will read about low hcg or miscarriage because of abnormal cervix or womb or I would just attribute this to being stressed again this month. If nothing happens this month I will go see a dr for sperm count and blood test for the hubby and I will probably get a scan to see if anything is blocked down there. Will see how that goes! Hopeful but not too expectant.