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Two Month Wait. :(

So down right now. DH and I found out were we expecting our 2nd baby on 9/5 only to find out we lost the baby on 10/3 at 7w6d. I didn't know until 10/15 and was scheduled a D&C on 10/16. My Dr said we needed to wait 2 normal cycles before TTC again. :( I am so disappointed that we cant try sooner. This will be the longest 2 months of my life! I'm just so ready to be pregnant again. And maybe it is for the wrong reasons. So what if I'm in a hurry simply to fill the emptiness I am feeling from my loss. Whatever it takes to help me heal right? I know it won't make the pain go away but it surely must make it easier to deal with right? I'm so ready for this year to be over with!!


Hi That must be awful. I just found out I am in the very early stages of pregnancy and am so worried I'll miscarry without knowing (or miscarry at all). I guess the doctor wants you to wait so your body is fully ready again for pregnancy. Try and keep busy and in 12 or so months time when you're holding that new baby, two months won't seem like a long time! All the best.